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Jesse’s Letter to Dr. Hinton and Also One to Me

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I have previously posted some of the following excerpt from Jesse’s letter to Dr. Hinton (which he wrote on 9-18-1998) on another page of my site regarding the book.  I want to also include it on this page.  Once again, this is from my copy of the rough draft of the book.

Here you will see that he had decided to allow the book to be published in 2002.  I am still unsure about why it ended up being published in 2001.  Jesse and I have never discussed this detail at all.  I, personally, feel that he was pressured to do so…but that is just my own opinion.

I want to also point out the date on which Elvis/Jesse wrote this letter to Dr. Hinton.  It was a very long (5 handwritten pages) and detailed letter and I feel that the date he chose to write this letter was specifically chosen for it’s #9 properties.  You will recall that I have explained before that Elvis and I share the number 9’s in our Numerology charts…especially the number 27.  The date of this letter is 9-18-1998.  All of the digits in this date are number 9’s. 9; 1+8=9; and 1998 -1+9+9+8= 27= 9; and finally all three of the 9’s = 27 which equals the number 9.  Also, as I have explained previously the number 18 is very strong and significant in Elvis/Jesse’s life.

Here is an excerpt from the first page showing the date of this letter:


SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2010

The letter which I am displaying below was received by me from Elvis/Jesse on July 6, 2002.  It was written in response to a video of the FOX 8 interview with Dr. Hinton which I had sent to him.  I am displaying it here for the very first time publicly.  I have asked Elvis/Jesse for permission to display it on my site.  He and I spoke on Friday, July 9th.

My purpose in displaying it so very prominently is to put to rest, once and for all, the lie which was repeatedly told by Dr. Hinton and his associate, Linda Felix-Johnson.  They told in interviews and to people privately, that Elvis was going to “come out” by the end of 2002.  I knew this to be untrue and I  made them aware that I had this letter. I told them that if I should make it public, it would blow them out of the water.  They totally ignored my messages to them about this matter.

You may visit my pages devoted to this topic to see my earlier detailing of these events.


Jesse’s letter to me indicating that he is not coming out in 2002

So, now it is time that it be proven to the world that Elvis NEVER promised them that he was going to “come out” in 2002.  You will see this in his own handwriting below.  Also, you will see that he very strongly disapproved of the way Dr. Hinton was handling things and was incredulous that Dr. Hinton would even have any thoughts that he was going to “come out“.

I have other letters from Elvis/Jesse in which he again indicates these same sentiments…that he had told no one that he would “come out“.  Jesse had told me to not believe anything unless I heard him speak the words or saw it in his own handwriting.

I hope that this will settle this matter.  So many people lost confidence in the fact that Jesse is Elvis because of the false promises made by Dr. Hinton and his associate.  I have suffered greatly because people turned on Elvis/Jesse and, by association, me because Elvis did not “come out“…even though I NEVER told anyone that he would come out EVER.

Their false promises are one of the root causes of my having a web site now.

Note added 12-2-2009

There is one aspect of the following interview about which I wish to comment:

I wish to state that something which Hinton and Felix-Johnson said in the interview which follows on this page, was not at all factual.  They said that “Elvis is a changed man….” and went on to mention his spiritual goals, etc.  I want everyone to know and understand that Elvis was a very spiritual man who had a hunger to know the truth of life long before 8-16-1977.  He read and discussed the Bible with so many people around him for many years.  He asked Larry Geller to bring him books to read which were about the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of the soul’s journey.  Again, “the image is one thing, the man is another“.


News added Friday, November 6, 2009

This past week I came across a lengthy interview and article which was published in 2001 with and about Hinton and Felix-Johnson. I have not seen this article before and for the first time I see exactly how much they were lying to the public.  Even though I have known from day one that they were lying about Elvis “coming out”…this is the first time that I have actually seen for myself the magnitude of the lies which they were telling.

I ask that everyone, please, know and understand that Elvis (Jesse) had never promised them or anyone else that he would be “coming out”.  NEVER!!!




