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I have completed restoring another page of my site.  This page centers around a letter which President Nixon wrote as a foreword to Bud Krogh’s book about the meeting between Elvis and President Nixon in the Oval Office.  Mr. Krogh was one of the few people who were present during the meeting and his book is written from his own perspective.  The reason that I have included this topic devoted to a full page of my site is because of the following:  President Nixon make a very interesting and rather amusing comment about Elvis in his letter which was written one week before he passed away.  It was almost as if his soul didn’t want to leave this world without sharing a most wonderful secret about Elvis.

I think you will enjoy this page if you have not already seen it…or if you have only seen it previously with the images not present.  Below is the link to this page:



A very kind and supportive friend to my web site Emailed me two sets of comparison photos showing, once more, that the photo of Jesse with Benjamin definitely is Elvis as a grandfather.  My heartfelt thanks to Beth.

Elvis with Lisa compared to Jesse with Ben

Below is Beth’s second photo comparison:

Change of Habit photo to compare to Jesse

Great work, Beth!



My friend, Barbara, Emailed me the following from Elvis Presley’s Graceland’s Facebook page.  I noticed an “Elvis flavor” to some of the half time show activities during the Super Bowl Sunday night but wasn’t sure if it was intentional.  I thought maybe I just had my “Elvis on my mind” thing going on, as usual. LOL

 Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Hats off to Bruno Mars half-time performance at Super Bowl! Sporting his ‪#‎Elvis‬ pompadour and gold lame jacket – hope you come to see us during your visit to Memphis on June 6!

Elvis Presley's Graceland's photo.



My friend, Lucilia, posted the following poll site to my timeline on Facebook.  I want to share it here and urge everyone to please visit the site and vote for Elvis.

Vote for best male icon



My friend Joan, posted the link to one of the more rare Elvis songs on our blog page.  It is just beautiful and so I want to share it here for everyone to enjoy.

Elvis Presley-Without Love- Beautiful Song and Video.

Angel Elvis·   Published on Mar 12, 2013

Elvis singing “Without Love”.Written by Danny Small. Elvis recorded this song in 1969 and sings the best version of the song. A song he always wanted to record. Elvis said it was the hardest song he had ever recorded.



My good friend, BlueRose, has shared an image with me for my page regarding Elvis’ meeting with President Nixon.  I posted above, on this page,  a notice that I have completed restoring my page devoted to this topic this past weekend.  

This is the image of a telegram from Richard M. Nixon to Elvis wishing him well for his Cleveland show. This telegram was delivered to Elvis at the hotel where he was staying in Cleveland.  As BlueRose pointed out to me in the Email accompanying this image,  this does indicate an ongoing friendship and/or association between Elvis and President Nixon.  Thereby substantiating that there was more to the meeting with the President than just getting an “honorary badge“.

Elvis met with Deputy U. S. Narcotics Director John Finlator first.   Elvis was told by Mr. Finlator that he could give Elvis an “honorary” badge, but Elvis explained that he needed an official badge.  A bit later he thanked Mr. Finlator and told him that he would get the official badge from the President and that is what took place.

Pres. Nixon telegram to Elvis in Cleveland

For those who are lucky enough to own the book by Paul Lichter titled ELVIS PRESLEY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS you may see private photos of the meeting with President Nixon which the President had delivered to Mr. Lichter when he notified Pres. Nixon that he needed some material about the meeting to include in this book.  Mt. Lichter tells a true account of exactly the way Elvis’ trip to meet with President Nixon took place and the fact that President Nixon did give Elvis an actual Federal Narcotics badge.  As I have pointed out several times on this site, Elvis’ badge had his name engraved on it…so it could not have been a spontaneous “honorary” badge as some “experts” have insisted.  Please visit my page dedicated to Elvis’ law enforcement and federal agency work:  


Here is the badge awarded to Elvis:

Elvis' Federal DEA Badge

Also, several books have besmirched Elvis’ visit to Washington to see the President as having been some sort of drug-fueled-spur-of-the-moment-angry trip…saying he had a disagreement with Vernon and Priscilla and suddenly stormed out of Graceland.    Mr. Lichter proves, with the photos in his book, that Elvis planned this trip carefully by taking the time to collect copies of photos of Lisa to take with him so that he could share them with Pres. Nixon.  It was true that no one back at Graceland knew where he had gone and they were worried because Elvis never traveled alone.  I want to point out, myself, that Elvis also took with him a collectors pistol as a gift to give to Pres. Nixon. I wish to emphasize that this important trip to Washington was quietly planned by him…much as was the faking of his death on August 16, 1977.  

