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  • BlueRose says:
  • BlueRose says:

    :???: Hi Jess,
    I hope the storms of life have missed you since I last posted. I am well into recovery, and busy catching up! There sure is a lot of new current events.

    I enjoyed the picture taken at Lisa Marie’s birthday party. But I sure am wondering what Elvis was thinking with the pleading look in your eyes?? Did it have to do with the trinket that Elvis bought for Lisa Marie?? Just wondering. I love photo’s! They say more sometimes than words. I am so glad Linda shared this with us.
    The “upgrade” of Graceland to a theme park, is the end of an era. It has been a good run, all and all minus some disturbing products and beer advertising. I just keep shaking my head and thinking what if someone got the “bright” idea to put an amusement park on the White House lawn? Remember the “moral clause” in your RCA contract with the Colonel? The clause that kept things from getting out of hand because he didn’t want a tainted image. Remember these words about Hawaii?

    “I fell head over heels about that island from the breezes to the mountains to the culture and everything in between”. And “I am glad I could do something for those people and the men that died” and “money can’t buy what these people have” and “if anyone doubts God all they have to do is spend 1 minute in Hawaii” and “I never expected to receive more than I gave and Hawaii gave me the chance to breath and the people respected me and my privacy” and “I have found a second home here…I love it”.

    Those feelings about Hawaii is how the fans feel about Elvis’ Graceland! They love the rags to riches legacy that gives them hope they can prosper too! To this day Hawaiian’s have a deep respect for Elvis, why doesn’t EPE?

    :cry: A day of reflection on what troubles my heart. Love and Light, Always BlueRose

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Dear Linda H.S.

    I understand what you are saying about the Col. I also understand his motivation behind everything…The people mourning outside the gates and world wide did not know what the Col. knew…A bit of decorum that day was necessary.

    Now we get into public perception…Let me ask you a question, back on 8/18/77 people hawking tee shirts and other things outside the gates of Graceland, what would you have thought? My answer would be…I would have been mortified because to me it would have cheapened what was happening that day, and the memory…Remember you didn’t know Elvis just retired and had not died…

    Public perception, respect, remembering what was correctly, knowing the talent that was…I believe it all goes to what is happening at Graceland now…And its very disrespectful to the MAN that built the brand with his talent..I am going to change John Lennons statement a bit…Without Elvis there would be nothing…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Dear Linda FC:
      I do understand and appreciate fully what you are saying. Yes, I do think it was tacky to be selling ANYTHING in front of Graceland during the time of the “death” and the “funeral“. I think what they are proposing to do now is very tacky. I thought the Mr. Potato Head was way beyond tacky. I think that a lot of the trinkets which have been licensed by EPE for the past 37 years have often been on the tacky side.

      It has always been about the money at every turn since PP took the helm when Vernon passed away. She and Jack Soden are money-grubbers.

      Much love, light and peace,

      • Linda from Chgo says:

        Dear Linda H.S.

        Thank you for our discussion about Elvis’ Graceland and the proposed changes, and our personal feelings…

        I will hope for the best, but have a feeling that those in charge will want to see the maximum return on their investment…Elvis the golden goose..So many “friends” have made their money off of besmirching his good name..

        God Bless you and Tom

        Linda FC

        P.S. if you talk to Jesse tell him Sunday Cutler vs Brady…That would be the Bears vs Patriots…the Elvis logo team…I know you’re not into football…but you’re a good person in spite of that small flaw…LOL..

        • BlueRose says:

          :lol: roar lmao!! :lol:

        • Linda Sigmon says:

          Dear Linda FC:

          I am so glad that you aren’t going to hold my lack of taste against me. LOL. I may have to sneak a couple of peaks at the game on Sunday just to see that beautiful logo though. I am just crazy about that!! We were out somewhere recently and I had to point out one of their bumper stickers to Tom because it was fashioned after one of their football helmets with that gorgeous likeness on it. Hope your team wins!
          Lots of love,

  • Nique Minha says:

    Dearest Linda,

    I hope you are very well… I would like to say I admire you very much!!! I am so thankful to you…… You are a great woman and you deserve all the best in your life! God Bless you… Because you are an angel! Dear Linda, what you do for us is something inexplicable… I love your site because it has Everything! I am so glad I found it. I love writing to JESSE!

