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I have been going through some things and I came across several post cards from Jesse which I don’t believe he will mind my sharing as there is nothing private in them.  They will give you a peak into his life after 1977:

The first one is from the very first mail which I received from Elvis/Jesse in the Spring of 1992…almost 20 years ago.  This was a postcard which he signed Mr. Jon Burrows.  The next one I received from him was just signed Elvis.

This one brought tears to my eyes and ecstasy to my heart and soul because it was my very first contact with him.  As you can see, he wrote that I had “waited long enough“.  He knew from my newsletters, etc. how devoted and loyal I always have been to him.  He also knew that I had absolutely no doubt that he was/is still alive.


This one was mailed to me by Jesse from Memphis in August, 1997:


 I don’t recall exactly when this one arrived:

(Don’t get too excited, I didn’t “see him soon“.)


Below is the front of this card:

So cute and funny!!

I apologize that a portion of the script is cut off.  It says “If he weren’t pretending to be dead, he’d have sent this himself.


SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2012 @ 2:15 AM

Just as told to me by Jesse this past Tuesday evening, there was a “private birthday party” held for Ali in Louisville Saturday night.  Below is the link to a report about the private party.

I feel sad for Jesse that he could not be present for his dear friend’s 70th birthday party.

Please visit the links below to view the photo of Ali and to read the entire article.  I am presenting only this tiny portion here to substantiate what Jesse shared with us on my site a few days ago.

Muhammad Ali cheered at 70th birthday bash in Ky.

BRUCE SCHREINER, Associated Press
Updated 10:25 p.m., Saturday, January 14, 2012

Read more:

“The guest list numbered 350 for the private party, which doubled as a $1,000-per-person fundraiser for the Ali Center, the six-year-old cultural and education complex designed to be a legacy to his social activism. The six-story center also retraces Ali’s career, including his epic bouts against Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Sonny Liston.

Read more:


Ali serenaded on 70th birthday

LOUISVILLE – More than 300 people serenaded boxing icon Muhammad Ali with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” Saturday at a lavish $1,000-a-plate fundraiser and party in his Kentucky hometown.


Boxing | International

Muhammad Ali © Gallo Images

Hundreds serenade Ali

15 January 2012, 07:39


More than 300 people serenaded Muhammad Ali with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday on Saturday.

Ali, one of the most recognisable sportsman in the world, turns 70 on Tuesday.

As about 350 people mingled in a lobby of the Muhammad Ali Centre in Louisville at the beginning of Ali’s birthday party, he walked out to a second-floor balcony overlooking them.

The crowd immediately began to clap, then chanted and sang while he stood and watched for about two minutes.

Ali moved slowly but at times walked on his own as he mingled and waved to those who were there to wish him well. When he was not walking by himself, he was assisted by his wife Lonnie.


Muhammad Ali

AP Photo/Mark HumphreyMuhammad Ali celebrated his 70th birthday Saturday.

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis said his boyhood idol is “still the greatest.”

“I feel so proud and honored that we’re able to show our feelings and show our support for him,” Lewis said.

Lewis said Ali’s strength and influence extended far beyond the boxing ring in his humanitarian efforts.

“What he’s done outside the ring — just the bravery, the poise, the feeling, the sacrifice,” Lewis said “… He’s truly a great man.”

The guest list numbered 350 for the private party, which doubled as a $1,000-per-person fundraiser for the Ali Center, the six-year-old cultural and education complex designed to be a legacy to his social activism. The six-story center also retraces Ali’s career, including his epic bouts against Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Sonny Liston.

AP News in Brief at 11:58 pm EST
___ Muhammad Ali comes home for party celebrating his coming 70th birthday; crowd serenades him LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Muhammad Ali soaked in familiar cheers and chants along with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” on Saturday night as friends and …The three-time world heavyweight champion, who is battling Parkinson’s disease, leaned against a rail and raised his right hand to wave to the crowd. Ali walked on his own but was at times assisted by his wife, Lonnie, and his sister-in-law. After the brief appearance, Ali went to his party.

Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday celebrated in Louisville | Video | wtsp
pubId=29913742001 Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday celebrated in Louisville A star-studded guest list that included musicians, politicians, coaches, journalists and a heavyweight boxing champion convened at Louisville’s Muhammad Ali 10 News Latest Video

I am so sad that Jesse could not go there to celebrate with his friend…


For those who may be looking for a copy of Jesse’s book, there is a copy listed on Ebay for a fairly reasonable price:

The starting bid is $39.99…

Here is the link to this item:  THE TRUTH ABOUT ELVIS ARON PRESLEY


Here is a very interesting YouTube video.   On here you will hear a portion of the 1981 speaking tape of Elvis/Jesse on the telephone and you will see the proof that the voice on this tape matches that of Elvis before 1977.

Elvis Presley Is Alive??(4/5) …you may also click on this link to view directly on YouTube.


Uploaded by on Mar 10, 2010


Below is a photo of Benjamin with Lisa at a few years older than his photo with Jesse.



Here is the link to a very interesting and heart touching article about Muhammad Ali.  I have copied one very sweet paragraph below…and highlighted in red one significant comment from his wife, Lonnie.

 Monday January 16,2012

By Peter Sheridan

HE LIKES to dwell in the past, watching films of his old fights, documentaries about his life and vintage Elvis movies. “Muhammad is a little sentimental,” says Lonnie. “He likes looking at older things. Sometimes I think he looks at it and says, ‘is that me? Did I really say those things?’”

Happy birthday to Ali…a dear and very special man.



The following news story has nothing to do with Jesse, but I want to call it to the attention of every visitor who owns a dog.  M J called to tell me that a couple lost one dog and another is sick because of these treats.  This story is important to me because we have given these treats to our little Cayce for all of his 3 years and he loves them.  But, now he gets them no more.

  • Photo

FDA cautions dog owners of treatsYou can click on the title below to go to the site for the entire article:

Chicken Jerky dog treats imported from China, including the brand, Waggin’ Train may be associated to illness in dogs.

FDA cautions dog owners of treats

Updated: Monday, 16 Jan 2012, 12:39 PM EST
Published : Monday, 16 Jan 2012, 12:39 PM EST

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The Food and Drug Administrations cautions consumers of chicken jerky dog treats imported from China, in particular, Waggin’ Train Dog Treats.

They say it may be associated to illness, kidney and liver failure, and death.

Scientists are still working to determine a definite cause, so a recall hasn’t been released yet. Therefore, they’re still on store shelves.


Here is some interesting information from today’s Thought for the Day:

Think on This…
(Q) Please explain for me what is meant by “soul-mate” . . . (A) Those of any sect or group where there is the answering of one to another; as would be the tongue to the groove, the tenon to the mortise; or in any such where they are a complement one of another–that is what is meant by “soul-mate.” Not that as from physical attraction, but from the mental and spiritual help.


My friend Ron Collamore wrote to tell me about the fact that President Eisenhower’s library and museum is featuring Elvis in their displays and upcoming events.  This is wonderful!  Elvis was such an influential presence during President Eisenhower’s administration. 

Here is an excerpt from the article which Ron sent to me:

Eisenhower photo collage

Eisenhower Presidential
Library, Museum and Boyhood Home

Message from the Director


April 13 | Reception for “Elvis at 21” exhibit and concert by Elvis Tribute Artist Joseph Hall; reception in Library courtyard and concert outdoors. 


Jan. 20, 2012 – March 31, 2013 | Library’s 50th Anniversary exhibit spotlighting our holdings.

* The King (Elvis) and the Presidents (April – June)

April 7 – July 1|Elvis at 21, Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer exhibit

Below is the link to the site:

My thanks to Ron for bringing this to my attention.


My friend, Jean from Scotland, wrote to share her observation about the pool house door photo comparison and the photo of Jesse with Benjamin.  I thank Jean very much for her thoughts on this very good point.

Jean writes:  Another point noticed that you could use is the image you used of Elvis to compare to the pool house door photo could also be used with photo of Jesse ! The hair style is exactly the same, something that rarely changes with a lot of people is the way their hair naturally grows. Just an observation Linda to help those poor disbelievers 🙁


We have a lovely new visitor to our site, Audrey from Australia.  Audrey wrote to ask about my usage of the “Hood” in my name.  Some others have commented about that as well, so I will explain. Hood is my maiden name.  In our area there are so many Linda Sigmons.   There were even two other Linda Sigmons in my husband’s family.  Just about everywhere I go, there are others with my same name on file. 

I began using my full name, including Hood, back when I was doing my newsletter (over 20 years ago) because I wanted to be sure to receive all mail sent to me. 

Some people think that I use the Hood in my name because I want people to think that I am related to Elvis/Jesse…but that is not the case…never was.  Although, I certainly would be so very honored if he and I are related by blood. 

