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4,501 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Vander Presley says:

    Yesterday I watched the documentary Elvis found alive, Jesse his voice has hardly changed and his way of singing. It would be wonderful to see you singing on the world stage again! Lots of light for you King.

  • Just me says:

    :razz: Morning SweetHeart :razz:

    First i like to wich everyone on the Website a Wonderful and Pleasant Thanks Giving :smile:

    As many at this time of year i have been busy with all the chores it means, but its a Possive “stress” and “Running ” around for all that must be done, I’m glad that i done the most already, but then im not Always the most patience Person in the World Jesse, When i have been going to my next Town i noticed how Beautiful the nature is! when the weather is colder and the sun shows its presence Everything turns into a White chimmiring sparkling cover, I Think its so beautuiful to see Jesse, Where i live, they have said that we will get so Cold that we havent had in 33 years :shock: I dont mind if it was just a rumor,

    I have been at the Current news that Linda share for us, I especially enjoyed the video that Chilling and Joe.E had done back in the 80th, I can tell you had a great taste on your Bikes Jesse ! I especially liked the “California” bike, nice style and Design on that one, and ofcause the Favorite one, the Pink Cadillac, I liked the Jail house rock videos to, I do like that Movie Jesse,

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanks giving with Family and friends Jesse,
    Always TLC

    And i like to share something i havent done for a wile, Our weekend Dance, so i share this one with you…

    Alan Jackson -- Small Town Southern Man

  • janice says:

    Hi Jesse… I Wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hope you Have a Blessed Day..!
    With Lots of Hugs

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi All Elvis Fans and Friends to Jesse,

    Happy Thanksgiving and A Blessed Christmas Season…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

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