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6,545 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Hola amado Jesse:
    Solo espero que estés muy bien, es lo que mereces.
    El camino de Dios es tan profundo, nos falta tanto por saber sobre Él.
    Su generosidad y misericordia no es conocida a exactitud.
    Necesitamos trabajar en eliminar nuestro ego.
    Querer con todas nuestras fuerzas servirle de canal para dar luz al mundo en medio de tanta oscuridad.
    Tengo varios días estudiando los 72 nombres de Dios, pero como te dije, hay tanto que conocer de El, que no podemos desperdiciar ni un segundo pensando en nuestro pasado y mucho menos en el futuro.
    Jesse, muchos besos desde Santo Domingo :)


    Hello loved Jesse:
    I just hope you’re well, it’s what you deserve.
    God’s way is so deep, so we need to know about Him.
    His generosity and mercy is not known exactly.
    We need to work to eliminate our ego.
    Want with all our might serve channel to give light to the world in the midst of darkness.
    I have several days studying the 72 names of God, but as I said, there is so much to know Him, we can not waste a second thinking about our past and much less in the future.
    Jesse, many kisses from Santo Domingo :)

  • OMG WHAT A HALF ASS PRESENTATION! This whole program builds up to the DNA evidence. To present this
    evidence, thiey go to this clown wearing an Elvis jumpsuit replica of the American Eagle suit that Elvis wore for his
    Hawaiian Concert. This fool is old, wrinkled with jet black hair and a pencil mustache. If you want to present a factual
    documentary, you have to have reputable people presenting real facts. The upshot of this documentary is that Elvis did indeed die and is buried at Graceland. Interestingly, the Director of the movie ELVIS FOUND ALIVE, is prominently featured in the documentary, and his conclusion also is that it is all nonsense and Elvis is dead. His fans are all delusional fools who just want to perpetuate the myth that Elvis is alive. His friend George, who essentially served as Elvis’s Pimp, was also featured in this program. This does not present a sympathetic view of Elvis, but rather a drug addict. PURE TRASH!

  • Hi Linda,

    The thoughts I have on the show tonight…

    ..YAWN.. and not one mention of Dr. Hinton..

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Dear Jesse,
    What an interesting night. REELZ is showing Elvis biographies, hour after hour. Everyone different from the one before.
    Insiders take on what happened during the last years, and the last 24 hrs. Both Joe and Charlie have always maintained that Elvis was found in his bathroom with the book The Shroud of Turin. This biography shows Elvis reading about various sexual positions somehow associated with numerology. Next up is Case Closed.
    It is difficult to watch Elvis’s health deteriorate.
    BTW I had banana sandwiches for dinner. Not fried and no peanut butter. Just trying to use up some bananas. I ate while watching the Preakness. I watch the Derby every year, but otherwise I am oblivious to racing.
    Be well and God Bless You.

  • Hi Jesse,
    Thank you for your message, I’m used to eat like this kind and not honey but I can not eat dessert is gluttony, God bless you

  • Hola amado Jesse:
    He descargado una emisora que solo toca tu música.
    Se llama Always Elvis, es maravillosa, la recomiendo a todos para que puedan escuchar todas tus canciones, sin anuncios.
    Que gran sentido del humor tienes en los videos que he visto por YouTube.
    Morí de la risa cuando una vez los micrófonos no querían funcionar en un concierto que diste en las Vegas.
    Tu sonrisa es tan brillante como el sol.
    Porfavor, me gustaría saber si no te molesta que hablemos de Elvis?
    Muchos besos desde Santo Domingo.

    Hello loved Jesse:
    I downloaded a station that only plays your music.
    Always called Elvis, is wonderful, I recommend it to everyone so that they can listen to all your songs, ad-free.
    Great sense of humor that you have in the videos I’ve seen on YouTube.
    I died of laughter when once the microphones did not want to work in a concert that gave in Vegas.
    Your smile is as bright as the sun.
    Please, I wonder if it bothers you to talk about Elvis?
    Many kisses from Santo Domingo.

