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I have carried forward several of the more important articles from the prior Current News and Events page for those who may have missed seeing them.


Below I am sharing the note which Jesse wrote to Tom and me in the Christmas card which he sent to us last week. I thought that everyone would enjoy sharing in his greeting to us.

Several weeks ago, Jesse told me that if I would send him the names of a few people who are my trusted friends that he would send them something for Christmas. He has sent something to all of these people. Most of them have already received his gift and/or card and have thanked me so much for what he did for them. You will read in his note the concern which he feels about being sure not to miss anyone.

You will recall that last Christmas he did the same kind gesture of autographing photos for those whose names I gave him.

I thank Jesse from the bottom of my heart for doing this for my friends and me. Again, I am so sorry that everyone could not be included…I didn’t want to flood Jesse with tasks to do.

footnote:  I apologize for the lack of an image appearing here.  I have decided to speak with Jesse to ask his permission to show his handwritten note.

footnote 2:  You may now see Jesse’s Christmas card posted below under Friday December 30th.  He phoned and gave me his permission to display it.



I have some very wonderful news this morning.  Jesse called last night and he is fine.  He specifically asked me to please post his thanks to those friends who sent him gifts for Christmas…he appreciates them so very much.  These are trusted people with whom he has become acquainted through me.

Also, he did give me permission to post his Christmas card and note on the site.  If you missed my earlier article about this note and my intention to ask his permission to post it, you may see it by scrolling up to this past Monday’s article.

Below, you may see the post mark dated envelope so you will know that it was mailed to me on December 19, 2011.  I have cropped off the location of his postmark as well as my home address.  But you may see the date of the postmark and the first line of my address on the envelope:


Below is the front of Jesse’s card:


 Below is the note inside Jesse’s Christmas card:




Beautiful advice for this the last day of 2011…this will be a good resolution to carry forward in the new year.

Think on This… Be patient; be kind; show brotherly love. Making for those things that are of the spirit becometh, then, the basis for the activities in the earth, and His promises are faithful that, “Ye abiding in me, I in the Father, ye shall ask in my name and it will be done unto thee.” Even the desire of thy heart concerning thy spiritual life.


I wish everyone a wonderfully blessed and happy New Year!


Please click on the link below to post your birthday messages to Jesse for January 8, 2012:




This is an enjoyable fantasy song from the cute movie “Lonely Street”…I do love this song:

Here is the clickable link:  Lonely Street: When the Rebel Comes Home Music Video





I want to let everyone know that our Mark has flown into the city where the hospital is located for his surgery today.  Please keep Mark in your thoughts and prayers that all will go well with the surgery and his recovery.  He will be away until Sunday providing his stay is not lengthened unexpectedly.

I constantly thank Mark for all that he has done to help me with our web site.  He is a hero to me.


Today’s Thought for the Day is so comforting…

Think on This…
Who may separate you from the love of the Father? Only thyself. For, an injury that may be done thee–or done thy body–is as being done unto the Maker, and the Lord is the avenger of those that love Him.


We saw the musical Million Dollar Quartet about a month ago and it was absolutely fantastic.  The young man who plays Elvis is amazing.  You have to look closely to see that it is not the real Elvis in ’56. Of course, to me, he is the main attraction although the other actors who portray Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Sam Phillips as well as the young lady are all wonderfully talented too.  The young man who plays Jerry Lee Lewis is really something too.

If I am not mistaken, I saw that they are going to be performing in Memphis in mid February.  If you are fortunate enough to see the same cast which we did, you will have a most memorable evenings entertainment.

Below is a YouTube video of the young man, Cody Slaughter, who portrays the young Elvis.  I think you will be amazed at his performance.  The only other actor who I have seen portray Elvis in nearly as good a manner was Michael St. Gerard who played Elvis in the TV series The Early Years.


Cody Slaughter as Elvis 56′

Uploaded by on Oct 25, 2011

Cody Slaughter as Elvis 56′ currently starring in the Million dollar quartet and who won the Ultimate ETA 2011 held by Elvis Presley Enterprises.



My closest friend, M J (NOT Michael Jackson) has informed me that she has learned that I was in error back several months ago when I wrote that Elvis wore only the Aztec Sundial Suit displaying the 8 and 16 during all of his last tour…his “farewell tour”.  She discovered footage of him wearing a different suit in Kansas City on June 18, 1977.

I, as always, want to correct this error as I do any error of which I become aware.  I have done more research and found the following article showing the dates on which he wore the Sundial suit.  It was the only suit worn during the filming of the CBS TV special from the tour and was also the very last suit which he wore during his final concert on June 26, 1977 in Indianapolis.  So, to me, it is still obvious that it was worn as a farewell message.

