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Enjoy Elvis' 15 new songs - 2012. Jesse (Elvis) confirmed they are really him.
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5,928 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Good morning Linda and Jesse,

    I hope this finds the both of you feeling great! My biopsy -- DONE! CAT scan and bloodwork -- DONE! Now i just need to pack for Graceland! For good or bad, i put off chemo till next Friday! I want to feel good for my visit! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

    Now…do we take my convertible or my brother’s car with Sirius radio? Decisions, decisions!

    Love you,


  • Dear Jesse, I’m so happy YOU ARE so well…! 😛 (THANKS Linda, for letting us know.)
    Energies are increasing its vibration fast, taking us to a much “higher voltage”
    which sometimes put on crisis everything settled before on our thoughts,
    body and emotions. Regaining balance is a demanding work of the present time.
    I can guess Life has been for YOU a real training field in that matter too. :smile:
    Know that you are and always will be a a receiver / transmitter of Love and that
    many are assisting you in this outstanding performance. :smile: By the way: that
    assistence I’m sure goes in both directions. ’till we meet in the inner planes,
    much LOVE. Always.

  • Hi Jesse,

    Well hubby got the results from his CT…where do I start…Three slightly bulging discs, back is out of alignment, kidney stones non blocking, spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis… we’re still waiting on the Bilateral ultra sound artery test for the legs…hopefully they won’t find any blockage…how I do love the golden years…LOL…you know you’re old when you have to plan your week around Dr. visits and going to the grocery store…Oh well no more life in the fast lane…

    Hope all is well with you and yours

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Hi Jesse and Linda

    Yahoo news> The Wall Street Journal, Michael Rapoport, October 5. 2015

    Elvis and a Big Hunk o’ Tax Breaks
    Expansion of Graceland is benefiting from controversial tax incentives…

    The article goes into detail about the planned expansions and improvements to Graceland…

    God Bless
    Linda FC


    • Hello Jesse,
      I’m so happy that you r doing good. I was watching TV tonight and did you know they have a Elvis Presley Trauma Center in Memphis. Now that is so cool. You made such a impact on history that they have a Hospital named after you. I hope you r proud. A friend and I r planning on going next year to Memphis to the candle ceremony. I’ve never been to that. Well I just wanted to say hello and tell you what I saw on TV. As usual I hope you continue to do good and know we all are thinking of you and miss you. Hoping you r happy and have a full life.

      Respectfully with Love, Pamela

  • Hi Jesse and Linda

    Nov 7th Elvis’ Gold Grand Piano goes up for sale at Juliens auctions. It is expected to sell for more than $500,000…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Hi Jesse,
    Your family is wonderful is another thing, your songs are all beautiful in miles has a great energy his voice roaring in the ears, his past memories as one day and look happy, her present live his normal life, IHe saw his concerts after all is what varies, you’ve helped people to believe that you are alive, but I kept my mind open you’re standing still and the world knows, your house will live forever

    May God bless you

  • Hi Jesse,

    OMG they won…If the Bears keep this up they might have a streak going…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Hey Jesse

    Hope you doing fine. I visited Graceland for the first time this summer. It had been a dream for me for years, and when I finally got there, it was just unbelievable. Surely going there another time, too.
    Have you visited Graceland lately? I was just wondering who are allowed to go to the upstairs. I happen to have this photo taken at the backyard in the late July. I zoomed to one of the windows and even though there are these bars in front of the windows, it kind of like looks like someone is standing at the window. Some people I’ve shown the picture to say it might look like a person, some people say they see nothing. The point is quite blurry, so it might be nothing. Might just be imagination, I would have added the picture here, but didn’t find a button.

    ps Got to one of the exhibits, Hawaii if I remember right. The same where the Golden Jacket was. There should have been Elvis’ TCB-sunglasses there but those were nowhere to be seen. Still wearing them? 😉

  • Jesse my dearest,

    I already talked many times that I am a whiner. I cry for sorrow, for joy and divine moments like the one I just saw for the umpteenth time since I received the video.

    I talk about Elvis in What Now My Love with “The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra.” I can only say, as I mentioned when receiving the video that “Elvis is a gift from God” and referring to the video, “It’s very beautiful, a lot of emotion … the vibration of his voice is a balm for our soul. ”

    There will be no one with that ability to transmit by voice, such emotion, such feeling. Thank you Jesse for being Elvis Presley to the last drop of sweat, in addition to physical forces. You ask us to remember you only as Jesse, but I need to thank for the moments of extreme emotion at hearing the voice of Elvis.

    I imagine that you already have on hand this jewel, but I’ll leave the link to others to cheer the soul as well.

