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5,273 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Noddy says:

    :sad: :sad: :sad: Hi Dear Jesse, I am sorry to hear that you have a bad tooth playing up as I do know that they can be very sore indeed. If you have been given antibiotics to relieve the pain hopefully you won’t have to get the tooth taken out and it will settle down in a few days. I know that you were very particular about your teeth especially when you smiled and I would say that you still are today. I hope that you had a nice trip away and managed to do the things that you set out to do as you always were a man on a mission and always got the job done. Take care, look after yourself, and keep in touch with your sweet sister Linda, You are always on my mind, love you heaps, love Noddy XXX XXXX

  • lisa101 says:

    Dearest Jesse I can not wait to go to GRACELAND I have to wait till May but we are going just waiting on my grandson to get out of School for the summer so he can go with us he is only 10 but a real go getter when it comes to you . He can hardly wait to get there he is so excited . Well I better go for now MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF LOVE ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND LISA101

  • mopsie says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thank you so much for taking time to find my letter
    Have a nice weekend!

  • StewMuffin says:

    Dear Jesse,
    Hello there. Hope this finds you feeling good and rested. I read about ‘Westgate -- Viva Las Vegas’ opening and wished it was in the stars for me to go. Before the sun shadows my heart maybe I will make it to all the places I’d like going to visit. I read where Linda wrote that this would be a perfect time to see Graceland before all the new construction started.

    Listening again to your 15 songs on the jukebox at Linda’s website, however, I possess the CD and going to take to the nursing home for my mother to hear on a CD player. I hope she will believe me when I tell her but first I am going to ask her who that is singing on there. I’ll tell you later how that turned out.

    Jesse, Thank you for agreeing to make the music once again. You’re so tough and thank you for agreeing to do the video interview but we know how that was all set up by what you explained to Linda.
    Have a safe day; storms are moving across Tennessee this afternoon but they have struck all the way from Texas across the south and Midwest to Kentucky and Carolinas. An earthquake hit in Napal during the night and it’s expected to leaving thousands deceased and missing in it’s rampage.
    Wow, I watched “BLUE HAWAII” ON TELEVISITION YESTERDAY. I happened to turn the channel and there you were 20 minutes into the movie. I had to stay tuned and did through the entirety of it.

    Have a wonderful day and weekend following and everyday hereafter. I know you’re praying so be kept and safe until.

    Sincerely, (Elvis’s littlest sister ~ I like to think, lol) :)
    Love, BettyJ

  • mopsie says:

    Hello Linda,
    I had just a very long letter but somehow disappeared took me hours to write.
    could you check on this please.Thanks
    Pressed on comment and did not appear on the board
    Love, Wanda

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Dear Mopsie:

      I found your letter in the SPAM monster’s grip. Just freed it up and it is now on the Messages to Jesse page where it belongs. I apologize for the delay in it posting. I have no control over the SPAM service to keep it from grabbing things.

      Yes, I do have an Email address at which you may send private Email messages for me to print off for Jesse. No one sees those other than myself when I print them and, of course, Jesse. Below is that address:

      Thank you so much for writing and for visiting my site.

      Much love, light and peace always,

  • mopsie says:

