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6,091 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Hi Linda and Jesse,

    News article on yahoo…

    Elvis Presley’s Mysterious Doppelganger

    The story is suppose to be about “Orion” but it sounds really skewed to me…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Hi Linda and Jesse, just stopped by to wish you well,and to hope You Linda aren’t suffering to much with your illness, I myself am fairly stable at the moment and hope I don’t have a huge flare up.
    Jesse I so hope you are well,and are still singing your lovely music,I recently bought a CD of some of your gospel and Christmas music and I play it every night to help me sleep as I find the sound of your voice so soothing and relaxing.
    I will leave now and hope I haven’t missed Linda’s posting date to you.
    Love you so much,May God bless you and keep you safe.
    All my love I send to you.
    Oldfanofel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hello Jesse,
    I hope you got to spend Thanksgiving with your family. We all thought of you during this holiday. Everyone on Facebook Elvis sites have wished you a Happy Thanksgiving. The more I read about your life the more I am amazed what you truly were blessed with. So much so that we the fans got carried away. We still love you and miss you so much. It seems like yesterday that you were singing to us. You were so real with us. That is why I think we have NEVER forgot you and never will. You will go down in history books for years to come. That has to be a great feeling to know you have touched so many lives. Linda told us your well and that really makes us happy to know that. So if you will please keep in touch just so we will know your doing ok. Thank you for all the times your songs brought a smile to my face and heart. May God Bless you and keep you in the palm of his hands. 4-Ever Grateful with love and respect, Pamela

  • Hi Jesse

    Hope you are enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday…I am now in the middle of a turkey coma and the Bears and the Packers are getting ready to play at Lambeau Field…They are going to retire Brett Favres’ number at halftime…The Carolina Panthers remain undefeated…Ron Rivera was a member of the 85 Bears Superbowl Championship Team…

    Well have a very Blessed Christmas Season…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

    • Hi Jesse.

      OMG Bears win 17-13 against the Packers at Lambeau Field….

      God Bless
      Linda FC

      • P.S. I started to tear up when the great Bart Starr was driven onto the field to congratulate Brett Favre during the celebration…He looked so frail, but they said he wanted to be there…God Bless Him…Do you remember the 1967 Ice Bowl…played at Lambeau between the Packers and the Cowboys,,,Lombardi vs Landry…Starr vs Meredith…I remember them saying the wind chill was like 50 below zero…

        Once again
        God Bless
        Linda FC

  • 😛 Dearest Linda.Tom and everyone on here 😛



  • 😛 “Sweet for my sweet and sugar for my Honey, Dearest Jesse ” 😛

    Its been awhile since i wrote you but not forgotten, Hope all is good and well !! 😛
    Its Thanksgiving so i thought a Little Quick visit at your door wouldnt be wrong! :mrgreen: We dont selibrate Thanksgiving in our country but hope we will some day, With all sadness around the World Jesse we need the love and Peace that holidays can bring to our heart,

    Its been some seasons ive been here so i could share for the next Three hours but dont Think you have enought of “black Gold” for that!! So i have chose some of each of them,

    Back in spring there was new planns for my Church that i hope will bee done well we all hope for that, Since i live in a small Town that i rather would call Village but the Govt had big head Jesse! Our Church has not the “typical”look you would amagine cause we are only about 70 members, so they bought a house insted for ages ago, , Its now to mutch to repere so they desy to build a new house would be the best, So now its just to wait for the Community to give their premission talking to all the neighbors around the new area, So we spend alot of time Before summer to refresh the Wood fence and deleted pretty mutch of the gardens vegstible that was needed too, cause it was a wish from a new buyer of the house. I loved those moments Jesse, we Always end the work with a nice gathering and Bbquing! :smile:
    I also spend mutch time outside when its spring, What can be more Beautiful than see the Threes and flowers start to bloom out!! That is a joy to the heart and soul and thanksgiving to the creator!! Im sure you enjoy the natures Beauty too Jesse!