  • Dearest sweet Jesse, I am thinking of you and praying that you are well and happy. Your so special to me. God bless you my love. Hugs and kisses
    Robin k

  • Hola amado Jesse :
    Estoy muy feliz de que Linda sea tu voz para nosotros. No te equivocaste en elegirla.
    Te mando una receta de un jugo muy saludable, espero te guste.

    1 taza de zanahoria rallada
    1 pepino
    1 taza de remolacha o betabel
    1/2 naranja exprimida
    1 cucharada de miel

    Licuar todos los ingredientes y tomar 2 veces al dia


    • This is the translation of the above message:

      TextHola loved Jesse:

      I’m very happy that Linda is your voice for us. No you wrong in choosing it.

      I send you a recipe for a very healthy juice, I hope you like it.
      1 cup Grated Carrot
      1 cucumber
      1 cup beets or beet
      1/2 squeezed orange
      1 tablespoon honey
      blend all the ingredients and take 2 times a day
      Translated by

  • Amado Jesse:
    Gracias por la bendición de tu música, he vuelto a la vida.
    Tu alma es muy grande, podrás llamarte de cualquier modo, pero tu vibración sigue intacta.
    Eres y siempre seras un hijo muy amado de Dios.
    Solo espero donde quiera que estés, que cuiden de ti y que por ninguna razón te sientas solo porque nunca lo estás.
    Muchos besos :)

    • Translation of above message:

      Jesse Amado:
      Thank you for the blessing of your music, I have returned to life.
      Your soul is very large, you can call either way, but your vibration is still intact.
      You are and will always be a beloved child of God.
      I just hope wherever you are, take care of you and for any reason you feel lonely because you never are.
      Many kisses :)

  • Hi Jesse I hope your ok .I’m so happy you are here .You are a part of my home on the farm,your music is played daily and most of the night because i don’t sleep so well. I would love to sit and talk to you for hours and hours. I just want to hold your hand and walk with you. This Georgia girl loves you . xoxo <3

  • Hi Linda I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your beautiful gift from Jesse.
    I wrote him a little note but think the spam monster has gobbled it again,I would be so grateful if you could rescue it for me.
    Lots of love,healing light and peace to you and yours Linda.
    From Oldfanofel xxxxxx

  • Hi Dearest Jesse
    Just thought I would drop by tonight as I haven’t been able to for a while, I really hope you’re keeping well Jesse and that your back isn’t giving you too much agro. I visit Graceland in the live cam from time to time as I can’t afford to go see it for myself, I keep picturing you there back at Elvis’/your home, and truly hope you get back there as I know you love it. Whilst I was viewing on cam I saw an elderly gentleman painting those huge beautiful pillars and the lions at the front before opening for the tourists and I thought it might be you doing some light work to keep it looking pristine. I can dream Jesse can’t I lol,that was a beautiful pendant you bought for Linda I’m sure she will treasure it.
    I will go now Jesse I will love you forever xxxxx Stay well xxxx

  • HI Jesse,

    Hope life is treating you well…I still haven’t turned my heat off…suppose to be in the mid 30’s tonight…by next week into the 80’s for highs then back down again…Should I put away my four letter word shovel…LOL…and they wonder why everyone is sick…HMMM…but then again hot and humid is not so good either…

    I saw where Reelz channel is doing a Case Closed on your brother…I will watch it, and reserve judgement on how many innuendos, conjectures, and he said, she said comments are taken to be fact…oh well, I guess the name of Elvis still puts money in peoples pockets…Elvis is dead. long live Jesse…

    Gotta run, time to sleep, have two doctors appointments tomorrow and Tuesday…I love these golden years…LOL

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • One more thing. Please don’t touch that beautiful face or voice. I was introducing Elvis to my Grandchildren. I was showing my granddaughter some clips of you during the 1968 Special, and I said, “he still makes my pals sweat”, she couldn’t believe that an old lady would say such a thing. I showed her a gorgeous profile shot, she said “I’ve seen better chins” ( tough crowd!).
    I love watching your concerts. The banter w/ your audience and the band. You have given us so much! Thank you.