    I read what you post and I also do not want the planes to be moved… But only our dear and loving Jesse can say something… I think… I want to see the airplanes when I go to Graceland in 2017… It is very sad that some things Elvis kept with great care are being dispensed. I love the likes of Elvis! He had very good taste in everything!!! I love Elvis very much for who he is! The most lovely man… Material things have no life… But it is very very sad when they are ignored… But we have to think we have JESSE to give us much hope!!! His health, his peace, his angel heart, his faith is the most important! I’m very concerned about some things, but I see hope in Jesse’s eyes! Faith is everything! Without faith and love we can’t do anything, because these are the basics… Elvis is wonderful… Many teenagers like me are loving him… I love him very much! I go to Elvis events and I see hope in each thing, in each detail… I see Elvis will always be very much loved!!! I thank God for being an Elvis fan… Because there’s nothing better! Now I just can say JESSE you have many many little angels around you taking care of your things for you as Linda… We are here to help you, Always!!! I am really happy for being writing here.

    Kisses dear Linda and Jesse,
    I love you too!
    To Jesse With Love and Faith, Monique

  • Lucilia Maria says:

    Dearest Linda HS,

    This message is only for you, not for Jesse. I think it should already be very hurt by all these events and what I talk about here will add a hint of sadness in his heart, not for me because I’m nobody, but the comment itself.

    I just read your comments about Priscilla Ann Wagner Beaulieu and this is the name that should be used, as she is no longer a Presley was a long time, indeed in my point of view she was NEVER one PRESLEY.

    As she had the nerve to make such a statement ????? My God !!! She does not think her daughter? For Jesse we already know that not !!

    This is further proof to myself that I’m not wrong when I look at her picture and I do not see anything good. There is no love, there is nothing complicity in regard to Elvis, except money, money, money !! As for Jesse, her concern is well away from him!

    The worst thing that they have fans who love her. They make a real tribute to her, giving her more value than it deserves. If I could I would send an anti ophidian serum, because if she bite your tongue can die poisoned. Did I who are in need of this serum?

    I’m sorry Linda, is a relief! It is my support to you, for all you know it’s long and always remained discreet. But there comes a time we spoke “I can not stand it!” And things need to be said. As you said, someone has to speak.

    God bless you Linda and that you are always with Him!

    Love you,

    NOTE: If you want to delete this post, no problem.

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Dearest Lucilia:

      I send you a heartfelt hug of appreciation. You are wise to see through her deception. I KNOW some really bad things she did to Elvis while she was married to him and that is what destroyed their marriage although he tried his best to keep it together for his little girl. These actions began when they were only married less than one year and only increased as time went on. Those who admire her are to be pitied in their ignorance. She puts on a good “show” but the nasty behavior which hides behind her smile (what she has left of it) is pitch black. The song DEVIL IN DISGUISE describes her perfectly and her relation ship with Elvis. I do not believe that she ever loved him…just saw marrying him as a stepping stone to fame and money. She even considered having an abortion when she learned she was pregnant with Lisa.

      For a true look into her character before she even met Elvis, be sure to read “Child Bride….“…it is an eye opener.
      Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

      Again, thank you Lucilia for understanding the truth about the EX-WIFE.

      I will come back later and delete your posted message as well as my response to you once I am sure that you have seen my response.

