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6,077 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • My dearest Jesse,

    Your birthday!!!! That heat of hearts that beat in love to you, especially the hearts of Brazilians warm your day and your soul.

    I said I have some people in the world of Elvis Presley that I admire a lot and one of them is Charlie Hodge. Today I found this beautiful video that warmed my heart. # t = 96

    Cheers My Blue Angel … lots of happiness … forever and ever!!!

    With ALL my love,

  • Hello Dear Birthday Boy, I have already wished you one but today is the 8th and I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A VERY SPECIAL MAN !! Love, Melinda Faulkner

  • Hello dearest Jesse, How are you? My ~ My it’s been a long ~ long time….how am I doing? Well, I guess ~ I guess that I’m doing fine!

    Happy Birthday to you again today your 79th cake…oh my how much can you take? 😉
    Happy birthday baby on your 79th turn…keeping it going baby, let it burn, burn, burn 😛
    Happy birthday Jesse ~ I’ll take that ‘9’ from you, you can keep the ‘7’ now this is your clue. Love you so don’t be blue. (Seriously I am praying for you.)

    Additionally, I posted the following at Linda’s blog page; am sending it to you. Hope you enjoy reading what I wrote. J

    TCM featuring Elvis movies today. Just watched “SPINOUT” and if ever there was a clue it was his last song presentation “I’LL BE BACK.” I have not read the clues if posted on Linda’s website but I am guessing this was one of E’s clues. There is a lineup of movies and the next playing, “TICKLE ME.” Hmmm, I wonder what the clue will be in this movie at the end of the show. The next in the lineup, “GIRL HAPPY” & finally “KISSIN’ COUSINS.” I can assume the hint in Kissin’ Cousins was Elvis playing himself in the twiin, (notice the double ‘ii’s in the word twin there), episode, is also an indication that yes, “Ill be back” but back as JESSE GARON. HAHAHA, Why don’t the world see this?! It is all coming into focus. Linda had nothing to do with how Elvis was going to conduct his life leaving or coming back, she just wanted to find the truth and it happened! Love and blessings to all Elvis fans. Happy birthday Jess. Glad you made it. Now I’m doing a repost at ‘LETTERS FOR JESSE.” I know it won’t RETURN TO SENDER” not at all…..thank you dear Linda, thank you!! :)
    Smiles, B.Jean

    A very “happy birthday” to you Jesse.

  • 😀 Dearest Jesse, 😀
    Life without you would be un-Bearable.
    I sent this Virtual Bear to hug you, since I cannot be there
    I miss you lots, I’m so glad you’re my friend

    Happy Bear-thday!
    Have a Bear-y special birthday!
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, dear Jesse, Here’s a Bear hug for you!
    This fun and huggable Teddy Bear,
    Has traveled a really long way,
    To give you a great big bear hug,
    And wish you a Happy Birthday.
    Pick up this cuddly Teddy Bear,
    Hold her close for a second or two,
    And feel the big birthday hug,
    That I am sending to you.
    Blow out your candles quickly,
    And open those gifts for Pete’s sake,
    This Bear’s been traveling for quite a while,
    And really needs a piece of cake!

    I love you Beary much.
    To Crazy Bear from your Rosie Bear

  • Happy Birthday Jesse, lots of health and peace to you and your family.

  • Happiest Birthday Jesse, God bless!!!


  • Happy Birthday to you Jesse!
    I hope you have a wonderful day! And I hope all of your Birthday wishes come true! I hope where ever you are you are healthy, pain free, and warm.
    Love and Hugs to you on your special day!
    Elaine :smile:

  • Happy birthday Jesse! Hope you have a lovely day, enjoy yourself :) ill try and send some of the sun and blue skies we currently have here in the UK (very brief im sure haha!) over to you 😀
    Lots of love & hugs xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Jesse
    Today it is your birthday -- I wish you a Happy, happy birthday, and may the NeXT year be as wonderful as you deserve.. 😀
    From Denmark a birthdaysong to you from Jimmi and Rene 😀
    A giant birthday hug from me and Denmark

  • Happy Birthday Jesse.! Hope you have a wonderful fun loving day..
    Bunches of Birthday Hugs..

  • Dearest Jesse, Happy Birthday! :) May your day be filled with Love, Peace, Joy, and Blessings. God Bless You.

