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This article was originally published on my site on July 9, 2012

I have been given permission just today to disclose the following regarding Eliza Presley’s 4 year battle to prove that she is Elvis/Jesse’s half-sister.  This proof was shared with me sometime ago…but I promised to keep silent about it until just today.

Eliza Presley was notified, on August 6, 2008, that the first DNA lab results which showed that she was related to Elvis, who is now Jesse, as his half-sister were erroneous.  She was furnished with a corrected report stating that none of the original lab results were correct.  She has concealed this correction report, which she received from the lab BEFORE she did anything publicly or legally to claim her so-called “rightful” place in the Presley family.

Below is the CORRECTED DNA LAB DOCUMENT informing her of this truth.  Some of those who knew about the correction report had signed confidentiality agreements and, therefore, could not bring her fraud to light.

I am so very glad to finally be able to expose Eliza Presley’s criminally fraudulent activities of the past 4 years.  She has caused Elvis/Jesse, his family, myself and many others (who she has used so much) mental anxiety, hardships, expenses and stress.

I only have this saved in PDF format, so for the time being, I will have to ask that you click on this link to be taken to the actual visual document.  I shall try to insert some of  the document in actual images below a little later.

  * footnote, I have now been able to convert the PDF file to that of a JGP file which I can now insert here:

Eliza Presleys Corrected DNA Report

I am told that what she has done is a Class D Felony and she is subject to criminal charges.  Also, anyone who has known of her fraud and has continued to assist her is also subject to criminal charges…guilt by association.

As per:

Federal Code 5-54-121

Suffice to say that this is a day that I have looked forward to.  This is the reason that I have been fighting so hard against her here on my site…without being able to expose her fully.  It is very liberating to me to have the truth about her made public at last.

Of course,the most important DNA to her was that which proved that Elvis is alive.  Evidently, she thought that she could push this through court somehow and prove that he is alive without anyone ever learning of her fraud.  As I have stated before, Eliza (not her real name) has a lengthy criminal history from years ago.

I first broke off all association with her over two years ago when I first learned of her past criminal record.  At that time, I was not aware that she had used fraudulent DNA.