  • Dear Jesse, I hope you are well. I understand chronic pain. I have MS and Psoriatic Arthitis. I had back surgery 2 yrs ago
    for Spinal Stenosis and curvature of the spine. Best thing I ever did! Gave me a new lease on life.
    You were always so agile on stage, splits back bends,all the shaking and gyrating. It titallates the audience, but the toll
    on your body, unfortunately, lasts a lifetime. It is difficult to give up what you love. For you that meant your life as well as your career. I had a private practice a a Psychotherapist, cut short due to chronic fatigue and cognitive impairments, in my speech and memory. I walk like I am drunk, and fall frequently. The joys of aging! A sense of humor is necessary.
    I do have a question. It is confusing to see a tribute to Lisa, using family pictures, then reading that Jon Cotner put this out and not Jesse. The brief audios w/ no pictures, with Elvis discussing his travels during the early years, the boys being good actors, Lisa’s twins, etc. are they really Jesse or is that Jon Cotner also. Songs by Mystery Man, Jesse or Cotner?
    I also want to tell you how sorry I am to know that Dr. Hinton betrayed you in the end. I can not begin to imagine what it is like for you, never knowing who you can trust, who is not using you for their own gain. Thank God for Linda in your life.
    I also have twin grandchildren. My son adopted Tom the Phillipines, a boy and a girl. They just turned 17 y.o. They are the loves of my life. Oh, I just remembered, my son, Eric is the one who designed the EPE Website (401 Consulting). Small world!
    Be well, and May God Bless You.

  • There was an incredible lightning storm this week and we watched it from the front deck as the lightning spread across the sky. It was nearly two hours of the most beautiful light show I’ve ever seen. Storms in west Texas are wonderful. You can see them for miles as the clouds roll in. But here, with the pine trees and the mountain, the storms are so unusual. There were tornadoes watches everywhere but we were just above where they were rolling through, so we just stood outside and watched. I could make out so many of my favorite constellations but the Big Bear was the one I kept coming back to. I’ve never really paid attention to it but it was so bright for some reason. I’m at the two-month mark with my leg. This boot is wonderful though. I can walk in it and take it off at night or to swim every day at lunch, trying to build it up. It’s a puny little calf at this point, compared to my other leg, but it will return soon enough, I hope. Today was the last day of school here, so the kids got to go…you guessed it…skating! I dropped them off but didn’t stay. The rink manager teased me when I walked in, you need to leave. You’re bad publicity. I said, oh, come on. You’ve got to have a skate big enough to fit on this boot. I had to work in another state today, so I couldn’t stay long. Another state sounds like I drove for hours but it was only 30 minutes away. We have a yard full of plants, beautiful, colorful plants. My daughter and I planted some more tonight. She is just learning but I’m glad she’s taking an interest in being outside. Soccer practice has begun for the summer. Yes, coaching is a bit difficult right now, as far as demonstrating but they can hear me. I’ve never been accused of speaking softly. In the last few weeks, we’ve had guitar and piano recitals, scout advancement ceremonies, family scout camp outs, soccer, too much more to list. I sang several patriotic songs during a scout ceremony. One little boy asked if I had written one of them. I said no, it’s 200 years old. It hit me that these kids aren’t being taught songs that are important to our country, so that’s part of the summer schedule, teaching the scouts to sing these songs. Our schedule is crazy but it’s fun. I know it’s all good. I am really looking forward to the summer and all that we have planned too. A vacation, an actual vacation. I haven’t had time to take one in years. I hope that whatever it is that you have planned, that you have fun, laugh, do something spontaneous. Be a kid in whatever it is you do.

  • Hi Jesse,

    My thoughts on being in my golden years….

    Doctors visits, blood tests, EKG’s, back to the doctor so he can give me the results of my tests…and then we repeat the whole process in four months time….

    I miss going to the beach, talking nonsense with friends, driving red cars with big engines windows down, and music playing loud, and OMG I can’t believe I’m saying this one, homework and term papers…

    It’s much better than doctors visits, blood tests and EKG’s, oh and stress tests…LOL..

