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I received a letter from Jesse this past week and on the back of the envelope, he had written a note to me which I will display below. 

Billy Easter Jesse's note on envelope

So, I thought that this was probably something that he would like me to look up and perhaps share on the site.  So, my inquisitive mind went searching and I found the following information.  If I had ever read about “Billy Easter“, I have completely forgot about it.  So, in my searching today, I learned that this was the proposed title of a movie which Elvis hoped to make and star in.  It was a project which he and Ed Parker had planned.  Below is a photo of Elvis with Ed Parker. 

I have Ed Parker’s book INSIDE ELVIS which I did enjoy very much …but that was many, many years ago and if the title of this proposed movie was mentioned in Ed’s book, I do not recall it.  I do know a good bit about the karate movie which Elvis was backing and hoping to have released, THE NEW GLADIATORS.  Elvis had planned to star in and narrate this documentary film about martial arts.  Of course, it never came out before 1977.  I do know that it has been available for viewing on the Internet…in part at least.  It has been released on DVD I believe.  Here is a short description of this film:

The New Gladiators is a documentary movie by Elvis Presley and Ed Parker centered on the fights of the United States Karate team in London, England and Brussels, Belgium.[1] Narrated by Chuck Sullivan, it was filmed between 1973 and 1974 but finally remastered and later released in 2002. The movie was financed by American singer and actor Elvis Presley, who began to practice karate during his duty years in the United States Army.

The making of the film

In 1974, George Waite presented the idea of the film to Ed Parker, Presley’s karate instructor. In the film, Presley was playing the main role, introducing Karate arts divided in narration and demonstrations. Parker presented the idea to Presley, who subsequently liked the idea.[2] There was a meeting organized at Graceland, but no major details were arranged due the fact that Presley had to leave for travel to Las Vegas to perform on a show. The next morning Presley called Waite and sent his private plane to fly Waite and his wife to Vegas to complete the meeting. During the show, Presley extended a $50,000 check for beginning the production of the film. In 1977, after Presley’s death, the movie was stored in a garage in West Hollywood inside the bed of a truck, along with other memorabilia objects. In 2001, the footage was found, restored, and later released on August 17, 2002. On August 16, 2009, Elvis Presley Enterprises released a new version of the film with extra footage of Presley in Karate training sessions.[3]

More information about THE NEW GLADIATORS may be found at the Internet Movie Data Base @

Below is an excerpt from a very well written article about Elvis and his martial arts training and how he reached his 8th degree black belt.  I will include the link to this entire article as well.  This article is copyrighted and so I won’t copy and paste the entire article here…just a brief paragraph which does mention the proposed “Billy Easter” film.  Elvis was to star in this movie and it was to be a serious plot.  Be sure to read the proposed plot for this film and think about Elvis’ efforts as a Federal Agent pre-August 16, 1977.

Elvis was almost obsessed with the idea of making a high-quality martial arts movie, and in 1974 filming started on his “The New Gladiators” project (conceived by Ed Parker’s student George Waite, who was also close to Elvis), which Elvis was financing, starring in, and narrating. The film was supposed to depict karate competitors and their training, leading up to tournaments (there were a few tournaments scheduled to be covered by this documentary) around the world. A segment of Elvis training and showing some chi exercises was shot on 9/16/74 and is the source of about 40 minutes of film of Elvis in that custom gi (as well as the stills), a snippet of which can be seen in the 1981 movie This Is Elvis”. Photos from that session were seen in the People magazine issue which marked Elvis’ 40th birthday in January, 1975, and gave more exposure to Elvis as a proponent of karate. The project was never realized, nor was another project conceived of by Ed Parker and Elvis, which I believe was entitled “Billy Easter“. In this movie, as the treatment goes, Elvis was to have played an ex-CIA operative who runs a karate school when his friend is murdered by drug dealers, against which Elvis goes seeking revenge. This role (non-singing, which Elvis desperately wanted to do)…

The above excerpt is taken from the long article about Elvis and the martial arts titled and written by: 


Elvis and the martial arts

…by Shane Paterson

April 10, 1995

Here is the link to this entire article which I found to be very well researched and well written.  Also at the bottom of that page, you will find other links to sites related to the topic of Elvis and the martial arts.

Below is the back cover of Ed’s book.  As I said, it has been many years since I read this book but I do recall liking it very much.  I have always respected Ed Parker.  Someday when time allows, I shall read it again.  That’s one benefit of living a long time…old things become new again. Ha, ha.

Ed Parker's book back cover

I do recommend this book.  I am so glad that Jesse brought up the topic of Billy Easter because it also refreshed my memory of Ed’s book so that I can tell my visitors about this good book.  Below is a scan of a work of poetry taken from near the front of this book…it so perfectly describes the behavior of some of Elvis’ closest associates and “family members” beginning shortly before Elvis’ “retirement” and, of course, continuing long afterward. This poem was written in 1978…

Ed Parker's book poem

Below is the dedication page from Ed’s book:

Ed Parker's book dediication

I thank Jesse so very much for giving me a tidbit to research which led to the above article.  I feel sure he knew that I would turn those two words into a suitable article.

*Please see important footnote to this article below:  Ed Parker DID write about Billy Easter in his book!


While leafing through Ed Parker’s book, I came upon an interesting paragraph which contains some information about another topic which Jesse included in one of his letters for his book published in 2001 THE TRUTH ABOUT ELVIS ARON PRESLEY – In His Own Words.  Jesse wrote that one of the people who helped him to pull off his August 16, 1977 getaway was Howard Hughes.

In Ed’s book,  you will read the following excerpt.  The key thing about this paragraph is that Howard Hughes faked his own death in April, 1976 (I believe that is the correct month).  Ed did not know that Elvis and Mr. Hughes had become friends prior to that event.  I believe that each of them kept their contact very confidential.  The below further documents what Jesse wrote in his book…

Ed Parker's book Elvis admired Howard Hughes


*footnote to earlier article about “Billy Easter” shown above

After scanning the above page regarding Howard Hughes, I turned back several pages and discovered that Ed Parker had written a long account regarding Elvis’ hopes of making the “Billy Easter” movie.  I apologize that I did not see this before publishing the above article.  But, rather than go back and rework the entire above article, I am going to display below most of what Ed Parker shared about this sequence of events.

Ed Parker's book Elvis's dreams page 1

Ed Parker's book regarding Billy Easter movie

footnote to Ed’s above words:  The writer who Ed refers to as Rick Lusky is actually Rick Husky who went on to be active in the production of Chuck Norris’ successful TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger”.

I apologize to my visitors that I took everyone on the “scenic” tour because of my less than perfect memory.  But, I hope that new insight was gained into Jesse’s experience with both of those proposed films. 