Also, you may recall that Elvis was downstairs at Graceland at apx. 9:30 AM on August 16th, 1977 and signed for a registered letter.  That letter was from Mr. Lichter who did know Elvis personally.  Mr. Lichter wrote in this book that all of the stories in the book were either told to him by Elvis personally or are Elvis’ own words and views.

One other nice thing about Mr. Lichter’s book is that the publisher is “JESSE  BOOKS A DIVISION OF MEMPHIS FLASH, INC.” .  I assume that this is probably Mr. Lichter’s own company and that he chose the name of his publishing company.  But, I love that he chose “JESSE” for the company name.

I wish that I were able to scan more of the pages from this book to display…but this is a signed and numbered collector’s edition book and I was astounded a while back when I did a search for it and learned that it is a collector’s item now and is valued at hundreds of dollars.  So, I don’t want to risk damaging the spine of the book by laying it flat to scan more than just a couple of pages.  I bought this book when I was in Memphis many, many years ago at one of the stores across the street.  I do treasure it so much.

Below is the cover of this book: 

Front cover of Lichtner's book

Below is the front page showing numbered edition and that the publisher is Jesse Books.

Paul Lichter book copyright page

Below is one of the wonderful photos of Elvis with President Nixon from Mr. Lichter’s book…I don’t believe that this one is part of the National Archives which are offered for sale…I may be wrong…would have to research to be sure. But, I love the friendliness and smiles in this one.

Elvis and Nixon photo from Lichter  book

Below is one of the most important pages of Paul Lichter’s book in which he refutes the lies written in several books about the circumstances surrounding Elvis’ trip to meet with President Nixon.

Page from Lichter book refuting lies told about the Elvis and Nixon meeting

In closing this topic, I wish to share another image and article which was shared with me by BlueRose.   I love this one because it brings the Orion Pictures clues to include Pres. Nixon.  Hm.m.m.m.m isn’t that interesting!?!  


The retired 37th President of the United States palling around with The Future Of Law Enforcement.

 The 1987 Nixon-RoboCop meet up, snapped by the late great rock n’ roll photographer Chuck Pulin, took place during a charity event to promote the film’s release on VHS. No news story accompanied the photo. This was simply a medium-sized publicity shot that made its way into the December 26 issue of Billboard magazine. Top-left corner, page 58.

BlueStar also points out the background in the photo shows that it was a BOYS CLUB OF AMERICA event.

Below is the link to another article about this same photo in which you may view a larger and clearer copy of the photo.



Just want to let everyone know that Jesse did phone me tonight.  We only spoke for a few minutes this time and I had some difficulty hearing all that he said.  However, it was wonderful hearing from him and knowing that he is OK.  I am sorry that I have no other news to share this time.



My dearest friend, Joan, shared the following with me on Facebook.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this special image for inspiration.

You have proved the haters, the doubters and the non believers wrong so many times when it comes to Jesse dearest Linda. Love Joan

There will be the haters....





Here is a very nice video which is posted on YouTube as being by Elvis which is a truly wonderful and honest appraisal of one of Jesse’s songs.  One day everyone will know that they have missed an album which should have gone platinum in it’s first month out.

I know everyone will enjoy this video very much.

Lisa Marie By Elvis Presley

Published on Mar 30, 2012

This is a song that Elvis sings for his beautiful daughter Lisa Marie. Not many people have heard this song by Elvis.




The following headline grabbed my attention.  I have a very simple answer:  “Because he’s worth it!!!!!!