Jesse Himself Did Not promise to come out in 2002

I believe it is time that the truth be told about why Jesse did not come out in 2002 as seen through my eyes.

I have seen and heard the anger, disillusionment and lies told about Jesse because he didn’t come out in 2002.  There are people who believe that Jesse is not Elvis because they feel that he is responsible for the “no show” in 2002.

There are also some comments repeated often saying that so many people were hurt back during the Hinton and Jesse era.

I want to make it absolutely understood that Jesse, himself, hurt not one single person.

The truth as I lived and perceived it is far different from what you have been told heretofore.  So, here is the truth about 2002 as I saw it and as Jesse told me.  I cannot begin to understand nor explain the actions of others who were involved.  The following is Jesse’s truth as he shared it with me and as I lived it day by day.

Jesse himself  NEVER said that he would “come out” in 2002.  Jesse and I were close friends during that year and he told me that  NO,  HE WOULD NOT BE COMING OUT.  He spoke those words to me during phone conversations.

I had been seeing and hearing Dr. Hinton and his associate LFJ proclaiming that Jesse would come out in 2002.  And so, during one of our phone conversations, I asked Jesse point blank if what they were saying was true and his response to me was “Of course NOT!”  Since he told me that in his own words, I knew that Dr. Hinton and LFJ were probably fabricating their promises or perhaps they thought that they could put enough pressure on Jesse to make him give in to them and make an appearance.  I thank God that is not what happened.

Over a rather long period of time, I was badgering Dr. Hinton with phone messages and Emails trying to tell him that Jesse was not coming out.  This had no effect on Dr. Hinton whatsoever.  Dr. Hinton totally ignored all contact from me.  The last time that Dr. Hinton and I spoke was a Sunday afternoon in August 2001…during a very heated conversation caused by more lies by Dr. Hinton and LFJ.

They had been pressuring Jesse for a video of himself to make public. Jesse had told all of us that he wanted me to help make all of his decisions.  He wrote to me about their wanting a video and I said “No”.  The reason I suggested that he not make a video for them was that the video would be current and would show Jesse as he looked at the then present time.

The photo of Jesse with Ben was not quite so revealing as it had been taken in 1994 and wasn’t a portrayal of Jesse’s then current appearance in 2001.  You see, I felt very strongly that Jesse would be more vulnerable if his “today” face had been shown to the public.

I feared for his physical safety as well as his loss of the very private lifestyle which he was then living…that of just a regular person (who had a famous brother)…which is how he lives his life to this day.

I have watched while “fans” have demanded proof that Jesse is Elvis.  Posting messages saying that the only way they will believe that Jesse is Elvis is for him to make a public appearance accompanied by his former wife and their daughter.  This has disturbed me very much because (whether others believe he is Elvis or not does not change the fact that he is) it throws his precious book away.  He spent so much time and put so much thought into writing the book.  He had originally intended for the book to not be published until after he died. But in the spring of 2001 (after he had agreed to publish it while he was still alive) he was looking forward to the fans welcoming it’s publication.

He once asked me if I thought that people would be disappointed in him.  I told him that no one had any right to be disappointed in him because no other person had lived his life.

It is so sad that his wonderful book was so badly handled, published, and promoted that very few took it seriously.  I begged Dr. Hinton (in December, 2000 when I first learned that Jesse had given Dr. Hinton permission to contact publishers and to publish it in 2001) to get a literary agent, show the agent the proof that Jesse is Elvis, and then let the agent contact publishers and get a good contract.  Unfortunately, Dr. Hinton chose the cheap appearance and less credible publishing of the book by going with a “vanity press”.

The combination of  the self-publishing and the false hopes that were given that Jesse would “come out” in 2002, destined Jesse’s book for failure.  The stigma attached to it because of those two choices by Dr. Hinton over shadow the book to this day.

I do have copies of all of the Emails which I sent to Dr. Hinton and LFJ  during that time in which I was attempting to make them see and tell the truth.

