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4,233 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse and Linda H.S.

    Just watched the duet on youtube…I can say it looked like Ms. Streisand was uncomfortable with the whole Elvis parody and maybe a tad put off…I don’t think Jimmy Fallon realized that he also made it seem as if he was making a joke of the album…

    Jesse I hope everything is going well for you and God is bestowing Blessing on your life daily..

    Bears on ESPN tonight vs Jets…Hope I can stay awake..LOL..

    Linda FC

  • StewMuffin says:

    Hi Linda, so sorry to bother you; my message to Jesse got lost in the shuffle. Would retrieve it and post it here so it can be printed out for his next mailing? Thanx so much. Bettyjean

  • Lucilia Maria says:

    My dearest Jesse,

    I just did a wonderful and exciting reading about you, not the image of the past, but YOU. So I was really wanted to write to you, even a few lines to say how much I admire you, my admiration is infinite in order to understand their search for real meaning in life, briefly speaking. Interesting to note the existence of an attraction in favor of knowledge that I acquire about you through this wonderful site and the joy it give me. On the other hand, the revulsion causes me by the mass media focusing only the image of the past. I want to make clear that my revulsion is by the media and never for Elvis.

    My Blue Angel, have a good week and take care of yourself even more than the colder weather is coming in your hemisphere.

    Always remember that I love you very much!


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