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Enjoy Elvis' 15 new songs - 2012. Jesse (Elvis) confirmed they are really him.
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5,783 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Hi Linda Hood, I can send some picture to Jesse via email or text only? Much light to you.

  • My dearest Jesse,

    Another year has passed … the counting of time terrain is nothing close to the time count on the spiritual plane. And for us that we get here is like it was yesterday. This is because for the love there is no distance of time and space.

    May God bless you all and miss that is relieved with good memories.


    • hope your doing fine sir sure do miss you being the best that ever walked on stage last night I watched some of your concerts you know who you are you know what u have done on stage where I grew up no one I mean no one is ever going to be like MR. PRESLEY take great care of yourself and your family SINCECERLY GLENN ELVIS

  • Hi Jesse, how are you today? It’s beautiful how people still today go to the candle visual of elvis, it shows the respect people have for him, I was just wondering how that makes you feel? Even after all these years? They certainly know how to celebrate his life and keep it up all these years later. Are you happy with your life today? I hope you are, because the life you once had wasn’t perfect was it. You know by being Jesse now doesn’t make me feel as scared to write a message, as it would be in writing one to elvis. You are a very intelligent man arn’t you? Just look after your self, and be happy please. Soph. Xxxx.

  • Hey, Jesse how are you. Hope everything is going great.
    Im doing ok and my week was ok i recorded my new freestyle, a freestyle means that you can taik about anything and what i was taiking about making a change in rap music and the world if i ever made it i will like to make good changes in rap
    like taik about the positive things in life i just wanna send a great messages
    Just like the way you did it in music, you’re voice and lyrics send great messages
    and you’re are a great inspiration to the world and to me..I spoke to Miss Linda about making a copy of my freestyle/song is a tribute to trayvon martin
    the 13 year old kid that passed away. I hope you get to hear it soon.

    By the way music school is going great..Just wanna let you know im almost done with music school..I still got alot to learn and i hope i made you proud.

    God Blessed you and Miss Linda.
    Much love and Respect.

  • My dearest Jesse,

    I am vibrating that you are fine and doing what you really want for your happiness. If this desire is to be in Memphis I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are there at this time of writing, witnessing the whole movement of love to Elvis that he deserves more than anyone.

    My Blue Angel I’m rooting for Galen discover you and so it can send my kiss to you, as I asked him 😉 .

    I also keep praying for his recovery occurs quickly and painlessly.

    Stay with God my Angel Blue and until next time.

    With ALL my love,

  • Hi there jesse, yes it’s true what people say about your voice, it hasn’t changed. There are elvis impersonators out there but they just don’t have it the way you did, and to be honest if I don’t hear the original singer, it really doesn’t interest me. You truly were the best! I do hope you really understand that, you were never forgotten and never ever will be. I must say the song from Lisa Marie, no body noticed it, is a beautiful song she wrote about you. ( I love listening to it). And my lord Benjamin is the splitting image of you when you were younger, it’s amazing. He’s a very lucky boy to have inherited you good looks. I’m sure the girls are all over him haha. Are you in any pain ? If so I’m truly sorry you have to go through that, just know I’m thinking about you and I pray to the precious lord that he helps you through it. Do know I respect you for your courage (, yes honest to god). The most thing I treasure in people is honesty, loyalty and respect. You have all three built in you blue angle. I have heared people say when ever you used to walk into a room they would just stop and stare at you. Your soul, captured every one,wow to make people feel like that is truly a gift from god. I’m about to cook some traditional food my mother tought me so take good care hon, and I’ll send some food your way to try( only if that were possible) I’m sure you would have enjoyed it, it’s Macedonian food. They say food is a mans best friend so I’ve heared, well in my family anyway. Ok love you always sophie.xxxxxxxx.

    • Oh Jesse, I’m sure if you were ever to come to Australia nobody would really notice know who you truly are, because they all think your dead. And if it were possible ( which it’s not) I would have been honoured to have you stay with me and my family, and I would just said you were my uncle from the states. Just know, no body would ever have known who you realy are, I would have made that dam sure. (Oh we’ll I can dream can’t I). I am a private person and I hate people knowing my businesses, as I’m sure you do. Xx soph.

      • Jesse thought I would share this with you. Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in their’s, the ones who who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.

        • Jesse this reminds me of elvis. The people who seem the strongest are usually the most sensitive. The people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to be mistreated. The people who take care of others before themselves are usually the ones who need care of the most. The people who smile the most don’t always have a perfect life. You need to look closely behind the smile to see the pain.the three hardest things to say in life are ” I love you” ” I’m sorry” and ” help me”.