    Hope your summer was wonderful with lots of things you like to do 😛 Summertime is quite “Active” wish i dont mind, I visit my Family that live about 7 hours away and was there for a whole month, It was a wonderful time with lot to do, Oh, I tell you! we was suppose to go out with my Brothers boat for fishing and out we go but then i just got stunned by the sorroundings,the wiew! It was so quiet and Beautiful so i forgot to fish!! Ones the lake was so calm that it looked like a big Beautiful mirrow! just to rage the next time, You know what i mean? Then my brother build a “smoke box” at his yard and smoked meat all the night! Was that yummy the next day or not! Then all the Bbquing that fill the air and my eys with smoke! but it Worth it 😀 Now i Think the coffee is about to get finnished so i have to share some of the fall too!

    It has been mild and Cold this autumn here with me,and made the trees so yellow i never seen Before, Its been a very temeperature changing from +8C to -10Celcius in just two Days! No change to get used to that Jesse! one day its rain and the next its snow, I hope more for the snow since it light up the dark, With fall it comes the Farmers market wish is so fun, and all the nice veggies to buy for the warm soup!

    Now to go back to Thanksgiving im sure your home fill the air with the smell of the grilling turkey Jesse :smile: My home fill the air with “Peppar kakor” and “Lusse katter” Ginger bread and cakes with Saffran! How nice! Just have to save some dough for the cakes too! Im worse then the Children i can tell, :mrgreen:

    As i used to and still want to do i like to share something special for the holiday as it is…


    Take a turkey, stuff it fat,
    Some of this and some of that.
    Get some turnips, peel them well.
    Cook a big squash in its shell.
    Now potatoes, big and white,
    Mash till they are soft and light.
    Cranberries, so tart and sweet,
    With the turkey we must eat.
    Pickles-yes-and then, oh my!
    For a dessert a pumpkin pie,
    Golden brown and spicy sweet.
    What a fine Thanksgiving treat! 😀 God bless your weekend with love, Peace,and joy!!

    And as Always Jesse, ask for a weekend dance….



  • Hello Honey,
    How are you? I wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am trying to get that letter out to you hoping I make it in time for the mail when Linda sends them out have a lot to tell you. Gosh time goes by so fast and life can be so busy before you know it’s the end of the month. So happy you are feeling better. It’s been down right cold here my office is old and heat wasn’t installed I guess so there are space heaters. Needless to say I was very chilly today. But somethings are happening in my life good things keeping my vision high and focused on my path in life. So from where you are, lay your ear upon my heart so you can hear what love sounds like! Because I’ve loved you before time and forever!
    Sending love from my heart to yours,

  • Hi Jesse,

    Did you happen to see the Today show today, Tom Jones was talking about his new autobiography and his new album…He sung a song from his new album…title of the song…ELVIS PRESLEY BLUES…its a good song with a great story…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Hello Jesse, Happy Thanksgiving again to you and your lovely family and friends surrounding you today! God bless you in many more ways and then some.
    Am wondering, where on earth is that GALEN? Next time you and Linda hears from him, lasso him back here from the range. tee-hee!! Miss reading his lively posts as well. For now, am sending out hugs to all, for you, and that sweet little boy Nick. (One of these days I’ll be back on for more singing. It’s a fun place to be.)

    It’s a little before Christmas but wanted to say this anyways; “MAY THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN.” We are needing to feel those warm winds of peace again, don’t we?

    adios ~ El’s littliest sister :)

    Smiles, Bets

    • Hi Jess, Forgot mentioning in my message, when I listened to Ms Ebanks, (KdeionEbanks1), singing her song, “Nightshift” what she does with it is phenomenal. Never would have thought speaking your name “Elvis” thruout the song as well as singing the lyrics differently adding, “when you sang on that stage” (instead of the regular lyrics.)
      Was certainly worth my time clicking on her link to give a listen. She does have a pretty voice anyways and always enjoyed listening to her at sing snap.
      Well, that’s it for now. Have an awesum day! God bless!
      Ms Bets

  • Hello everyone. Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m very thankful. Thanks for all you do Linda.
    Dedicating this song to Elvis Presley/ Jesse. Here’s me singing, Nightshift. :-) I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jesse. God Bless you and your family. Love you, K’Deion :-)

  • Hi Linda, Jwsse/El
    I saw jesse in santa clause came to Graceland, enjoy close at Christmas

  • Hi Linda and Jesse.

