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6,739 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Jesse, I thought of something today that you might find funny. As I have said in previous post I was 13 when Elvis “died” I never belived it and had no problem voicing that to anyone that would listen. In 1984 or 1985 I was vacationing with my parents driving from Texas to visit my uncle in Kentucky. When we got to Tennessee I persuaded my dad to let me drive while he took a nap.Mom never drove out of our small town and paid no attention to details while I was driving. When dad woke up we were at Graceland. He wasn’t exactly happy but my “daddy’s girl” powets of persuasion paid off. I explained that since we were already there we might as well take the tour. He gave in and my mom and I took the tour. At each of the security cameras I would say, “Elvis, I know you’re not dead and I totally understand why you had to do this whole fake your death thing and I still love you” My mom laughed when I did it at the first camera but when I did it at the next and the next she ask why I had to say it at every camera. I said, “well, I don’t know why he is looking and don’t want to take any chances” She thought I was crazy and told all our friends and family about it. I didn’t care. I guess the jokes on them isn’t it?

    I love having this site to send you messages and so thankful to Linda for having it for all of us.
    I hope you are doing well and wherever you are that’s it’s cooler than it is here in Texas.


  • Hi Jesse, sorry it’s been a while. I check on Linda’s website every day but it’s been so busy here. I do enjoy reading the news and events page to see if you have called Linda and Tom. It’s my sisters birthday tomorrow ( July 28th). We have bought her two DVD’s Blue Hawaii and GI Blues, her favourite. She will love them both!! I do hope you are doing well and your family too. I have told another friend about Linda’s website and at first she looked shocked I will go through it with her as she loves you too. I thank God that I came across the website that Linda created it it wonderful. We go on holiday this weekend to Italy and we have two cats that are going in to the cattery. They don’t really like going but they are cared for and I know they are safe. They have a way of making you feel guilty don’t they? I wonder, do you have pets like you did at Graceland? Anyway I’m so pleased that I can send you messages to let you know that we all love and care for you. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Ann xxxxxx Thank you Linda for your wonderful website, love to you and Tom xxx

    • Hi jesse how are you it’s been awhile but I’ve been trying to help my mother but finally had to give up she has a very controlling boyfriend and she would rather be with him than be with her family so I had to give up and now I’ll just pray for her and him .You know I saw a picture the other day of you and you were probably about 11 you were wearing a suit and you were sitting on a bench with your mom and some relatives and your mother was very beautiful. Linda tells us you have a very nice garden is it flowers or veggies? We’re going to try a new way to garden next spring using straw bales you don’t need to water as much it’s been horribly hot here my son got over heated last week and passed out the tricky thing is he climbs phone towers but he had all his gear on and it held him scares me to death.Hey darlin i’m gonna go but I’m always here for you if you ever need anything . Love to you sleep well may your angels surround you and you keep singing a song. 😉

  • Hi Jesse,

    Happy August #8 month (by the time you read this:) , and I hope all is well and that you enjoyed the Elvis & Nixon film Linda ordered for you. It was sure neat to see the “Hoods Latest” ad you sent to Linda as a gift…so much synchronicity in it! The name and sweet face, “devoted to the welfare of the people” , 1884 (18 & 84) Elvis’ name being 18 in Cheiro’s Chaldean numerology and 84 being 42 x 2…I prefer to regard that as your combined years in 1977:) …and the town of “Lowell” which is the name of your jeweller. Linda is a jeweller in another sense…one of the soul creating beauty with the truth. I just received my first electric guitar today (a birthday gift from my brother) It’s an Epiphone Les Paul Studio and I hope to find a cable today to plug it in to the amp and start learning how to play. I have wanted an electric guitar since the early 1980s and am very happy and grateful to finally have one. I found some good beginner videos online and intend on having some notes and chords figured out soon. I also wanted to mention that I recently posted a couple videos on Linda’s video page for you. One was of Graceland before you bought it and the other was of a young man named Kylar Spriggs who was performing Heartbreak Hotel for some airline passengers as they were waiting on a flight delay I believe it was. If I recall correctly, you are/were a fan of Andy Kaufman’s Elvis impression(s) so I will close here now and go post a couple videos on the video page of him for you. One is his performance on Johnny Carson and the other is him being introduced by your friend Johnny Cash…I also recently watched a couple great videos of Johnny Cash and will post his last live performance in case you haven’t seen it and would like to. What great and real man he was and always will be. I didn’t know he too was a number 8 like you.