      Heartfelt love and appreciation always,

  • lisa101 says:

    Linda did you get to see the pictures of the PT CRUISIER WITH ELVIS ON THERE . That was that something very different when I seen that I thought you needed to see that . Well I better go for now TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF MAY GOD BLESS YOU YOUR FRIEND LISA101

  • lisa101 says:

    Dearest Jesse I thought I would write to you while I am listening to your latest music on here that Linda has set up for visitors to listen to before I start to make homemade Apple Pies . Well I guess I better get busy or I will not get nothing done today PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SELF AND MAY GOD KEEP YOU IN GOOD HEALTH LOVE ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND LISA101

  • neldondottie says:

    Hi Linda I went to P.P. facebook page and there were some of her fans remarking about the amusement park and they said they thought it was disrespectful she said they were just discussing plans.They call her the Queen I guess they missed the part where she was dethroned. please tell us what we can do to help stop the removing of Elvis’s name are they going to change the street name to Graceland blvd or take his name from his grave marker also they cannot take his name from our heart. Here for you both Dottie

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Dear Dottie:

      Thank you for writing about what “she” has on her Facebook page. That is the same answer she gave to calm everyone down about the announcement that the planes were going to be gotten rid of. I believe she said something like “Calm down. We only in discussion” (or she may have said “negotiations“). Those were empty words and these are empty words. She has had the unmitigated gall to make a statement to the effect that she now has more fans than Elvis does. Good grief!!! She would be a nobody if she had not married him and then cashed in on the Presley name after Elvis retired.

      Jesse does NOT want the planes moved. He has not commented yet about the other changes.

      I really don’t know of anything that we can do except spread the word to as many of the fans as possible what is in the works and then all of us voice our displeasure about any changes to the home of Elvis Presley.

      Thank you so very much, Dottie.

      I think I saw earlier that you had asked about sending things to Jesse. Please write me an Email at the messages address of so I may explain to you the limited availability to send things.

      Much love, light and thanks,

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Linda

    the today show right now Neil Diamond is doing a song out side of the studio, guess whos playing drums for him…Ronnie Tutt…thought you’d enjoy that news…

    Love ya and God Bless
    Linda FC

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Dear Linda FC:

      Thank you so much for writing about Ronnie Tutt being on the show yesterday with Neil Diamond. We were away all day yesterday, so I didn’t see your message yesterday morning. I know it was fun seeing him on there.

      Lots of love and light,

  • Amanda Viola says:

    Good morning, Dear One – Jesse.

    As I see it, humanity is going through a transformational process taking us to a higher vibration. Everywhere, negativity is being exposed in our systems as a way to transform it into positive: we see it in governments, enterprises, global resources and sustainability, social justice, defense of minorities, etc. At the individual level, there also outcrop our unsolved emotional conflicts with emerging feelings like pain, anger, envy, jealousy, greed… “As above, so below”, it’s said. Battling against only causes confrontation, thus reinforcing that polarized level. Only LOVE heals, because it integrates. YOU know it well, Jesse. Because you were-ARE so focused in LOVE, you generated such a wide response in the same “wave length”.

    The awareness of what is happening with some wordly aspects of what you created surely takes you to the by now familiar point of acceptance and letting go. Anyone who has known you by the heart is certain that YOU have enough capacity of Compassion as to feel sorry for those who still believe it’s money (power) what makes one valuable. “They” still have a tough way ahead to become a complete human being.

    I believe your true legacy go in the inner planes of reality: YOU have been an inspiration for millions, YOU comforted and helped so many to heal with your voice, with your presence, with your laughs… YOU were-are a light in darkness, a welcoming warm place to come to, the brother, the lover and/or the friend. To touch your soul was-is a reminder of what our own soul is… The wave of feelings your presence in this realm generates does a much more extensive and deeper effect in the vibration of humanity than you can guess right now, I tell you! I CELEBRATE HAPPYLY THE ONE THAT YOU ARE.

    Much LOVE,
    Amanda B.R.