Why Elvis Presley got paid much more than The Beatles for The Ed Sullivan Show

Trina Yannicos | Elvis Presley Examiner

February 9, 2014

Surprisingly, inflation did not play a role in the fee The Beatles were paid for performing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in February 1964. When compared to the amount Elvis Presley was paid, $50,000 for three performances in late 1956/early 1957, The Beatles worked for peanuts, a measly $10,000 for three shows.

The fact is The Beatles were paid five times less than The King of Rock and Roll for the same number of appearances eight years later. Was it simply due to the superior management skills of Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker, compared to The Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, or were additional circumstances at play?

In Elvis Presley’s breakthrough year of 1956, Parker kept his promise to Elvis and made him a millionaire within a year by negotiating his new contract with RCA Victor, getting him national exposure on television and securing a movie contract in Hollywood. Ed Sullivan had previously stated that Elvis would never appear on his show due to Presley’s perceived obscenity by the establishment.

However, when “The Steve Allen Show” beat “Ed Sullivan” in the ratings due to Presley’s appearance in July 1956, Sullivan changed his mind. Having the upper hand, Colonel Parker was able to negotiate the highest fee ever paid to an act by Sullivan at that point in time ($5,000) to over $16,000 per show. Elvis appeared three times over a five-month period from September 1956 to January 1957.

For The Beatles, the circumstances were a bit different. The Beatles had never performed on U.S. television before. Knowing that The Beatles had been rejected by Capitol Records for a year which stalled their American exposure, Brian Epstein wanted to make sure The Beatles first U.S. television appearance made as big an impact as possible.

Epstein was willing to accept a lower payment in exchange for The Beatles receiving top billing for three consecutive Sunday nights during the month of February 1964. In Brian Epstein’s view, “the benefits of such exposure far outweighed the importance of immediate money,” according to Rolling Stone writer Mikal Gilmore. It seems like Epstein made the right choice, since 50 years later, we’re still celebrating that historic launch of Beatlemania in the U.S.

Elvis’ first appearance on Ed Sullivan on September 9, 1956 drew an audience of 54 million viewers, a record that remained until The Beatles debut performance on February 9, 1964 attracted 73 million viewers.

And even though it was revealed in later years that Elvis felt animosity towards The Beatles, Colonel Parker and Brian Epstein maintained a friendly relationship behind the scenes. The cordial relationship started as early as February 1964 when Elvis and The Colonel sent a telegram to The Beatles before their legendary first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Sensing how popular The Beatles were going to become, Parker thought it best to make friends with his client’s biggest competition to date.

Dated February 6, 1964, the telegram read: “Congratulations on your appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and your visit to America. We hope your engagement will be a successful one and your visit pleasant. Give our best to Mr. Sullivan. Sincerely, Elvis and The Colonel.”

Parker also generously offered advice to Epstein on how to handle the Beatles touring logistics in the U.S. and together with Epstein, Parker helped arrange the historic meeting between The King and The Fab Four in Los Angeles in 1965.



I originally created the below video on my YouTube Channel back in October and it was disallowed by YouTube.  I was very happy to see today that it is again available for viewing.  No one got to see this video when I posted it because it was deactivated by YouTube within a very few hours.  You will see lots of Elvis in this Orion Pictures movie.  I am going to post my original Current News and Events article from back in October.


Evidently, the above video still is not available for public viewing because of the MGM copyright.  I was surprised when it allowed me to play it last night…but, evidently, it recognizes that it is my own video and allows it to play only for the channel owner.  This has changed in that before it would not allow even me to play it. 

I sincerely apologize for this error on my part.

In lieu of being able to view the video, I will again post the stills which I captured from my video and which I posted back in October on my Current News and Events page @


It has been quite some time since I have added any new Orion Pictures documentation to my YouTube channel.  So, I have spent this afternoon working on creating a new video proving the continued clues which were given in their movies to show Elvis fans that he is not gone and that he did continue some behind-the- scenes work in the movie industry.  He had expressed an interest in doing this type of work before he left…it has been spoken of by Joe Esposito, Nancy Rook, Larry Geller, etc.

The film from which I have extracted clues for my YouTube video this time is Orion’s ROBOCOP 2.  You will see that there are three major things in this movie and in the movie’s credits which are blatantly evidence put there by Elvis or those who do such things at his direction and suggestions.  It is my theory that Elvis and perhaps Col. Parker were silent partners in Orion Pictures.