  • Dear Jesse:

    I cannot stop listening to “Do You Know Who I Am”….this is a gorgeous song and your voice has lost absolutely nothing!

    I want to let you know that my uncle James W. Reil was stationed in Germany with Elvis! That has always been an interesting part of my family history. He is still alive and well and is living in Pennsylvania. He just recently lost his wife of 51 years….

    It made me so happy to hear your voice again!

  • My Dearest Jesse,
    I hope that you are doing well, and continuing with your physiotherapy. It will get better my love; hang in there. By the time you get this message, Elvis week will be over, but only on the calender. Every week, is Elvis week to me. Actually, you sing to me every day. If you got to Memphis, I hope you did not over do it, and injure yourself. I wish I had the power to heal you, but I am only a level one, and can only do the small stuff. I’m sorry if I sound like an old mother hen, but I care so much for you. I’m sure your security team kept you safe while you were there. I am praying for your recovery Jesse, and that you will always be safe and protected. You are always in my thoughts, and in my heart.
    Goodnight JP, I love you. XOXO
    Kat W

  • Good morning Jesse i hope every thing is well with you today . We worked at the Jamboree this past Saturday then went to the show and listened to the people sing songs . Well i better go Love always your friend Lisa101 GOD BLESS YOU and GOOD TAKE CARE of YOUR SELF

  • Gd morning Jesse, 4 days to the day elvis left us, how was your week end? I’m here with my sister and she believes now, so here is a big hello to you from her,and kisses xxxxxxxxxxx. I’m enjoying my time away from hm, it’s been very relaxing to be pampered by my sister, she’s like a second mum to me, being ten years older, and I got to admit she does spoil me rotten, she’s my best friend and I love her to bits. Hope your not over doing things, we all want you healthy and strong, so please do look after your self. I’m having a better day today so far, yesterday was a bad day for me, didn’t stop crying all day and all I did was lay in bed. I’ve changed medication so hopefully they start kicking in soon. I pray and hope your family are all doing well. Many hugs and kisses to you sweetheart and please live long as Jesse, your always in my thoughts, and heart. Love you always, sophie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 😛

  • well its another week and the rain here in NG is still pouring outside glad I live on a mtn. But seen where some were having trouble making it back to their houses feeling lucky!! The rain seems to be havoc all around with the floods and now the mold in some peoples houses seems like the Lord above wants us all to take care of each other like people use to !Well enough on that subject how are you E/J hope your missing the rain in Memphis and having a great time seeing all the people who still show their love for you young and us older folks too. Memphis is beautiful could not make it this year but love the streaming on utube looks like another great turn out. Take it easy and enjoy your time with everyone there Huggs and Kisses as always sent your way KAT

  • Hi Jesse, hope your recovery is going well! I wish i could talk to you about things that are happening to me I’m at the point in my life were I’m feeling lost, to be honest I’ve given up on living, I’m truly struggling. Anyway Another year has come around to the day you left us, it’s amazing how much people still love you. (Including myself). So how does it feel like to be a different person now? I’m sure you have changed a lot, but deep down inside your always going to have some part of elvis in you. You got to admit you can’t change that voice, but I’m happy for you. You have experienced alot in your life haven’t you? You are such a remarkable person! Those people who talk bad about you are total idiots. I could never think bad things about you, yes we all do things we are not proud of but were not perfect are we. I keep making mistakes in my life but who dosen’t it’s part of a learning process. I once was a very strong person but these days I’m not so much, I’ve become a very negative thinker and it scares me to think how I’ve changed, I don’t know if thats due to depression or just the way things have been going in my life. Sorry Jesse you need to here happy things not bad, so please forgive me. Thanks for letting me share things with you. Writing to you does release a lot. Keep strong, love always sophie. Xxxxx. :sad:

  • Hi Mr. Jesse, I’m so glad to hear that you are recovering well from your surgery and hope you have a safe and relaxing trip to Memphis.
    GOD Bless you and take care, Your friend , Rigel

  • Davy is so if Jesse appears in the photo with his grandson Benjamin is why he keeps contact with his daughter Lisa Marie. hugs

  • Hello, Jesse

    Let me start out by saying I only recently discovered this website, and that I consider myself to be quite a skeptic. However, after the overwhelming amount of audio, written, and photographic evidence, I have to admit that all that is said on this site is either true, or an act has been pulled that’s good enough to convince me. 😉

    Jesse, I was curious as to what are some of your favorite newer musical artists to listen to, television programs you like to watch, or movies you enjoyed seeing recently. Also, although I’m a little embarrassed to ask, I was wondering what advice you would give to all inspiring singers and musical performers who are thinking about getting involved with the industry.

