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Enjoy Elvis' 15 new songs - 2012. Jesse (Elvis) confirmed they are really him.
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5,757 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • Dearest Linda and My Dearest Jesse,

    Thank you for bringing to our memory again these recordings of Sweet Mississippi Memories. Today was the first time I heard, at least I do not remember ever having seen here in webite. I first heard the second video and thought not to be Elvis’ voice. BUT …. when listening to the first video, I almost fell off my chair.

    Without shadow of doubt that Elvis is singing this version. It’s so wonderful to have these gifts he left us.

    Jesse, your brother is wonderful, just like you!

    I love you both!

  • Hi Jesse/E
    your card is beautiful little elvis reflected his image of the King

  • Hi Linda,

    Another article about Elvis, not attempting the www thing…LOL..

    Title of Article:

    Elvis Presley Nets 53rd Top 40 Album on Billboard 200 Chart…

    Its an interesting read

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Dearest Jesse
    I’m sorry it’s been a while since I have written
    I have been spending time with my husband back in the States
    We had a lovely time in Sedona and are now in Las Vegas before heading home back to Australia
    Last night I went and saw the show All Shook Up
    I had the most wonderful time
    I even met Joe Esposito and Shirley
    I told th how much I love your Gospel music and how wonderful it would have been listening to you sing around the piano
    I hope all is well my dear?
    My parents send their love as well
    Take care xxx

  • 😀 Hi Jesse, and WELCOME BACK LINDA!!
    I have missed you! Things are crazy in my part of the country, but things do go in cycles. Heads are rearing up, and have to be dealt with from time to time. So Linda and Jesse, I want to hear that you two are watching your health. Time for everyone to build up their immunity before winter hits. Labor day is coming in with some cool morning my way. And the leaves are already changing slightly, cheating me out of my summer. Stocking up for winter already, watching the stock market in dread and kissing on the grandbabies a lot. Love you both, Love to Tom and Rascal, BlueRose

    • Hi Dear BlueRose:

      Thank you for your cheerful greeting. I appreciate your writing so much. I can’t believe that summer is almost over. Way too hot and dry here to enjoy the summer at all.

      We love you too,
      Linda, Tom and Rascal

    • Hello Jesse…I hope this finds you in good health and spirits. We sure do miss you but truly understand. You gave us so much and lost so much for us that a lot of fans wish you well. We understand why you had to do what you did. I’m glad you seen how your life was heading. We all worried about you. Now your okay and we can still let you know how much you mean to us. I’m 57 and been a fan since the 68 come back special. Jesse you were and probably still are one good looking man. Your love for us was so clear. I’ve listened to every interview I can find you’ve done. Read everything I could. Went for the first time Feb.14, 2015 to Graceland and it was amazing of all the awards and records. I took 215 pictures :roll: Yea I know I got carried away. You did great. When you leave us to be with the Lord there is no doubt in my mind he will look at you and say,” Well done my son”.We all agree the Lord put you here to give millions of people the example of a true good decent human being. Thank you so much very much for all the sacrifice’s you did for us.True fans know lies about you when we hear them so you don’t worry about disappointing us. You never could or did. We love you so very much, as a good decent man. So I hope you will enjoy fall coming I know I will. By the way I bought your CD and I love the songs and especially the Lisa Marie. Sounds just like you. I know your voice and singing I know it is you. Take good care because we don’t want to lose you again. With Much Love and Respect, Pamela

  • Hi Jesse,

    I want to wish you and yours a safe, happy, and Blessed Labor Day…I can’t believe another summer is almost over..

    Congratulations on the Forever Postal CD, you’re brother is back on the charts again…Can’t wait to buy the Philharmonic CD, I love a full orchestra sound and add Elvis’ voice to that, it just doesn’t get any better then that…

    I can’t believe my Bears won two preseason games…Maybe it will be a good year..Finger Crossed..LOL….and the Cubs are in contention to be a wild card playoff team…Cubs haven’t been in a World Series since 1945 against the Detroit Tigers, they haven’t won a series since 1908 they beat the Detroit Tigers…I think there is a theme going on here…LOL…Read where the Packers lost Jordy Nelson to a torn ACL might be out for the season…that is a major blow to their offense…he is a great wide receiver…

    Well its the wee hours of the morning and I should attempt some sleep if my sciatica will go to sleep maybe I can too…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Heey Linda, well there goes another message lost. Do you think it’s hiding in the spam file?
    I know your PC is not yet fixed but hopefully you’ll find my lengthy message to Jesse.
    Thank you so much again.
    Love and sunshine to you always for all you do.