I have found on YouTube what I believe to be the entire film “THE NEW GLADIATORS“.   I just found this and have not had a chance to watch it all the way through.  It is 49 minutes long…so if not the entire film, it is a good portion of it.  Also, I see a trailer for it by risingsunproductions…I will display both of these links below:

Angel Saenz Sanchez Angel Saenz Sanchez  Published on Jul 20, 2013


New Gladiators#1

Don Warrener Don Warrener Uploaded on Oct 2, 2006 presents New Gladiators #1 this is the first of two trailers on this full length feature film that Elvis Presley financed back in the mid 1970’s featuring names like Ed Parker, Kurban Farkas Benny Urquidez and many more.


New Gladiators #2

Don Warrener Don Warrener Uploaded on Oct 2, 2006 presents New Gladiators #2 a feature film financed by Elvis Presley in the mid 1970’s but never released till recently featuring stars of the martial arts like Ed Parker, Roy Kurban Benny Urquidez and many more

Below is one more for good measure although I believe that the footage in this video is probably already included in the long version above.

Elvis Presley unfinished karate film “New Gladiators” 1970s

swan2612 swan2612 Published on Nov 9, 2012

An unfinished karate film that Elvis started.


Also below is the link to the site where you may buy the DVD of the DVD



This is a very short clip of Elvis back in 1955.  I loved seeing it and I think it will bring back some good memories for Jesse.

Elvis & Jimmie Rodgers Snow 1955

 JamesVRoy  Published on Feb 15, 2014

These clips are from the collection of Jimmie Rodgers Snow, used and extracted from the documentary Hank & Jimmy: A Story of Country, a 2000 documentary about the legendary Hank Snow (1914-1999) and his only son, the Reverend Jimmie Rodgers Snow. It is shown here with his permission and was taken while on tour in Florida in 1955. In addition to Jimmie, the clips show Elvis, Scotty, Bill, Gene Smith, Slim Whitman and Curly Putman.


I learned of this video from Scotty Moore’s site.  I am providing the link to Scotty’s Facebook page as I think everyone will enjoy seeing it.

Also, here is the link to Scotty’s web site:

Elvis @Jimmie Rodgers Memorial 1955

ewjvideo ewjvideo  Published on Feb 14, 2014

Elvis Presley
Jimmie Rodgers Memorial
Meridian, Mississippi
May 25+26, 1955
Hank Snow
I Forgot to Remember to Forger
You’re a Heartbreaker


Elvis and Jimmie Rodgers Snow in Meridian

JamesVRoy  Published on Feb 15, 2014

This is a clip of segments from the Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Festival parade in Meridian, MS – May 26, 1955 from the the 2000 documentary “Hank & Jimmy: A Story of Country” used here with permission from Jimmie Rodgers Snow


Elvis in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1956

JamesVRoy  Published on Jan 5, 2014

This footage is a clip contained in the WKY KTVY KFOR Archives from the Oklahoma Historical Society, specifically WKY News Can #55 1956.
this portion is Elvis, Scotty, Bill and DJ performing in the Oklahoma Municipal Auditorium on April 19, 1956. see


Scotty Moore and Carl Perkins Reminisce

JamesVRoy Published on Aug 25, 2013

Shorty after Scotty started performing again in the early ’90s a documentary was produced about he, Elvis and Bill in the first year of performing, 1954-55. The company created an info-mercial with the intent of promoting the video by having Scotty and Carl Perkins sit and talk a bit about the content. The video was never released and Scotty and Carl were never paid (again). Scotty though had a copy of the info-mercial and has made the parts with he and Carl available to his fans on his website and myspace page. Scotty said this was better than the actual documentary. When Myspace changed their format the video was lost so we regenerated it for Youtube. Several years ago someone copied it from Myspace and inserted some proprietary Elvis footage. We won’t complain but we can’t endorse it. Visit his website to learn a lot more of the history of that era.



I would like to call everyone’s attention to another book by Wanda June Hill.  This one is available on  I also bought this book from the author way back around 1990.  As I have written so often before, I so highly recommend everything that Mrs. Hill has published.  The title of this book is “We Remember, Elvis“.  If I recall correctly, the title came from a phrase that Elvis often spoke to Mrs. Hill and others “You ‘member that, don’cha?” to which they would reply “Yes, I remember.“.

This book is about the personal memories of Mrs. Hill and others who actually knew Elvis on a friendship basis.

Below is the link to the book on  Also, you will see that this book allows the reading of a few pages before your purchase is made.  After you read the few pages, you will be hooked.

We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition Paperback

by Wanda June Hill (Author)

 See all 2 formats and editions Hardcover
from $13.39
6 Used from $13.39 2 Collectible from $24.50

7 Used from $20.00 5 New from $21.59



Hi Everyone:

Just want to give everyone a heads up that I will be compiling my weekly package to Jesse on Thursday instead of Friday this week. Therefore, anyone still wishing to write to him, please do so before noon on Thursday EST.

Love and light,


EPE has now made available to fans two Emails services whereby one my register for an Elvis Email address.  I thank several friends who have brought this to my attention.

Here is the link to signup:


My friend, Barbara, shared the following Facebook article with me.  I did not view the Oscars so I missed seeing the mention of Elvis on that show.

Memories Of Elvis Presley Family And Friends

Elvis at the Oscars (I)

The biggest tv show without a reference to Our Man? Impossible! Elvis was referenced as being the son of Angela Lansbury’s character in “Blue Hawaii” at the Academy Awards and a brief clip was shown from the film. A cheer went up at the Oscar party! We congratulate the very wonderful Miss Lansbury on her prestigious honor as well.




 FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2014

Just want to let everyone know that I have spoken with Jesse this week and he is doing all right.  We had a good visit but there is nothing to share on the site this time.  As always, I just want everyone to know that he is OK.



Think on This…
For Life and its expressions are one. Each soul or entity will and does return, or cycle, as does nature in its manifestations about man; thus leaving, making or presenting–as it were–those infallible, indelible truths that it–Life–is continuous. And though there may be a few short years in this or that experience, they are one; the soul, the inner self being purified, being lifted up, that it may be one with that first cause, that first purpose for its coming into existence.

Reading 938-1

Elvis Quote about Reincarnation


As I have mentioned before, the correlations between Elvis/Jesse and the Statue of Liberty are a favorite example of  a miracle of synchronicity for me.  I have, for many years, enjoyed the fact that the Statue of Liberty and Elvis/Jesse have the same face!!  Below is an article which highlights this resemblance without the creators of the article even being aware of what they were doing…at least I must assume that they did not deliberately place the unveiling of the statue of Liberty immediately before the photo of Elvis in the Army.  My sweet Tom came across this article and forwarded it to me.  I love it!!