    Dearest Jesse and Linda,
    first Linda i must congragulate you for having well over 700.000 visitors and it wouldn’t surprise me if it gets to a million soon. Fantastic site the way its been doone especially the startpage with that blue in the background and Elvis silhouet.I was on your website the other day when my boyfriend asked me Wanda you have an idea yet where you would like to go on holiday this year.He didn’t say we but where would you like to go? And without thinking or looking up
    I said jokingly Graceland. well anywhere in the world i guess as longkuöF as we’re together. But everything has been arranged now, we’re leaving the beginning of May and go travelling around in an RV. For 3 weeks. this is going to be a long journey from Amsterdam to Heatrowairport London spend the night there, then heading for Forthworth Dallas then to Minneapolis collect the RV somewhere.From there we are going down south to Graceland and ofcourse Tupelo from there to the westcoast California and then home again. I was just looking at the huge worldmap on our bedroomwall the distances are huge. But we have done this before in i believe 1997 but the n we travelled for 7 weeks. But i guess the distances should be no problem because Redmer my boyfriend loves to drive. I can’t drive myself don’t even have a licence. I remember in ’97 we only went around the westcoast visiting the national parks quite a lot of them crossed the border to Canada and saw black bears so beautiful. Red and me love the outdoor life nature in all its beauty. The past 25 years we have travelled all over the world together and done a lot of hiking and cimbing volcanos. But no more hiking for me since my eyesight has gone bad. I got RP (tunnelvision) people who are familiair with it will understand. That last hike was in Namibia The Fishriver Canyon that was so cool end of the day you sleep in the open air, done that 4 days. Well we can do these things because we have no children and i do seasonal work. Red always said to me while on holidays Wanda take a good look at everything because there comes a time that you can’t see it anymore.(referring to my vision) You know i am so glad i have already done these things and don’t wait untill you retire. I have these chronic backpains also that drives me crazy sometimes. But i thank the Lord for everything in my life i never take anything for granted. Red sometimes literarry has to guide me to prevent me from falling or stumbling or knock things over. He’s coming home tuesday from a visit from his sister living in Australia. I’ll pray for a safe journey home. Got him on skype recently thats the wonders of technology like he was with me in the same room amazing. Here is another little something that happened during one of our travels
    Here we are in Chili south america in the Atacama desert inthe middle of nowhere. We only had this Titanic soundtrack playing and i got a bit bored hearing it over and over again. So i was thinking out loud saying i sure wish we had some other music than this TT soundtrack. The n 5 seconds later this man comes out of the blue he had a box with sixties music on cassettes. I picked out one with Elvis music on it. So from then it was Viva Las Vegas all the way. The postman was just at my door and delivered the book i guess its a lonely planet sort of book on the USA havent opened the package yet to busy writing here.The weather here in the Netherlands is beautiful now temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees celcius. Spring has started.We live in the bulbfiels area. I was cycling to my yogaclass the other day takes me 45 get there, and i cycled along the channels and along the blooming fields with daffodils tulips hyacinths smells so nice. I am always amazed by the beauty of it. Jesse and Linda i am sure you would love it here so pretty. well i will put an end to this letter for now. I’ll do some more cleaning so when Red comes home everyting is clean and tidy.
    I am a regular visitor on your site Linda and have great respect for everything you do for Jesse and all of us fans.I hope this letter in in time because its the last friday of the month.
    Jesse i hope you are in good health, you are always in our hearts. God bless you and your family and Linda and all you people visiting this site.
    Lots of love, Peace Health and Happines,xxxx
    Wanda De Frank from The Netherlands

    ps: Do you have a mailaddress or is this the only place for messages to you?

  • GALEN says:

    Dear Linda and Tom, Hope this finds you both well and rested, Just wanted to say a few to you, Can never say Thank You enough for all you do for Elvis, and all of us here, If there is anyway way we can be of service too you and yours, just ask! Much Love and Light and Peace………………TCB…………………….GALEN

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Dear Galen:
      It is so good, as always, to see you here and to read your kind words of appreciation and support. It truly means so much. We hope you are having a good spring. I know spring is a very busy time for you. Spring is my favorite time of the year and we are enjoying some very pretty days here in our neck of the woods. We hope Grandma is well too.

      Take care and stop by often. You are a ray of sunshine.

      Lots of love, light and peace always,

      • GALEN says:

        Hey Linda, Lawd yes early planting is done, now watching and watering, waiting on the fun part, eatin! Grandma sends her love too you and Tom, She just got her hundred mile check-up, and a full head of steam, so the skies are the limit, she still wanders off in the saddle with little Ricky, she’s teaching him the plants and trees of the woods and what to do and not do if he ever got lost. Love Spring time as well, a stream feeds the lake and we still put are watermelons in it all day for that ice cold taste, Little Ricky wants to go to the early rise walk-up at Graceland in the morning, Now Graceland in Spring, I know I don’t have too tell you! Pretty! I love researching your site’s current news and events! You are our sunshine are only sunshine to Elvis so please don’t take our sunshine away! Love and Hugs to you, Much Love and Light And As Always………..God Bless……Best Wishes…………….TCB….GALEN

    • Lucilia Maria says:

      Hello Gallen, I agree with your words and sign below! Hugs to Grandma and you. Lucilia. (Excuse me, Linda :roll: )

      • GALEN says:

        Hi Dear Lucilia, Hope you are well and rested and enjoying life, Grandma sends her love and hugs too you and your family, Maybe if we sweet talk Ms. Linda she’ll give us the last Thursday of ev’er month for just saying howdy to one another! I’ll tippy-toe on out fer now, before we get caught! Much Love and Light………Hugs………..TCB…..GALEN

  • GALEN says:

    Dear Big Boss Man, Hope your well and rested and workin your garden, Maters turning orange and getting close , Already broke down and fried green maters, okra coming along, onions big as softballs, peppers for salsa, cucumbers for pickles, sweet corn smellin across the lake! We went too Tupelo last Sunday, grandma and me had to get are Johnnie’s double stack cheeseburger, her the dough burger and her funnel cake fries, Little Ricky wanted to fish Mud Creek, and low and behold he caught the biggest mud cat, nearly pulled him in, Stopped by Big Star and got ribs for grillin and seen Clare Ausborn, she said behave yourself and keep the music like on Linda’s site acomin, her nephew worked at Mayhorn’s sackin and loadin ice! On that note Elvis were going to saddle up and are backs too the Sun, Come see me, hollar when you can, Much Love and Light, And Peace In The Valley, As Always ………..TCB……………..Galen

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse,

    What can I say except….VIVA LAS VEGAS….congratulations on the opening of the Elvis experience at the Westgate…Guess I know where I’m going on vacation….and thanks for all the wonderful memories…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Sunny says:


    Looking at the trailer for Elvis is Alive, your comments to two questions (Something like this: Is Elvis still alive and Are these people just trying to make money?) — Your response was Yes and Yes.

    Then, you went on to say that the video is not real. I don’t doubt you — I believed it wholeheartedly: sounded like Elvis to me -- answers to very personal questions were answered and without hesitation — guess they could known “their lines and never missed a que.”

    Sad -- I guess maybe I wanted to believe it. However, I don’t believe anybody would hand out secret files to any agency, individual, or business requesting them. And, I don’t believe that any agency would slip up with something as important as an address.

    After reading your comments on that site, I browsed through other sites and found the most incredible/odd/strange stories — with the belief that most of those folks trying to make a dollar off of someone’s else’s life -- another “sad”.

    There are so many genuinely nice people in this world. Wouldn’t it be nice if those who manipulate, deceive and do these really odd things weren’t rewarded for bad behavior?

    Thanks for following the other posts on so many odd sites. Some days, I’m sure all of us wish we could escape (whatever our reality might be) — and, we don’t have any of the difficulties that seem attached to celebrity status!


    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Sunny:

      I am sorry but i can’t recall exactly which location you read my responses about Elvis Found Alive. I have a full page of my site devoted to the REAL truth behind that DVD film. I have Jesse’s own two page handwritten letter which he wrote only to be displayed on my web site explaining how the whole film project came about. The voice on the film is Elvis, who IS Jesse. However, the dialogue was a script as in any other movie. Joel Gilbert had a political motive underlying some of the statements which he wrote into the script for Jesse to read and speak. So, I will refer you to my page regarding the Elvis Found Alive project where you may read the truth written by Elvis, himself. Again this letter was handwritten expressly for me to post on my site and is Elvis’ own explanation.
      As you will read in the letter, Elvis/Jesse was not at all happy with some aspects of the finished film which was released. For one thing they had filmed him in silhouette. However, in the finished film, they had someone else sitting in the chair pretending to be Elvis.

      I apologize that I do not recall the exact site about which you wrote pertaining to my answers. As you can imagine, after 6 years of working to tell Elvis’ truth, I can’t recall everything. All I can tell you with absolute certainty is that everything on this site is the truth and everything I have posted elsewhere is the truth.

      Take care and may God bless you on your life’s journey.
      Love, light and peace,

  • Jackieo says:

    Hi Linda and Jesse
    Found this on u tube sounds like Elvis Starting at 5:00 in the video.
    You may have heard it already but i thought i would share it with you.
    Thank you for this site love it :grin:
    God Bless you and Jesse

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Dear Jackieo:

      Thank you so much for sharing something that you believed to be legitimate. The YouTube video which you shared was put out by Lucky Carson, The Knights of the King’s Realm, whose material I just deleted, and explained in detail, in my response to PrincessAngel7. I won’t write another long dissertation about his 120 videos and the untruths which he has been putting out for years. I refer you to my earlier detailed response regarding Lucky Carson’s material.

      Again, there is so much false information out there and so it is enough to confuse anyone. So, please don’t feel one bit bad that I removed your video also.

      God’s blessings on your life’s journey,
      Love, light and peace always,

      • Jackieo says:

        Hi Linda,
        The voice talking at the very beginning sounded like him(Interview) the rest of the video was bogus and not entertaining at all.I didn’t know these guys were putting out this false information.
        I don’t feel bad that you removed the video thank you for your insight have a good night.
        God Bless you,

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