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5,403 Responses to MESSAGES TO JESSE

  • ed hens says:

    Dearest Jesse I am very sorry that i haven’t written for so long.To writing ,in your language is not easy for me.I hope you doing fine,and that you are very happy with your life. I love the performer Elvis very much,but i adore the man you are.
    You have make the best choice of your life to be Jesse now,with a wonderful daughter and beautiful grandchildren. Next year i will go too Graceland,probably in may.I wanted too go in1972 i was 18 ,my parents did not give me permission. My daughter told me that she was not born if i have meet you,She told me that you have like me and that i never was going back too The Nedherlands,i laugh about it. I wish you much love blessings hugs,With all my love Jeannette Hens from The Nedherlands

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Linda and Jesse,

    Just read some shocking news on yahoo…B.B. Kings death in being investigated as a homicide…Two of his daughters reported they suspected foul play…Mr. Kings funeral in Memphis has been delayed…

    Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day…Ours started out with rain but by noon it was sunny and beautiful…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Luciana says:

    Good night Jesse and all, good night Linda!
    What email can I send messages? I was in doubt, thanks!

  • Jan Moreland says:

    Happy Memorial Day
    Congratulations to our dear sweet beautiful Linda and My Darlin sweet, Jesse on 6 beautiful, wounderful years on this beautiful website. I am so grateful and thankful to you both first to Linda for giving my heart ease and finally lettin my quest for the truth to be fulfilled all those years ago. When I found out that maybe Elvis was still with us I read every Elvis is alive book I could get my hands on and I spent every spare moment of my wakin hours diligently searchin for the truth but it wasnt until Linda and her beautiful website that I found peace because she had it all here in black and white just for the readin. Linda is one of the sweetest, dearest, most honest and carin pperson. She has spent countless hours and done her research thouroughly to be sure each article is 100 percent on the money . Thank you Linda for being there for us and all you do for Jesse. We are so lucky and privledged to have all the information yiou have provided us with and if it werent for this wounderful website and you I would never had the opportunity to know the truth and to beblessed to know Jesse. Thank you for being my friend and for all your hard work.
    Thank you Jesse for being here for your strength and your determination to do what was best for your life, your health, and your well being. I know it wasnt an easy decision but you did what you had to do and I am thankful and grateful every single day that you did. I was elated to find out the truth for I have loved you and respected and been devoted to you since I was 6 years old 52 years now as I am now 58. I would and I never will forget you ever for you are in my heart, my thoughts, my prayers everyday and I will forever and always love you with every beat of my heart so dont ever think for a minute I would forget you because I never , ever will. I am so grateful and thankful you are here and I know we all grow older but I never think of you as old for I know you are still a distinguished, handsome , lovin, carin , wounderful man. Those beautiful blue eyes are still just as blue as ever. I want you to know after all these years you are still the one. Im runnin a little behind on my messages but you will hear from me very soon. Take care of yourself, be safe, be healthy, be happy and I love you always and forever. Thank you for being here you will always mean the world to me.
    Thank you again Linda for this beautiful, wounderful, website of truth and fact that you give to us freely .The truth is here folks just have to take the time to read and drink it in . The old sayin “you can lead a horse to the water but you can;t for the life of you make him drink” I feel so sorry for those who would rather believe fiction rather than truth. Its all here and I am so grateful and happy i found it. Thank you Linda and Jesse. God Bless You Both, Hugs & Smiles, Love Always, Jan

  • lisa101 says:

    Dearest Jesse I would like wish you a Happy Memorial day . I met a man last night who was in the WORLD WAR 2 he was 99yrs old . THANK GOD FOR ANY AND ALL VETRANS . GOD BLESS AMERICA .MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF AND ALWAYS BE SAFE YOUR FRIEND LISA101

  • MJ says:

    Dearest Linda and Jesse,
    I just want to publicly congratulate both of you for the past 6 years existence of this website. To Jesse, for allowing and encouraging Linda in this website’s creation. And for your sharing with Linda, so that she can share with us, your life now as Jesse. And to Linda, roses to a magnificent lady for the magnificent job that you have rendered, this beautiful creation of yours, this beautiful website…

    This has been an odyssey taken on by a strong, determined and loving woman, initially fan of the man the world knew as “Elvis”. Thru the years, she has become friend to that very same man, the world now knows as “Jesse”. The creation of Linda’s website was first intended to set the record straight when she was targeted on the Internet by haters, after news of her friendship with Jesse was brought to light. Her website is now THE place to go to learn the truth concerning that fateful August day in 1977 and Elvis’ chosen and now existence as “Jesse”.