40 Must-See Photos From The Past. #5 Is Insane.

#2. Unpacking the head of the Statue of Liberty, 1885

#3. Elvis in the Army, 1958

Here is the link to the above article:

The below is my original front page from which to enter my web site.

Also, below one of the letterheads which I created on which to write to Jesse many years ago:

My letterhead to Jesse Isaiah Chapter 11 verse 10

This train of thought does bear much contemplation indeed.  Elvis is the one American who is known the world over by his first name only.  He is the most loved American the world over.  His was the very first concert seen the world over via satellite…he made a point of honoring America in that concert.  The suit and cape which he wore for the Aloha show bore the emblem of the American Eagle and the red, white, and blue colors.  His is the most visited private home in America and people gather there from all over the world.  Give this some thought and see what you come up with.

God does work in mysterious ways…


In my own opinion, Albert Goldman is one of the most detested people in the history of Elvis’ life and career.  He was a despicable lying jerk.  I was exuberant upon hearing of his death.  I NEVER bought ANY of the books nor articles written by this nasty small man.  I did make the mistake of checking his book out of the library early on when it came out and I knew nothing about Goldman nor his lies.  I was only able to read a tiny bit of that piece of garbage before I stopped and returned it to the library…wish I had just kept it and burned the darned book.  It would have been worth the fine.  Years later there was a small store that we visited which had a used copy of that garbage book for sale and every time we went in that store, I turned Goldman’s book around so that the spine of the book was not visible.  Again, I should have bought that copy and burned it too.

So, I was very pleased when I stumbled upon the following video on YouTube.  The people in the audience gave him exactly what he deserved.

I also despise David Stanley for working with Goldman to put out their lie that Elvis committed suicide.  I have a video on my own YouTube channel which I shall also display further down on this page.  My video also shows that Elvis was angry about Goldman and David Stanley spreading the suicide lies.  My video also proves that Elvis was still alive in June, 1990.

Elvis author Albert Goldman get’s abused on live TV

JASPER as ELVIS Uploaded on Sep 5, 2009

Much-hated Elvis author Albert Goldman gets his butt kicked on live TV. He then complains that he is being “abused”. Goldman’s 1981 biography “Elvis” is one of the most controversial books of all time. Goldman claims he interviewed 200 people as part of his research, however, it came to light that the true figure was nearer 2. Goldman’s personal dislike of his subject resulted in a vile, mean-spirited attack on Elvis and his fans. Goldman did a similar hatchet job on John Lennon, but it is for his biography on Elvis that he will always be remembered. Goldman knew exactly how far he could go without being sued and he knew how to distort the words of those he interviewed. He is interviewed here following the publication of his second Elvis book; ELVIS-The Last 24 Hours in 1990. He is saying he got it wrong the first time and he now believes Elvis commited suicide. His final comment on here is priceless!


Below is my own YouTube video which I placed on YouTube almost 5 years ago.

As you sill see Joe Esposito appeared on this Geraldo show in opposition to the suicide lies which Goldman and David Stanley were publishing.  Joe is rather heated in his feelings toward Albert Goldman and in voicing  his very strong opinion of Goldman, Joe blurts out “...and that’s how Elvis feels about this situation.”  This show aired live on June 18, 1990.  My husband and I were watching the show when it aired and also were taping the show.  My YouTube video is a clip from our tape of that show.  My purpose in publishing this video was to prove that what Jesse wrote in his book is the truth when he said that out of all of his employees, the Col. chose Joe to be a part of the Aug. 16, 1977 faking of Elvis’ death.  The most important reason for my video, of course, is that it proves that Elvis was still alive in 1990 and had a very strong opinion about Goldman and the suicide lies.

Jesse once asked me, years ago, if I had what Joe said on the Geraldo show on my site.

Below is the introduction to this Geraldo show which proves the topic of the show, etc.  Following that is my short clip of what Joe stated. 

This is also important for yet another reason…Geraldo is a sniveling, lying, self-serving, egotistical fool who is largely responsible for the total misrepresentation of the “death of Elvis” due to his 20/20 report based on his two week long investigation in Memphis.  His associates, Thompson and Cole, interviewed people and searched for every shred of information they could gather regarding what happened on Aug. 16, 1977.  They did discover that there was a cover-up about the death of Elvis.  But, they did NOT discover that Elvis DID NOT EVEN DIE!!  I have always felt that Jesse and Joe probably planned on Joe saying something of this nature on the Geraldo show.  Geraldo did NOT EVEN catch what Joe said at all and went right on with his own slanderous topics about Elvis.

ELVIS IS ALIVE. Geraldo show June 18, 1990 Did Elvis Presley commit suicide?

 Linda Sigmon Linda Sigmon  Uploaded on May 27, 2009


ELVIS IS ALIVE.  1990 Geraldo show: Joe says …and that ‘s how Elvis feels about this situation.

 Linda Sigmon Linda Sigmon Uploaded on May 27, 2009


Here is an excerpt from one of Jesse’s letters to Hinton in which he explained about Col. Parker having chosen Joe to be in on the plan.  This letter was published in Jesse’s book.

Jesse's letter about Joe for the book page 2



Think on This…
For in patience, as He gave, ye become aware of thy soul. For as the entity finds, we are body, we are mind, we are soul. The soul is in the image of God, thus eternal, everlasting. Life in its expression, then, in a mental and in a material world, is only a mental and material manifestation of the soul-entity; that which was brought into being as a part of Creative Forces. Thus it is eternal.
Reading 3459-1


Our friend, Noddy, shared the following article with me thinking that Jesse would perhaps enjoy seeing it.  So, I am displaying it here so that I won’t forget to send it along to Jesse this week.  I think others will enjoy seeing this as well.

 Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Men July 25, 2013

In 1971, Elvis received what became his proudest achievement when he was named among the Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Men. Elvis fan and Memphis native Beau Davidson recently stopped by Graceland to place his own Ten Outstanding Young Americans award directly beside his idol’s.

Scientists, inventors, performers, film makers, politicians bound for the Presidency, and men of greatness in all fields, have been selected for this award over the years. Davidson was honoured for his accomplishments in the entertainment and political arenas, including his appointment to The Young Americans Coalition.

For Elvis, who grew up poor and faced extreme criticism, this was one of his proudest moments. He had finally achieved acceptance, recognition, and respect for his work. Elvis was known to carry his Jaycees award around with him everywhere and this is the only award for which he accepted in person.