Jesse was taking action to attempt to prove his existence in a private way.  Suzanne Stratford (with FOX 8 in Cleveland, Ohio) was the reporter who was chosen to be the most prominent media contact.  It was she who interviewed Dr. Hinton in May 2002.  Jesse had begun communicating directly with Suzanne.  It was Jesse’s wish to arrange to meet with Suzanne privately with no other reporters, camera crew, etc. around.  He asked if she and FOX could gurantee his safety.  This interview would have been done in a secret location and, I believe, filmed without showing Jesse’s face.  This way Suzanne would have met him face to face and she would have been the witness to the truth that he is Elvis.

There was a written document from FOX which was to have been delivered to Jesse through Dr. Hinton.  This contract was intercepted and never reached either of them.  Someone on Dr. Hinton’s end had confiscated it for their own selfish purpose.  This was not discovered until much later after it was too late.  The same person who intercepted the document also began telling Jesse lies about Suzanne.  So, Jesse lost contact with Suzanne and the historical interview never took place.

During that time, Jesse wrote a letter to me (after I sent him a tape of Dr. Hinton’s interview on FOX 8 in May 2002).  I have two dear friends who live in Ohio and they both made tapes for me of every FOX 8 report which aired regarding Dr. Hinton and Jesse.   I made a copy of the above mentioned report and sent it to Jesse so that he could see what was being shown and said.  In response to that tape, Jesse wrote me back a very telling letter which I received on July 6, 2002.  In this letter he expressed his disapproval of what Dr. Hinton was doing.  In no uncertain terms, he made it perfectly clear that he had no intention of making himself public and his in-credulousness that the Dr. would even think that he would.  On the next page of my menu, you will see a typed transcript of an excerpt from Jesse’s letter to me.  At some point in time, with Jesse’s approval, I hope to be able to post a copy of the letter in Jesse’s own handwriting.

I will also be posting a portion of a scathing Email which I wrote to Dr. Hinton and LFJ (August, 2002) in which I told them exactly what Jesse was expressing in his letter to me.  But, again, they totally ignored my contact and continued right on lying to people throughout the end of 2002.  In my Email, I asked them what were they going to do when 2003 came and there was no Elvis/Jesse.  Nothing I said made any impact upon them whatsoever.  I have to suppose that they thought they could force Jesse to come out.  To me, that was despicable.

I did also send a lengthy Email to Suzanne Stratford at FOX 8 introducing myself and telling her some of what you have just read above.  But, Suzanne didn’t know me at that time.  She was meeting with Dr. Hinton and LFJ in person and they had won her over.  She has since recognized the true facts.

So, there you have the truth.  Perhaps you don’t want to believe me…that is your prerogative, however what I have stated above is the absolute truth from my own personal perspective.

I will post my Email to Hinton and LFJ on a separate page – please see my menu on the left.

I have no less than 4 letters which Elvis (Jesse) wrote to me during that time in which he makes it absolutely clear that he had no intention whatsoever to “come out”.    In one letter, he told me to ask a certain person to show me in his own handwriting where he had said that he was “coming out”.

It is so wrong to blame Elvis (Jesse) for the false promises which were made to the public…to people who were disappointed and felt hurt by the promises Hinton and Felix-Johnson made which were never to come true.  The fault should be placed at the feet of those who devised the lies in the first place…Hinton and Felix-Johnson.  You will see the article in its entirety below.

Please also see my page titled:My Email to Dr. Hinton and LFJ in which I told them that Jesse was NOT coming out in 2002 for more details.

Local Doctor Claims He’s Treating Elvis

December 8, 2001 by thedailyrecord

By Joel Francis
The Examiner

The King of Rock and Roll is alive and well, according to local psychiatrist Don Hinton.

Hinton, who works at Independence Regional Health Center, says he has been treating Elvis Presley for the past five years.

“What I’ve seen him mostly for is chronic pain,” said Hinton, who says he travels ’somewhere in the South’ to treat Elvis. “He has severe arthritis, but I’ve also been there as a friend.”

Hinton is earnest but recognizes there will be skeptics and critics.

“There are people who wouldn’t accept it no matter what I would say or do unless he were here eye-to-eye, and then they would want a blood test or DNA test,” Hinton said.