    Found another article on Yahoo about Sam Phillips and Elvis….This article has a picture of Sam, Elvis and Marion Keisker in front of Sun Studios in 1956

    Title: A rockin’ bio of the man that discovered Elvis

    Memories of bygone days

    God Bless
    Linda FC

    • ps Memories of bygone days is not part of the title…Just my emotion coming thru…

    • Dear Linda FC:

      Thank you for sharing this as always. There are some good articles currently appearing about Sam Phillips and the book.

      Love you,

      • Hi Linda,

        Yes there are some great stories out there now about Elvis, Sam and Sun Studios….They bring a smile to my face, but also a tears to my eyes….You know what I mean?

        Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving…I have already made my sweet potato casserole; and tomorrow I make the old fashioned stuffing. with the ground beef, onions and celery, I like my flavors to get to know each other before I serve them so I make my sides ahead of time…that way on Thanksgiving morning I just have to cook the bird…not sure if I’m getting lazy in my old age, or just a little smarter…LOL divide and conquer the workload…

        Once again
        God Bless You and Yours
        Linda FC

  • Heey Jess, can’t ya jus’ smell the popcorn at the fair? Smellin’ the funnel cakes again too. Fair time is an awesum time of the year. LOL :) We chewed honey comb all day long that granny gave to each of us while she jarred quarts and pints of clover honey & other kinds. She sure was a good cook. Had home made biscuits every morning, at lunch and supper too. She made pies, fried apple fritters, and all that good stuff but she always used lard in her pastries.

    I want to tell your friends that I have a cookbook that can still be purchased online either at E-Bay or Amazon. It is a collection of your mother Glady’s recipes. The title of that particular cook book -- “Are You Hungry Tonight?”

    On the back few pages is the entire list of items needed, ingredients, and instructions on how to make and build yours’ & Cilla’s Wedding Cake. It was beautifully done! One of these days I keep thinking I’m going to create that cake myself, lol.
    I hope it was good. Was it? I can imagine the heart of love that was put while making it for your wedding day in Vegas. Sorry if going back there with these thoughts make you sad. Please overlook my chatty ways. I want you happy for always and I know you’re ok with everything in life. Take care sweet man. You’re loved bunches!
    Love, Bets

    • Hey Bets..I too love the fair. Elvis did too.Riding the roller coaster for hours. I’m going to have to buy that cook book. I bet there is some good down home cooking in it. Jesse I belong to atleast 15 Elvis groups and they all say they miss you and believe you are still here. We all would like a chance to tell you how much we Thank you for everything you gave up for us. Over the years we got to get to know the man instead of the image. You are truly a remarkable man. You are a warm generous
      man. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about you. We know the pain you went throught to do your concerts. Thank you for everything. We know you were taking care of everybody at home as well. You gave so much. We hope were you are is nice and not cold. We hope you can spend the holidays with your family still because we know that is your favorite time of the year. Well take care and know you have not been forgotten at all. We Love and Respect, Pamela

  • Alright dear Jess, here is that poem I promised that will make you snicker a little, I hope. Have a wonderful new week. Love to you always, Bettyjean

    “Money Ain’t Enough ~ Save Honey”
    (The economy & market swing)
    Bettyjean Taylor -1998 --

    Can’t get your honey from a timber pine?
    Can’t get your money on honeybee’s time?
    Your honey bid was up when the market went down
    Money ain’t enough till the honey comes around;

    Can’t grow timber without money to bid
    They’d all come down with a price on their head,
    Our savings could grow in bits of lumber
    Our money’s a national string of numbers;

    Money ain’t enough for a happy home
    Neither can we justify why it’s gone,
    If you have true love that’s full of fun
    Count it all in when the deal is done!