Beau Davidson Visits Graceland

Elvis Presley Elvis Presley 

Published on Jul 25, 2013

Ten Outstanding Young American award winner Beau Davidson recently visited Elvis Presely’s Graceland. The recording artist/songwriter took some time to talk about Elvis’ influence on him, his favorite Elvis songs, and the authentic sound of early rock. To learn more about Elvis visit




Good advice from one of my favorite people:

John Edward inspiration



As many of you are probably aware, I have had a page of this web site devoted to the stories which Marty Lacker and Billy Smith told (in interviews) in which they stated that Elvis did fake his death.  They have since retracted their stories saying that it was only a “Joke“.  And yet, as you will see on my page I have also furnished the story which they told to Alanna Nash in her book recounting how Elvis was thinking of faking his death and how he might go about it.

Our good friend, BlueRose, has found a much more detailed account of the Interview which Billy and Marty gave.  The article which I have displayed on my page is from The People publication in London.  My sincerest thanks to BlueRose for contributing this to my site.

BlueRose has located articles which were published by: 1996 MGN LTD Scotland News Assoc.  As you will see these  are an expanded version of the article which was published by The People publication. 

I do not say that I am accepting everything which they said…but it is further validation of the many details which they provided for their “joke”.  A rather elaborate joke, I’d say.

This picture was taken four months after Elvis Presley died; E-Files dossier reveals startling new evidence that the King lives.
Today The People reveals sensational new evidence which backs the amazing claim that rock legend Elvis Presley is alive.
An incredible documentary has Unearthed a telephone conversation taped in 1981 which experts say proves beyond doubt the caller was Elvis.
The video even claims that the legendary star filled in the details of his own death certificate. On August 16 1977 the world went into mourning as global headlines announced: The King Is Dead.
But a new dossier called the E-Files, made for US television but not yet seen in Britain, will send shockwaves around the world. It claims that:
Elvis was a secret FBI agent forced to fake his death after a dangerous mission which landed two big-time crooks in jail.
He made a phone call to a friend four years after his reported death.
The star had his middle name misspelt on his tombstone because he was alive.
Elvis was clearly photographed gazing out of his Graceland mansion four months after he was supposed to have died.
Five months before Elvis was pronounced dead, he cashed in two life insurance policies and pounds 1 million was withdrawn from a private account.
Last week we told how the King’s cousin Billy Smith and close friend Marty Lacker broke a 19-year silence to tell the world how Elvis, then aged 42, had carefully planned the hoax of the century.
They told how Elvis paid a dying lookalike, known only as Scott, to be buried in his place.
Our story sparked a fierce debate on radio stations across Britain.
Larger-than-life London DJ Chris Ryder aka Caesar the Geezer (b. 9 November 1958) is a British radio personality  devoted the whole of last Sunday’s show on Capital Gold to the subject.
After he read our story out, the switchboard lit up with callers.
Listeners in London and across the South East can hear extracts from the E-Files on his show between 7-8pm tonight.
Presenters from Sir David Frost
 on BBC to Eddie Mair He presents BBC Radio 4’s daily news magazine PM and the BBC’s NewsPod, is an occasional presenter of Newsnight, the stand-in presenter for Any Questions  on Radio 5 highlighted the story.
Eddie even called the Memphis radio station WMCAM live on air to discuss our world exclusive.
The video evidence, available for the first time in Britain on the Visual label, includes a minute-long taped phone conversation in which Elvis tells a mystery friend how he spent a year on an island hideaway and also travelled through Europe.
Leading American voice expert L H Williams (full name and dates unknown) who works for the Texas police department checked the E-Files tape against known recordings of Elvis’s voice.
He toiled for days comparing computer printouts of recordings with the voice on the tape.
He is adamant it is Elvis. Monte Nicholson, a Los Angeles cop, and Quebec government official Luc Dionne claim Elvis disappeared after a secret FBI mission put his life on the line.
Luc points to recently de-classified FBI documents which refer to a hush-hush probe code-named Operation Fountain Pen which featured Elvis and a notorious criminal gang, The Fraternity.
The gang tried to con Elvis’s family out of pounds 1 million. Elvis played along to trap the crooks.
Elvis was appointed a secret federal agent by President Nixon in 1970. His name appears on the US Justice Department’s book of federal agents.
Hand-writing expert Paul Weast examined Elvis’s death certificate and after extensive tests claimed it was written by the King. Another startling piece of evidence is a photo which shows Elvis staring out of a doorway at his home on December 31 1977 – four months after his reported death.
The colour snap was taken by fan Mike Joseph, who did not realise he had captured Elvis on film watching fans file past his grave until after the film was processed.
The photo and negatives were examined by film giant Kodak and verified as authentic.
Fans were always baffled why Elvis’s tombstone spells his second name incorrectly as Aaron.
This was the name on his first birth certificate but his mother kicked up such a fuss that a new one spelling it Aron was issued.
The E-Files claims the tombstone inscription was no mistake.
The dossier also contains an interview with Elvis’s cousin Gene Smith, who is convinced the body in the coffin was not the star.
He said: “The hairline looked glued on. Even the nose is not right.
“But it was the hands that baffled me. Elvis did a lot of karate and he always had callouses on his hands. 
“The hands I was looking at were as smooth as a new-born’s behind.”
ELVIS, if you are out there, ring us on

0171 293 3201
Don’t worry about the cost of the call – because we’ll ring you right back. And no hoaxers, please. This is not The Sun.  
COPYRIGHT 1996 MGN LTD Scotland News Assoc.

Below is more of the same article from this same news agency:

ELVIS DOUBLE LAY DEAD AT GRACELAND AS WE SAW THE KING DRIVE OFF WITH HIS SECRET LOVE; Two of the King’s closest friends claim the star is still alive after an astonishing trick that fooled the world..

