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4,491 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • mabamar says:

    Hello Jesse and hello Linda,
    I just watched the lightning ceremony for x mas in graceland and honestly when I saw the man playing santa claus I couldn’t help thinking it was you Jesse/Elvis …. :?:
    for several reasons : the hands/rings, the cape, the way he showed the cape when he turns his back, the glasses and… the voice when he says thank you very much… This may sound silly….. but …am I the only one who got this strange idea?? I Wonder…
    However I wish you both love and a wonderful x mas time

  • Lucilia Maria says:

    My dearest Jesse,

    I was about to turn off my computer because I’m tired today and I intend to go to bed earlier. By the time I went off I decided to take another look at the website because I thought you could have turned back to Linda. I never mistake!

    Fatigue has led to a huge joy in knowing that you are well. If you want to compete with me to know who more loses the train of thought, for sure I will win you LOL. Really !! In my last appointment with the endocrinologist I mentioned this and he referred me to a geriatrician LOL. And I will !!! Because I am very worried. In every conversation comes a point that I forget what I was going to say. Once the doctor of my mother told her not to worry about memory leaks if we do not forget number of our identity, our own phone number and other personal information such as bank passwords, credit card, etc. . this is a good sign. If this is true, then I get a little more quiet.

    My Blue Angel, really I am very happy and I wish you to continue immensely always very well.

    Today I open my endless supply of hugs and kisses and sending zillions for you and Nick as well.

    You know you are much loved and is always in my thoughts, but it bears repeating.

    With ALL my love,

  • Kathy/Medford says:

    Dearest Jesse,

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    As always I miss you…And I love you so.

    Kathy/Medford xoxo.

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse and Linda

    Just read two articles on the net about John Stamos doing the lighting ceremony at “Elvis Presleys’ Graceland” looks like the media is still keeping Elvis’ name associated with Graceland…Elvis’ name will always be synonymous with Graceland…as it should be…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Abi says:

    Hi Linda

    Did you get my last emails?

    Love Abigail

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Well my senior, blonde moments have finally caught up with me again..LOL…I wanted to wish you a Very Blessed Thanksgiving and forgot about messages for Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours had to be done by this morning…so as to keep me from having another S/B moment. I will hope you had a very nice Turkey dinner with family and friends…and you have a Very Blessed start to the Christmas season…

    This time of year makes me think of two songs your brother sang…Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees and I’ll Be Home for Christmas…The second song takes me back to the late 60′s when my cousins fiancée was in Nam…I think Barb wore that record out because her finance was suppose to be home by Christmas…The Lord Blessed her and he came home Dec 27th safe and sound…He was a helicopter gunner…They got married on Valentines Day 1968, their 47th wedding anniversary is coming up..I think that song got her thru their 13 months of separation…It was a promise of hope…

    God Bless you and yours
    Linda FC

    Hi Linda and Tom,

    My wish for you and Tom is also the one I have for Jesse…May God Send You Blessings Always

  • 35-Tcb says:

    :sad: I’m Late in Sending My Thanks Giving Wishes to you Jesse, but I won’t be Late with my Christmas Wishes. Linda I Hope You and Your Family have a Blessed Thanks Giving to. :grin:

  • DanaLouise says:

    Dearest Jesse,

    Hello sweetheart. Once again I have missed writing to you and reading what other people here are writing as well. Life is so busy for me right now, but I try very hard to keep up with my reading of the current news here on Linda’s web site. It’s so important to me that I know you’re ok. I love you very much, more than you will probably ever know. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the most recent video Linda posted of the Larry Gellar interview. Wow! He said it all didn’t he. One thing made me sad though. I’m sad that I never got the chance to look into your magnificent eyes. There was something else I was reading on Wandas website about being lucky enough to have seen Elvis up close and in person just to feel your energy. I think it was the words of a photographer who said that film could not quite capture the essence of Elvis completely. I know Rlvis is gone and I’m so thankful he retired but I know that beautiful spirit is still glowing in you and that makes me so happy. Thank you Jesse for being the fantastic human bring that you are. I would not be who I am today if I hadn’t become an Elvis/Jesse fan. I’m always wanting and searching to learn more about you and in doing so, learning more about love and God and myself. God Bless you Dear man.
    All My Love,

  • Linda Sigmon says:

    Good Friday everyone:

    I am working on printing your messages out to Jesse now and will be mailing them out this afternoon. As always, I shall include all those sent to me via Emails.

    I thank each of you so very much for sharing your love, support and time with Jesse and me this past week.

    I wish everyone a most joyful and blessed Thanksgiving next Thursday.

    Much love, light and peace to all,
    Linda :grin:

  • summerlovin22396 says:


    I believe in you and this website. How can I send you a private email?


    If you are in fact E I hope you are doing well. I was only a few months old when you “retired” but have been fascinated with your life and your legacy for as long as I can remember. Not necessarily the super star you became, but rather the normal person you were or at least tried to be during it all. The desperate need to just “fit in” like everyone else. Despite it all, you were always humble, kind, generous and for the most part kept your moral compass in line. The love you had for your mom was amazing and undying. All of this I can also relate to. I am not a reporter, or in any way interested in exploiting you, nor would I ever do anything to expose you in any way and put your life in danger. I read and research because it’s what I love to do. I’m a truth seeker. I’d like to know what you make of my birthday, in your own opinion….1-17-1977. Anyway, hopefully Linda will email me so I can help her research and correlate the information she has, the information you want to be known!



  • carolnelson says:

    Hello Jesse,
    Last night I went to see your pal Bill Medley was a really good show. During the concert he spoke about you often well to be honest he spoke of you a lot! He even sang one of your songs tried to look sexy like you did while performing however, he said that nobody could have the looks like you did when performing on stage….and even if he tried sexy he was not! Lol gosh he sang all the great songs I remembered! He had his daughter perform with him and she is very lovely and can sing beautifully…she is getting married and luckily he asked her when the wedding is of course he had the date wrong so he would of been a day late! Lol but anyway just wanted to share with you how much he thought of you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • neldondottie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Jesse and Linda hope you have a great one don’t eat to much I need to practice what I preach may not be on here for a few days have to go to St. Louis my new grandson is coming on the 2nd. Samuel Aron,
    please pray that both do well. Love to both Dottie

  • BlueRose says:

    Jesse! You daring loveable man! :lol:

    Just like you left clues about your leaving while on your last tour, You have left clues with the songs in the Elvis is Alive CD!! :wink:

    Life sure is exciting with Elvis music :!: :!: Muah, BlueRose

  • Lucilia Maria says:

    My dearest Jesse,

    How good to know you’re okay. This week I was very busy and did not even realize that today is already Thursday. Tomorrow I will need to get up at 5:00 AM to go to the dentist again, an emergency consultation. My tooth is giving too much work and too much pain for me. My dentist does not work on Friday, but will open the office to meet me. He is a great friend and I thank him for that!

    Reading the passage Wanda shared with Linda completed what I wrote today about Elvis on my facebook page, telling of his love for people.

    In some Brazilian states today is a holiday. A holiday named Black Consciousness was created in honor of a black leader in the era of slavery, called Zombie. To honor this day, someone shared a photo of Elvis with Sweet Inspirations along with the phrase “If you hate another human being because of his race, is hating part of yourself.” This post came to my page shortly after I had written that I do not agree with this holiday, because we are all equal before God and that’s how we should think. Having celebrations such further encourages the separation of race. I said what need is there respect and love among all races and not a celebratory holiday.

    Elvis always inspiring people and showing the way forward within the Christian teachings.

    God bless you always, my dear Blue Angel.

    With ALL my love,

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