    Thru the years, Linda has had to fight a constant barrage of lies, insults, and personal attacks directed at her and her website. Haters have come and gone, some have died, some have just vanished from the public stage, while Linda and her website remain. It appears her detractors and enemies have seen that she will NOT be quieted or shut up. That she is NOT going away, and not only is THE TRUTH, but Jesse also, on her side.

    As Jesse’s closest friend, trusted confidante and VOICE, she brings truth to every fan who has questions concerning Elvis’ “death” and Jesse’s “rebirth”. We, the visitors to her website, can read and see, and hear for ourselves, the accumulative word, the final proof and answer to the question which Elvis fans have asked for the past 37 years, “Is Elvis Alive?” Thankfully to God, that answer is YES. And thankfully, to Linda and Jesse, thru Linda’s website, it is possible for us to know both the TRUTH, and Jesse.

    I have been blessed in being both fan and friend to Linda since she first began her newsletter, “Notes For The Record” back in 1990. Because of her kind and loving heart, I have been blessed in being a friend to Jesse since 2001. Every word that appears here on her website is the truth. It is the writings, the documentation, the great detective work, the TRUTH, that has and is shared with us fellow fans, by Linda. It is because that she is Jesse’s friend that she chooses to do this. Caring, lovingly, Linda shares with us, with the world, as to the truth into Elvis’ life then, and Jesse’s life, today. The reason she does this, is because she knows without doubt, without hesitation, without pause, that Elvis Presley IS Jesse. And she just wants to share this with every other fan. We are the better and so blessed for it…

    Again, thank you Linda. Thank you Jesse. And thank you too, for this website and to many more years of it’s truth…

    With love,
    M J

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Dearest M J:

      Thank you so very, very much for your beautiful comments…and for remembering that this is the six-year anniversary of the founding of my web site. Those 6 years have seen some really difficult challenges and trials as well as some wonderful blessings and successes. Your friendship has always been a constant blessing to me.

      So much love and gratitude to you, M J, my dearest friend.

  • Robink says:

    Dearest Jesse,
    Have a blessed Memorial Day!! I am thinking of you. I pray you are well and happy!! Love from my heart!!
    Robin k

  • KdeionEbanks1 says:

    Hi Linda. :smile: Hi Jesse. :smile: Hi Everyone. :smile:
    Happy Blessed Memorial Day.
    Dedicating this song to our US Military heroes.

  • oldfanofel says:

    Hi Linda, your Husband Tom,and of course lovely Jesse,I really hope you are all well. I love you for creating this site so that all us believers can come to and stay in contact with our lovely ELVIS who we know only retired. Happy memorial day.
    I love you Jesse stay well,and stay strong.xxxxx

  • StewMuffin says:

    Hello Linda & Everyone. This link is wonderful. Maybe there’s a picture or two in this not seen yet. I enjoyed reading the quips and seeing pics of Elvis from some years back.
    Do enjoy this. Linda, please also tell Tom, “A HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY” to him & for you both. Have fun! ;)
    Love and huglets being sent,
    Bets <3

  • StewMuffin says:

    Dear Jesse, Happy memorial Day.
    Love and hugs being sent.

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Just read on yahoo that Muhammad Ali’s 16 year old grandson is a running back, is being scouted by college teams and can do the 40 in 4.4… another athletic talent in the Ali family…Hope he makes it to the pros…

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • Susan says:

    Hello Dear Jesse ,

    Surprise !!! It Susan again . I sure have missed talking to you guy , I pray this finds you doing well and happy . I am so far behind in reading our Linda’s web site it shall take me all summer to catch up , Oh but I shall and I know I will enjoy everything she gives because it’s the gospel truth about Elvis /Jesse .

    Now Jesse when I look at all she has given it starts from the beginning of the fire storm of Elvis being alive to Elvis alive living as Jesse/Elvis. As I look at it , It’s all like one giant puzzle and Linda has put it together piece by piece . I
    believe everything she has posted on her wonderful web site .Jesse dear man I believe with all my heart and soul you are who you say you are I shall continue to believe this and please know I am thrilled to know of you and it’s a blessing to know you and Linda . Yours and Linda’s friendship is such a joy to me I shall always cherish it all my life , much thanks for being my friend I love you both to pieces . I also wish to give you and Linda my heartfelt thanks for all that you both have shared with me and the world .