    Best wishes and highest regards always to you and Linda, Tom and Little Nick and your families.


  • Thank you for writing. The movie which you mentioned is a fraud to make money only. It has nothing to do with the truth about Elvis who IS Jesse. All of Jesse’s truth which he has agreed to share is on my web site. I have a page on my site devoted to the truth about that movie and will insert the link below.

    You may write to Jesse through an Email address. I print out all of the messages to Jesse from this page and the Email address after the end of each month and mail them to him.

    Here is the link to my page :

    Here is the Email address at which you may write an Email for Jesse…or you may post it here on this page which is time saving for me.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Love, light and peace,

  • Jesse,
    Just wondered what your thoughts are re: the Tom Brady/ Deflategate fiasco? Are you a New England Patriots fan?

  • Dear Jesse,
    You should be very proud of your brother E. Mississippi proudly claimed BB King and Elvis Presley as their own, during the Roll Call vote at the DNC Convention. You are pleased, I am sure, that your friend Muhammad Ali was also honored by the State of Kentucky. To think that Elvis worried that no one would remember him. How we can ever forget a man who is indelibly etched in the minds of anyone who ever listened to music? He was easy on the eyes too!
    Did I ever tell you that prior to my retirement, I was a psychotherapist in private practice. In my office I had a bong given to me by my nieces, after learning that I had tried marijuana while in Mexico. I also had a jar on a shelf that said, ASHES OF PROBLEM PATIENTS. One patient did a double take, then asked,”does that say what I think it says?”. I said, yes it does and for awhile I was sure that you would end up there! I loved what I did, and I miss it every day. I wasn’t ready to stop working, but MS had a different plan for me. Funny how life happens while you are making other plans.
    I will say goodnight now. God Bless you and keep you well.

  • Thank you again Linda for this site. Love And Light to you dearest Linda. Love Kimmy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hey Jesse,
    I hope you are doing ok? I don’t really have much to say today, I just wanted to send you my love!! Please take care All My Love Kimmy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • hello E / Jesse,
    He blew me shake the mouse hand as you said something has connected but I think I’m right you were looking for …..

    your affection, Daniela

  • Dear Linda,
    I am so sorry that you have to keep re-inventing the wheel, by constantly having to reaffirm your position on the information that you have been gathering and documenting for so long. I certainly understand your ire and frustration. I
    just worry for your health and well being. To allow these people to upset you so much, is just not healthy for you.
    I am truly sorry to hear that your relative is still gravely ill. You have my prayers and best wishes.

  • Hi Linda Sputnik Michel keeps on popping up on youtube he keeps saying that ELVIS is a preacher and he is coming you no who he is thank-you Love light and peace.

    • Hi Georgina:

      No, I have seen the name Sputnik Michel, but I have no idea who he is. I have a really BIG article on which I am working which will blow all of the people who say that Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis totally out of the water. Check back on the Current News page very soon.

      Love, light and peace,

  • Hi Jesse,

    Time to get excited….August 11th—-Broncos vs Bears at Soldier Field….

    Football is back…

    Just a side note—-5 months until Christmas Day….

    God Bless
    Linda FC


    • Hi Danica:

      Thank you so very much for your kind message. I did see your letter which appeared on our Video Board page. Your words of encouragement, appreciation and support certainly do mean a lot to me.

      I hope you will continue to visit my web site and please feel free to post a message for Jesse on this page anytime at all.

      Love, light, peace and thanks,

    • Hi Linda
      Thank you for your reply .I really appreciate it. I will continue to look at your website and you are doing amazing work.
      I am glad that Jessie has found a great friend in you, and he can confined in you to put all his worries behind him . There should be more people like you. I don’t want to bother anybody. I thought just to tell my story on how I accidently found you and Jessie/ Elvis. God does move in mystery way.
      Hope is all well
      Take care
      Danica from Down Under

  • To Linda
    My name Danica Ahec from Perth Australia I wrote a letter on paige 5 instead of paige 97 which i am currently on now. I did not look at the dates sorry. Hope you are well and take care.
    Danica from down under.