    Those are my thoughts on the golden years…

    Hope life is finding you well..I wish you health and happiness always

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Hi Linda just a few questions I wood like to no who is little Nike and who is Maria that ELVIS went away with when he left Graceland and what happened to the man called Scott did his family buried him
    Thank-you so much for having this sight God bless.xxxxx

  • Hello Friend
    I wish you good health and peace, thanks for all your great music.
    I hope you have had a great life out of the spotlight
    and hope you were able to find people that you could have great friendships with.
    I hope and wish you many years of good health friend
    may god bless you and see you too his light
    thank you from a fan and friend
    Truly Yours

  • Hello Jesse. I just wanted to answer a question you posed on this site regarding the bust that resembles Elvis but was found to not be that of Mark Anthony. I have studied history and have several books on ancient Greece and Rome and I am happy to be able to say that the bust in question is that of Alexander the Great! I have other pictures of Alexander which also resemble Elvis. It is not a very well-known fact but the two Kings did actually share a striking resemblance. (If you dig around, you’ll also be gobsmacked to find other similarities they had eg. good at music, very attached to their mothers vs their fathers, began their careers just as they turned 20, changed their respective fields forever and other remarkable info). I’m happy to have found your site and happy to have been able to answer this mystery for you! Regards and keep rockin’ -- Oenone xx

  • Dear Jesse, I am so happy to have found this site. I watched the movie,Elvis found alive. There is no mistaking that voice. The movie was filled w/ succinct quotes of things Elvis has said, his posse said, etc. statements that any real fan would recognize. I read Dr. Hinton/ Jesse’s book. Very credible. I got the ick factor when watching him interviewed on Fox. He said he would never treat a patient without looking him directly in the eye. He stated in his book how exited he was to finally see a picture of what Jesse looks like now. When he was saying that you would come out of hiding, at Graceland and reveal yourself to the world. Why in the world would you go to the elaborate hoax to escape that life, then just come back?
    I hope you are happy and have found some peace. Elvis gave hid fans and friends everything. Jesse owes us nothing.
    It pleases me to know that you watched Lisa grow up, you know her children….
    I was sad when they opened your home, your Sanctuary, to the public. And now the Guest House. No longer your private paradise where you can ride your horse, etc.
    I read several of the books written about Elvis. Several quoted you as saying, “I am just getting some air before I have
    to go back in there and be Elvis Presley again. It is evident from Jerry Schilling’s book that he loves you very much. He is very protective of Elvis. The tone of his book is so different from all of the others. He is not trying to exploit your friendship for his own gain. It is wonderful that Jerry is still close to Lisa. She needs people who really knew you, not filling her head w/ the salacious details of the Rock Star.
    God Bless You, you make me believe in miracles.

  • A very beautiful pendant Linda. Jesse really cherishes your friendship doesn’t he. :smile:
    Love & Best Wishes
    Jackie Kxx

  • :smile: :smile: :smile Hello Sweet Man Jesse, I just want to say how great it makes us your fans to feel so happy to hear that you are keeping well and healthy, we all know that is what we want to hear nearly every time you contact sweet Linda and she lets us know on her website that you spoke to her and it just puts a big smile on my face. Speaking of your sweet little sister, the beautiful pendant that you sent to her is just so thoughtful of you and especially finding something with her initial on it being the letter “L” but also that initial can mean the lovely word “LOVE” which without me saying anything we all know that you just adore her and you are classed as one of her family which just shows you Jesse, how much she appreciates everything you do for her and also for your loving fans. I do hope that you do keep on keeping well and healthy as that is the best things us fans can know after she has spoken to you on the phone. Jesse, I cannot even put into words of what you mean to me, but I hope that you realise that you are so loved by so many of us, that I guess sometimes you are overwhelmed in what you read from Messages to Jesse after Linda has sent them to you. Take care of your beautiful self, and remember “You Are Always On My Mind” in some way every single day. Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses to Little Nick as well. TCB Love Nerida (AKA Noddy) or AKA Nereida XXXX XXX

  • Dearest sweet Jesse, my mind once again thinks of you this wonderful Mother’s Day, thinking of what a loving sweet mom you had and that she sure raised a great hearted young man. Thank you for your gifts of your greatest that you continue to share. I love you always and forever. I Love the pretty gift you gave Linda. God Bless you and thank you again for your all. Hugs and Love always.
    Robin K