Elvis Presley faked his own death after paying a Terminally Ill lookalike to be buried in his place, The People can sensationally reveal.
Two respected Elvis aides, Marty Lacker and Elvis’s cousin Billy Smith, say that although the body found slumped in the bathroom of Elvis’s Graceland mansion on August 16, 1977 was certified dead, the real Elvis was hundreds of miles away.
He had fled in a black camper van with a mysterious lover known only as Maria.
Marty and Billy say the King of rock ‘n’ roll is still alive – and the man buried in Memphis, Tennessee
is a cancer victim named Scott who was paid by Elvis to have plastic surgery to make him look just like the star.
Now Marty and Billy have broken a silence spanning nearly two decades to tell of the incredible plot that will astonish millions…
Elvis pulled off the switch of the century the day he faked his own death, according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.
2. In keeping with: according to instructions.
….. Click the link for more information. two members of the King’s closest circle. They say he hatched the amazing plot because he wanted to escape from the world’s stage and start a new life with his secret love, a wealthy woman known only as Maria.
Incredibly, a chance meeting with a terminally ill man called Scott is said to have fuelled the King’s dream of a new start.
Marty Lacker and Billy Smith, senior members of the star’s Memphis “Mafia”, have now broken their vow of silence to reveal how Elvis:
Forked out a fortune for plastic surgery to make Scott his exact double.
Got cold feet and almost called off the deal.
Withdrew large amounts of cash to give to dying Scott.
Had already disappeared into the night in a black camper van with mysterious Maria when “his” body was found slumped in the bathroom at Graceland.
The two aides say Scott, a father of three, had approached Elvis at the gates of his Graceland home as early as 1974 and begged the rock star to help his young family.
He told Elvis he was dying but feared for his children’s future.
Initially moved by the man’s plight, Elvis agreed to help.
But as he became more disillusioned with his showbiz career and the whole celebrity scene, Elvis began to see Scott as his ticket to freedom.
The star, who was 42, truly believed that when Scott died, he would be able to swap places with him and just disappear.
He shared these private thoughts with lifelong friend Marty and cousin Billy.
They were the ones who eventually delivered brown envelopes stuffed with cash to tucked-away hotels where dying Scott would collect the money and make sure his wife and children were taken care of.
And they were the only ones Elvis trusted enough to say he was planning to run away with his secret love – a stunning woman he called Maria.
Marty, now a 60-year-old businessman in Memphis, recalled: “We were sitting in Billy’s trailer at the back of Graceland one day and Elvis started talking about the drawbacks and pressures of his life.
“We didn’t realise how unhappy he really was but that day it all started to pour out.
“He said, ‘There are too many people dependent on me and too much to put up with while trying to live my own life and living up to my own image. I feel alone and unhappy. I wish I could be someone else living a normal life. I’m tired, tired of all the pressure, tired of all these damn pills and people pulling on me’.”
Marty told how Elvis fell on his knees and swore them both to secrecy as they talked.
The three spoke late into the night and Marty and Billy listened wide-eyed as Elvis laid bare the details of his astonishing plan.
He told them he had already met a man who had 18 months to live – he was anxious not to leave his family destitute and readily agreed to the King’s bizarre scheme.
On Elvis’s instructions, Scott, who had the same blue eyes and jawline as the singer, had already undergone plastic surgery to become his double.
Marty says they were shown Polaroid snaps of the man after several operations and they agreed he was becoming a dead ringer for the star.
Elvis paid Scott cash up front and agreed to pay his his children huge amounts, again in cash, when he died.
Marty said: “Elvis threw cash around like confetti and it was no big deal for him to dip into his account and withdraw big bucks.
“When it came to Scott, Elvis said I would handle the money matters and Billy and his wife Jo were to look after the personal side. He told us we would both be with him until the end.”
He even told the friends he would reward their loyalty by writing them into his will.
Although the pair never met Scott, Elvis allowed them to speak to him on the phone but banned them from asking his surname or where he was from.
Marty said: “We set up a system of cash payments to Scott which I was to see that he got. They were to be left at various motels in different parts of the country. I was warned never to look in the envelopes. Just to leave them at the front desks.
“The first thick envelope I delivered was to the  Rodeway Inn on my way home.”
As the weeks passed more Polaroids arrived in an envelope postmarked Detroit, Michigan 
  The two friends saw that Scott’s head was bandaged from the top down around his cheeks and jaw.
He had written to tell Elvis that the operation was a success. Elvis then burned the envelope and its contents.
In March 1975, they wondered if the plan had been shelved but Elvis told them it was still on and that Scott’s plastic surgeon was convinced he was an Elvis impersonator
After one visit to see Scott, Elvis was so excited by the lookalike he told Marty and Billy: “He now looks so much like me I could have sent him down and you wouldn’t have known the difference.
“But he’s feeling pretty sick. His illness is getting worse. My God, I’ve created a monster. This guy could ruin everything if someone sees him.”
Around the same time, Elvis began to fall for a woman he had met by his famous music gates.
Even though he was seeing Linda Thompson at the time, Elvis became convinced he had found true love with Maria.
Marty told how during 1976 and early 1977 Elvis became more obsessed with Scott’s health. He did not want to tour and became restless.
He asked Marty to make more trips under the guise of taking care of the Presley music business but he was actually funnelling more and more money to Scott. During that time Elvis and Linda broke up and a few weeks later he started dating beauty queen Ginger Alden (born November 13, 1956 in Memphis, Tennessee) is an American actress/model who is best known as being the former fiancée of Elvis Presley.
Ginger first met Presley in 1961 through her father, who had been Presley’s induction officer when he joined the United States .
In early 1977, Elvis made a new will in front of his dad Vernon, Billy and his wife Jo, and his lawyer in which he signed a new page detailing how he would take care of Billy.
Billy said: “I refused to read it because I didn’t think it would be proper but I know Vernon was very uneasy about it.
“Later when the will was read, that page was missing.”
A week later Scott’s health deteriorated and Billy claimed Elvis told him: “We’ve got some hard thinking to do. If Scott dies now out of town, we have to abort  the whole damn deal.
“If we can’t make the switch at Graceland then it’s all over.”
Billy told him they could smuggle  Scott in the back way. When he died, Elvis would slip out the same way and meet Maria.
The couple could be in the next state before the shock headlines went around the world.
Billy says that they even did several dry runs to make sure the plan would go smoothly.
On August 15, 1977 Billy received a distraught phone call from Scott.
He said his health was going downhill and he had already said his tearful goodbyes to his family.
He told Billy: “I’m ready to go.”
Around 3.30am on August 16, Maria smuggled Scott into the mansion. At 7am that day Billy was helping dry Elvis’s hair.
The King rose from his chair, hugged Billy and started singing “Ain’t it funny how time slips away”.
Billy said: “He was excited. He laughed and told me, ‘I’ll be calling you later’. I never saw him again.”
At 11am Billy saw a black camper van glide along Elvis Presley Boulevard but pushed the memory to the back of his mind.
He carried out some errands and later that day his phone rang – it was Patsy Presley Gambil, Elvis’s first cousin.
She was sobbing: “Billy come quickly – there’s something wrong with Elvis.”
By the time he had raced to the house, an ambulance had already removed the body.
The next day, headlines around the world screamed “The King is Dead”.
Incredibly, Elvis’s dad Vernon ordered that the results of the autopsy should not be made public for 75 years.
Only in the year 2052 will that secret finally be revealed.

WORLD 1996, Ron Laytner, Marty Lacker and Billy Smith

COPYRIGHT 1996 MGN LTD Scotland News Assoc.

Here is the link to my page devoted to this same topic:



One of my dearest friends, Joan, shared the following YouTube video with me.  I viewed this entire documentary on a VHS movie, if I recall correctly and it is very good.  I know everyone will enjoy seeing this.  My thanks to Joan for sharing.