“I’m a young doctor. This is my family, my career. I would not be doing this if it weren’t the truth.”

Becoming Elvis’ physician is no easy task. Hinton was a member of group of people who knew of Elvis’ existence for more than five years before he was finally able to speak to the King over the telephone.

“By the time I was in his presence it had been proven to me beyond the shadow of a doubt,” Hinton said. “I was allowed to meet him because I was a physician and trusted. Friends had known me for 10 years.”

Hinton said he and Elvis became such good friends that the King asked him to help with his book, “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley, In His Own Words.”

“When I first started there was no talk of a book, and I had to promise not to tell a soul,” Hinton said. “In early ‘98 he started talking about wanting to do a book.”

Shrewd Elvis fans may recognize that Elvis’ middle name is spelled “Aaron” on his gravestone at Graceland. However, in a letter on the book’s official Web site,, Elvis himself explains that “I was the one who allowed the ‘A’ on my stone. … The extra ‘A’ was the first letter of the word ‘alive.’ “

According to the book, Elvis staged his death in 1977 and assumed the identity of his twin brother Jesse who was born dead.

“This plan began back in 1976 and it was down to the last detail,” Hinton said. “In his mind what happened in 1977 was not a lie because it was necessary.”

Elvis, who became famous for songs like “Love Me Tender” and “Hound Dog,” and movies like “Jailhouse Rock” and “Viva Las Vegas,” died on Aug. 16, 1977, from an drug overdose. But now, Hinton says, Jesse, nee Elvis, is ready to reclaim the limelight.

“There is part of him that wants his fans to know the truth,” Hinton said. “He has to start talking about his life as Jesse and letting the fans know.”

And the book is just the beginning.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming,” Hinton said. “Beginning next month after his birthday there will be a TV special where celebrities who are his friends who know this is true will come forward. All of this will roll into the 25th anniversary in August.”

But Hinton is certainly not alone. Also among the inner circle of Elvis confidants is Linda Johnson, a neighbor and former co-worker of Hinton’s.

“My uncle was at one time his (Elvis’) dentist,” Johnson said. “That got me in through my relationship and honesty, just like Don. Really Don and I are the only ones in the same state.”

The Elvis book was not released by a major publishing house, Johnson said, because the King wanted to keep his book affordable for fans.

“We shopped around,” Johnson said. “We did our work.”

Larger publishers wouldn’t have accepted the work unless they saw the author typing it.

“He didn’t want to make it sensational or trashy,” Johnson said. “It wanted it to be inexpensive for fans. Most big publishers wanted him sitting in front of them writing.”

Today, Hinton and Johnson said, Elvis is a changed man.

“He’s a very spiritual man. I wouldn’t say he’s a monk, but it’s a completely different world for him,” Hinton said. “He’s turned off by money and show business.”

One thing important to Elvis, er Jesse, these days is privacy.

“He’s more protected than the president but still cannot trust people around him,” Hinton said. “This whole thing was his wish. If he didn’t want it to come out, I would have taken it to my grave.”

Hinton even kept it a secret from his wife, Heather, when they were dating.

“The phone would ring and he would just go into another room and shut the door and come out later,” Heather Hinton said. “He finally told me so I wouldn’t be frustrated or upset.”

Heather Hinton admitted she was skeptical at first.

“When he started explaining what was going on and when I saw things I believed,” Heather Hinton said. “He (Don Hinton) showed me pictures and different things that had been sent to him.”

Color Heather Hinton among the believers.

“I just went with whatever he said as long as it didn’t hurt the family,” Heather Hinton said. “I just thought he wouldn’t do something unless he was pretty sure.”

Don Hinton broke the news to his co-workers shortly before the book came out. He said the news hasn’t hurt his practice. Hinton’s co-workers at Independence Regional Health Center declined to be interviewed.

“It’s affected my practice just because of all the stress,” Don Hinton said. “I hear from people all over the world and 98 or 99 percent of it is positive.”


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Copyright May, 2009 – 2017 All rights reserved. This copyright covers every page of this website and ALL of my original material contained therein.