First you will see a woman sitting on the curb of the street wearing a red dress and holding a baby.  This woman is unrecognizable because of the darkness, the hair falling over her face etc.  She is nothing more than an extra…who would normally not be listed in the credits of a movie.  However, because of who she is, she is listed in the credits.  She is Linda Thompson.  You may remember that I have posted Linda’s biography from before showing Robocop 2 as one of her acting credits…

RoboCop 2  – Mother with Baby  1990

The second thing which you will take notice of is this:  Robocop walks into a huge building and he comes upon a “religious shrine” of sorts.  When I edited it, I  inadvertently left out the first image which is of Mother Teresa, but you will see a framed print of Jesus, and then…you will see a “shrine to Elvis”.  It consists of a beautiful photo of Elvis, a guitar, a coffin with a skeleton in it depicting Elvis with jewelry, and with another photo of Elvis resting over the coffin.  Weird…but still a great Elvis/Orion Pictures connection.

Then we fast forward to the credits:  I have paused the credits in order that you may read the Linda Thompson credit.  The second thing in the credits to which I especially want to call you attention is this:  The song titled “The Kid Goes Wild” is shown as being co-published by “Little Elvis Music“.  How ’bout that!?!

Also, the plot of this movie centers around an illegal drug and the police work of fighting this drug cult.  Bear in mind, please, the documentation which I have shared proving Elvis’s hatred of street drugs and the hoodlums who push these drugs.  You will see that I have a page devoted to the topic of Elvis’s federal drug enforcement work, DEA, as well as state, city, and county law enforcement agencies.  His answer to me when I asked him if it is OK that I have my pages about his involvement with the federal government and other law enforcement was “Oh, yes.  I know all kinds of people.

I hope everyone will enjoy this newest ORION proof.  As I have written before, I did ask Jesse about my having the Orion the Singer and Orion Pictures material on my site…telling him that I had always believed that some of the Orion songs were actually by him.  He responded with “Yes!”.  Also, I have printed out and sent to him ALL of my pages about Orion Facts, Orion Documentation, and my last Orion page regarding most of the Orion Pictures material originating from me.  He recently told me that everything that I have on my site has been correct.  So, I do have it on good authority that I am correct about my Orion material.

Because MGM evidently jumped right on my Robocop 2 YouTube video and had it deleted, I am going to insert below some still shots of the significant portions below.  Surprising that MGM would catch my video within hours of my posting it on YouTube.   I must have struck a nerve with the information which I proved.

I feel certain there are entities who are monitoring my web site very closely and they must be saying to themselves “My God, where is she getting all this stuff!?!  Won’t she ever run out of evidence??” LOL

Here are the movie production and distribution credits from RoboCop 2 (1990)

Production Companies


So, below I shall share the captured stills of the significant portions from the Robocop 2 video:

(1) Linda Thompson in Robocop 2 still capture from my video

(2) Linda Thompson’s name in the credits of Robocop 2  “Mother with baby”

Linda Thompson's name in the credits of Robocop 2.  Still from my video

(3) Elvis “Shrine” from Robocop 2

Elvis shrine in Robocop 2 - first still frame

(4) Elvis “shrine” from Robocop 2…continued

Elvis Shrine in Robocop 2 - second still frame

(5)  Elvis “shrine” from Robocop 2…continued

Elvis Shrine in Robocop 2 - 3rd still frame

(6)  Robocop 2 still frame with Robocop and Elvis photo in same frame

Robocop 2 still frame with Robocop and Elvis photo in same frame

(7) Robocop 2 credits:  The song THE KID GOES WILD was co-published by LITTLE ELVIS MUSIC.

Please see  the 4th line down in this still frame:

Robocop credits song THE KID GOES WILD was co published by LITTLE ELVIS MUSIC

For those who would like to see this entire movie, I feel sure it can be purchased or rented very inexpensively.  I believe that Ebay and would be two likely places for the best prices.

Thank all of you for your patience during the delay caused by my YouTube video being made unavailable by MGM and YouTube.