    I hope both you and Linda are in good health. Have a wonderful day. 😀 I also understand that you cannot respond to questions individually, as a rule, but I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to ask anyway, even if it just means giving you a chance to ponder about my questions and imagining what you would answer were I there with you. I’ll even add my email address at the end of this message. Call it wishful thinking.

    A big fan, fellow American, and now converted believer,

    P.S. I’m going to a wedding today. I’ll try and see if I can sneak one of your songs into the playlist.

  • Good morning Jesse how are you doing today it’s raining here . My sister came back early from Alaska i don’t think she’s going back for some reasons i can’t explain . I hope every thing is going well with you . GOD BLESS YOU and TAKE GOOD CARE of YOUR SELF Love always your good friend Lisa101

  • Hi Jesse, can you please send us a message to all of us on this sight saying hi and how you have been, It would be great.

  • Dearest Jesse,

    My heart is heavy tonight with thoughts of you and hoping you are progressing well with healing. Please do not over do.

    My sister sent me a gift from Tupelo as she just got back the last couple of weeks. She told me of the family at the hardware store who told of Mr. Forest BoBo their grandfather and what he had to say when you went with your Momma to get yourself that gun, but instead got the guitar. She now has a wonderful feeling of the human being you are and wants me to send her love to you. And that you know that she and her husband’s thougths of the lovely experience they had learning of who you are at the hardware store :-). Just before that my other sibling (a brother) took a trip to Graceland and sent me a keychain with your Memphis license on it. I smiled and both gifts sit right now on my dresser with the pic of you. I probably will never get a chance to go where they were. So I suspect the gifts are their way of saying yes they believe you are alive. That you are a wonderful person. And they believe that I am not crazy for how much I love you and know who you really are within. They believe! No more laughing. They believe (smile on my face hoping you have one too ;-))

    I am very tired and overwhelmed. The days are long and working hard, but not enough to not tell you as I always have. I miss you my dearest and I love you so. Be well my dearest Jesse…… Kathy/Medford xoxo

  • Good morning Jesse, hope your doing ok. I must say Lisa Marie is a very beautiful woman I can see the strong blood line, she’s all you, it’s like looking at you only a female version, I must say, i know you had some changes to your face, and I do get why but I feel sad because you were the most georgeous person to look at, your features were perfect to me. I still today melt when I look at the photos of elvis, my lord what a hot looking man you were. And when you spoke, that voice it was enough to make you go crazy( if you know what I mean!) Today’s music, well put it this way is not the best. Rap I don’t get, how can you say that’s talent it total crap. I get so annoyed when I hear my daughters play certain music, and they alway play the dam thing to loud. Please I wish some one would explain it to me. They keep saying mum get with the times this is what’s in now. And what ever happened to respecting your eldest, if I ever spoke back or cursed, I would get a belting. I’m not saying I’m that old but I did have strict parent and, I’m glad they were now thinking about. I just realised my dad is the same age as you. He’s not doing so well so that makes me sad. I truly love my parents I never went without, to be honest because I’m the youngest I did get spoilt but I was never a spoit brat that alway demanded things. It’s funny now that I have my own kids, I would give up my needs to have them happy, materialistic things don’t matter at the end of the day because my dad always says having a family is worth more than money can buy. Yes it true i get that now! Money can make people change for the worst, it’s good having it, no one wants to struggle , but people who flaunt it makes me sick. You always were just you, people have said you were very vain but honey there’s nothing wrong with caring about your appearance. You could of been dressed in a garbage bag and still looked hot. Yes your style was different than normal but it suited you. I’m interested in how you look now, are you still handsome? Men alway grow more attractive as the get older but us women don’t, which totally sux. I’ve alway been told I’m atractive and my blue eyes which are crystal blue would always stand out, I fail to see that. I just wish I could get some sign that your doing ok I’m trying to get a vision that tells me. I just have to be patient I’m sure it will appear. It’s something you can’t force it happens when its meant to. Do take care Jesse and keep doing the things you love to do be happy blue angle, your always in my thoughts. Love always sophie. Xxxx.

  • Good Friday morning, everyone:

    I am printing out all of the messages to Jesse in preparation of mailing out my package to him this afternoon. This printing will included all of the messages which were sent via E-mails as well.

    As always, I thank each of you so very much for spending the time on my site and sharing your thoughts and feelings with Jesse through your messages.

    I wish everyone a good and safe weekend.

    Much love and light,

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