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In two separate interviews, Billy Smith and Marty Lacker each spoke of the faking of Elvis’ death….once regarding Elvis’ plan to do so and once recounting that it was actually done. These two interviews were done years apart.

Before I write one more word, I want it clearly understood that after the interview in the British publication THE PEOPLE, they have said “It was just a joke.” Below you will see this news article about the interview with both of them.

Following the THE PEOPLE interview, you will see that they had also included their accounts of how Elvis was planning to fake his death and had discussed it with them…this when they worked with Alanna Nash on the book Elvis Aaron Presley…Revelations From The Memphis Mafia. This book was published in 1995.

Here we have THE PEOPLE article:

Enlarged excerpt:

Front cover of Nash’s book:

Marty Lacker in the above book:

Alanna Nash Memphis Mafia book quotes Marty Lacker

The above is Marty Lacker cont’d


Below is Billy Smith in the above book:

Alanna Nash Memphis Mafia book Billy Smith


Billy Smith continued below:

Alanna Nash Memphis Mafia book Billy Smith continued

Below is a followup news article from my later Current News and Events Page regarding The People article shown above.


As many of you are probably aware, I have had a page of this web site devoted to the stories which Marty Lacker and Billy Smith told (in interviews) in which they stated that Elvis did fake his death.  They have since retracted their stories saying that it was only a “Joke“.  And yet, as you will see on my page I have also furnished the story which they told to Alanna Nash in her book recounting how Elvis was thinking of faking his death and how he might go about it.

Our good friend, BlueRose, has found a much more detailed account of the Interview which Billy and Marty gave.  The article which I have displayed on my page is from The People publication in London.  My sincerest thanks to BlueRose for contributing this to my site.

BlueRose has located articles which were published by: MGN LTD Scotland News Assoc. in 1996.  As you will see these  are an expanded version of the article which was published by The People publication. 

I do not say that I am accepting everything which they said…but it is further validation of the many details which they provided for their “joke”.  A rather elaborate joke, I’d say.

This picture was taken four months after Elvis Presley died; E-Files dossier reveals startling new evidence that the King lives.
Today The People reveals sensational new evidence which backs the amazing claim that rock legend Elvis Presley is alive.
An incredible documentary has Unearthed a telephone conversation taped in 1981 which experts say proves beyond doubt the caller was Elvis.
The video even claims that the legendary star filled in the details of his own death certificate. On August 16 1977 the world went into mourning as global headlines announced: The King Is Dead.
But a new dossier called the E-Files, made for US television but not yet seen in Britain, will send shockwaves around the world. It claims that:
Elvis was a secret FBI agent forced to fake his death after a dangerous mission which landed two big-time crooks in jail.
He made a phone call to a friend four years after his reported death.
The star had his middle name misspelt on his tombstone because he was alive.
Elvis was clearly photographed gazing out of his Graceland mansion four months after he was supposed to have died.
Five months before Elvis was pronounced dead, he cashed in two life insurance policies and pounds 1 million was withdrawn from a private account.
Last week we told how the King’s cousin Billy Smith and close friend Marty Lacker broke a 19-year silence to tell the world how Elvis, then aged 42, had carefully planned the hoax of the century.
They told how Elvis paid a dying lookalike, known only as Scott, to be buried in his place.
Our story sparked a fierce debate on radio stations across Britain.
Larger-than-life London DJ Chris Ryder aka Caesar the Geezer (b. 9 November 1958) is a British radio personality  devoted the whole of last Sunday’s show on Capital Gold to the subject.
After he read our story out, the switchboard lit up with callers.
Listeners in London and across the South East can hear extracts from the E-Files on his show between 7-8pm tonight.
Presenters from Sir David Frost
 on BBC to Eddie Mair He presents BBC Radio 4′s daily news magazine PM and the BBC’s NewsPod, is an occasional presenter of Newsnight, the stand-in presenter for Any Questions  on Radio 5 highlighted the story.
Eddie even called the Memphis radio station WMCAM live on air to discuss our world exclusive.
The video evidence, available for the first time in Britain on the Visual label, includes a minute-long taped phone conversation in which Elvis tells a mystery friend how he spent a year on an island hideaway and also travelled through Europe.
Leading American voice expert L H Williams (full name and dates unknown) who works for the Texas police department checked the E-Files tape against known recordings of Elvis’s voice.
He toiled for days comparing computer printouts of recordings with the voice on the tape.
He is adamant it is Elvis. Monte Nicholson, a Los Angeles cop, and Quebec government official Luc Dionne claim Elvis disappeared after a secret FBI mission put his life on the line.
Luc points to recently de-classified FBI documents which refer to a hush-hush probe code-named Operation Fountain Pen which featured Elvis and a notorious criminal gang, The Fraternity.
The gang tried to con Elvis’s family out of pounds 1 million. Elvis played along to trap the crooks.
Elvis was appointed a secret federal agent by President Nixon in 1970. His name appears on the US Justice Department’s book of federal agents.
Hand-writing expert Paul Weast examined Elvis’s death certificate and after extensive tests claimed it was written by the King. Another startling piece of evidence is a photo which shows Elvis staring out of a doorway at his home on December 31 1977 – four months after his reported death.
The colour snap was taken by fan Mike Joseph, who did not realise he had captured Elvis on film watching fans file past his grave until after the film was processed.
The photo and negatives were examined by film giant Kodak and verified as authentic.
Fans were always baffled why Elvis’s tombstone spells his second name incorrectly as Aaron.
This was the name on his first birth certificate but his mother kicked up such a fuss that a new one spelling it Aron was issued.
The E-Files claims the tombstone inscription was no mistake.
The dossier also contains an interview with Elvis’s cousin Gene Smith, who is convinced the body in the coffin was not the star.





This web site content is Copyrighted by May  2009 – 2014  All rights reserved.

Copyright May, 2009 – 2017 All rights reserved. This copyright covers every page of this website and ALL of my original material contained therein.