I apologize that my earlier findings were incorrect. Here is an article about the suit and the shows on which he wore it.  I believe this article is correct.

The World of Elvis Jumpsuits




Below are photos of the gifts which Jesse sent to my husband and me for Christmas.  I thank him so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for these lovely gifts.

There are silver bracelets for each of us:


Beautiful ear rings for me:

…and, most precious of all, a lovely ring given to Jesse’s mother by his father:


Jesse has written and spoken that Col. Parker was a true friend who masterminded Aug. 16, 1977 and that he took that secret to his grave. 

In the interview below, you may hear Col. Parker’s response to some of the allegations made against him.  You will hear Col. Parker say that he slept very well at night and that he and Elvis were friends.  He debunks the stories told in the scandalous books written by some of Elvis’s former staff, so called “family” and so called “friends” by explaining that the books were done for money and that he, himself, had turned down numerous book offers because they wanted “dirt” and he would not do that.

Interview with Colonel Tom Parker : Elvis Presley’s Manager : part2

Uploaded by on Aug 22, 2011

A second interview with Colonel Parker, this time at the launch of the Elvis stamp in the USA.


I realize that so much sensationalized trash has been written and spoken by others that some will never accept the words of Col. Parker nor Elvis/Jesse himself.  However, this does not change the truth one bit.  People are always much too quick to believe the worst and rush right past the truth. 

I have always known that when Elvis himself did tell the truth that there would be so many who would jump up to fight and say “Oh no, that can’t be the truth because Marty, Lamar, Billy Smith, Billy Stanley, Dee Stanley, David Stanley, Rick Stanley, etc. said so and so.” 

Their bucket of lies has been picked up and passed from one source to another to another for the last 34+ years…so much so that even Elvis himself cannot straighten it all out. 

The true losers in all of this are those true fans who sincerely want to believe the fact that Elvis did not die and that the lies told since he retired are just that…lies.  Yet, these fans are constantly faced with ridicule and more lies to keep them in the dark.  It makes me very sad to see this happen.  Jesse does want his fans to know that the things which have been written about him are untrue. 


My closest friend, M J, has written such a lovely article about Elvis/Jesse on our blog page.  I want to display it here also in order that more visitors to this site may enjoy it and understand the truth and meaning behind her written words.  Thank you so very much, my dear friend.


For all those believers and non believers, if you are an Elvis fan, you will admit, his image did leave a giant shadow. Even today, 77 years after his birth, people look to him as more than just a singer, but as the man who “started it all”, the man who gave birth to a new era of music, the man who became the King of Rock & Roll. That’s just it. He became… The man became the King, the King became the Image, and the Image, unfortunately overshadowed the man. Be it sales of records, sold out concerts from Las Vegas to Kalamazoo, TV Specials that included a christening of a return to live performances after years away from adoring fans and the first ever worldwide live satellite broadcast that was seen by over 1 billion people. Elvis Aloha from Hawaii remains to this day the most watched performance by an individual entertainer in the history of TV. 31 movies, each and every one making money for its’ respective production company, plus 2 documentaries, so successful that 1 even won a Golden Globe in the 1972 Best Documentary category.

All of this, being the life’s work of a magnificent man. Again, that’s just it. The work, the Image, became the seen, while the man became the unseen. Certainly, family and close friends were present to bear witness to the man, and have shared thru the years, stories of both good and bad, fact and fiction, recounting everything about the Image/the man, from loves to hates, from food preferences to bathroom habits. Only a few have touched on the man, the thoughts, the tears, the joys, the fears. Every fan can give testimony as to why they love the Image. But do all fans love the man?

It would seem if you love the Image, you automatically love the man too. But how many fans can understand the man’s longing for the life that once was, and for a brother’s life, a twin’s life, that never was. Those who believe, believe. Those who doubt, those who do not believe, those who simply do not care, for whatever reason, be it that ‘it’s been too many years” or that “it’s a crazy idea, thought only by crazy people…he would never leave his fans.” I ask you 1 simple question… When you read everything that Linda has here on her website, when you look closely at the photo of Jesse with his grandson, Benjamin, do you, as an Elvis fan, for a moment, for a second, does the thought cross your mind, could he have done this, would he have done this, did he have the means, the money, the connections, but most importantly, the NEED to do this?