  • Dearest Jesse
    Happy Birthday from Australia!
    Mumma, Dad and I send you lots of love and good wishes for your 79th special day
    May the blessings continue to flow and may all your dreams come true this year
    We have baked a small cake to celebrate
    Take care dear one
    Love and Hugs Always
    Mela xoxoxo

  • :smile: :smile: :smile: Dearest Sweet Jesse, Another wonderful birthday of yours has just arrived here in Aussie land being the young sweet age of 79 years old. Jesse, it is true when they do say it is just a number, as it all depends on the person and not the age of that person. You have done sooo much in your life in the past and of course in the present too. I have sent birthday wishes to you via Linda and I guess you will receive them by this Friday with all of your lovely birthday messages from your fans, when you receive them by your mail go-between. I would just like to wish you a wonderful 79th birthday and you do have a big one coming up next year the BIG 80. I do hope that you have a great birthday, celebrating it with new found friends and hopefully your family too if it could be arranged, under your circumstances. Anyway sweet Jesse, Happy Birthday to you, (many more to come) and extra good health to you as well, and I do hope that your hip is slowly recovering now and that the awful pain you were suffering with, has eased up now for you too. Lots of hugs and special birthday kisses to you, Jesse. Adios, TCB Love Noddy (AKA Nereida and Nerida) :smile: . XXXX XXX

  • My dearest Jesse,

    So many homages to Elvis and among so many messages and declarations of affection I saw this video. A compilation of images of Elvis in action. Very good!

    Happy Birthday my Blue Angel!


  • My dearest and beloved Blue Angel,

    Just listen!

    With the blessings of God and ALL my love!


  • My Dearwst, Sweet, Darlin Jesse
    Well darling I hope 2014 has been good to you and will be your happiest and best year ever. Here we are on the brink of your 79th. Birthday and I don”t think of you as 79 years old but 79 years young, for what is age but a number.It is our love and zest for life, our love, compassion and eagerness to experience each new day that keeps us forever young. Darlin, I want you to know you mean the world to me always have and always will neither time or distance can or ever will change that 51 years I have carried you in my heart, thoughts, and prayers and will continue to until my dying day and beyond. You have given so much of yourself to everyone and to me and the friendship we share is priceless just as you are. You have made me happy in more ways than I could ever begin to put into words for there are no words eloquent or beautiful enough to say just what you are and what you mean to me.
    Jesse my darling I wish you the happiest , best, and most wounderful Birthday ever. What a blessing came into the world on the frosty cold January morning. A man who had the voice of an Angel , a leader, a man who worked hard and would teach the world the true meanin of selfless, givin, carin and compassion. A man who gave and continues to give 100 percent of himself to all the people he loves and who are fortunate and blessed to cross his path. A man named the “King Of Rock and Roll” but who would live forever and rule over our hearts. No truer words were ever spoken as to say when he touched your life you were never the same , Lord how those words are so true for me. The charisma, the sweet loving spirit, the funny side of him but when that wounderful smile came across his face was brighter than the morning sun and when you lookd into those gorgeous blue eyes the light from within him just emanated over you and you felt so warm, safe, secure. You are one in a zillion trillion and there will never be anybody like you for the man that you are, the person you are well they just don’t come any better than you. Millions have tried to impersonate and imitate but to me on the best day of their life they can never even begin to hold a candle to you.I know there will never be another you and that is why I must say thank you for all you have given and done, and thank you for havin the strength to start your life anew and do what was best for you, your health and safety and that of your family. I know pretty well the kind of man you are and I know you must have felt like salt water taffy being pulled every which way and wrestling with what was the right thing to do. I am proud of you, I believe in you, I support you and you forever and always have my love, devotion and loyalty. Nothing and no one can ever take that away you will always be my darling , my sweet cherished and treasured friend. Don’t think for a minute I forgot your Birthday cause I promise I didn’t. Why that would be like forgetting to breathe. Don’t you worry sweetie. Take good care of yourself. Be happy , be happy. I so want you to be happy Jesse because you deserve to be happy you give so much and I just want you to be happy. If you are as happy as you have made me you will be the happiest man in the world. It is my prayer that all the love and happiness you give to others be returned to you a zillion fold. You will hear from me soon I promise. Sendin much love, hugs , and prayers always.You will always be my favorite and forever and always my hero. Happy Birthday My Darlin Friend!!!
    God Bless, Hugs & Smiles, Love Always, Jan

  • Dear Mr. Jesse, It’s Rigel . Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, hope you’re staying warm ( it’s freezing up here ) . A few months ago I was sayin ” Let it Snow ” now I’m sayin ” Let it Go “, Well I know you’re busy so I won’t keep ya, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and GOD Bless you, Your friend, Rigel 😀


  • Jesse hi angel, please come join me in south australia, the weather is beautiful! Your always welcome in my home jesse, and your secret to be hidden is a promise i shall keep. I only wish i could talk to you! Take care, and your in my thoughts every day. Sophie. Xxxxxxxx. Your my hero.