  • carolnelson says:

    Hi Jesse,
    I find it ironic that I was just about to post this when I read Miss Wandas message because I feel the same. I was just thinking here in Washington State it’s all about Elvis! Seriously, not Graceland….really I believe no one would show up! It’s all about the man and his music, style, class and more. Gosh they had a RV show last week and their theme was “Elvis”, I went to and evening in Paris event and the theme was “Elvis” nowhere was any theme called “Graceland” they wanted people to come! Lol do you think people go to Graceland just to see the home? Well beautiful as it is they go because of Elvis…I’m sure that house is fill not only with wonderful memories but still holds his energy buzzing all over the place…thank you Miss Wanda for your message! It’s nice Honey that so many people look out for you even if it is expressed here just to let you know how we love you and care about what goes on…
    Sending love from my heart to yours,

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Game over second half no better than the first…another loss…if fact Bears haven’t won at home yet this season…so I guess their home field advantage is somebody else’s home field…LOL…

    Hope you team is doing better then mine is this season…Stay happy and health…God Bless

    Linda FC

  • Nique Minha says:

    Hello dear angel “Jesse” Elvis,

    I hope you are well and at peace, because you are our favorite man! Smile, because I will always be here to help you my dear angel… You deserve many wonderful things in your life… You are a very special person to me!!!! Sometimes life is not exactly the way we want it to be, but God will never put an obstacle that you don’t have the strength to win in your way…

    I was reading some poems on the internet and I found one that really touched me (in fact, I love poems), and I’m sure will thrill you too… I know you had a great affinity with your mother and It’s very beautiful!!! I really admire you for always asking for advice to your mother too! What a beautiful relationship… Our mothers are everything! God Bless Gladys…… This poem is just for you because you are lovely Elvis!

    “Your Mother is always with you.
    She’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street.
    She’s the smell of certain foods you remember,
    flowers you pick and perfume that she wore.
    She’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not feeling well.
    She’s your breath in the air on a cold winter’s day.
    She’s the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep,
    the colors of a rainbow. She is Christmas morning.
    Your Mother lives inside your laughter.
    She’s crystallized in every teardrop.
    A mother shows every emotion ………. happiness, sadness, fear, jealousy, love, hate, anger, helplessness, excitement, joy, sorrow… and all the while, hoping and praying you will only know the good feelings in life.
    She’s the place you came from, your first home, and she’s the map you follow with every step you take.
    She’s your first love; your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you.
    Not time, not space…not even death!”
    Author: unknown

    Kisses dear Elvis,
    You are unique
    Hope you enjoyed the poem,
    Your little friend, Monique Minha :)

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Mid second quarter report…..the bad Bears have showed up to play so far…Cutler just threw an interception…Its a good time to throw some ribs on the BBQ..

    God Bless, talk at you after the game..

    Linda FC

  • lisa101 says:

    Dearest Jesse I hope this is a bad dream tearing down and rebuilding , Parks they need to leave everything a lone leave everything original just like ELVIS left it . Got to go GOD BLESS YOU AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF LOVE ALWAYSYOUR FRIEND LISA101

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Dear Linda,

    Just read the Forbes article, they are correct. It boils down to dollars and basically the dehumanization of what was a human being…

    The way I see it is that the real stewards of Elvis’ professional legacy are the people who appreciated his talent, and knew first hand what he really meant to a whole generation of people world wide…As John Lennon once said before Elvis there was nothing…Was Elvis the first to rock and roll…No he wasn’t, but what he was the first at was making it ok to blend blacks and whites together in music…He was a white kid from the south with a black sound and soul..Elvis change the way kids of our generation listened to music and the generations that followed…It made it ok for white kids to like Jackie Wilson and later the Motown Sound and Michael Jackson…AND Elvis paid the price for that..Preachers condemned him, parents feared him, but in the end Elvis became the man that joined the generations together with his music…Talk about a legacy….and that is why Elvis is still and will continue to be remembered all these years after his retirement…

    If the powers that be can’t see or haven’t figured it out, then in the end they will be the losers..When you lose and fail to show respect for what was, what else is left…Nothing!!!!

    God Bless you and yours
    Linda FC

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Dear Linda FC:

      You are so right!!! I have been thinking lately, as odd as it may sound, that Elvis should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. No other single human has joined more people together all over the world than Elvis…NO ONE. People who love Elvis are from all religions, all races, all languages, and vastly different life styles. I see on my visitor’s map list of the last 20 visitors, every day, that there are people from all over the world coming here to learn the truth about our sweet friend. They certainly are not coming because of the title of the site…with my name. LOL They come here because they love Elvis so much. That is why people come from all over the world to visit Graceland…because they love ELVIS. I certainly don’t think that an amusement park will draw visitors from all over the world. Many of us have toured Graceland multiple times and loved ever single minute of it because, in our mind’s eye, we could just see him sitting in one of the rooms watching three football games simultaneously, riding on the golf cart with Lisa, or recording in the Jungle room. We all felt close to him because he said that, of all the places he owned and lived, he never felt at home anywhere but at Graceland.

