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4,556 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • GALEN says:

    Dear Big Boss Man, Hope this finds you well and rested, Wishing Linda and Tom and family a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Peaceful New Year, My Blog neighbors near and far Wishing Health,Peace,and Happiness and make sure to put Elvis’s Christmas album on ,before you sit down too eat! Grandma sends her love too one and all! More Later, Elvis, May you and your family have a great Christmas together, Wishing Health,Peace, and Happiness thru out. Until we talk again May the Good Lord hold you in the palm of his hand! Come See Me, Were home until the bowl games, and will be ”singing” ev’eer nite until dawn, Hollar when you can Much Love and Light And as Always ”TCB” Sincerely……………………..GALEN

    • Lucilia Maria says:

      Linda, you have to forgive me :wink: , but I have to leave my hello to Galen and Grandma with my best wishes for Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Galen, big hug! TCB / TCL, Lucilia

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Galen:

      I am so very happy to see you here with us for Christmas. I have missed your cheery and informative messages so very much.

      I wish you and your Grandma a wonderfully blessed and merry, merry Christmas.

      Please don’t stay away so long. You always add a bright spot every time you write.

      Much love, light and peace always,

  • Linda Sigmon says:

    Good morning everyone :grin:

    Well it’s Friday morning again already…weeks just fly by.

    I am preparing to print out all of your messages (both posted to site and sent to me via Emails). I will be sending out my weekly package to Jesse this afternoon.

    He should receive this mail before Christmas day…unless the mail is delayed because of the volume of mail which the postal service has to handle for Christmas. So, he should get to read your Christmas greetings to him.

    I wish everyone a most joyful and blessed Christmas possible. May all your days be merry and bright.

    Love, light and peace to all,

  • StewMuffin says:

    Hello dearest Jesse; Hi rudolph, Just a snappy little personal nickname I quickly picked up for you. I want to say Merry Christmas once again if I don’t have a chance to come back for awhile. I read Linda’s post saying you have just recently returned from traveling. Glad you’ve made it back for the holidays. I have posted two videos at Linda’s video board that I found a little rare and interesting together. I heard a quick take on a new song that will be played for your, (80th birthday, wow, doesn’t seem like it ~ we’ve all had too much fun about your music and movies.) I want you and Linda both to know I watched the beautiful interview with your ol’ friend and deep bass vocal singer of all time, JD Sumner. It was so sweet. I hope Linda copies that for you to see. I have sent Linda a photo of me with my feline, a Mainecoon for you. He’s named “Teddybear.” lol. That cat is 3ft-2″ in length from the tip of his tail to his cute, long white nose. I may send her a photo of Teddy bear from the front side for you to see his face and mane around his neck. He’s like a lion. (He trills like a bird sometimes in his kitty voice for me , he purrs, and hardly ever becomes vocal, (meows.) That cat has light green eyes with gold-orange fur with huge white paws, lol. I had just lost ‘Racey’ a lifelong kitty friend, this past October. They’re all gone now including Bootsie, another Maine coon that had black and white fur. Racey’s mother, Jasmine passed away in 2007 from kidney failure. Had a country vet come out to put her to sleep so as not to prolong her condition. I believe she stepped in rat poison in the garage then licked it all off, thus poisoning her, (that is my personal assumption.) I have them each buried in woven baskets but placed inside yard bags the way I read on the internet is the best way to bury a pet. With each cat I had cotton, towels and blankets around them. As I laid Jasmine down on the carpet when given the dose, the sympathetic vet mentioned he believed our pets do go to Heaven when they pass on. I sure hope so cause I have two childhood pets named Duke & Wimpy waiting there for me. Wimpy was loved by all in our neighborhood. That dog was smart and played several different type games with us. He was part Jack Russell, an intelligent breed. I always enjoyed your song titled, “Old Shep.” Your songs have brought the best out in my life Jesse. Bless you and may God take care of you in your travels, always wherever you may go. May your spirits keep raised high throughout; May this holiday season beckon it’s love to surround you! You are so lucky having a ‘small field of flowers around to guard and protect you. (That is just another nickname I chose especially for them.) They are beautiful; they’re just awesum doing the work each are called to do for you. My prayers are with you now at this time. Please give a special hello and some huglets to Nick for me when you get to see him again. Huglets to you as well and again Merry Christmas to you, your family, & to all!! Sincerely, with love & gratitude… Bets

  • ed hens says:

    Hi Jesse and Linda sorry that i whrite the words wrong sometimes,your language is difficult for me .I meant in my message friend instead vrind . I hope you laugh about it. Love and blessings for you! Jeannette Hens from the Nedherlands

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