I would like to add this:  The reason that it is MGM who now holds the copyright to this Orion movie and all other vintage Orion movies is because they took in the entire Orion Pictures library and now hold control.  Also, it is worth noting that Elvis’ ex-wife sat on the board of directors of MGM a few years ago.  I am not certain if she still holds this position.



In conjunction with my article above regarding the Beatles’ appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, one of my dearest friends, Joan, has shared the below copy of the telegram which Elvis and Col. Parker sent to the Beatles to congratulate them on their appearances on that show and to welcome them to America.

Elvis and Col. Parkers telegram to the Beatles


 Below is the link to another of my YouTube videos which proves that there was an Elvis connection to Orion Pictures Corporation.  I posted this video on YouTube quite some time ago.  I received a notice from YouTube that part of this video was being blocked because of copy right on the music in it.  The block has been lifted after an explanation from me.  So, I am posting it here for those who may have tried to watch it during the time that it was partially blocked.

ELVIS IS ALIVE. Elvis Post-1977 Orion Pictures – Mystery Train

Linda Sigmon Linda Sigmon·23 videos

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2011


I HAVE CREATED THIS VIDEO TO SUBSTANTIATE THE MATERIAL ON MY WEB SITE REGARDING THE FACT THAT ELVIS IS ALIVE. HERE IS THE LINK: http://lindahoodsigmontruthofficialsi… This Orion Pictures movie is Elvis-themed throughout. On my site you will see that I have many other Orion Pictures movies which have very strong Elvis connotations. Please do check it all out.

httpv:// Credits from

Mystery Train (1989)

 –  Comedy | Crime | Drama  –  7 November 1989 (USA)

Three stories are connected by a Memphis hotel and the spirit of Elvis Presley.


Company Credits

Production Companies



One of my dearest friends, Joan, shared this with me on Facebook.  I never knew this before.

Planet named for Elvis

Another dear friend, BlueRose, shared several photos taken on the set when RoboCop 2 was being filmed.  Someone she knew was an extra in the movie and took these photos.  I thank BlueRose so very much for sharing these unique photos with me.

Robocop 2 background photo of filming
Robocop 2 background photo of filming2nd

BlueRose also shared the following very nice article about the 60th anniversary of Elvis and Rock’N’Roll .  Love this concept so much.

The Name, The Voice, The Icon Elvis 2014

Here is a shot of the first poster from EPE as they start to promote the 2014 Anniversary of the 60 Years Of Rock’N’Roll. The poster features a stunning, colourised Wertheimer photo.

The year-long 2014 celebration started on New Year’s Eve and then Elvis’ birthday on January 8th 2014. The celebrations will also include a 60th Anniversary exhibit which will open at Graceland on March 1, 2014, special events at Graceland, Sun Studio and other locations in Memphis, special entertainment projects, anniversary activities during Elvis Week 2014, 60th Anniversary artwork for licensed products and much more. EPE has yet to announce the schedule of up-coming events



From Facebook:

Tour “Elvis…Through His Daughter’s Eyes” VIP Exhibit with LiveStream on February 13 Go on a tour of the now-closed VIP Exhibit “Elvis…Through His Daughter’s Eyes” with Graceland’s Director of Archives Angie Marchese and Sirius XM Elvis Radio’s DJ Argo. No matter where you are in the world, you can tune in to this Livestream event on Thursday, February 13, at 10:00 a.m CT/11:00 a.m. EST for one last look at this one-of-a-kind VIP exhibit. Fans can watch this event by following Elvis Presley’s Graceland on Livestream.