  • Dear Jesse,

    Saw the Neurologist at Beth Isreal yesterday. He feels strongly that I need surgery on my Surgical Spine, I have spinal stenosis in my neck as well. He feels strongly that the pinching of the spinal cord in my neck is causing most of the numbness in my hand and feet. I will see the Neurologist at thr BRAIN & SPINE INSTITUTE . The did my back surgery
    for spinal stenosis, bulging discs and misalignment of the spine. Fun, fun, fun!
    How are you Jesse? I do hope you are well and pain free. Do you eat the vegetables you grow? I love tomatoe sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches, usually with a few ears of sweet corn, dripping in butter. Best part of summer!
    Corn should be hitting vegetable stands this week.
    Amazon Prime will be featuring Elvis and Nixon, in August. I read Jerry Schilling’s account and saw him w/ Bud Krogh at the National Archives. Their presentation was informative, touching and funny. Like Linda, I wish they hadn’t turned
    the movie into a Comedy.
    Tomorrow my family will be here for dinner. Pork Tenderloin in the slow cooker, drowning in sweet bar-b-que sauce, which will be the sauce used on the spaghetti, served w/ hot biscuits. Want to join us. My son, who humors me but thinks I am slightly around the bend where you are concerned. I told him yesterday that your garden had done really well this year. Without missing a beat he said,” oh good, I was hoping it would!” He just says, Ma if it makes you happy to think
    that Elvis is alive, I’m happy for you! Enjoy! I have only mentioned you to a few that I really am close to. They all think
    I lost my mind. You know the old joke, the doctor asks if anyone in your family suffers from mental health? Pt says, oh no
    we all enjoy it quite a bit. That’s me!
    Well honey, I will say goodnight, be well and God Bless.
    Love, Gail

  • Dear Big Boss Man,..Hope this finds you well and rested………I know you know the difference between sun up and and day break, Beating the Heat, So were fishing at 5 a.m. day break and its so hot that the catfish are already fried when we reeled’um in……now thats tripple hot and we ain’t in sight of August yet !!!!! I hear you my brother…..You know around here were glued to the TV set when Robert Redfords ”The American West ” tv series on AMC is on…..Were tore between his series and Rick and Marty’s ”Curse of Oak Island” and getting to the bottom of the Oak Island Money Pit, thats on are bucket list is to head up too the western shores of Nova Scotia in Mahone Bay and visit the Pit!!!! Little Ricky’s got himself a job , he’s the right size to sit on the homemade ice cream freezer while we take turns turning it, salt and ice is worth it’s weight in gold at this time of year around here, I’m ordering some DVD’S for my collection, and came across some of Ozzie and Harriets shows And remembered how you and Ricky Nelson were friends, I’ll pick some of them up! And let you know when!!!! On that note , captain we are going to saddle up and hide out in the barn till sundown, a sing the ole ” You scream I scream we all scream for Ice Cream” Song ,…Come see me….. Much Love Light and Peace…. And As Always…..TCB……Sincerely……GALEN

  • Dearest Jessie, it is so wonderful to be able to send you messages. I pray you are well and enjoying a wonderful summer. I think of you each day and wanted to let you know how much I adore you and love you. You will always be the king to me. I never listen to anyone else. It drives my family nuts, lol, I tell them that I can’t help it because when you hear the best, nothing else matters. Just my true devotion to you and it pleases me knowing your happy with life and loving your garden. Thank you for being a wonderful man in every way to your family, momma, friends, fans, there will never be another you. God bless you sweetheart and forever love.
    Love, Robin k

  • Dear Jesse,

    I am seeing my Neurologist in Boston on Thursday. Much to discuss. Which reminds me, I noticed that in your last letter to Linda, you are printing. In your letters to Dr. Hinton, you mentions that your hand shook a lot, and you would print to make your handwriting more legible. Have the tremors gotten worse? Do you know what is causing the tremors? I have tremors daily, but some days they are just uncontrollable. I am now using Canabinoid
    Oil ( no THC). It works pretty well. If the tremors are not responsive to the oil, I have some rice Krispy treats laced w/
    medical marijuana. It takes vey little at this point and I don’t get stoned. It is a blessing to be able to stop the violent shaking, jumping out of my chair and my bed. The newer treatments for MS are Chemo drugs. I am very leary of going down that road. My muscles are getting much weaker, along w/ foot drop, I am always tripping and falling. Lord knows I am not ready for a Nursing Home. My mother lived in her own home until age 92, then was in a Nursing Home for seven weeks before she died. I can easily see myself living to 90, I also find that depressing.
    I have all of my books on IPad. I prefer real books, that I can pass along to others, but I can not hold them open w/ out considerable pain in my hand.
    Well, it is time to listen to Elvis sing, then I will be off to bed.
    Goodnight honey and be well.