  • Dear Jesse
    I just call to say hello………
    hope you re doing fine…..
    so have a happy birthday……….
    I wish all the best just for you….
    it s coming right from my heart…..
    from me to you…..
    Vienna loves you…
    Big hugs KAREN

  • My Dearest Jesse,
    I hope you are doing well. Are you back in the saddle yet, Hon? LOL. Some things just can’t be rushed, no matter how much we want it. I want my dental surgeries to be over too; I would love to bite into an apple again. It’s hard to be patient at times, isn’t it Jesse. I was at the dentist 4 days ago, and my jaw still hurts from being pried open for 2 hours; and I still have red marks around my mouth from the contraption that he used to keep it open. I have to go back on the 9th, the 18th, the 29th, etc…….can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that it’s there somewhere, and I will keep looking for it.
    How is Nick doing? I hope he had a wonderful Christmas; at his age, it is such a special, happy time. Hopefully, his dad will meet a really nice woman, and he can have a mom again. I think about Nick often, and pray a lot for him. You are always in my thoughts too Jesse; maybe too much. Oh well, I’m not hurting anyone; and having you all around me, makes me sooooooooo happy.
    Take care and be well Jesse. Don’t forget to take your Vitamin D.
    I love you my sweet Prince; lets ride off into the sunset. LOL.
    Sending you Love and Prayers
    Kathy W

  • Hi Jessie,

    I would just like you to know how much I respect what you have done and what you lost I wish I could help you to come back into the open to see your daughter and grandchildren you deserve that and much much more in fact the world could not pay you back to cover what you have done.However I do understand why you cannot come back.
    I always wanted one day to go to America and watch you in one of your shows but I could not afford it, I know I will never get a chance now, but knowing you are alive and safe means much more to me.
    If you get a chance to reply it would be fantastic but I understand how busy you are, please be assured if you do reply it will stay with me only I understand your safety is everything. God bless and protect you for ever.
    Miss Pat S.

  • Hello Dear Mr Presley

    I hope you understand why i have visit you this evning with thouhts about Music, Music is my big Fashion in Life, its a big part of my Life, i Think its like that for you too, I do agree with what you say for a wile ago that ither you have the rytm or ither you dont, i can tell if you are born with the vattural rytm you get it trouh all your Life,

    I Always say that Music effect you in many ways, how you feel for the moment, If i feel sad for some reson i love to lissen to your Music Jesse it brings so mutch comfer if you find the right song, you sing with sutch feeling,surch Power, Its easy to understand and feel that Music is a part of your Life too, and its nothing you just can push away or deny,it will Always be there,,but i se Music as a healing comfer happy part,

    I laso noticed that if you born with Musical rytm you learn your own inner rythm and inner pulse, and some songs seems to find that rythm and then you feel one with the Music,,,sorry but i can talk on when it comes to things i love, and i like to share with you, I love live conserts becouse you can feel the Power into the hole Place,,the crowd and the Music bee one Jesse thats so fantastic, you shoud know Sir,, no wonder you loved to be on stage and Jesse your fans loved it too,, Agree how nice isnt it to just put on some song you love to hear and just get up and move to that,,!!! Its hard for me to not move or try to dance when i hear something i like !

    I vould like to share Music with you,,Here is one Lady i like,she have so happy and nice rytm in her Music,,it make me feel happy and glad,,Jesse feel the beat ! beat ! beat ! its live Concert, Shania Twain,,I LOVE IT !! MUST UP AND MOVE !!! COMON JESSE !!!
    You Watch for this titel in your DVD Video,,

    Shania Twain, Top Of The Pops Special 1999

    Hope you enjouy as i do !!!