  • Dearest Jesse. Hope all is well with you and little Nick. It’s a glorious summer Sunday morning here in England today, my husband and son have gone swimming. My son is autistic and he absolutely loves swimming. I’m awaiting a delivery of a new washing machine and in the meantime should be catching up with some chores. However as per usual I can’t walk past the computer without putting “Elvis” on you tube, it is usually my pick me up first thing in the morning after my son has gone to school. If someone was to ask me what my favourite Elvis song was, I really couldn’t say as it can differ from day to day. You sung a song for every mood & emotion. I also love listening to Jesse’s album, and I have to say that Jesse you still have that wonderful magic. I recently purchased “Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” and that’s fantastic too. Well I guess I had better try getting some of those chores done before the lads get back.
    I hope you are enjoying some lovely sunshine where you are, albeit is probably very early there at the moment.
    Please take care.
    With Fondest Love.
    Jackie K.xxxx :smile:

  • My Dearest Jesse,

    I am still here. I’m sending you love, light, peace, safety and healing. I will explain when I can. I miss you…And I love you so… Kathy/Medford xoxo

  • Dearest Linda,

    Congratulations for the beautiful gift you received from Jesse. He is so sweet and kind. I would not say he is the most sweet and kind man of the world, because my father, who died so young, was too . Then Jesse comes right after my father 😛 . I have written several times to Jesse talking about the similarities I see between them.

    Unfortunately I do not follow you from the beginning. I have also said that I “discovered” Elvis in May 2011 and Jesse in August 2011, through its website. I only 5 years I dedicate all my time to listen, read and select what I read about Elvis. Early on I learned that ONLY HERE I find the truth.

    I’ve lost count of how many times I thank you for your work. Today, besides I thank you, I ask God to protect you and keep you at a level of tranquility and peace. I and many other friends also witnessed your fight against opponents. How much energy spent in vain for them and how many troubles they have caused you unnecessarily. But pride and ego of people often speak louder than reason. But the truth can never be hidden and here it is open chest for those who want to know who is Jesse and how much he is loved not only by me, but for all your visitors and followers.

    Jesse was the gift that God gave me at a very critical moment of my life. Many things have changed since then. Friendships were added in my life, daily joys to hear the voice of Elvis and ONLY his voice. Knowing that my intuition was not wrong when I saw the photo of the doll inside the coffin, even I not being Elvis fan I knew he was not dead. The joy of having achieved some Elvis fans, my countrywomen, who I met through social networks, believe Jesse and today are your followers. With other fans was a disappointing experience …it was like having thrown pearls before swine, but you know more than anyone that we please not at all. Neither Jesus Christ please everyone! Friendships overseas also happened, I will not name names because I can take an ear tug because I’m missing with two of them. I will only mention the name of Susan, that I will keep in my heart forever. These friendships I owe you and Jesse and this is priceless.

    Much more I could say, of the struggles I faced with unpleasant people, also received threats. Blocked all these people. Also on the good side of friends Elvis / Jesse. The exchange of personal experiences, chats almost daily by the social network, jokes, laughter, exchange videos, pictures that make me forget for a moment the problems of daily life. All this also has no price. And the most precious of all, the messages that I have the joy of sending Jesse. Today more by email than by the website. These moments are sublime, calm my soul, relieve the tension that I feel for the situation that my country faces today. It also has no price.

    For all this, my dear friend, I thank you from the bottom of my soul! Congratulations on your work so honest, faithful and full of love for Jesse. You are a blessing in his life and he is also a blessing in your life and if you allow me to say, in my life too.

    God bless you, Tom and Jesse forever!

    • Dearest Linda, I think I made a mistake. The symbol is this :smile: .

    • Dearest Lucilia:

      Thank you so muchh for your beautiful message. I cannot thank you enough for your years of loyalty and friendship to Jesse and to me. I have always said that you are a ray of sunshine and so you still are always. I thank you, too, for all the many visits you have added to our total number. You are a blessing.

      Love, light and peace to you dear friend always,

  • Dear Jesse,
    May God watch over you and yours all your days and bless you with a happy life full of true friendship, love, and peace and protect you from those who seek to exploit from you for their own gains. We are lucky in this world to find even one true friend that we know without a doubt we can trust in every way, and are greatly blessed to find we have more than one.