  • Hi Linda could you please tell me if that picture on the front of the CD is Elvis thank-you

  • Hello Sweet Jesse, Just wanted to drop a few lines for now to say I look forward every time I can punch out a few keys to get a message written to you just for the sake of catching up. It has been awhile since doing this but when I do it’s like new and a refreshing. How’s summer breezes treating you; do they talk to you in whispers thru the night and your long hot summery days? I am so glad you are touching mother earth, cultivating a garden of love in life surrounding you. Tactfully speaking, I believe at heart you are a master gardener and have the best stuff coming up from the ground that you have planted and grown. I am keeping a watch over my little garden too hoping yellow blooms bring forth the fruit of my labor. Too soon winter will roll around again. What then? Cold and ice, that’s a mess, but I love the snow and glimmering sunrays that sparkle over field and stream on a wintery day. Now to a different subject I have to share and be free of.

    Jesse, I don’t want to be on ‘that book subject’ too much beyond this message but let me tell you what stirs within my heart about it. (Please forgive me; I want to call David out for publishing more stuff about you and your personal life after everything that’s happened. You were so gracious to the Stanley’s so will bear that in mind as I ‘speak out’ to David, my thoughts concerning it. (“David, you probably come to this website and also probably believe ‘your brother Elvis is alive, that makes you more daring in wanting to publish stories about him. Why? Is that much of what your character is made up from? I am not sure but I feel it will never end, those who were closest to Elvis, continually writing stories that surely may captivate small amount of readers. Maybe I shouldn’t ‘say’ this because Elvis loved you guys very much and proved it daily, so why don’t you lay it all down, just give it up, do something else with your life? Just you never mind it, what good does it do now for too much water has already run too deep under that ol’ bridge. The waters have been stirred David Stanley and the damage has already been done. How does it make you feel; does it make you feel good and wonderful that you have done such a thing? You probably know El’s still among us and doing what you have done must be a thing of nothing short of accomplishment and pride.)

    Well Jesse, now that I have got that off my chest where was I? Oh yeah, talking about our gardens, in life both as a metaphor and reality.
    I hope little Nick will be able to stuff himself sufficiently with goods from your garden too. What a sweet relationship you have with that little guy. I bet he’s handsome and very sweet too.
    Jesse, do have a good evening. Here’s saying prayers for you always…. I sure do loveya Jesse!! Take care and know we still love you like there’s no tomorrows which never come so the love goes on and on…forever.
    God bless you with heartfelt abundance.
    Smiles across the miles,
    Love, Bets

  • Jesse/Linda, I am so happy to have found your site and happy to once again be reassured that what I believed in August of 1977 is true. It really is a joy to know that you are alive and enjoying a peaceful life.
    Linda, for you to provide this format for us to send messages to him is such a blessing.
    Jesse, just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you. You and your music are just important to me as ever. I know that you weren’t a big fan of your movies but I still love them. Girl Happy was my favorite but I loved them all. My husband teases me every time I watch one. He says, “oh yeah, I remember that one. That’s the one where the nice girl and the not so nice girl likes him but he ends up with the nice girl” I always say, “yep that’s the one” He isn’t being mean, he is just playing. He knows better. lol. We will celebrate 25 years of marriage in December. We had, “I can’t help falling in love” at our wedding and plan to have it at our vow renewal ceremony.
    I hope some day we will be able to all “chat” with you, not like Linda does of course but maybe via the internet. I know it would have to be secure for you and don’t know if that is possible. Of course, I would never want your safety compromised.
    Have a great week!
    Thank you Linda for being a friend to Jesse and providing this site for us. Love and Peace

  • My dearest Jesse and Linda,

    Jesse, I know that Linda knows how much I’m glad to hear from you. It’s a happiness that does not fit inside the chest. Read about your love and affection to her is like a sweet answer to those who do not believe in you both. I repeat to say also about the sweet friendships that I have gained through you and Linda. Even in such a distant, virtually, I feel the love that people share with me and I think they also feel my love for them. That was not what I had proposed to say in that message, but I travel in my thoughts and anyone who knows me personally knows how much I travel LOL. On top of that I said about friendship and making a parenthesis in this message, I want to tell you something very interesting happened this week. On Wednesday I was watching a TV program and crocheting, so my head was only in these activities. Suddenly I felt a very big involvement and you came to my mind. It was very very intense. After I turn off the TV, I turned on the computer and navigated by Facebook when I saw a photo montage of me with a picture of Elvis as he appeared in the movie Charro. Who did was a dear friend I do not know personally, she lives an hour ahead of my city. I asked the day and the time she made the photomontage and it was exactly at the time I felt all that involvement. I count this as proof of how true friends, even from a distance, are always connected mentally. Unfortunately not only friends but also enemies, so the “watch and pray.” For these joys and much more than I say that you is my daily joy. Elvis too !!