    With Love


    • BTW Mr Jesse, Seense you now are under my wings as a familymember i do care about you too as i do for my own son, Thats also why i send nice Music so you can move and do some exercise to that, its good for your hole body and mind, hope you eat as you shoud too, yes Sir i care, and i will nag you about it, Now go out in fresh air today and enjouy that for your inner path too,

      With Love to you


    • Mr Jesse

      Im here to give my hole name for you

      With Love

      Ann Christine ( Just me )

  • My dearest Jesse,

    I’m reading the news today in the newspaper and read about how cold it is doing in the United States because of a “polar vortex”. To be sincere, I did not remember this term. I studied climatology, but this is a long time … Elvis had not yet retired.

    I have no idea how it is to be in such a cold place. I read that the forecast for today and tomorrow (with a variation of only 1 point up) in Minnesota is -31 º F. This weekend the temperature here was 95 º F. Winter in São Paulo, however bad it is reached only once in August 1955 28.22 º F (official data).

    My beloved Blue Angel I’m particularly very concerned about their welfare. I know that American homes are suitable for cold temperatures, which does not occur in Brazil, but even so please take care. My wish now is that on Wednesday the temperatures are warmer, so you can have a nicer day, at least I think it would be your desire.

    Again I send my congratulations and many kisses and tight hugs.

    With ALL my love,

  • Hi jesse, omg, i can’t believe how cute your twin granddaughters are! Infact all your grand children are so attractive. With the presley genes, how can they not be! Im so happy for you angel. You truley are the best! Love sophie. Xxxxxxxx.

  • hello sir I know you have something simple planned 4 your birthday enjoy it with family and friends make sure the people u trust r taking care of u and not advantage of u make sense MR PRESLEY as u always said T C B hope 2 read something from MRS hood on this message board meaning u get a chance 2 no im the one who has always prayed 4 u since 8-17-77 stay safe and healthy love glennelvis and mary

  • My dearest Jesse,

    This was a week where I got involved in your defense, in my microcosm. It is not easy, really not easy … I am very sad for you, because I do not know how you feel with all these people who do not believe in you. I really wanted to, it would be my greatest wish to possess a magic wand and change people’s minds or remove the blindfold from their eyes and show them the truth.

    But this my microcosm also has those people who believe in you and do homages as best they can do. And this afternoon I received another clip in your honor and my name is mentioned in the video description, which is an honor for me. This is another video of Edileusa, my dear Dilê, as it is known. I do not know her personally, but I know one day I will have the opportunity to meet her, after all she is from São Paulo, impossible that this meeting never happens.

    My Blue Angel, when you read this message your birthday has already been. So I want you to know that I wish it was a very beautiful and blessed day.

    You have no idea how much I want your well being and happiness.

    With ALL my love,
    Lucilia # t = 10

    • My dearest Jesse,

      I’m at the computer working on two fronts, writing to you and seeing incoming messages and I forgot to talk about something very important!

      You may already know of the Petition to Award Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction to Elvis Aron Presley.

      My Blue Angel, he deserves … is not it? I’ve signed and spread over the Internet. I want to see everyone signing!

      Kisses, kisses, kisses … hungs, hugs, hugs …


  • Jssesweetheart hi how you doing hope you are well and good. Hope you had a really wonderfuf christmas and new years with your family I was with my family for christmas and had a really great time. I dont know how cold it is where you are but here in virginia it is freezing and i have to say i cant wait for summer to come back. Jesse you are one very special person because of having a heart that i know GOD HIM SLEF is very proud of. You have always been one very special person because you always gave of yourself with your heart and that is why you are loved so very much with all our hearts. Heres a birthday wash just for you.May his blessings be with you on this very special day and always . May the joy of his love bring you peace & happiness always. happy birthday. take care may GOD bless you always caroljo :smile: :smile:

  • Hi E/J was just sitting her watching Jimmy Swaggart hes 78 yrs old I was just hoping that as hes doing his laying of hands on his congregation that GODS healing power comes upon you to heal your body only you and GOD knows all wrong with us all and only he can heal us of anything .But getting back I was watching his son Donnie bring his granbabies on stage with him and run too her greatpapa {Jimmy} he says his are the prettiest in the world beg to differ with him but mine are as all of us grandparents think but anyway I was thinking how great it would have been to see you welcome Lisa on stage with you and her children your grandbabies. well that’s all got to go but have a great day May GOD Bless You and GOD Bless US All HES IN CONTROL as always hugs and kisses sent your way.

  • ❗ my messeges whent away,,,,

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