      Greed and egotism make people do stupid things. I fear that is the driving force behind all of these proposed changes.

      People give PP so much credit for “saving Graceland” and turning it into a tourist attraction. Tom and I were speaking with “Uncle” Vester during our last trip to Graceland. We ran into him over in the ticket area across the street. He told us that the people running everything were a “bunch of rats” and that all they had to do was open the gate and let the people inside because they were already there. A lot of what he said certainly rings true to this day.

      I guess they think that we old timers are going to die out or get too old to travel and so they are going to create a more modern destination…with an amusement park where children, teenagers, young adults will have fun. If I were them, I would not count on that. There are amusement parks all over America. Elvis’ home is the ONLY reason that it is the second most visited home in America…second only to the White House.

      I would certainly hope that they are not going to remove the National Historic Landmark plaque which stands in front of Graceland. I don’t honestly think that they can or will do that…just a bit of sarcasm on my part. LOL

      Phew!!! Just cannot get over the indignity of their planned changes.

      Thank you so much for writing, Linda FC.

      Much love and light always,

      • Linda from Chgo says:

        Dear Linda H.S.

        Graceland was a tourist attraction before Elvis retired…Think about all the people that just hung around the music gates when the front porch light was on…

        Like I said I’m glad I went to pay my respects in July 1978…The admission price was $0.00, but it was still a home, people still lived there…and the FAMILY knew we the fans wanted to pay homage to the life and legacy that was Elvis…and they granted that for/in Elvis’ memory..No I was never inside Graceland, the house was as I said still a home where people lived..Quiet respect was what you found there at that time..Not a carnival, zoo like atmosphere..In my feelings that was what Elvis would have done…Now what’s being done is the Colonels way…You know I read a story about how the Colonel and Mr. Presley were in a heated discussion about the Colonel wanting to hawk tee shirts outside the day of the funeral, and Jerry Weintraub walked in and said something to the effect of, show a little respect Elvis’ body is just in the next room..

        From everything I’ve read about Elvis he was a very private person and I wouldn’t feel right about trampling all over his Private World..I guess and this is my feeling, I went to Graceland to say goodbye to what was and all the good memories I had when I saw Elvis in concert at the Chicago Stadium back in 1972…I understand the need to make money and support those that need supporting, so if they need to turn something into a carnival so be it…The people that go there now will have their memories and I’ll have mine…

        God Bless you Linda for all you have done to keep the true memories of Elvis alive and well…

        Linda FC

        • Linda Sigmon says:

          Hi Dearest Linda FC:

          I read an interview also with Jerry Weintraub about the discussion he had with the Col. and Vernon about the argument they were having about the selling of things while Elvis’ “body” was lying in state. The humorous side to this scenario was that Elvis did not die and because the Col. “masterminded” the faked death, he was just TCB’ing as always. It was reported that he was there in shorts and casual shirt (not all dressed for a death wake). Jesse wrote in his book that the Col. was the mastermind of the whole thing. Col. Parker was just conducting business as usual. Since Vernon did not know the truth, the Col. was there to guide things in the right direction for business sake. I had to chuckle a little when I read Mr. Weintraub’s comments. Col. Parker even said shortly after Elvis retired that he was carrying on for “Elvis just like he did when he was in the Army” and that this was “no different“. In fact, in one interview just days after the “death”, the Col. said “Elvis didn’t die; the body did. I spoke to him this morning and he told me to carry on.” Alll of these facts back up exactly was Jesse wrote in his book (1) Vernon did not know the truth. (2) The Col. was the mastermind behind the plan.

          Lots of love and thanks,

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