    You have, in spirit, my love, friendship, and support.
    God Bless…. Christine from Killeen, Texas

  • Jessesweetheart hi how are you hope you are feeling well and doing good. I have a birthday coming up on the eleventh of this month I will be sixty one. I know my family has something planed for me but I’l have to wait until my birthday to know what . Im looking forward to being with my family for mothers day as well. My niece & my nephew in law were teleing me that their two boys are on a soccer team and they have a game on mothers day and I do plan on seeing them play. They also play baseball as well. I guess they really love sports. They also say that my grand niece plays baseball and soccer as well. I guess its not just a sport that boys play any more. We been having a lot of rain here in Virginia but it was needed because we didn’t have all that much last month. But we have some really nice warm days coming up so it will be nice for mothers day. The boys are also in a band the oldest jake plays the guitar and the younger one julian plays the keyboards and I have heard them play and they are good. my grand niece Madison has been in school musical plays and has had solo performances. I have to say they are such wonderful kids with really good hearts. Well I will say so long for now GOD bless you always caroljo : :smile: :smile:

  • Hi Jesse. Hi Linda. Wishing all the Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! :-)


  • Dear Jesse,
    Hoping all is going well your way. I would just like to say that I am so glad to hear that you are alive and have been enjoying
    your life as you so deserve. You are a truly blessed and wonderful person. Thank you for just being you.
    Sincerely, Pamela B
    PS I also wrote another letter that I know Linda is sending to you from me too. It’s regarding a concert in Oakland. Thank you!

  • Dear Jesse,
    I saw you funny movie by Elvis & Nixon is not bad and I think you’ve been a patriot of the American story, if you want to deal his way you will come out at Graceland that are made to believe his eyes.

    • Hi Daniela:
      I know that there are so many false rumors floating all over the place about various possible public appearances of Elvis. This troubles me because it is giving people all sorts of false hopes. I cannot express this strongly enough: ELVIS, JESSE, IS NOT COMING OUT AT ALL. He has no interest in coming out publicly and wants to live out his life in the private and quiet way that he is now.

      Thank you so much for your interest in Jesse.
      Much love, light and peace

  • Hi Jesse,

    I just got back in the door from the 10pm showing of ELVIS & NIXON in the old Pepsi Forum where the Montreal Canadiens used to play. I LOVED the film and could tell Jerry must have had A LOT of input on it. It was WAY better than I expected and portrayed you in a very good light…from the heart. Michael Shannon did a great job..and so did Jerry Schilling’s character played by Alex Pettyfer. Right off the bat numerology is introduced and it pops up very frequently with you and Jerry. It looked like Cheiro’s book but was missing his name on the cover and just said Numerology but when the character of Elvis is talking to Jerry about it he is speaking verbatim on the Cheiro’s #8 and #6 pages descriptions. I did not know that Jerry is a #6 like me! ….well he was a #6 first;)
    Surprisingly there were only 3 other people (2 men and a woman) in that viewing of the film and they were French in their late 60s…it was the late showing mind you and in a quieter part of town. I could tell they enjoyed it a lot as well as they were laughing throughout the funny parts and when I left the theatre after waiting until the very end I passed them when walking across the street as they were at the stop sign in their SUV and they still had smiles on their faces. Something interesting I noticed was the very last thing that came on the screen after all the credits right before the reel stopped was the word “BLOOM” with the 2 letter Os replaced by an infinity #8 symbol on it’s side. I thought that was pretty cool and it felt like it was related to you as well. I won’t give away any of the surprises in the film but I will say that I was relieved to see a little twist added in at the end commentary. It had the other folks all laughing and I was tempted to follow behind them as they left and fill them in but I didn’t want to miss the credits, nor ruin their fun if they weren’t open to the truth. Like I said they clearly enjoyed the film and I was content with that and am glad I stuck around and saw the “BLOOM” at the very end with the figure 8 and also the connection to Tennessee. Your great friend Jerry really helped make it a fantastic film reflecting much of what you have shared in your book and on Linda’s website. I believe this movie will sell a lot of DVDs this Christmas or whenever it’s released after more people hear about it. I definitely will be purchasing a couple of them for myself and some family and friends.

