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4,133 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • StewMuffin says:

    Thank you much, Linda & this is to Jesse as well. How are you and hope your labor day weekend goes fine but resting. I am including a link that has allot of good ‘Elvis’ stuff on it. We thought we have seen it all but don’t blink; don’t close your eyes > It’s a long ways down the page and scrolling fast will get you to the most interesting videos. I will mention two scenes; one was where the little girl who ran up on stage got a live interview with a reporter after Elvis invited her to back stage before the evening show at the Tupelo Fair. Her voice is so cute and she was all excited but in a sweet way, not corny sounding for a sweet little teenager.
    The 2nd scene is where he is rockin’ the stage and a camera focused around at the audience and caught an up close video / pic of his parents in the front row. The rest you will have to scroll thru and discover. Don’t shut your eyes all the way to the end of what this is all about. It’s great!
    Take care, God bless you. Thank you for all you are doing and if it’s not too late for mailing, will you copy the vids on DVD and the rest of this page either as a dvd and or print out? It would thrill Jesse I am sure. The link is a good one after all, lol.
    Love Bets
    Elvis’s Littlest Sister.. (just like pretending anyways.)

  • Lucilia Maria says:

    Dearest Jesse,

    I could not write to you before messages are printed. I went to sleep much earlier … I was a little strange, maybe it was the fatigue of the journey and medical tests.

    But today the malaise passed when I read “Jesse phoned me” … I was very happy to know that you are well, thank God!

    Well, here we will not have holiday on Monday and the worst I’ll have to face the dentist LOL. My God, it seems to have no end my medical treatments, but I do not complain because I have no right to complain, thank God I have how to treat me and for now all is well. My mother said that is the tribute we pay for we reach old age LOL. It sounds so strange for me to say I’m in the third age, as is written in Portuguese. The mind does not grow old, but the body … only makes us surprises … I imagine you must feel the same. But we have the comfort of knowing that life continues even when no longer on this plane and that the spirit never grows old, does not it?

    Jesse, how good it is write to you but I guess you must be tired of reading my way of writing. I did not commit myself to my studies of English and who suffers is you, my God !! Forgive me, please, please !!!

    My beloved Blue Angel I bid you farewell with a big hug and kisses. Enjoy the holiday !!

    With ALL my love,

    • Lucilia Maria says:

      Jesse, I’m back,

      I wanted to talk about a picture of Elvis on the first night in Las Vegas. I always wanted to be sure of my interpretation of this picture and today I had the confirmation. However, I did not realize how much the lights were bothering his eyes. The smile on my face to know that you’re well was replaced by a sadness in again becoming more aware of the suffering that Elvis had throughout his career. The whole world has can not thank Elvis for what he offered. Today I exchanged messages with a friend that I conquered through Elvis and talked how fans can love each day more Elvis Presley. With each passing day more this love grows. The answer lies in your spiritual quality, Jesse, in your goodness, in your charisma at last in your essence, beyond your competence acquired not only in this present existence. Your soul, your spirit touches everyone and I also have no words to express this feeling. I only want to make clear that my admiration goes far beyond the image. My admiration is intrinsically related to your spiritual development. Without which it Elvis Presley would not be what he was and always will be in memory of his fans. That’s exactly what makes it past 37 years increasingly come new fans, young people admire him as if they had known personally. This is something wonderfully unique.

      Thank you Jesse!! Thank you for being who you are and thank you for having given so much as Elvis Presley, beyond your limit.

      I love you so much!

  • Robink says:

    Hello Jesse,
    I am thinking of you today. I am so happy your truth shines! Have a beautiful blessed day.
    With Love, Robin

  • Linda Sigmon says:

    Good Friday to everyone:

    I am in the process of printing out all of your messages to Jesse for this past week. I will also include all of those which were sent to me in Emails.

    I want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

    Lots of love and appreciation,

  • nita romero says:

    Good morning,
    Thanks for posting “My Little Beach Shack”
    on your Current News and Events page.
    I have not seen this before. He has the best laugh ever!!
    Good way to start the day.

  • Vander Presley says:

    It is not easy to write for Elvis / Jesse, the words do not come. But I think what Elvis / Jesse talk about this? He would speak of his talk things simple and direct heart that even he is and was. So I’ll write: I wish you much health, happiness and spiritual peace is what more can I wish you lots of light and love in the heart. Your friend fan Vanderlei Porto de Oliveira a Brazilian.

  • spolcino says:

    Jesse hi swetheart, how are u? Been a horrible week for me , im so drained of it all. Just need some peace! It’s all overwhelming. Hope things are gd for u hon! Ur always on my mind, so be happpy and enjoy. Just in a sad mood today so saying hi to u makes it a bit better. Always put urself first cause ur wats important ok. One day i might just learn that too. But for now i cant. Take care soph. Xxxx.

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