  • Dearest Jesse, It just warms my little pumpkin’ heart so much, reading all Linda’s posts and all the posts about everything going on, the new Elvis stamp that has arrived, the new CD song collection, on Elvis week, with all the updates and everything in between. The only regret is that I didn’t get in here sooner to post a message to you for this mailing. I have been thinking about too much I guess, lol. Please forgive. I mention you every chance I get. What a joy.

    Jesse, I hope you enjoy reading or whatever up on your balcony and enjoy the sunshine so much there. Even at night when the moon is shining brightly like it is tonight. I enjoy stepping outside in the evening and just stare up at the stars and all that our good Creator made for us to enjoy throughout our lives. I know you love it as well.

    I am catching up on these things about the failing of Linda’s computer and about her dizziness. I felt she needed a break from some things too. We all need a time away to grieve or whatever. In the last seven years I’ve lost two uncles, my daddy, and a cousin yesterday, however when I think about innocent people being shot and killed by criminals, it hurts just the same thinking about how devastating it must be to family & friends. We just lost a friend as you know from Linda’s circle of friends here at her website. I was sad to hear that Susan is now gone. May she RIP.

    Well, at least you will receive this next time and let me ask, how is your little neighbor friend, (Nick), doing? Hope he and his family are getting along fine as well as you there and all your friends and workers. They need our prayers and thank goodness they have stood by your side every step of the way!

    May the good Lord bless and keep you and by the way Jesse. I do put the Bible first; nothing like the word of God and the messages one can receive in the heart from its’ passages, however I want you to know I am thinking now, exploring and reading some of the books, (at least 4 to begin), you have read and kept in your book collection. I had titles jotted down but will have to dig them out and find them somewhere like at the library or online. It will be fascinating to see what others have written. I think one is “Leaves of Gold.” Will know more when I research those titles. There are ‘Star parties’ for sky watching. I attend one here in east-central Tennessee that is up on the top of a small knoll, mountain loft like center and it’s wonderful being there. The University of TN is in charge of this particular one and they have two deep space telescopes installed on the property. There’s a beautiful 2-story house that sits alone on top of the small hill like mountain, (knoll), that is empty and a small classroom that the public is invited to. Yes, there are snacks, food, drinks, and coffee available and hot dishes some folks take in. Sometimes, Boy Scout clubs show up to do an outside Barb-Q’ for their fundraising. It is great sitting around outside eating under a beautiful night sky. You should see the astronomy enthusiasts who come from all over for this once a month event. I believe it is all year long except if the weather is too bad in the winter time they won’t have it. Here in Tennessee you know how that is, (very cold, snow, icy, and chilly.) Pretty soon our county will be holding its’ annual ‘Apple Festival’ and it’s in the homesteads at the homestead museum and property. In 2005, Singer Amy Grant came to perform for the festival and she was fun having there. There is a lot to see and do at our apple fest and usually makes our small town front page news, lol :) Isn’t that the way it always is tho’, with small town happenings? We just love it because the leaves are starting to change for fall and apple pie scents are in the air. They have canned apples, apple sauces, and ladies sell their apple design quilts and things that are unimaginable. This is where President Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor, showed up to speak to the homesteaders when the new deal was completed. I own one of those houses and huge piece of property that I don’t live on but enjoy every time I go over there. My sibs and I will be gathering there September 4th for a major cleanup, (from February’s ice-storm that hit us hard), and make some repairs on the house. When the homestead was build in the 1930’s-40’s, every new property owner also got a new barn and outside wood shed and apple tree orchard for their use. When my daddy was living there suddenly the barn caught fire and burned down, now the wood shed is collapsing too. After all those wonderful years of being a homestead for a family before us, seems to be going down even more so than before. It’s close to a place called ‘Grassy Cove’ named so for the tall grass that grows there. It grows as tall as a horse and so it is with the property and right now, the grass is tall among the weeds and limbs from the ice storm. I know our gathering will be fun doing so I am trying to gear up to go out there and work hard to help clean it all up. I guess this is what I have been thinking a lot about lately.

    Be safe and have a good autumn Jess. It’s a sweet time of the year to enjoy! Bless you and take care as always. Had to write another long one since I haven’t been in here very much lately at Linda’s website but I sure have been talking to people about you and getting this website out for others to enjoy as well. I know I do when I pop in here once in awhile.

    All my best to you ~ May the blessed savior stay beside you in all you do and at every place you may go.
    Smiles, sunshine, and love! huglets being sent.
    (That’s my newly coined term for hugs & squeezes so I am sending them to you sweet man.)
    Always, Bets :)

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