    I hope you are doing great and have seen the film or will see it soon and enjoy it as well. Big thanks to Jerry/ Mr. Cougar. :)

    Your friend,


  • Hi Everyone:

    I will be processing all of the messages through this point for the month of April. I will print them out and send them to Jesse this Friday. As always, this will include those which were sent to me also via Emails.

    I thank each of you for sharing your time, thoughts, love and support this past month.

    Love, light and peace always,

  • Hi Linda thank-you four getting back to me so quickly I got so upset when I read about It I couldn’t sleep all night I couldn’t imagine ELVIS in a wheelchair will you please tell him that is new music is beautiful as all ways thank-you so much please carry on with your good work

  • Hi Linda I have just been on another site and I don’t no what to believe this person said that at Graceland there is an underground tunnel that leads of to rooms were ELVIS is living and that he is not well he said that he is in a wheelchair and that he has had a stroke your name was mentioned that you no all about it apparently Priscilla and Lisa and grandchildren was there is this true and please give my love to Jesse.

    • Hi Georgina:

      No!!!! Not one bit of this is true. Jesse has never been back to live at Graceland. They don’t want him within 10 miles of Graceland. He has slipped in to get something that he wanted a very, very few times. But, not during business hours. No, he is not is a wheelchair. His family is NOT with him. He has had to relocate so many times since 1977…but has never lived in Memphis at any time. I hate to know that my name was mentioned on that other site in the context of all this fabricated story. But, thank you very much for asking.

      With love, light and peace,

  • Dear Jesse / E,
    I found out the family tree of my grandfather the Normans of England was a King of our family, William Presley in Ireland came to emigrate to America your father Vernon, Andrew and Vester Native Americans in six Native American and Anglo-Saxon

  • Dear Jesse,

    I haven’t yet seen any mention how Mr. Ian Whyte from Whyte’s Auctioneers in Dublin acquired your great-great-great-great grandfather, William Presley’s court transcript from 1775 before he came to America, but if it is really the same William Presley then one would assume this peace of priceless history should be preserved in some type of national archives in Ireland or donated to your daughter or Estate by the Irish town official(s). Heck maybe even Michael D. Higgins the President of Ireland could join this great and righteous good hearted gesture!

    It is doubtful that a family member somehow acquired the original and is now auctioning it off or this would be the story Ian Whyte would be telling and printing in the listing to give item #125 some more official provenance. “In 2013, Carlow historian Michael Purcell claimed Presley’s forefathers fled from Hacketstown after a local row over land, arriving in America more than 200 years ago.” Was Mr. Michael Purcell who seemed to have access to this document borrow and never return it or did someone working in the “Carlow Court Archives” STEAL it?

    If this is something you would like to have, of course your Estate or someone close to you obviously can bid on it….or your people have up until before this May 14th to see if it is legal in Ireland to sell that old court document if it was taken without Gov’t approval from the Carlow Court Archives and have Whytes Auction be contacted and remove the item from the upcoming auction and hold it there until it is signed for and retrieved by the proper authorities. The mention of legal recourse may be enough to have it reserved for you or someone of influence in Ireland looking to kindly donate your family history to Graceland. …likely a lot easier to just bid on it but I feel there is a decent chance you can arrange to have it donated to your Estate, or preserved somewhere well known in Ireland where fans can go visit it. The article where I found Michael Purcell first reporting on the information in this document also mentions you possibly being a High King from Wicklow:

    I hope you get to have this piece of your family history donated to Graceland by the good people of Ireland…or Graceland buys it at auction.

    Your friend,


    • Hi Jesse,

      I just found the email address and phone number for the Irish Genealogist, Michael Purcell who apparently discovered the link between you and William Presley. Even more interesting is that there is a man named Stuart Purcell who is a valuer (appraiser) working at Whyte’s Auction House in Dublin. I won’t make any unfounded accusations here but it does seem kind of odd if this is just a coincidence.

      Will leave this information with you here in case it helps.