    There’s so much made up stories and awful lies on the internet about Elvis . So many pretending to be Elvis how awful this is so many people hurt and ripped off thinking they have found Elvis .I must tell you before Linda gave her web site I was like most of the people looking on line for Elvis alive stories .Six years ago I found Linda’s site and I haven’t look one day on line for any Elvis alive talk it’s all such a garbage can packed full of made up stories and such hurtful lies to many innocent people who love Elvis . You know I’ve heard and read how some people ask Elvis to return to us, Lord have mercy why would he want to do such a thing . I read once how you said you heard the fans calling your name in your sleep and you ask someone , it may have been Larry Geller . Will they march and chant around my grave , well that questing has come true because every August this does happen . Please don’t miss understand me my friend ,I believe with all my heart that Elvis should be honored and respected at all time above all this he deserves . Jesse I loved Elvis yesterday ,today and I shall love him tomorrow , No body can take this love from me it is branded on my heart and soul .I love you Elvis /Jesse .

    My friend please continue to pray for me and please know I keep you and Linda in my prayers always . As we remember this Memorial day let us pray that man will stop their awful wars and work at making our world more peaceful .Yes we must remember our veterans as I look at the VA hospital it’s such a sad thing with our young men and woman who’s live have changed so very much with wounds that shall never heal ,just so very sad all because of man made wars . Yes we must remember those who gave their all , their lives I lost a brother in Vietnam in 1967 I still miss him today ,Oh but because of our heavenly Father I shall see and be with his spirit again ,plus all my past love ones , God bless you Elvis /Jesse dear heart you are one man in a trillion never shall there ever be one such as Elvis again . He was surely sent by God to spread love and happiness through our the world .

    Well I’d best stop for now I’m getting a little tired , Please take care of yourself and enjoy life my friend , we must remember we are senior citizen now and our life’s path is shorter today then it was yesterday ,so let us enjoy every moment we have left . Good evening Jesse dear heart ,

    Much love and respect

    Your friend and spiritual Sister .

    Susan …

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Jesse and Linda,

    Have a very safe Memorial Day…Please take the time to remember our Veterans and the sacrifices they made for us to keep us free…Freedom isn’t free someone must pay the price for it…

    God Bless Everyone
    Linda FC

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Dear Linda FC:

      I want to wish you and your family a really enjoyable and blessed Memorial Day. Yes, we do all need to take the time to thank our troops, veterans, and the families of those who gave the ultimate price while defending our nation. You are so very right…Freedom does come at a price and is not easily won nor maintained in the world we live in.

      Lots of love and blessing to you,

  • Lucilia Maria says:

    Dearest Linda,

    I shared on my Facebook page the your page on the DNA Elvis / Jesse.

    On Tuesday, the Discovery Channel showed a report on the autopsy. The fans who are on my page have written that were very sad and shocked by the report. How I would like them to understand and accept definitely that Jesse is Elvis and he’s fine. For this reason a few minutes ago I shared the DNA report, even though most of them do not accept as truth.

    I take this opportunity to emphasize that I loved the comparative photo Elvis and Jesse. We can perceive the direction of the fallen hair ( Is that right?) on the forehead is similar in both photos.

    Good weekend for you and Tom.


    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Dearest Lucilia:

      Thank you for sharing material from my site with those who refuse to accept the truth. Please don’t let them cause you any moments of stress. I think the autopsy show which you mentioned has been shown a number of times in the last 6 months or so. It is nothing more than a rehash of what has been reported before. If it is the same show which I saw about 6 months ago, there is a Dr. who is basing his analysis of the autopsy on that which he has heard and read from others. Please don’t let it worry you for a second.

      We are always swimming upstream against a river of naysayers and those who refuse to open their minds and their eyes to the truth. But, as we have said before: The truth never changes…the truth is the truth.

      Thank you for all that you do to defend Jesse, me and my web site. You are a warrior and I appreciate you so very, very much.

      You just take good care of yourself..that has to be your first priority.

      Love and appreciate you so very much always,

      • Lucilia Maria says:

        Thank you very much dearest Linda!

        Currently I try not to stress myself with people who do not understand the truth. The losers are they and not us. God has reserved for us the joy of knowing that Jesse is well and just thinking about he knows of the existence of each of us present here is an infinite joy to all, at least for me.

        I do not know exactly what it is about the report shown on the Discovery Channel, for me it is a waste of time, but caused a huge commotion among fans.

        I take this opportunity to send my best feelings to day so special for the American people. May God in His mercy allows which one day peace reign throughout the universe.

        With my love and my gratitude,

        • Linda Sigmon says:

          Thank you for your sweet message, dearest Lucilia. You are so right in that those who refuse to accept and appreciate the truth are the losers. They know not what they do…

          I completely understand that the truth which I am sharing from and about Elvis-Jesse seems insignificant to anything shown on TV…but mine is the truth and theirs is only warmed-over information from prior sources.

          Thank you for remembering our Memorial Day here in America. May God rest the souls of those troops who gave all to keep our nation free.

