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3,948 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Linda Sigmon says:

    The following is an exchange between myself and a user who I have banned and it therefore removed all of her posted comments. I do want to post the final exchange though, for this person’s information and for my other visitors to see the type of abuse which I have been enduring for the past 5 years. Enough is enough!!!

    Debbie Fields wrote: Submitted on 2014/07/25 at 9:30 AM | In reply to Linda Sigmon.

    Linda I presume this is to me??? BC I have sent someone some info I have found on the internet in my researching info on Elvis.. I have read that there were clues left since 1977. I have been looking for those clues. I have not been underhanded nor rude or untruthful in nothing I have done or said. I know a couple of people that have been critical of the way you handle the site. I have been told that you pick and choose which letters to Jesse that get sent but I had not said anything about it. If you were a true friend you would nor do that. Jesse/Elvis is a grown man and has already been through more that we could ever imagine. It is his choice what he does and does not read! Censoring his emails is like censoring his mail. It is against his constitutional rights and the law As far as Ian writing a book…How is that any of your business or mine? How is my researching Elvis/Jesse hurting anything or violating anything on your website? I have learned a great deal about the man;not the entertainer that I never knew. Many have written about him and not all is bad. I especially liked what Blue Rose wrote about his spiritual side which you never mention. You have only known him personally for 20 yrs. There are others who have known him much longer and have written good things about him.
    You do whatever you choose to do as far as banning me It is your website . You are being unfair and controlling here. You didn’t even show me the curt icy of discussing it with me which is just rude. You assume and believe rumors. I have learned a great deal in life and one is that when you deal unfairly with people you reap what you sow….So you have a good day Lady and Remember this God don’t like ugly!! and I mean the actions of others! Debbie F :wink:

    Linda Sigmon Submitted on 2014/07/25 at 10:55 AM | In reply to jcandme1.

    There are other things which I have become aware of about you which I choose not to publish publicly. I am not being “ugly”. I am dealing with facts in the appropriate manner. Does Ian Scott ring a bell with you? Do you perhaps have an undesirable cousin??? Please do not reply. I am leaving your message on here long enough for you to see it and then you shall be banned again.

    Yes, I am “controlling” of everything that appears on this web site because it is “MY” website. I paid in excess of $10,000 to have this web site. It is not Jesse’s site. He allowed me to have this web site in order to defend myself, NOT to prove that he is alive. As time evolved he has supported me in proving the truth. He and I are very close and he is fully aware of everything that goes on this site. He has given me carte blanche about the content of this web site and the running of this web site. I can assure you that everything I do in connection with this web site has his full approval. As far as having nothing on my site about his spiritual interest!!!! Are you blind???? Just read every page of this site and you will see many things relating to his spiritual interests. In particular just one example is the links to items concerning the books by Wanda June Hill and Maia Nartoomid. The page regarding his interest in Numerology, etc.

    This messages page is strictly a GIFT from me to Jesse and to those who write to him on here. No one has the RIGHT to post on here…it is a PRIVILEGE. I can close this message page down at any time. It is totally at my discretion. I do this in order that Jesse may still hear from people who still love him and as a gift to my visitors who would love to have some contact with him.

    I am here to defend and protect Jesse…nothing else matters.

  • Linda Sigmon says:

    Hi again:

    I was able to print out all of your messages to Jesse…both those appearing here on the site and those sent to me via Emails. Phew!!! Didn’t think I could do that!!! :lol:
    I was NOT able to burn a DVD this time though as I do not have my application installed for that purpose yet.
    Love and Light,

  • Linda Sigmon says:

    Good morning!

    I am attempting to print out your messages to Jesse today. If I cannot accomplish it today, I will keep your messages and send them to Jesse after my new computer is fully set up.

    Thank each of you as always for sharing your time and love with Jesse.

    Love and light to all,

  • Rigel says:

    Dear Mr. Jesse, I hope that you are doin’ good and that the Summer hasn’t been too hot for you. I know Ms. Linda and you are interested in UFO’s and the like ,as am I and I was wondering if you’ve noticed how many shows have been coming on dealing with the phenomenon ? …maybe something is ” afoot “….well, I know you’re busy…I wish you happiness and continued blessings Mr. Jesse, take care. Your Friend, Rigel

  • spolcino says:

    Hi jesse, its me sophie, just saying hi and hope all is well! As for me it’s been a horrible week for me, everthing is going wrong, but i’ll get over it. My leg has been playing up and the pain is not the best. Not long to go for the anniversary of the day E retired. Wow all these years jesse, and E is still much loved. What a man! Jesse, take great care off yourself. Love always, sophie. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Phantom says:

    To Jesse,

    I don’t know if you will read this or not but I am going to get it out here anyway. I’m 28 year old guy (nothing special), I like most the people here was raised on your music and movies and hold you in high regards as a person, actor, musician, and so on. Have 3 step kids and one daughter of my own that hear your music and watch your movies as well. I am saddened by the fact I was born in 85 and was never around before your retirement. But even with some of the younger people in the world you are still the king so some of us and are known that way to my kids as well. There is not a single person to date that can compete with your music, in my opinion that is. I too, like everyone else here wish I could talk to you, even just once, or even just shake your hand. But i will continue to be a fan until the day I die and I thank you for all you did with your life and continue to do with your life.
    Forever your fan,

    PS I still have the shirt in my closet from when i was a kid of you and the harley davidson bike. Once my daughter is old enough hopefully she will cherish it as I have. (if it doesn’t dry rot first) :-)

  • SueHonk says:

    Hello Linda and Jesse,

    Recently found your site hidden away on the internet and I think its brillant. :grin: Once upon a time a go , in my dreams, I met Elvis. He would sleep all day and be up at night. I told him if he didn’t get sun light on his skin everyday he would develop illness because of it. I told him to walk around his Graceland garden everyday. (which he didn’t like) maybe it was the way I said it but, I was just trying to be helpful. He was absolutly georgous :razz: . Its great to see how fit and healthy you are Jesse and I send you and Linda my best wishes for your futures.
    Lots of love SueXXXXXXXXXXXXXX :wink:

  • Deryl says:

    I have my answer now. Thank you! :)

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