    I love you so much… because this beauty, externalized by the voice of Elvis, comes from your beautiful soul. I will always be the most recent faithful squire in your life as Jesse.

    Kisses and hugs,

  • Jessesweetheart hi how are you hope you are doing well and good. Iam fine & things are going well for me. I wrote to a cousin of mine that I have not seen in a lot of years because he and I live so of far away form each other and never new where eather of us was. Until now I just wish it had not taken so long. But it feels good to at lest be able to write. I Sent him an email the other day I had so much to say I dident know where to start but it felt good to be able to do so. We have had some really rainy days here in Virginia and it has been kind of cold so I guess that means winter is just about around the corner oh well. heres a pome I wrote I hope you like it. Some times when it rains we say oh what an alful day. But if no rain there be no trees . But if no rain there be rainbows. But if no rain there be no flowers. But if no rain there be no lakes or streams. So why not smile when it rains and say thank goodens for the rain. Well you take care GOD bless you always. caroljo : :smile: :smile:

  • UPDATE: I just learned from my brother that we’re going to Memphis next Saturday, traveling through Sunday and staying at the Peabody on Sunday and Monday nights! Will be at Graceland on Sunday or Monday! OMG -- I’m 51 years old and feel like a kid again!!!!! Thanks Fred, I love you so much! And Mr. Jesse, you will be “Always on My Mind!” xxxxxoooo

  • Dear Linda and Mr. Jesse,

    I hope that this note finds you both well!!

    It’s been a rough week for me….I know I’m new to this board, and I’m so thrilled to be able to post notes to you, Mr. Jesse, but I’m sure you won’t mind me asking you and all who read this post to send up a prayer on my behalf when you can. I am a good person who’s suffered through so much, and I’m not complaining! I just want to get as much leverage as I can, and not miss heaven “on a technicality!”

    In fact I have some good news along with the bad, but let me put the bad out there first. For the past 4 years, almost, I have been receiving chemo for Stage IV breast cancer. Sometimes it’s been a pill I can take at home with little side effects, and sometimes it’s infusion chemo, with some very horrible side effects. Well, since June, I was on a pill, which left me, for the first time in years, actually feeling normal.

    Unfortunately, I found out this week that it hasn’t worked, at all. My internal organs (specifically, my liver and my kidneys) are being affected and I’m going for a biopsy on Monday to find the genomic make up of the b/c in my liver. It’s news to me, but cancer can “mutate” and by doing this biopsy, my new treatment will be customized. It will be through infusion, and may I say, it’s going to stink! Again, Linda, Mr. Jesse and all my new friends here, please just say a prayer for me! I would most certainly appreciate it!

    Now, to the good news….my brother (who is a NON believer in Mr. Jesse and thinks I’m off my rocker) has offered to take me to Graceland later this month! Please all pray also that because it’s early in my treatment that I will be able to make the trip! It will be my second time there, but the first time with my dear brother, who happens to be the biggest Elvis fan in the world! Its the most exciting thing to happen to me in years!

    Mr. Jesse, I hope that you don’t think I’m sharing too much! In today’s society of Facebook, Twitter and all, there is very little that’s not shared! If I can receive just a few more prayers, it’s worth it to me to have my life “out there” particularly to YOU!

    With precious love in my heart for you and Linda,


    • Linda I pray that you will be healed. I pray that you will feel good and stay healthy and be able to enjoy this trip.I will be praying for you.

      • Melinda, thank you so much for the prayers! I truly need them, but I’m NOT Linda! I’m just a fan like everybody else here! But I can truly appreciate any prayers you have for me! Thank you again!

      • Melinda, thank you so much for the prayers! I truly need them but my may have confused you. I am NOT Linda, I sm just a huge fan just likr you. But please keep the prayers coming!

  • Hi Jesse,
    Could you confirm or deny that you visited World Expo in Brisbane, Australia during 1988 please?
    Tulsa ( We all have our aliases 😆 )

  • Hi Jesse. I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoy your daughters music. My goodness! what a tremendous sound she has!!! Storm and Grace is rich and deep and beautiful….and like you she doesn’t sound like anybody else either. I hope to hear her in concert someday. I’m just waiting until she tours the US again. You can be so very proud of the woman she is. Your legacy lives on through her.
    I would so love to sit down with you and just talk. I look forward to heaven and will be looking you up when I get there :)
    Much love and God’s best blessings to you and your family dear Sir.
    Thank you again for all that you blessed us with throughout the years. Your gift lives on.

  • Hi Everyone:

    I am in the process of preparing all of your messages for printing to send out to Jesse tomorrow.

    As always, I thank each of you who wrote to Jesse during the month of September.

    Much love, light and peace to all,

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