          Love and appreciation to you always,

  • Susan says:

    My Dearest Linda ,

    My Friend It’s been way to long since our talk to you and Jessie . I know you and Jesse have said many prayers and you’ve been worried about me . I thank you for your prayers and standing by me all these months you both are a beautiful sweet spirit , I am so blessed to know you both and to have such a friendship in my life . my prayers and thoughts are with you both always .I love and cherishes you both so very much . May our Lord bless you both always .

    Now let me congratulate you both on your wonderful web site that has been on line for six years now with proof and one hundred percent the gospel truth about Elvis being alive . My friends for us believers it’s been a long twenty seven years of put down ,laughed at for our belief and a hard rocky road that we’ve all traveled so long . Anyone can say our do anything ,but I shall never give up my belief on Elvis being alive . He did what he had to do to stay above ground and I so thank him for doing that . I loved him long before that August day in nineteen seventy , seventy . Sorry Jesse ,but for eleven year after that day I believed Elvis had died until that lady Gail Brewer Goregio came on the Larry King TV show December nineteen eighty , eighty and ask three little words , IS ELVIS ALIVE ? It first I didn’t believe it ,but as I read and learned the clues Elvis left us I begin to believe this and ask myself , why not ? I am a believer and shall take my belief to the grave .

    My friends I so thank you both for you courage your strength to stand up against those who love to spread lies and hatred about you both and us believers .Someday the world shall know that what you both give is one hundred percent the gospel truth , I give you my heart felt thanks and appreciation May you both be blessed always and the love and light of God our father always be with you.

    Jesse dear I do hope you have gotten rid of that awful tooth ache ,there isn’t anything worse thne a aching tooth . My dear it makes me happy to tell you that my old aching back has improved much , I still have a ways to go and doctors want to do some test soon to see if they can help me rid myself of the pain . I am not liking the maybe surgery talk ,but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens . Also Jesse dear man if my memory is correct doesn’t our little friend Nick have a birthday one day this month and I do believe he shall be six years old , I know you shall make his special day just that special Please give him a big hug and kiss for me , I love you little guy Grandma Suzie . We I’d best stop for now and get this posted it been way to long since I’ve posted anything I hope the spam monster doesn’t eat it .

    My dear sweet friends I send you both much love and thanks .

    your friend and spiritual Sister ,

    Susan .

    • Lucilia Maria says:

      Susan dear, I have been thinking about you a lot and yesterday much more. I’m happy to “see” you here. Love, Lucilia.

      Linda, I again apologize because we know that this page is only for Jesse and I from time to time break my promise made some years ago that I would not break the rules.

    • Linda Sigmon says:

      Hi Dearest Susan:

      It is wonderful to see your messages and to know that you are feeling better these days. We have missed you lots. I stay so busy and so behind and feel so bad that I can’t keep up to date on my Emails, etc. I thank you for the beautiful E-cards you have sent to me. They are a day brightener always.

      Isn’t it wonderful to be getting some nice spring weather. That alone always makes me feel better. It just goes by way too fast.

      I hope that your back will continue to improve without the need for surgery. But, if you do have to have surgery, then it will help you a lot I know. Once my neck finally healed from the surgery which I had done, it has felt a good bit better. Just takes us longer to heal at our age.

      I wish you and your family a really enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. We have so many troops, past and present, who have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom. Love and thoughts go out to the families of all those who gave the ultimate price to protect our nation.

      Love you very much, my dear friend, Susan.

  • Linda from Chgo says:

    Hi Linda,

    Did Elvis ever record a song written by Carroll Robertson, its called One Pair of Hands…It is a beautiful gospel song

    https://youtu,be uzF8kteNLIE

    it says sung by Elvis???

    God Bless
    Linda FC

  • StewMuffin says:

    Hello dear Jesse, Hope your days and weeks get better as the problems with your dental situation is taken care of. I hope any treatment eradicates any pain you have and problems about it. Have faith. I am praying for you.

    Thank you again and again for all the beautiful music your voice gave to the world, now if only the world would sing what a better world this it could be.

    May God’s love shine down on you always. Have a blessed day!
    With all my love at heart,


  • StewMuffin says:

    Hello Linda, I really enjoyed reading all the past news information, up to date May 15th….Orian and Elvis linked. Got some reads in also about Ricky Husky, personal friend of Elvis (Jesse) who portrayed Elvis in a movie clip.
    You keep everything up to date and pertinent on Elvis, (all are lined up in order and sequences.) Thank you for such completeness on him. How would anyone know if not for your write-ups here at your website. I am amazed but if not for conversations you’ve had with Jesse some things could not have been verified. Good job……thru only you!
    Smiles, Bets

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