    Going back to the original subject, I want to talk about the video that sweet Jeannette shared and Linda are sending to you. Right at the beginning appears a phrase in Portuguese means “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND DISTINGUISHED AMERICAN SOLDIER”. There is no doubt !! Elvis is and always will be also much loved in my country. And you are also much loved by intelligent and loved ones for me.

    I take this opportunity to congratulate by range of 950,000 visitors! (Now 950,825 -- I’m #5 LOL)

    Jesse and Linda, I wish for you a great week. Stay with God because He is always with us.

    I love you both so much. Lots of kisses and hugs! (For Nick too!)
    With ALL my love,

  • Hi E Jesse hope you are well me and my family went to tram Sunday today we had a lovely time the weather was Brill and there was all sorts of stall watch you could win things the best thing that I got was a beautiful cushion with your beautiful face on it that my daughter got for me she said that will be the closest that I will ever get to you I told them that I was going to send a letter to you to tell you what she got me they just laugh at me because they don’t believe that you are still here with us don’t like what is happening in America at the moment our poor world is up side down way cant people live in peace O by the way when we was at tram Sunday went into a pub and the sea cadets came in there was BRILL my granddaughter thorough that they was good a Please Keep Safe and Well Love you all ways ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Jesse sweetheart hi how are you hope you are well and good. Im fine and dong good myself. I had a really nice fourth of july with my family we had a really nice in door barbecue because it was raining out doors but I still had a good time. I hope you and little nicky enjoyed your fourth of july as well. Im enjoying my summer as well to. Miss linda has said you went horse back ridinding recently that’s awesome I hope you enjoyed yourself . That’s one thing that I would love to do I happen to love horses. I did get to ride when I was a kid and I really enjoyed it. i had a birthday on 5/11/016 i turned sixty. I had a really awesome day my niece took me shopping for some new clothes that i needed and my sister took me out to dinner so i did have a really niec day. Well jesse i’ll say so long for now GOD bless you always caroljo :smile: :smile:

  • Dear Jesse,
    It can be admired in the secure garden Graceland’re standing! ….
    I do not think his destiny of his image but it is to be human

  • Thanks Linda, this man walks shows in the video picture on the shirt with the written “Elvis” is safe because the people no one has seen graceland, two days ago were arrested in graceland who shouts to those of confrontation no one speaks.

    you light up

  • My Dearest Jesse,

    On Monday I was taking care of my violets and only May flower vase that survived the summer of 2013 and I thought in your garden and now just read the words I so love reading “Jesse phoned me” . These words echo like music in my mind. The happiness of knowing that you are fine is immense. Thanks for you let us know your news, about how your garden is beautiful. What a joy to know that you have the music and the guitar as companions. I do not like to comment on how it would be nice if Elvis was on stage, because I know it’s not what you want for your life, but now I wondered how it would be. That thought was due to the news that Tom Jones will come here in September. So it’s impossible not to think of Elvis Presley.

    In a tropical country like mine, the most fragile plants suffer from the heat. The winter temperature fluctuates a lot, in early June had a severe cold and these days are doing a lot of heat and the forecast for tomorrow is cold again. The May flower bloomed, but did not have a long life and after two days they withered due to the strong heat. I was sad because it takes a year to bloom and I did not have the pleasure of having the flowers for more days decorating my apartment.

    I’ll sleep very happy with your news. I send you zillions of hugs and kisses and, please, send some to Nick too. Stay with God.