Elvis: A Generous Heart

AudioFidelity   Uploaded on Feb 6, 2008

This is a preview of the upcoming documentary about Elvis Presley, Elvis: A Generous Heart.





FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014

Think on This…
Wherever Truth is made manifest it gives place to that which is heaven for those that seek and love truth!

Reading 262-87



Below is an interesting article about Lisa Marie and her current shows and tour.  There is a tiny, but interesting, thing which she said during this interview, providing they quoted her accurately:

The King and I: Lisa Marie Presley can spot her true fans in a crowd of Elvis followers

  • By Kathy McCabe
  • News Corp Australia
  • March 14, 2014 9:00PM
Coming to Australia ... Lisa Marie Presley will tour Sydney and Melbourne next week. Pict

Coming to Australia … Lisa Marie Presley will tour Sydney and Melbourne next week. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

LISA Marie Presley doesn’t do the quick exit out the back door of the venue after a show.

The singer and songwriter, who came late to her music career after years of cautious procrastination because of her father, likes to meet the people who like her music.

She knows some of them are Elvis fans but mostly these days, 11 years after releasing her debut record To Whom It May Concern, Presley is proud to call them her people.

The 46-year-old singer and songwriter loves that a lot of them are women her own age who can relate to the relationship dramas and existential crises she writes about. And then there is the “large gay following” she adores for their support of “strong women”.

“When people are looking at me, I don’t know what they are thinking. Are they looking at my dad, are they seeing me for me now?” she says. “By the time I am done with the show, I am my own thing. I am me and I don’t do what he does.

“I am a singer-songwriter, just like Carole King or Joan Baez, which is more my vibe.”

The mother of four, including five-year-old twin girls Harper and Finley, returned to the studio a couple of years ago to make her third record, Storm and Grace, and return to the stage.

Reconnecting with the fans who had kept their faith in this bluesy rocker with the legendary surname has been her own saving grace.

“I love it, it’s why I do it. After every show when I do meet and greets, I get to hear their stories. And their stories are heavy, you know,” she says.

“They tell you about how a song helped them get through the big things in life – cancer, a death in the family, depression.”

“That’s why I tour, that’s what I want. I don’t make money. I get out there to be with the people who listen and hear what they want to say back to me.”

Presley certainly isn’t doing it for the money. She doesn’t need it. And for the first three decades of her life, she didn’t do music at all because of the inevitable comparisons with her father. She didn’t need that, either. But like a lot of the children of famed singers and songwriters, if the music is stamped on your DNA, you can only deny it for so long before it becomes a regret.

“I always wrote songs, even when I was a young child. I loved poetry especially and that was always an outlet of therapy,” she says.

Touring for her fans ... singer and daughter of the late Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley.
Touring for her fans … singer and daughter of the late Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley. Source: Supplied

Read more:


Below is an excerpt from another interview with Lisa which was held in Sydney, Australia.  Her comments about her dad are very special:

Singer-songwriter, 46, married

I was just nine when my father [Elvis Presley] died, but I had a very special relationship with him. He was the most incredible, enigmatic, powerful, dynamic human being I’ve ever met. As far as men go, he left big shoes to fill. He is still such a presence in popular culture, but I don’t find it odd or surreal – it makes me happy, actually.

Most of my memories are of being home with him. Our rooms were on the top floor of Graceland [Elvis’s home in Memphis, Tennessee]. We would sit in my room and watch TV, and spend a lot of time together upstairs alone. He’d take me on golf-cart rides, or we’d visit my grandfather or the pet store.

My father was very funny, very playful, but he also had a very bad temper. Across the board, he was extreme: either really funny, really playful, or in such a bad mood that people were running for the hills. But he had so many vampires around him, stupid people, and they’d tick him off. He was frustrated sometimes. Like everybody, he was human.


Below is the link to a YouTube video which I really enjoyed and I want to share it here with everyone in order that I won’t forget to put it on the DVD for this coming week for Jesse.  I think he will enjoy seeing some old friends and will feel gratified to hear what more current people had to say about him too.

Elvis Insiders Conference 2008 – Memphis

agostinocarollo  Uploaded on Sep 23, 2008

Here’s a little extract of the Elvis Insiders Conference of held on August 13th in Memphis at the Cannon Center. With Dixie Locke (who dates Elvis), DJ Fontana (Elvis’ original drummer), Spankox, The Imperials, Mike Stoller and others…



SUNDAY, MARCH 16, 2014

It is a day late but I want to wish D. J. Fontana a late Happy Birthday.  Below is the little news article which brought this to my attention.

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays for Saturday, March 15, 2014

Elvis Presley drummer DJ Fontana is 83.


A very trustworthy friend (someone who knew Elvis personally) has suggested a collection of books to me about which I have never heard before.  I have been shopping for all the books written by this author on this afternoon.  They are available as Kindle e-books.  I don’t own a Kindle e-reader but I found on Amazon that one can download (for FREE) to one’s computer a Kindle e-reader application in order that one may download and read all books available for sale on Amazon as Kindle books. 

This author has written a total of 10 books.  I have already bought and downloaded all 10 books onto my new Amazon application on my PC in order that they will be kept in my personal library where I may access and read them at any time I wish.

This author’s name is Darrin Lee.  I am told that he, totally at his own expense, did all of the research and interviews to get to the REAL truth behind some of the scurrilous misrepresentations which have been perpetrated by various “associates” of Elvis’,  the low lifes of the media, i.e. Howard Stern (that scum bag), etc.  Darrin published these books, again at his own expense, with  his only objective being that of  dispelling the lies and to clear up the misconceptions regarding Elvis.  These individual books each cover one particular concert or event in Elvis’s career which has been recounted as Elvis having been “on drugs“, etc.  As you will see in this series of books,  in every instance those stories told were  LIES

I recommend these little books without reservation even though I have not yet read all of my copies.  These books came to my attention by someone who knew Elvis and has always only had his best interest at heart…so I KNOW without reading them beforehand that I am safe in suggesting them to my visitors.

On you may do a search under “Darrin Lee Elvis” and you will be shown a list of all ten books.  These books may be purchased and downloaded to any Kindle e-reader or, as I mentioned above, to the Kindle application on your PC.  They are only .99 cents each.  So I purchased all ten for  $9.90!!!  What a bargain!

Also, these books feature the “Look Inside” option whereby you may actually “leaf” through some pages of the book to decided whether you actually want to buy the book before you make your purchase.