He and I have “adopted” each other as siblings.  He calls me his “baby sister” and I call him “my big brother“.  This was his idea and I love it so much.  We are “soul mates” as defined in the above Edgar Cayce reading.

I thank Audrey for her question.


My good friend, Susan, Emailed me the link to this YouTube video of J. D. Sumner speaking about his life with Elvis.  I have heard this before, but I don’t recall that I have ever written about this on this site.

JD Sumner On Elvis – part 1

Uploaded by on Apr 16, 2010


J. D. did not know the truth in the beginning after August 16, 1977 and he denounced all of the rumors about Elvis being alive.

However, J. D. did become aware of the truth later on.  J. D. and Jesse resumed contact and were friends until the day J. D. died. 

Jesse phoned me one Saturday night, about a year before J. D. passed away.  He told me that he and J. D. had just hung up and that they had been talking about me.  He said that J. D. knew who I am. 

He said that if I ever went to another J. D. show that I should go up to him and that J. D. would have something in his pocket for me.  Sadly, J. D. did not perform again in our state and I never got to follow through on Jesse’s promise.

A good friend who was friends with J. D. told me that J. D.’s attitude about Elvis being alive changed drastically from the days when he was so harshly denying that fact.

During the last J. D. concert that my husband and I attended, J. D. even made a joke about Elvis still being around.

J. D. said that he and the stamps were having some trouble getting bookings.  He said he told his agent “Tell them I’ll bring Elvis!!”  I absolutely do not believe that J. D. would have been making this kind of joke if he believed that his dear friend was really dead.

This photo of J. D. and me was taken after the last show which I attended:

I have a very good and true friend who was close friends with J. D.  He once asked J. D. if Elvis really died.  J. D. responded to him “Elvis, as we knew him, died that day.”


Tell Congress: Don’t censor the Web

Fighting online piracy is important. The most effective way to shut down pirate websites is through targeted legislation that cuts off their funding. There’s no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs.

Too much is at stake – please vote NO on PIPA and SOPA.

Here is the link to the petition…Please do take a moment to sign.

Tell Congress: Don’t censor the Web


This is an interesting interview with and article about Ed Bonja.

This is the link to this site:

Elvis gallery on visit to Border


18 Jan, 2012 01:00 AM

Below is a short excerpt which I really enjoyed reading and I think you will too:

Mr Bonja worked with the music superstar for almost seven years, up until a couple of months before he died.

As Elvis’ only official photographer,…

Now Mr Bonja spends much of his time travelling the world, riding the wave of Elvis’ fame.

One of the things he often shares with people about his famous friend was that he was “a normal guy”.

“Some people who don’t know much about him find it hard to believe that he was really shy, people would give him compliments and he would blush,” Mr Bonja said.

“He wondered if people would remember him when he died and, well, here we are 35 years later.”

(Mailed to Jesse through this point on 1-19-2012)



I want to share with everyone that Jesse phoned me last night.  He is doing fine.  We had a nice visit.  He asked me to post on the site his thanks to everyone who sent him gifts recently for Christmas and his birthday.  He said that he wished it was possible for him to contact and thank each person individually but that is not possible now.

He asked me which team Tom is pulling for and then he said he hoped that the Giants would win…he also mentioned that there is another team which he likes but did not tell me the name of that team.  He did, however, tell me that he hopes that New England doesn’t win.  I said, “You don’t like the Patriots?!  But, their logo looks like you!!!  He chuckled at my remark.  I am not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination and know next to nothing about the teams other than that which I gather from hearing and glimpsing the games in the background when Tom watches them.  But, for many years, I have taken joy in seeing the Patriots emblem/logo because, to me, it is fashioned after a profile of Elvis.  Check it out and see what you think.

I had written asking Jesse’s permission to display photos of a gift which he sent to Tom many years ago…probably about 13 years ago.  He did give me permission to display photos of the item but not the name of the person whose gift it was to him.

Below you will see these photos.  This is a handmade shirt and vest which was made for him as a gift from a very close personal friend.  I hope you will enjoy seeing these photos:

As you will see, these garments were very carefully hand  sewn and beautifully done.

Footnote:  I forgot to post initially that this gift was given to Elvis before 1977.




There are no coincidences.  Everything has a meaningspoken by Elvis Presley.