Don’t be so presumptuous of the man, not the Image, but the man, in your saying that he would not, did not allow the Image to die that day, that 8/16/77. One final thought, do you beieve that he would of liked to? To have given everything up…To have given everything away and walk through that gate in overalls and barefoot, but free. Do you believe that he ever thought that thought, ever shared that dream with another human being? Well, he did. That pretty much is a direct quote as shared by Elvis to Marian J. Cocke, his nurse, in her book, “I Called Him Babe: Elvis Presley’s Nurse Remembers”, published in 1979 by Memphis State University Press.

We believers are not living in a fantasy world, are not being taken in by a con, are not living our lives in whimsy. We are believers because when we look at the photo of Jesse with Benjamin, we can see a dream, a want, a need…fulfilled. We see a photo of simply a man, not a King, not an Image, not a shadow of an Image, just a man, lovingly holding his grandson. Knowing the simple pleasure of a perfect day, a perfect moment between grandfather and grandson, a perfectly plain and simple moment in time that other men enjoy with no thought as to Image. That is why we believe. We want him to have this too. This beautiful, commonly shared occurrence that normal folks enjoy. This freedom to be but a man, not a King, not an Image, not a shadow of an Image, looming larger than life, for all the world to see.

If you say that you are an Elvis fan, I believe that you would want the same for this man. So, if you have ever thought, would he, could he, did he, wish with me a Beautiful, Happy, Healthy Birthday and Year to a Beautiful man, simply a man, on this, his 77th Birthday…
With love,

P.S. To everyone, a most Happy, Healthy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year! I would like to share with everyone that Jesse called me on Tuesday, 1/3/12. His voice is strong and full and he says that he’s “feeling good” and looking forward to his Birthday and this year. I can only thank God for allowing me to know Linda and Linda for her to bless me with her friendship, and for introducing me to Jesse. For those of you who wonder, is he still THAT GOOD? Yes. The beauty of the man is only overshadowed by the love of his heart and the warmth and caring of his soul. He is THAT GOOD…

Below is a photo which M J shared with me taken during a concert which she attended in June, 1974.  She pointed out to me how very large the shadow of Elvis is on the backdrop as compared to everyone else on stage…it goes so perfectly with her article..”HIS IMAGE LEFT A GIANT SHADOW…..”




We only have two more days to post our birthday wishes to Jesse on our message board. I will be mailing these out to him next week.  I know he will enjoy and appreciate them although they will be a little late reaching him.

Below is the link once more:




Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony

Click below:

Watch Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony Live

Help celebrate Elvis’ birthday no matter where in the world you are on January 8, 2012. Tune in to this page on Elvis.comon Sunday morning, January 8, at 9:30 a.m. CST to see the Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony Live.

In addition, during the ceremony:

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  • Post that you are watching the ceremony using the #ElvisPresley and see your Tweet appear in the feed.

Important Notice: To watch the Live Broadcast you must have the free Microsoft Silverlight software installed. Click Silverlight to see if you have it installed or need to install the software.


Mark is doing very well and is flying home today.  Thank all of you for your prayers for this great guy.


Below is a very flattering video of Jimmy Ellis/Orion.  This is the very best I have ever seen him.  As you will see, when he sings as himself, he does not sound very much like Elvis.  While many of the Orion records do sound exactly like Elvis. 

When you watch this good video of a song and an interview, please bear in mind that Jesse himself confirmed to me that some of the Orion songs were done by him.


Jimmy Ellis (Orion) – 100 Pounds Of Clay-Orion Story

Uploaded by on Sep 7, 2010

jimmy sings and tells how he became Orion on the Nashville Now Show…




Of course, today is a red letter day for all of us because we love him so very, very much.  I am so pleased to see, on our visitors map, that the number of visits today is very high and also I am so happy to see that people from all over the world are visiting today.

Below are our recent visits for a part of the last hour.  My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of our visitors.  This shows how many people have him in their hearts and on their minds today.

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Here is a video of a TV news report in which people are asked if Elvis is still alive. 

I sure do wish they had asked me…they would have gotten an ear full for sure!

Talk to Tom: Is Elvis Still Alive?

Posted on January 1st by WGHP – Greensboro Length: 1:33


This beautiful video was shared with me today and I want to share it with all of you.  It is just lovely.

I have been told that Elvis/Jesse took the name Jon Burrows from the name of a family of 13 who were killed in the tornado which he and his mother survived.  They are buried in the Priceville cemetery in Tupelo.  You can see the family grave marker in this video…though the spelling is Burroughs.

Jesse is prominent in the topics discussed in this film too.

This is narrated by D. J. Fontana. 

Please click on the title below to view the film:




I want to let everyone know that I spoke with Jesse briefly at 4:00 AM on Monday and he is doing fine.  He had a good birthday.  He attempted to call me on his birthday Sunday night but our phones did not cooperate and so he called me back in the early AM on Monday.  No news to share right now.  Just want everyone to know that he is fine.