      Hope all is great and best wishes always,


  • My dearest Jesse Finally it is so far ( i am trying to get to you.r Graceland) I wanted to go in1972 buth unfortunately my parents did not let me go,i was to young. I always regret that,wanted to see you on stage. Thursday i am leaving to Memphis,i stay there for 4 days,saturday April 30th visit your loving Graceland and May1 th Tupelo where you are born. Monday May 2th visit Graceland again.Then i am going for 10 days to Orlando in a wonderful resort Orange lake West Village Kissemmee. I am looking forward very much on,i love your country ,i wish i was born there,then i had seen a performans from you,that’s for sure. When i go to Graceland i put white and red roses for your mom, dad, Jesse and grandma on their grave,for you too buth only for the fact that Elvis died not the man. You are Jesse now and i respect that, i hope you are very happy for the rest of your live. Stay healthy and take care of your self,love you so much. xxxx With love and respect for you and little Nick (It is awesome that you taking care of him) Jeannette from The Netherlands

  • Dear Jess, yes, yes, yes, we’re all going to Graceland … VIA THE TRAVEL CHANNEL.
    I Wanted to let you know hon I’m there, well not quite but thanx to tv I am. You were a legend
    Elvis Aron Presley. I love you sweet man.
    A man is driving around the tourists saying he went to school with you and graduated
    from high school at the same time. He said he never dreamed you would become as great as you did.
    Thnx for all you accomplished for yourself, family, God, and for the people.

    Now I’m back to TV viewing and it’s GOING BACK TO GRACELAND now!!
    Have a happy Sunday morning.
    Smiles, Bets

  • Dear Big Boss Man, Hope this finds you well and rested and enjoying life, Just got back from Tupelo, Grandma was down there visiting her sister and planning a family reunion for June, Since we aren’t growing much in the fields this being the seventh year, The tomateos and a small corn patch are coming along real good, and the roses and flowers are in full bloom, Spending my days cleaning the barn and painting ,shoein the horses, Seen a beautiful saddle I just know you would love to own , silver clips all along the sides of a black leather saddle ,HeySoo’s had brought it back from Mexico, it’s a stunner, and sharp man sharp, I could just see you on it riding Rising Sun, that was one beautiful horse my friend, anyone would have been proud to own, We took a ride over to North Green Street and Maple Street while in Tupelo wild flowers were everywhere. Got to get the CD to ya soon , will TCB it as soon as possible when the time is right…Grandma sends her love, she told me a story of your dad and my dad havin lunch with Richard and Edith when he would come over to Alabama with Dee, since dad was from Memphis and he worked with Richard , he invited mom and dad over alot. Will close for now….Much Love and Light and Peace…………Sincerely…………GALEN

  • I’m 21 years old, I’ve watched Elvis since I can remember as a child. I have just brought myself to read ‘The Elvis Files’. ALL I WANT TO KNOW is, is Elvis still bloody alive or not. Being so young it is so strange how drawn I am to Elvis, spiritually. Watching him, I get so emotional. Like I’m watching my great uncle who died or something. Gosh, I just don’t want to go through life NEVER knowing what really happened. I mean I have my theories and beliefs but, I just want to know the truth. Can somebody give me new evidence because I’m sick of this mumbo jumbo, constantly repeating itself. I’m pretty sure the world has only seen one picture of this Jesse person, if he is in fact Elvis Presley then why are there no other existing photos of him, yet he writes and sends gifts. Come on people, if someone can prove to me that Jesse is Elvis, I will shut up for the rest of my life.

  • Hi Jesse,
    I never tire of its energy heading in music, his music as therapy, his music is life, his new songs arrived well 900

  • Hi Jesse I hope you are ok I’m not very good at this but I will try my best my name is Georgina I’m 69 years old and I am from England I’m so glad I found this sight Linda is doing a good job I still cry when I hear your songs I am so glad you are still here got go now and pick the grandkids up from school so take care.

  • Hi Jesse,

    Some sad news from Yahoo…Tom Jones’ wife of 59 years, Melinda lost her battle with cancer…She passed away Sunday April 10th..

    God Bless
    Linda FC

    • Hi Jesse hope your well I wish you would put a new photo of yours self on Linda websites so we can see how you look today all my family think that I am mad for thinking that you are still alive but I no you are I watched your last performance on my computer and you look so tired it was BRILL the way you did it I feel so sorry that you can’t come back to Graceland you worked so hard for it I hope you are having a good life now god bless you always.

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