After two years, the acclaimed VIP exhibit at Graceland, “Elvis…Through His Daughter’s Eyes” recently ended its run to make way for an all new VIP exhibit coming later this month. The exhibit looks at Lisa Marie’s experience of growing up with a famous father and features items assembled by Lisa Marie and the Graceland Archives team. Home movies, toys and rarely-seen family mementos are among the many items that were on display. Our new VIP exhibit – “60 Years of Elvis” – will open in this space on February 24, 2014. In this new exhibit, guests will explore the birth of rock ‘n’ roll music in July of 1954, with the recording of “That’s All Right” at Sun Studio. See the transformation of the would be King of Rock ‘n’ Roll from delivery truck driver to singing sensation and star of the silver screen. Artifacts displayed in the new 60 Years of Elvis exhibit include: Elvis’ “That’s All Right” 45, a pay stub from his early days as a drive for Crown Electric, script from Jailhouse Rock and wardrobe from Viva Las Vegas. Get ready to take the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll pilgrimage and check out great savings on package deals through

Tour "Elvis...Through His Daughter's Eyes" VIP Exhibit with LiveStream on February 13<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Go on a tour of the now-closed VIP Exhibit "Elvis...Through His Daughter's Eyes” with Graceland's Director of Archives Angie Marchese and Sirius XM Elvis Radio's DJ Argo. No matter where you are in the world, you can tune in to this Livestream event on Thursday, February 13, at 10:00 a.m CT/11:00 a.m. EST for one last look at this one-of-a-kind VIP exhibit. Fans can watch this event by following Elvis Presley's Graceland on Livestream. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>After two years, the acclaimed VIP exhibit at Graceland, “Elvis…Through His Daughter’s Eyes” recently ended its run to make way for an all new VIP exhibit coming later this month. The exhibit looks at Lisa Marie's experience of growing up with a famous father and features items assembled by Lisa Marie and the Graceland Archives team. Home movies, toys and rarely-seen family mementos are among the many items that were on display.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Our new VIP exhibit - "60 Years of Elvis" – will open in this space on February 24, 2014. In this new exhibit, guests will explore the birth of rock ‘n’ roll music in July of 1954, with the recording of “That’s All Right” at Sun Studio. See the transformation of the would be King of Rock ‘n’ Roll from delivery truck driver to singing sensation and star of the silver screen. Artifacts displayed in the new 60 Years of Elvis exhibit include: Elvis’ “That’s All Right” 45, a pay stub from his early days as a drive for Crown Electric, script from Jailhouse Rock and wardrobe from Viva Las Vegas. Get ready to take the ultimate rock 'n' roll pilgrimage and check out great savings on package deals through

Here is a rare and very sweet photo of Lisa as a tiny tot.  This was shared with me by my friend, BlueRose, who I thank very much.

Lisa on Rocking Horse



Here is the link to this morning’s tour:


One of my dearest friends, Joan, posted on our blog page, a link  to an article about the forthcoming documentary which is to be released in April pertaining to the meeting between Elvis and the Beatles.

Here is the link which Joan posted: where you may read the story behind the documentary.

I thank Joan for calling our attention to this interesting article.  I will print off the entire article to send to Jesse as I think he will find it interesting as well.

Also, on the page with the above article is a link to a trailer of the documentary…an interview with Joe Esposito who is the person telling the full story of that historic meeting.  Below is the link to that video on YouTube:

One Day Two Legends

ChicagoEdit ChicagoEdit· 

Uploaded on Dec 5, 2013

One Day Two Legends Trailer / Promo






Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love.

Valentine heart

 I have just witnessed a very nice Valentine’s Day surprise for my web site.  I saw that any second the number of visitors was going to reach a new milestone of 450,000.  So, I sat by so that I could capture the image when it showed the 450,000th visitor.  Below is the screen shot of that moment.

I extend my heartfelt thanks, as always, to every single person from all over the world who has helped to make this take place.

450,000 visitors on Feb. 14, 2014

Our next goal is 500,000…half a million visits!!



A very nice visitor to our site posted a link to this beautiful photo…one I have never seen before.   Alex posted it as a link on our Video Board.  I hope he won’t mind that I share it here for more people to see.  It is a precious photo which I have never seen before.  I thank Alex very much for sharing this with us.  Also, since I have posted it here in the Current News, it will be printed out to send to Jesse next Friday.

Photos from Alex Gomes Pereira’s post in ELVIS FOR ALL FANS

Alex Gomes PereiraELVIS FOR ALL FANS

Elvis and Lisa rare picture


Our good friend, BlueRose, shared the following photo with me to share in the Current News.  She had made mention of this photo in one of her blog comments recently.  I know everyone will enjoy seeing this rare photo of Col. Parker holding tiny Lisa Marie.