Below is the link to the search results which I will display below:

Showing 10 Results

Product Details

Elvis Presley’s 1973 Hospitalization & (Falsely Alleged) Demerol Addiction: Unpublished Facts! by Darrin Lee (Sep 1, 2013) – Kindle eBook

Product Details

The 1974 Detroit Cocaine Myth: EPE and LMP Sell “Elvis Presley: The Cokehead” As Fact; However, It Is False! by Darrin Lee, Keith Alverson and Bob Heis (Oct 6, 2012) – Kindle eBook

The author of these books is a man after my own heart.  I am here to stand up for Elvis, who is now Jesse, and to defend him against all lies past and present.  He said to me recently “I am so glad that I have you to stand up for me.”  I shall be doing so until the day I die.



Below is an account of a very sweet incident which shows the true heart of the inner man who was Elvis Aron Presley and who is now Jesse.   This was shared with me on our blog page by one of my dearest friends, Joan.  I thank Joan so much.  This is from Pinterest where it was posted by Carol Alexander.

The King Who Cared



I want to share with my visitors that Jesse did phone me earlier this evening.  He is doing OK except for having a cold and wishing for warmer weather.  We had a very enjoyable visit catching up on some things.





FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2014

May God show me how to forgive those who have lied cruelly against me…

Think on This…
For only as ye forgive those who have blamed thee without a cause, who have spoken vilely of thee without reason, can the giver of life and light forgive thee–even though He came into experience that ye, even ye, might know thy place with God, with thy Maker.

Reading 3660-1






Here is a special treat for your weekend.  I just discovered that there is a full length video of CHANGE OF HABIT on YouTube.  As most of us know, this was Elvis’ last movie.  I love this movie so much because of the part of the Dr. which Elvis played and his co-star Mary Tyler Moore who I also love.

Elvis Presley Change Of Habit

William Tan William Tan  Published on Jun 30, 2013

Dr. John Carpenter is a physician in a ghetto clinic who falls for a co-worker, Michelle Gallagher, unaware that she is a nun.
Elvis stars as a professional man for the first time in his career. Dr. Carpenter heads a ghetto clinic in a major metropolis. He is surprised to be offered assistance by three women. Unknown to him, the three are nuns in street clothing who want to aid the community but are afraid the local residents might be reluctant to seek help if their true identities were known. The nuns are also facing opposition from the ungodly priest from the local parish.
Carpenter falls in love with Sister Michelle Gallagher, played by wholesome Mary Tyler Moore, but Sister Michelle’s true vocation remains unknown to Dr. Carpenter. She also has feelings for the doctor but is reluctant to leave the order. The film concludes with Sister Michelle and Sister Irene entering a church where Dr. Carpenter is singing to pray for guidance to make her choice.



SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2014

I am sharing two videos of the song “After Loving You“…the first is made from Jesse’s CD (Elvis Found Alive, 2012); the second is from a recording by Elvis himself done in 1969.

I think everyone will enjoy comparing the two songs and enjoying the fact that Jesse still sounds so. o.o.o.o.o wonderful in his more recent performance as compared to himself many years ago.  He has not lost his touch one bit.

The first version was posted on one of my Facebook Fan Pages by a friend…I believe it was from Lucilia though I am not certain.

Elvis/Jesse Presley “After loving you” (com legendas)

Edileusa Menezes Edileusa Menezes

Published on Dec 8, 2013

Essa gravação específica pode ser encontrada só em CD, gravado em 2011, como “Elvis found alive”, e não tem mais o nome de Elvis, e sim Jesse.
Translation to English reads:  This particular recording can be found only on CD, recorded in 2011 as “Elvis found alive”, and no longer has the name of Elvis, but Jesse.


Below is the song as sung by Elvis.

Elvis Presley – After Loving You

purelistener purelistener

Uploaded on Jul 27, 2008

Elvis Presley – After Loving You

Recorded: 1969/02/18, first released on “From Elvis in Memphis”



Someone very special sent this to me to be shared on my site.  I love it so much, as you, my visitors will also:

 “Elvis called it,”

                      “My Vow”

I promise to try to live a pure life, to practice faith,

 to seek perfection, to meditate daily.  To practice

 abstinence and free my body from lusts of the flesh

 to the best of my ability. So Help Me, God. EP

I believe he tried very hard to live up to that “vow” in his everyday life

and also his “after life”.   He tried to be a man of his word, to always

consider where people are “coming from in their heads, and then look

into their hearts”. before making judgments and arguments against them.”

My heartfelt thanks to my friend for sharing this.


Ain’t it the truth….!!!

Think on This…
It is much easier to refrain from error – in speech or in activity – than to seek forgiveness for the word quickly spoken.

Reading 1669-1


MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2014

On this day in 1958, Elvis Presley entered the US Army at the Memphis draft board. Presley was filmed as he was given an Army haircut and fitted for his uniform. What's your favorite Elvis movie? Tell us below!
On this day in 1958, Elvis Presley entered the US Army… Presley was filmed as he was given an Army haircut and fitted for his uniform.

That was a sad day.



I will post below the Email which I received from the lady who is filming and hoping to release a movie based upon the story of Orion the singer.  As I understand it, this will not be done from the perspective that Elvis was a part of that saga.

I did complete a survey a while back concerning the proposed film, etc.  I did write to this lady and made her aware of the truth that Elvis did not die and invited her to visit my site for some of the documentation.  Thus, I was included in the mass mailing which is asking for donations to help fund the making of the film.

I furnish it here for those who may interested in helping to see a film made about Jimmy Ellis and Orion.  It should be interesting to those who are  fans of Jimmy Ellis as well as those interested in the mystery of Orion.

Hello Linda

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the ELVIS questionnaire recently.

We are now crowdfunding on Indiegogo to raise finishing funds for our film about Jimmy ORION Ellis and it may be of interest to you.

The idea is just like a sponsored swim – if everyone puts a bit in the pot we will reach our goal, the power of the crowd. It’s a completely safe and exciting way to support independent film.

We have some lovely perks as rewards for backing the film including boutique DVDs, custom masks and my favourite – Naming a star in the Orion Nebula. (Perfect for Mothers Day).

Please take a moment to check out the campaign: 

Click the link, watch the clip, select a reward and join our lovely film backers.

Every dollar, Euro or Pound pledged is very welcome 😉

Thank you so much,


ORION:The Man who would be King
A film by Jeanie Finlay
“There are many that believe that Elvis is still alive – if he is alive he wears a mask and goes by the name Orion.” Nashville Now, 1979
Who was that masked man?

Jeanie Finlay
Artist and Filmmaker : : @jeaniefinlay


ORION  @orionmovie

Back us to finish the film! NOW

  1 Attached Images



A good friend to our blog page, Lisa101, found an interesting album and posted the details on our blog page a few days ago.  Here is Lisa’s description: 

Linda, I have found a record ” To ELVIS : LOVE STILL BURNING”.   Oil painting  of ELVIS on a record. It says this album contains songs of TRIBUTE TO ELVIS PRESLEY by 11 ARTIST WHO LOVED HIM . This is signed by Marge Nichols in 1978.”