    Money ain’t enough if you have no time
    When you count it all up to your very last dime,
    Keep them with you thick and thin
    Because that’s the only way you’ll win;

    When money don’t seem to come fast enough
    Those timber stocks will help you up,
    And, don’t you worry if honey stocks go down
    There’s always a hive with bees buzzing ‘round;

    You can bet a dime on your own sheer luck
    In a growing streak, it’s another fast buck,
    Love chases money indefinitely, you can
    Count on all the honey from a tall pine tree!

    In memory of my grand daddy, (James Taylor) who was a bee keeper, bank maintenance man, radio station keeper, and popcorn Jim is what they called him down town cause he had his home made popcorn machine wagon there too. Grandpa always won the coveted blue ribbon at our local city fair. The good ol’ days, we could always talk about and walk just a block to spend there there all day long.

  • Hi Jesse,

    Streak ends…Bears lose to Broncos 17-15…Brock Osweiler his first pro game as quarterback and on his 25th birthday…Happy Birthday from the Bears…Next game Packers/VIkings…

    Hope your team is doing better than mine…

    We wound up getting 5 inches of snow, very wet heart attack snow…Glad I’ve got a nice boy that cuts my lawn and does my snow…Yesterday and today wind chills, by Thanksgiving its suppose to be 58 degrees and rain…Chicago weather is what it always is…don’t like the weather, stick around it’ll change…LOL…

    Have a very Blessed Thanksgiving Jesse, and the same goes out for Tom and Linda…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Hello Jesse, and hello 😉 all you all. Want to say thank you for the enormous outpouring from fans to you Jesse. How wonderful! Inserting just a quick ‘thank you’ to DANIEL for posting a beautiful lovely reply. God bless. Thank you Daniel. Thank you Linda for sending my little comment snippets about Elvis’ songs to Jesse. I hope that you get a kick out of my comments. :) It’s always fun. Love & Heaven’s Light shining your way~ Smiles, Bets

    (Daniel wrote)
    Dear Ms.Bets,
    Thank you for your kind words about my analysis. I appreciate it a lot! I’ve always found great pleasure in helping and encouraging wonderful people, whether it be Elvis, Linda or anyone else, famous or not does not matter to me” … etc.

  • My Dearest Jesse, still loving you and thinking of you each day. I pray that you are in wellness and happiness as the years pass. You are such an inspiration to my heart and I thank you for being you. Love always!! God Bless you and may he watch over you each day . Jane 😛

  • TGIF,

    While working alone in the office (aren’t Fridays great days for folks to take off, make the weekend more enjoyable!!?) — anyhow, I played the videos on “Current News and Events” -- love to hear the stories of those who worked with/interacted with Elvis. While scrolling down, I came to the “Bust” — it looks nothing like Elvis at any stage in life — amazing what some folks will do to make a dollar! Anyhow, as the holiday season starts, we seem to slide from Thanksgiving into Christmas without time to do much of what we’d like to do before it’s New Year’s and we’re into 2016!

    Hope all is well,

  • Here we are, coming up on the holiday season so quickly. It’s amazing how the end of the year speeds up and it’s suddenly a new year before you know it. The past few weeks have been a mad race of activities but it’s slowing down a bit, so we can all catch our breath.

    The kids and I went to Cowboy Stadium and spent the night. It took my son fifteen minutes to find enough boys to start a football team and off they went, passing and tackling themselves into complete bliss. They could not have been happier. Meanwhile, my daughter and I toured the locker room and the cheerleaders’ locker room. She loved that. The field is soft enough to cushion a hard landing when you are being tackled but to lay there and try to sleep, a little rough. Now, it was fun and we enjoyed it but bones were cracking the next morning. We made it back to town in time to enjoy the festivities downtown. There is a fall festival downtown every year and we weaved through the mass of people, so the kids could get as much sugar as possible before heading home.

    There has been another weekend of camping for scouts. I took some classes but spent the evenings with the pack. We were able to participate in a flag retirement ceremony. There was quite a bit of patriotic music played, which I love and Taps always brings tears to my eyes. I heard it several times this past week. We were invited to several Veterans Day celebrations and we did several of the Color Guard ceremonies. At one program, the other leader was crying during “How Great Thou Art” and I was crying during Taps. She and I can cry pretty quickly if it’s an emotional ceremony. We listened to a retired army officer speak about triumph over tragedy. He was injured during a parachute jump and has overcome quite a bit. The kids enjoyed listening to him and watching him jump at the tiny airport in town.