    With ALL my love,

  • Dear Jesse,
    Linda’s latest post was interesting. You are a gardener. I have seen so many pictures of Circle G Ranch, and read that
    your time on the ranch was some of your happiest times. I can just picture you riding your horse w/ a bag of hot dog rolls tied around the horn of the saddle, happy as a pig in mud! Enjoy your garden. I have one for a number of yours. Spent a whole summer canning tomatoes and pickles. Now I just make sweet pepper relish ( red and green peppers and onions) and rhubarb jam. The pepper relish is great on hamburgers.
    Re: Robert Redford, I bet he would give hie eye teeth to be able to sing like you, and have women swooning, even now, just looking at pictures of you. He can’t hold a candle to you.
    I am always amazed to see how surprised people are to hear that you were an avid reader, and seeker of knowledge. Even when Oprah toured Graceland w/ Lisa Marie and a new exhibition that Lisa had initiated, some of your books were on display, and Oprah was really surprised to hear that you loved to read. She didn’t really comprehend and was dismissive, asking Lisa “do you remember your father reading bedtime stories to you? Like that was your level of comprehension/ literacy. I love books of all kinds. But I must confess, I just don’t get numerology. It fascinates me. I met a women in Canada, who immediately asked my date of birth, and began telling me things about myself. She was very accurate. She did the same w/ my son’s birthday, and started asking about his children, of which he had none. She said I see twins all around him. A year later he adopted twins. Very interesting!
    Well, enough for one night. Do you really find any of these messages interesting? I do hope that you are happy in this life.
    Thank you for continuing to share your music with us. I listen to you sing every night, it soothes my soul.
    Goodnight honey, remember that you are well loved. God Bless.

  • Hi Jesse,

    Glad to hear your garden is doing well…My favorites are tomatoes and green beans…I have some green onions growing but since we moved out of the house all I can do is what my patio will allow…besides it getting way too difficult to get on my hand and knees to weed…Hard to stand back up…Oh well these golden years…

    Today the weather was nice about 78 but no humidity…but the hot and humid is coming back Sunday, the little bit of grass I have now doesn’t need to be cut, but looks like it should be bailed…Hope we get some rain, it seems to keep missing us..We had a thunderstorm I think Monday, lots of wind rained for about 15 minutes but that was it…We need one of those soaking rains, know what I mean?

    Well I glad to know everything is going well for you. Take care, stay healthy and happy..

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Hi Linda, the protestants What do they want out there graceland ? I do not think Elvis leaves graceland

    • Elvis is NOT at Graceland at all. I have tried so hard to tell people this truth for so many years. All of the photos and supposed videos of people at Graceland who are rumored to be Elvis are fakes and frauds.

      Jesse has told me in recent years that he could have never stayed at Graceland because he would not be able to do anything. Why do people think he faked his death to stop being “Elvis” and then show himself publicly at Graceland?

      I do hope these false stories will die out and that people will accept the real truth.

      The protesters were there only because Graceland is the most prominent place in Memphis and has so much traffic by it. Their purpose was only to disrupt traffic and draw attention to their cause of “Black Lives Matter”. It had nothing to do with Graceland or Elvis himself at all. They had already shut down Interstate 40 earlier before showing up at Graceland.

      Love, light and peace,

  • Dear Jesse,
    I just finished re-reading the Memphis Mafia by Alana Nash. Interesting characters, and the different perspectives of each. Quite a life Elvis led, a wonder he hung around as long as he did.
    I hope this finds you well. It has been a few days since I have written. It never ceases to amaze me, that after nine years, my husband’s death, our anniversary and his birthday affect me so strongly. This year, I really was pleased that I wasn’t a mess as I usually am. However, I realized that I was craving junk food and overspending. For me those are classic signs of depression, so I had to allow myself the feelings. I hate June and July, his death, our anniversary and his birthday are all w/in those two months.
    Enough depressing talk. I do hope you are enjoying your summer. Until I became symptomatic w/MS I use to vacation in Cancun twice a year. One year we spent 2 wks in Hawaii, the 1st on Oahu touring like crazy, and the 2nd on Mauii, where I para-sailed for the first time, traveled the road to Hana, with breath taking scenery and waterfalls. I am so grateful I did those things while I could. I just don’t have the stamina now, nor can I tolerate the heat. I live in New England, you would hate it here. I do like the change of seasons though.
    I am listening to my dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, snoring and just realized that it is 5am. Do you still suffer from insomnia?
    I know you never discussed politics openly, but this is one election cycle that it is hard to be neutral about. Get your popcorn and beer ready and pull up a seat for the RNC Convention, it promises to be a spectacle like none before it!
    Well honey, I have to get some sleep. Goodnight and God Bless.

  • Hi Linda and Jesse,,

    Just read on yahoo that protesters gathered outside of Elvis’ home Graceland today, two were arrested they are a part of the Black Lives Matter group…I guess they were trying to disrupt traffic…

    These people are nuts, the world is going to hell in a handbasket…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

    • Dear Linda FC:

      I have been away from the computer all day today and did not know about the protest until I watched a video of the FOX 13 News report which a friend shared with me on Facebook. This is so sad. I feel certain that these people were not there to protest anything to do with Elvis. They chose this location because they knew that it is one of the biggest points of interest in Memphis and lots of traffic to disrupt there too.

