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TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015

We were away from home all of yesterday afternoon.  While we were out, Jesse phoned and left a message on our answering machine.  He sounded great and said he would call again when he gets a chance.  As always, I was sad to have missed speaking with him.  I wanted to share this tiny bit of news so that my regular visitors may know that he is all right.


The web site at which we are voting for the King Of Music has posted the King of the Month.  Below is the King for the month of April. 

Choose who must hold the title of the king!

The King of April – Elvis Presley With 41,239 Votes.

So, we are doing really well with casting our votes.  Let’s all be certain that we remember to vote every single day for the rest of this year.

We can’t fall short of our purpose…keeping Elvis in his rightful place in this poll and in the world.

Here is the link once more:



Many of my visitors, who have perused a lot of my web site, have seen the large amount of material which I have on my site regarding Orion Pictures and that company’s connection to Elvis/Jesse.  In a recent Email to me, Wanda June Hill, wrote some of her memories about things Elvis said to her which regarded his vision of what movies should be and his hope to someday have a hand in changing the way movies were made.  Wanda and I were not writing to each other about Orion Pictures in any way at all.  Wanda is so very kind to share with me some of the things which she remembers Elvis telling her during their 15-year friendship…about all sorts of topics.  When she wrote to me this week about the things he had said to her about making films, I asked Wanda’s permission to quote her on here and she agreed.  Therefore, with consideration of all of my Orion Pictures material on this site, I direct everyone to think on Elvis’ own thoughts and words as shared with Wanda.

“But he would, and did, say he would like to make “films with value and insight” and “be able to put people to work who need a job and can do it well.”   He quickly realized that Hollywood was a tight unit and no one worked on anything unless somebody who had a lot of money and wanted to make a lot more, invested in them.

He even said he thought it “ought to be changed so that new talent and new investors could step in and make some money as well as a good film“.  He didn’t like it that only a few had the clout and say so and many who had talent but not much to back it up with, didn’t get a chance.  He wanted to try to change that..I know he spoke about wishing he could do something like that when he was “old, balding and both legs shaky”  and then we would laugh about how he’d look and what he’d be doing… it was always something to do with films and educating people…he said films could change minds, build courage and instill values and they ought to be made for that purpose.”

It is certainly worth noting that Orion Pictures was an independent organization which maintained full control over the marketing of it’s movies.  Something which was a first for an Independent film production company.

It is my belief that Elvis/Jesse was likely a silent partner in Orion Pictures Corporation.

Here, once again, are the links to my Orion (the singer) and Orion Pictures pages for those who have not been aware of this before:

Wanda also told me more about the several times that Elvis spoke with her about his having come here from his “other home, Rigel” which is the blue star in the Orion constellation.  One night, he pointed out to her the exact star of which he was speaking.  He reminded her of this during a later conversation.  I am sure that many of my visitors have read about the fact that there was a blue light over the little house in Tupelo during his birth.  His father had gone outside and saw the blue light cast over the house and yard.  Wanda also shared that she had sat at a table with Elvis’ father in Las Vegas and that he had told her of the blue light at Elvis’ birth.  You may also read of this in the books by Larry Geller, Maia Chrystine Nartoomid and others.



The following video is one of the cutest things I have ever seen…enjoy!

Viral video: Watch this bird head-bang, dance as Elvis Presley’s music is played

In this viral video, the cockatoo sways to the music like a hard-core rock music fan as the Elvis song is played on a guitar.

By: Web Desk | Published on:May 6, 2015 12:18 pm
Elvis’ music is not only a favourite with humans but also with one particular cockatoo bird. YouTube user Mark Muldoon put up a video showing how one of the cockatoo’s in his house got all charged up when Elvis’ ‘Don’t be cruel’ began playing.
In the video, the owner of two cockatoos sings the song and plays it on his guitar. While one of the birds looks unimpressed, the other one gets all excited, starts head-banging and even shaking its feathers.
The cockatoo sways to the music like a hard-core rock music fan and even shakes out its crest of feathers. The other bird only lifts one of its legs, probably trying to get away from its partner, who is way too excited.
Although the video was uploaded by the creator Mark Muldoon on You Tube in February, it went viral after a user posted it on Reddit on Thursday.

Cockatoo loves elvis.



This video contains interviews with some good people who knew Elvis.




Jesse called this afternoon and we did have a very nice visit.  He is doing pretty well except for the continuing dental problem.


I am so happy and thankful to see our visitors from all over the world…below is a list of the 20 most recent visits from earlier today.  I extend to everyone my heartiest “Welcome!“…and also my thanks to each and every person who does visit.  I am astounded to see the far away places listed.


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FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015

A wonderful friend to me and my web site, Lucilia, has located another photo of Elvis in which the scar is seen on his right leg which matches Jesse’s scar.  I thank Lucilia for being ever diligent.

Scar on Elvis' right leg - Lucilia found

Elvis and Jesse matching scar on right leg from Lucilia with close up




SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2015

I apologize for being so late in reporting the following to my visitors.  A friend, Trish, had Emailed me with a link to the below article back in January.  However, because I am so far behind on reading my Emails, I did not see the significance in this article until now.  It may well be that others have already reported on the blaring “mis spoken” statements in this interview.  But, this is the first time that I read an in-depth report about what Elvis’ ex-wife said in this interview at the opening of the Elvis exhibit in England back in January.  I shall highlight the significant statements in red letters.  Enjoy!

What we never, ever knew though was how special his British fans were to him though.” 

(So when and how did they find out now?)

 “Some of these exhibits haven’t been seen before, Elvis will be so happy, he always thought this British fans were so supportive, he had a special love for them.”



The Authorized Worldwide United Elvis Admin Group on Facebook

Elvis on horse with beautiful backdrop

My thanks to Jeannette H. who posted this to my timeline on Facebook.


I want to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day.

Mama Liked The Roses – Elvis Presley


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