Lisa wondered if anyone else knew anything about this album.  Another good friend, BlueRose, responded with the following details:

Marge is from Cambridge Ohio. She is an artist. The album was produced in May 1978. Very rare.The first commercially-issued American picture disc is To Elvis: Love Still Burning, a collection of 11 Elvis Presley tribute songs by various artists. Both sides of the album (Fotoplay FSP-1001)

Lisa and her son sent a photo of this beautiful album to me in order that everyone may enjoy seeing it.  Lisa was very lucky to find this rarity.  My sincerest thanks to Lisa and BlueRose for showing and explaining this to us.

Elvis oil painting on album

footnote:  Lisa’s son has done some research regarding the above album and discovered an unusual anomaly.  Lisa has no device on which to play the vinyl record, so she and Joe have been unable to actually hear this album.  Below is what Joe wrote:

To Elvis: Love Still Burning features a reasonably accurate painting of Elvis, but look closely at the top of the sleeve. Inside a box it says KC & The Sunshine Band. That’s because the music is from their album KC & The Sunshine Band – Part 3, which came out in 1976.

So, we have an Elvis picture disc that plays songs by KC & The Sunshine Band. How weird is that? It is probably another case of the workers messing around in the record pressing plant, but they even went to the trouble to print a special cover for this one-of-a-kind item..

The cover they modified was actually designed for an Elvis tribute album with eleven songs by various artists. After Elvis’ death, many artists wrote and recorded their own tributes to the King of Rock & Roll. The songs were sought out and assembled by Jerry Osborne, the famous writer, collector, and Elvis expert, I am not aware of any other collection of Elvis tribute songs on one album, so this is a special compilation.

In addition to the standard black cover, there was a rarer white cover edition.

To Elvis: Love Still Burning is significant historically, because it was the first commercially issued picture disc LP. Who but Elvis would be featured on the first album to have a full color image of the artist on the record?



NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. wowed by Elvis Presley’s car

Elvis' Stutz Blackhawk in Charlotte

Photo by Chuck Burton/AP

CONCORD, N.C. (AP) — Icons from the worlds of NASCAR and music came together at Charlotte Motor Speedway this week when Dale Earnhardt Jr. unveiled one of Elvis Presley’s most prized vehicles.

The 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III is known to be the last car Elvis drove. He was photographed driving the car into the gates of Graceland just hours before he died. No one else had driven the car since that day until Earnhardt took it for a spin at Charlotte on Tuesday.

The car was unveiled after undergoing an extensive preservation to restore it to the condition it was in when Elvis last drove it in 1976.

“It has never left Graceland. It has been there in the auto museum in Graceland. This car has not been run in 25 years,” said Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises. “If we had fully restored it, it would be a 1973 Stutz. But leaving that little bit of that DNA of Elvis – the original seats in the condition they are in, little nicks here and there – that makes it Elvis’ and we wanted to preserve that.”

The car will be on display during next week’s AutoFair at the speedway.

“It’s pretty incredible to sit in it, they haven’t really touched the interior of the car since he drove it,” Earnhardt said. “I’m a big fan, and knowing how big of an entertainer he was and how much he meant to so many people, it really meant a lot to me to be able to drive that car.”

Earnhardt considers himself a big Elvis fan, and said he’s got a room dedicated in his house for memorabilia he’s collected – much of it sent to him by fans.

“If I had five minutes with Elvis Presley, you’d definitely want to know some inside stories, what life was like for him personally, what his interests were,” Earnhardt said. “Just general topics like cars and cuisine and records. What’s a guy like him collect? What does he find interesting? What kind of music does he like to sit around and listen to? Stuff like that.”

As we can all see, even Sports Illustrated cannot be relied upon to get their facts straight when it comes to Elvis.  Good grief!!!


My friend, Donna, sent the following article to me and I love it so much that I want to share it here also.

Elvis early development, experiences with poverty, struggle, pain and shame were internalized early on. His Love of God came from singing Gospel Music in Church, and his tone and sound was a direct expression from his Soul. In part, this is why we still love, admire, and respect this generous man 30 years after his passing. Too many people focus on the negative and the excesses of his life. However, the negative can be found in every living human, and if every human had that kind of attention and money you’d see the excesses everywhere. Today, Elvis represents a modern archetypal king figure who links the individual to our past, to our current society, and to the future through his music and life. He had a Spiritual quality that was expressed through his dramatic image and movement, but most importantly through his soulful songs, which are manifestations of his incredible and not always conscious insight. In 1956 by the time Elvis was 21, (the midpoint of his life) he had achieved the American dream. Yet, Elvis did so much more. He foreshadowed the sexual revolution and women’s liberation, and as a non-conformist and revolutionary, of sorts, Elvis’s style of civil disobedience broke down racial barriers in the music world, which prefigured the civil rights movement. America lacks an actual king and queen mythologically linking the people to the divine. The USA also lacks spiritual leadership, so we project this deep archetypal need onto Elvis. Let’s face it, there is no political figure we can project that onto because they hide or supress much of their human nature. And, none of them ever possessed the natural androgyny of male/female aspects like Elvis. Regardless of our gender, we are both male and female. Elvis was the perfect expression of both those parts. In Elvis, white Americans found a reason to express their longing and appreciation of Native American and black parts of themselves. When Elvis’s Scotch-Irish and Jewish heritage is considered, we see just what a multi-cultural icon he really is. His favorite songs were gospels, and central to his spiritual life were The Holy Bible, The Prophet, The Impersonal Life, and Autobiography of a Yogi. Elvis is The Greatest star ever, and one of the most important beings who ever lived.. That’s why almost a million people from all over the world travel to Graceland each year. John Lennon said it himself- “Before Elvis, there was nothing”

 My compliments to the author whose name is shown about this article.


Did you know... there was no ticket charge for the 6,000 member audience of @[19838724152:274:Elvis]' Aloha from Hawaii 1973 concert? Instead, Presley asked each member of the audience to pay what they were able and all proceed would go to benefit the Kui Lee Cancer Fund.

Did you know… there was no ticket charge for the 6,000 member audience of Elvis‘ Aloha from Hawaii 1973 concert? Instead, Presley asked each member of the audience to pay what they were able and all proceed would go to benefit the Kui Lee Cancer Fund.


FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2014

A very good friend to our blog page, posted the following very cute video on the blog today.  I want to share it here for everyone to enjoy and I will send it to Jesse this week as well.

laurel, hardy and presley

daniele9782 daniele9782






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