      You are exactly right about the state of the world and the state of our own country….to hell in a hand-basket for sure.

      Love you,

      • Dear Linda,

        I too am sure it had nothing to do with Elvis personally, but they felt that would be the best location to get the most media attention. It’s the mindset I question…

        God Bless us all, we need to bow our heads in prayer

        Linda FC

  • Hi Jesse, Some good news…When searching for videos on David Stanley on Youtube I noticed that the majority of people see right through him and are leaving negative comments. One remark was exactly in line with what I wrote you a couple days ago and made me laugh..a guy commented that it sounds like David was jealous of his step brother and killed him and destroyed the evidence. Not funny if it were true but we all know he is full of doggy dung and he keeps making himself look worse. On a more upbeat note, I am very much looking forward to purchasing your Way Down in The Jungle Room album next month! Hope all is well, SK

  • Hi Jesse,
    the book was wrong David Stanley for too many years on the words of ‘last day was deceived, but in its history can exist where you’ve been living them ….

  • Linda/Jesse,

    I have gone through this site so many times in the 9 days since I was made aware of it. I have to say the evidence is quite compelling. One thing that amazed me is that reference made to the song “My Way” being his farewell. This was one of the things I said when I was 13 years old. I knew it in my heart, and told a friend that was also an Elvis fan, that he was saying goodbye. I felt so strongly at that time he was either going to announce his retirement or fake his death. Now at 52, 13 seems so young to have thought of all of this with such deep conviction. Even then I thought (as I’m sure millions of people did), I wish Elvis could just come to my house in my small town and be a regular guy for a few days and I would never tell a soul he was here. I could see he needed a real break or he would not be able to continue as he was going.

    I am so glad to have found this site and to know that what I have felt for all these years is true. I am glad to know that Jesse is living life in peace. He gave so much of himself and deserves all the happiness in the world. In my job I am in my car quite a bit and I am loving listening to the 15 songs he recorded in 2011. I can’t help but be curious as to who the background musicians are or is Jesse using a keyboard with various instruments and playing it himself.

    Jesse if you read each message please know that I continue to be a fan of Elvis and I applaud you for the decision you made to go off the grid and save yourself. Lisa Marie and her children deserve to have you in their life. My father passed away when I was 28 and it was the toughest day of my life, my oldest daughter lost her dad when she was 9 and it was a horrible time for her. I’m glad to know that Lisa Marie didn’t have to lose you.

    I will continue to visit this site and send messages to you and keep you in my prayers for health and happiness. Sending love and hugs! Alicia

  • The Stanley’s should just crawl back under their rock and stay there.

  • Dearest Linda,

    I just read about the infamous book to be released for DS. I’m shocked, in fact I’m always shocked when I hear about some disgusting book telling lies about Elvis.

    I do not get tired to say that only you are the light of the events surrounding the life of Elvis / Jesse. God bless you!

    With love and gratitude always,

  • Hi Linda. As regards to David Stanley’s new tell tale book about Elvis, that will be another book I won’t be purchasing. What angers me is when Elvis’ father married Dee Stanley he welcomed her young sons into his family and life, he loved those boys and would have done anything for them, and that’s all the thanks he gets, yet another book of untruths, and there’ll be people out there who will buy it because they want to believe those stories about Elvis, even some fans do, which I have never understood. It’s another kick in the teeth for Elvis’ family and of course Jesse himself. Jesse may be living a very different life now to that of Elvis, but this will still hurt. He gave so much to those Stanley brothers. I first saw this article on face book a couple of weeks ago.

    Jackie K. :sad: :sad: 😡 😡

  • Linda you really are brilliant with everything you do peace love and light to you xx kimmy xx

  • Hey jesse,
    I hope you are doing ok. Iv been browsing facebook rrecently and there is this page claiming you are a Pastor. It is terrible as this poor man’s face is getting shown everywhere. It’s scary as fans believe every word out of the administrator mouth of the page. They claim you had other brothers. There is even someone pretending to be you with the administrator backing up this claim. It’s so fake and i can’t believe no one else sees it. I feel so sorry for the fans that are being dupt. And this poor Pastor some crazy people in this world. I know you probably know about this already but felt I better say something.
    You mean the world to me and I wish I’d been about in that time to hang out at Graceland
    all my love Jesse love Kimmy xx