I too believe this and find it stated by Edgar Cayce in other words below:

Think on This…
Individuals do not meet by chance. They ARE necessary in the experiences of others, though they may not always use their opportunities in a spiritual way or manner.

Our beautiful friend Lucilia Maria posted this video to our video board this morning and I want to be sure that everyone gets to see this once more.

This song is such a beautiful “benediction” to the life he lived as Elvis.  I just can’t get enough of watching and listening to the “goodbye” songs which he sang during that final “farewell” tour.

Love him so very, very much…as the man, Elvis, and now as Jesse, my most treasured friend.

My hero!!!!




Early on, with my web site, one of the self proclaimed (and publicly accepted)  “Elvis Experts” refuted my facts about Elvis having been a federal DEA agent.  When I stated this fact about Elvis, this expert said “If he was, show me the proof.” to which I displayed quite a few photos and documents with added details to substantiate my statement.

Some of my substantiating evidence was written transcripts of statements made by Elvis himself.  Heretofore, those written words were all that I had.  But, yesterday on Facebook I found displayed a very recently added video on YouTube of Elvis on stage making the statement that he is a federal narcotics agent.  This is a lengthy monologue of Elvis refuting the trash written about him in the movie magazines.  I know you will thoroughly enjoy seeing and hearing this.

Elvis was livid about the lies being told about him…with very good reason.  He expresses his righteous indignation in no uncertain terms.  I wish I had been there to applaud and shout out “Give’em Hell, Elvis.”

Quite some time ago, during a phone conversation with Jesse, he affirmed that I am correct in having my page about his federal and other law enforcement agencies involvement.  His response to my query about having my page was “Yes. I know all kinds of people.”

 So, once and for all, here is the truth straight from Elvis’s own mouth.  I ask the “Elvis Experts” and everyone else, are you going to dispute what Elvis himself stated on stage by saying he was lying, or high on drugs, etc. or are you going to believe the words of the man himself?  To do anything but accept the words of the man himself on stage and then again to me on the phone, is the ultimate act of disrespect to this man who stood so tall his entire life.

I do not care for the latter portion of this video which paints a negative image of Col. Parker and Elvis.

I do want to say, while I have it on my mind, that Jesse and Col. Parker were close friends until the day that Col. Parker passed away.  I know this for a fact because Jesse told our mutual close friend, about 3 weeks before Col. Parker passed away, that the Col. was dying.  To my knowledge, this fact had not been made public anywhere.  I was driving home from work and heard Col. Parker’s death announced on the radio.  I called our mutual friend to tell him that the Col. had indeed died just as Jesse had said.  Turns out that Jesse had already called our mutual friend and told him of Col. Parker’s death and said “See, I told you so.”   Jesse told our friend before it was announced in the news.

I want to thank, so very much,  the person who added this video on YouTube just a little over a week ago.  Uploaded by on Jan 11, 2012 who also wrote this description:

       In this Video Elvis tells his Fans he is a Government Agent and they laugh because they think he is joking, But Elvis says ” I’m an eighth degree black belt in Karate. I’m a Narcotics Government agent.” then the audience laughs thinking it’s a joke, then Elvis say’s ” I am swear to God”

I personally love Elvis’s response to some who called out “boo.o.o.o.o.o” from the audience.  How dare anyone say that to Elvis when he is stating something so important!

Below is one example of what he was saying:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 (this is from an earlier article on my site)

Here is another item related to Elvis’ law enforcement involvment:






At the below link, you may watch a short video of Muhammad Ali before he went into the private party for his 70th birthday.   This is the party to which Jesse was invited and about which he told us in advance.

You may just click on the title bar as it is the link.

This is a CBS News Report.

January 17, 2012 5:01 AM

Below is the link to a video of Elvis in 1973 boarding a plane after two shows in Fresno.  This is further substantiation of Elvis’s association with Howard Hughes.  You will see that the name on the plane is Hughes Airwest.  Please refer to my page dedicated to the connection between these two men.

My Page: Elvis/Jesse and Howard Hughes

Jesse wrote in his book that Howard Hughes was one of the people who helped him to pull off August 16, 1977.

This was obviously a chartered plane or perhaps just a loan from a good friend.

Elvis at Fresno Air Terminal, 1973


Below are several stills taken from this video:

 Uploaded by on Aug 20, 2011

My heartfelt thanks to my good friend, Kathy/Medford for locating this video and calling it to my attention last night.