As you  may have read before, I am a very big fan of the psychic medium John Edward.  I want to let everyone know that he will be appearing on the Dr. Phil show later today.

Here is John’s earlier Facebook post from yesterday with a link to a preview of the show:

  • John Edward

    Don’t forget tomorrow on Dr. Phil John will be on! Click here to check out two clips from the show and go to to find out when and where it airs by you!

  • The Dr. Phil show with John Edward was fantastic.  John converted more skeptics with his God given gift of connecting people to their loved ones who have crossed over.  Watching John perform these acts of compassion and truth does so much more to help people deal with the loss of a loved one than a thousand sermons could ever do.


Jesse phoned me again tonight since we did not get to speak very long when he called last time.  He wanted to tell me something to post on my web site as a means of, once again, proving that he really is Elvis Presley who is now Jesse.  He said that he does not think that many people know this and so he wants to share it.  I am certain that some who are “in the know” about this will recognize this as the truth.

He said that a spokesperson for Muhammad Ali contacted him (Jesse) regarding some numerology topics.  Jesse was invited to attend a private birthday party for Ali on this coming Saturday 14th.  But, Jesse says that his people have decided that it would be too risky for him to attend because of the possibility of cameras being present.  He just doesn’t feel safe to go to Louisville for the party as much as he would love to. 

Ali, as you know, is not well.  His birthday will be on Tuesday, January 17th.  I don’t recall, off hand, how old Ali will be.

Jesse said “thank you” to those who wrote birthday messages and the few friends who were able to send gifts to him through me. 

I will be printing off the latest messages to him sometime Wednesday and mailing them out to him.  He will certainly enjoy the remaining birthday greetings albeit a few days late when he receives them.




News Item

Elvis Reaches 5 Million Fans on Facebook!

January 10, 2012

Another milestone for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Today, Elvis Presley hit the five million mark for fans on Facebook.

Thank you, thank you very much to the fans from around the world who follow Elvis online at, on Twitter with the handle @ElvisPresley and on Elvis Presley’s Google+ page. You rock!



News from around the world…honoring Elvis’s birthday in Australia:

15,000 Elvis fans ready to be all shook up

MORE than 15,000 people are expected in Parkes for the 20th annual Elvis Presley Festival – he’d have turned 77 last Sunday, if he hadn’t left the building – which gets underway today (Wednesday).

The booked-out festival, expected to inject $7.5 million into the district economy, kicks off at 3pm with the placement of a new plaque that each year honours a star of Australian rock ’n’ roll history on the Elvis Wall of Fame.

Kamahl, who has covered many an Elvis song during his long career, will be honoured this year.

Festival visitors will include 400 versions of Elvis and Priscilla, who will board the Parkes-bound CountryLink Elvis Express on Friday at Sydney’s Central Station.

The five-day festival, which ends on Sunday, features 150 events.

Further information at

..and from the United Kingdom:

Bridlington Elvis Weekender Receives Present Fit For A King

Published:10th January 2012 13:23

East Yorkshire Events marked the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birthday on 8 January by presenting the Bridlington Elvis Weekender Festival directors Steve and Barbara Caprice with a stunning new trophy for this year’s event.

The award, which was specially commissioned, is to be awarded to the winner of the International Elvis Masters Championship taking place at The Spa Bridlington from Friday, 4 to Monday, 7 May.

The trophy stands at nearly two feet tall with stones embedded in the gold plated statue and is sure to take pride of place in the home of the eventual winner.

International Elvis tribute artists will be flocking to Bridlington from all over the globe to compete to win this prestigious award.

Steve Caprice, director of the event, said “Elvis himself would have been really proud of this and it certainly has the X factor. We have overhauled and re-launched the whole event this year and firmly believe the Bridlington Weekender will become the premier Elvis event in Europe within the next three years and commissioning this iconic trophy shows our determination to make it number one.”

The International Elvis Masters Championship will also have the largest cash prize the world has ever seen for a contest of its kind.

A massive £10,000 will be split between the top three winners. The winner will also receive a replica of one of ‘The King’s’ jumpsuits to shake rattle and roll in.

Kieran Lawry, conference and events officer from EY Events, said: “We are extremely proud to be able to offer this amazing trophy for what will be one of the best events of the year here at The Spa Bridlington.

“The interest surrounding the weekender has gone through the roof and with the increased support from local residents and businesses in the area we are sure the winners’ trophy will be awarded in front of a large and appreciative audience.”

For more information about the event, visit Elvis Masters

I am sharing just two articles to show how very much Elvis is loved and remembered all over the world.


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