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5,054 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • lisa101 says:

    Linda can you retrieve my message to Jesse it is gone again thank you. your friend lisa101

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Old age got me again…I forgot about the last Friday of the month being the deadline for getting our messages to you…So please forgive me…

    An Easter wish for you and yours I guess you’ll get in May…Its a time for reflection and resurrection of the sprit…I hope life is treating you well and you’re able to get out into the sunshine and feel the blessing of life…

    Happy Easter to you and yours

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • charper77 says:

    Hi Linda/Jesse,

    I’m a long time Elvis fan, I was one of the lucky ones who actually had the privilege to see him preform earlier in 1977 in South Bend, IN. I was 19 at the time I will never forget how exciting it was and how my heart raced. My sister wanted me to go up to the stage to get a scarf and maybe a kiss, I was frozen, my feet wouldn’t move!! Oh so how I wished I would of tried……
    1977 was quite a year for me, a lot of firsts and losses. That number has been with me ever since that year (as you can see on my loggin) I have used it for years. 1977 was both the best and worst year of my life, and Elvis was part of that. A small part, but nonetheless a part of it.
    For whatever reason I’ve become obsessed with reading everything I can on Elvis possibly being alive. What an awesome thought! Which brings me to his book; The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words. I have found it, but it ranges anywhere from $97 to $300, can you believe that?!
    This is my reason for writing, is there anywhere I can buy this at what it should be sold for? I’m sure there’s other fans who would like to know that as well.
    Thanks for your time. And Elvis if you’re really out there, you always were and always will be “The King”! You are greatly missed……….looking forward to your updates.
    Thank you….

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Cheryl:

      Thank you so much for writing your thoughtful comment. I wish that I could tell you a source for buying Jesse’s book at the original price…but unfortunately the book was not printed in huge quantities and is only available now from 2nd hand sellers through, E-Bay, etc. or sites which deal is used copies such as

      I just checked and it looks like the best source right now is on However, the least expensive copy on there is just a tad under $100.00 which includes shipping…for a used copy. I am sure you have already looked there, but just in case here is the link

      I do have many of the letters which Jesse wrote for the book displayed on a number of different pages on my site if you care to peruse those in lieu of buying a book.

      I thank you for visiting and hope you will feel welcome to return any time.

      Much love, light and peace,

  • StewMuffin says:

    In both places again and if I am wrong please let me know.
    Wanna a few tears? Wanna re-visit the early years of Elvis? Well here it is.
    Love, Bets

  • StewMuffin says:

    May I place this link here and at the video section for a time to be had watching. This seems to be a new commentary by Joe Esposito. It’s my personal choice pic for the month. Love Bets

  • StewMuffin says:

    Hello Sunny, I didn’t mind at all; thought I would help too. This is only a fun place being because of Linda. I think we’re her fans as well, that being we tend to step in and reply and comment. Thank you for your message.
    Smiles, Bets

  • Linda Sigmon says:

    Hi Everyone:

    I will be sending out your messages to Jesse through this point since this is the last Friday of March.

    As always, I thank each of you for your time, thoughts, and supportive words to Jesse.

    Wishing all a safe and enjoyable weekend.

    Much love, light and peace always,

  • Lucilia Maria says:

    Dearest Linda HS,

    This message is to reinforce my admiration and my gratitude for your work. We are happy to write to our beloved Jesse and this is priceless. Priceless also your time and all the hassles that you have facing opponents only moved by jealousy. It is ridiculous to see the web site of one of those opponents … every new attack I make a quick visit that page and nothing new, nothing to his own defend his thesis. This demonstrates not only his investigative disability, as well as his lack of ethics. We know they can not support their own thesis that was born broke, because it is not true as we know.

    I wish you a great weekend, hoping that spring brings beautiful day for you and Tom.

    With all my gratitude and love,

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Dearest Lucilia:

      Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your never failing understanding of the truth about Elvis who IS Jesse on my site. I have been fighting this same battle with the devil’s own disciples who spew forth their garbage for so many years. I should be used to the whole mess by now. But, I am only human. All I can do is denounce their lies and defend myself and Jesse. I have faith that someday God will sort this all out and my truth will be left standing amid their garbage heap.

      I thank you so much for always being there for me and Jesse. Please don’t let any of the stuff going on out there cause you any stress personally.

      I had not planned to bring up MM’s lies again on my site. However, when I saw that the author of this book had actually copied and pasted Moran’s lies about me into his book, I felt that I had to once more speak up and reaffirm the fact that Moran is basing his attack against me based on tired old lies which Mary Smiley started after Jesse’s book came out. She is dead now…but her pack of lies lives on and is repeated by Moran and his followers. They know nothing of that which they speak…pitiful misguided fools.

      Love you always,

      • Lucilia Maria says:

        Dearest Linda,

        Here is where I fixed my anchor to know the truth about Elvis. From the moment I met you and your work I not interested in reading anything, everything else means nothing to me unless readings as the books indicated by you.

        I admit that the blood boils when I read something not ennoble the wonderful human being which Elvis / Jesse is. I’ve been involved in stressful situations, but I’m learning to avoid these situations because I think if you can not change the minds of some people, I even less. I thank you for your concern for me.

        I know that one day the truth will be accepted and then people will realize the joy that failed to live every day in knowing that we have Jesse between us and we can share with him our feelings.


  • Capt.Garland W. Campbell says:

    Hope your week~end goes great Jesse,yours as well Linda.My day was “GOOD” My little chihauhua & enjoyed a fun filled day riding around (TCB) listening to Elvis Radio !!! :smile:

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