  • Hi Jesse,

    If blood makes you related and loyalty makes you family, I would surmise that David Stanley is neither…Another book that I hope no one buys…

    We all know that Elvis was addicted to prescription pain medication, no news there…but the question is why he was taking the meds to begin with…We also know that Elvis had painful medical problems, which back then because of lack of the medical knowledge that Doctors have today, they handed out pain meds like it was candy..There were millions of people addicted to medicine prescribed by doctors to help control the pain..I remember when I was pregnant in 1975 my doctor prescribe a barbiturate for me to lower my blood pressure, thank goodness I asked the pharmacist what the effects would be on my baby…needless to say I flushed they have safer medications for this problem, but not back then…I guess what I’m trying to say is you cannot judge on what doctors did back in the 1970’s by todays standards..

    Why this book so many years later? Does David Stanley not have a job that doesn’t include making money off of Elvis?

    Don’t worry Jesse we remember Elvis for his talent and all the good he did for people, what happened in Elvis’ personal life, was and still is his business…

    God Bless you always
    Linda FC

    • Dear Linda FC:

      You are so right about David Stanley. I can’t even express the disdain I feel for this no good lying jerk. Thank you so much,
      Love, light and peace,

      • Hi Linda,

        If I had to pick a theme song for David Stanley it would be “Smiling Faces” remember that song by “The Undisputed Truth” back in the day…He really should be ashamed of himself…Biting the hand that feed him..Now thats gratitude…He’s as old as I am…What has he accomplished on his own without using Elvis’ name???Oh well

        God Bless
        Linda FC

        • Hi Linda FC:

          Yes, that is a good theme song for David Stanley “Smiling Faces tell lies”. I don’t think any of the Stanleys have either a conscience or any shame.

          Love to you,

  • Dear Jesse,
    In my last message, I mentioned that I occasionally read things that make me think…….hmm? What made me first begin
    to believe that you are indeed alive were voice clips of telephone conversations about why you did some things, and where you have been all of this time. One clip, in your unmistakable voice, described spending the first year or so on an
    Island. I also told you that I read Boxes, narrating his the hoaxed death of Howard Hughes. While the world thought he was a recluse w/ dementia for years before he “died” , he was married for 30 yrs. I know you won’t believe me, but his wife owned a home on an isolated Island. Howard Hughes was also in communication w/ President Nixon. Yes, really!
    I was telling my sister about the Hughes book, and how he had a whole other life, she asked how I had run across the
    book, but before I could answer she said ” wait, let me guess, Elvis told you!”. Wise ass. Actually, that runs in my family.
    We lean heavily on sarcasm, irony, have heads filled w/ useless trivia. We are a vey close knit group. When one of my nieces got married. Her husband was quite bewildered at our fondness for spending time together. He asked her, “what is it w/ your family, every time someone opens a bag of chips, it’s a party!” Luckily, he has gotten use to us, and enjoys our company. Christmas Eve has always been a main event in my family. As each one got married it was made clear, Christmas Eve belongs to MY family. There are just under 40 of us that gather for the occasion. The only acceptable excuse for a no show is death.
    Today would have been my 49 the wedding anniversary. He was Special. A licensed barber, Captain on the Fire Department, favorite brother and favorite uncle, best father and Grandfather…..
    Well honey, it’s late. Be well and happy. Goodnight.

  • Hi how are you doing Jesse I hope your Feeling Good, I have always had this saying about people like David Stanley and the Rest of The Stanley’s What Goes Around Comes Around and What Goes Under The Snakes Belly Comes Back Over Its Back, and That is What David and All The Rest Of The Stanley’s Are Snakes! People Like David and the Others Need Our Prayers, and Let the Lord Deal with Them and Believe Me The Lord Well. I’m So Thankful to You Linda For Standing Up For Jesse Like I Have and Always Well and Like Wanda June Hill and Her Family Has To. So Jesse and Linda and Tom You All Are Always In My Prayers, and I Won’t Be Wasting My Money On A Book Of Lies! LovYa! Barbara Rogers,

    • Dear Barbara:

      I appreciate your kind comments to me too. There are so many of us who do know the history of the lying Stanley’s and we do NOT forget. David Stanley must have amnesia about his past books and activities relating to his preposterous claim that Elvis committed suicide. He must think all of us have lost our memory too.

      Thank you so much,
      Love, light and peace always,

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