    We have been on a quick research trip with my husband one Sunday, along with running a 5K one Saturday morning. My daughter and I walked along the banks of a creek and looked at rocks and snails while my husband and son looked for certain types of fish. About the 5K, running is probably not a good word to use. I have said briskly walking to a couple of people but just plain walking is probably the best description. My neighbor and I just talked our way through it and we were suddenly finished.

    This weekend will be playing catch up. Hopefully, I can finish some painting, cleaning and rearranging. I’m being optimistic about getting all of this finished but maybe I’ll get some surge of energy and I’ll be able to get it all done. We’ll see. Then a bit of travel for Thanksgiving and of course making my grandmother’s recipes and filling my house with the smell of my grandmother’s kitchen. Then it’s time to decorate the house. Covering everything in Christmas is always a good idea, I think. My birthday and my son’s are in December, so the month is full. The Christmas parade is coming up too, so we will start working on the float shortly. The theme is “Once Upon a Christmas”, so we are drawing up plans for the float. The kids all love riding in the parade and waving to their friends and family.

    Again, I’ve chatted your ear off and I have a million other things to say. I’d better get to work. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • Dearest Jesse, still loving you and thinking of you each day. I pray that you are in wellness and happiness as the years pass. You are such an inspiration to my heart and I thank you for being you. Love always!!

  • Hi Linda,

    Yahoo news, as reported by CNN

    Sam Phillips, Elvis and the invention of rock ‘n” roll

    Just another article that might bring back some happy memories for Jesse..

    God Bless
    Linda FC

    P.S. we’re suppose to get 1-3 inches of snow on Saturday, but a couple of days in the 50’s next week…

    • Thank you, Linda FC. That is an interesting article and I have printed it out to send to Jesse in my mail tomorrow.

      I am sorry to read about your snow. There is that four-letter word already!! LOL


    • Linda,
      Not really sure what to say or where to begin. I have recently finished a college paper concerning the retirement of our friend. I have grown up listening to the music, I own every movie, and am also a former tanker like our friend. I understand why he wanted out because I am sure he got tired of that life. Who wouldn’t after a while. My father being a musician, never really made it too big, but played in the night life of Tulsa in his younger days. He told me it takes its toll on you. and im sure it was way worse for Jesse. I want to believe with everything that is with in me that Jesse is indeed Elvis. And I have researched your site to the point of insomnia most nights. Jesse, I hope you get this message in some way. The one thing that swayed the scale to convince me you were indeed still alive, was not that you hadn’t been placed by your mother. If you were actually gone, I would seriously hope that you would haunt and torment whoever made that decision to over turn your wishes. For me it was the fact that Vernon did not have a flag draped coffin for Elvis. When I joined the Army in 2004 there a big exhibit at the Patton Museum at Ft. Knox that had your jeep, and several of your uniforms. And that was something that had always been in the back of my mind. Why would he not have had a flag for you……..unless you weren’t actually gone. Jesse…..I know you don’t know me from anybody, but I want to tell you a sincere thank you for your service! I knew you had served in the Army, but until I saw that exhibit, I had no idea that you were a Tanker. My heart grew about 3 sizes the day that I learned that. And Linda, if all of this is true……as I hope it is, please see that this service member gets the recognition he deserves.


  • Hi both

    I was intrigued by the post Linda put up showing the animatronic Elvis bust. Whilst I agree it’s not the best likeness, there is a better version out there, go to You Tube and look at this video It’s not so bad, this one has had a haircut and style!
    Seems like you charge him up from the back and put in different cartridges for talk and music.
    Don’t think I’d buy one, but interesting that there are so many of them, potentially, out there. Enjoy!

  • Jesse, oh the music is playing again at Linda’s website. It is a good job how it was uploaded to her site. Enjoying the new look. Take care and God bless. Love, Heaven’s Light, & well wishes to you always. Bets

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