Col. Parker and Lisa


One of my dearest friends, Joan, created the following as a Valentine’s gift for Jesse and me.  I thank my talented friend so much for doing this for us. 

Valentine for Jesse and me by Joan



Below is an image which Angel created for Jesse and me for Valentine’s and I thank her so much.  Because I am so far behind on my Emails, I didn’t get to see this until today…but I still want to share it with everyone.


A good friend to our web site Beth, has created another image to further support Jesse and me.  She has done a detailed analysis comparing Jesse’s hand writing from one of his letters to me to the handwriting of Elvis to Pres. Nixon.  Beth has helped us before with photos of Elvis compared to Jesse’s photo.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Beth's handwriting comparison

Beth's handwriting from Jesse's letter to me Beth's handwriting from Elvis' letter to Pres. Nixon Beth's handwriting comparison Elvis and Jesse


I thank Angel for the following collage of photos comparing Jesse’s photo to that of two photos of Elvis.  As always, the proof is there…one picture is worth a thousand words.  My sincere gratitude to Angel.

Angel's comparison photos of Elvis and Jesse



I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me tonight.  He was feeling tired today but is doing all right.  He has been dodging the cold weather like so many of us.  We had a nice visit.  He asked me to thank everyone who has been thinking of him and the several who sent him things.  There is no news from him to post this time.  We had several things to discuss this time.  As always, it made my day to get to hear from him.



This is a very good history of how Elvis influenced other performers and the world…  I especially want to share this here in order that I won’t forget to copy it onto a DVD for Jesse this week.

The Influence of Elvis Presley [ COMPLETE Documentary ]

theElvisZone theElvisZone

Published on Jun 18, 2012


53 Min. ELVIS Documentary; When Elvis Presley first set foot in Memphis’ Sun Studios on July 5th, 1954, little did he know that he would be launching a 50-year legacy spanning television, film, and pop music. This nostalgic documentary celebrates Elvis’ long and varied career in show business through interviews with Tom Jones, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, ZZ Top, Suzi Quatro, Neil Sedaka, and many others.

Barbara Leigh, Barry Gibb, Bill Medley, Charlie Hodge, Cliff Richard, Connie Stevens, Dixie Locke – Emmons, George Klein, Glen Campbell, Hall Kanter, Jackie De Shannon, James Darren, Jimmie Rodgers, Joe Cocker, Joe Esposito, Julia Baird, Julio Iglesias, Kenny Rogers, Mac Davis, Mick Taylor, Nail Sadaka, Norm Crosby, Pat Boone, Patti Page, Phyllis McGuire, Randy Jackson, Ray Manzarek, Rod Davis, Rona Barret, Sam Phillips, Scotty Moore, Shecky Green, Steve Binder, Suzi Quatro, Tab Hunter, Teri Garr, Buddy Holly’s Crickets, Tom Jones, Tony Orlando, Tony Sheridan, Trent Carlini, Wink Marlindale, ZZ Top…



One of my dearest friends, Joan, shared the following YouTube audio of Elvis on stage speaking and telling the history of his career in his own words.  I think everyone will enjoy hearing this very much.  I have heard this before and always love listening to it.  My heartfelt thanks to Joan for finding and sharing this for my site.

Elvis talks to the audience in Las Vegas about his career

Elvis Presley Elvis Presley

Published on Feb 16, 2014

An audio recording of Elvis talking about his career to the audience at his Las Vegas Concert. Fantastic quality sound.




A very good friend, BlueRose, shared the following article about the Elvis firefighting helicopter.   I love this!!

“Elvis” Saves the Building”

Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated has been providing Helitanker firefighting services to the Australian Department of Natural Resources and Environment since December, 1997. In the last four years, the S-64F model Aircrane Helitanker has operated from a base at Essendon Airport near Melbourne in the State of Victoria.

In late December of 2001, a series of fires, some suspected to be arson related, sprang up around the suburbs of Sydney. It was December 27th, when N179AC “Elvis”, and S-64F Helitanker, arrived by barge at Swanston Docks near Melbourne. By December 28th, the Helitanker was ready to begin it’s yearly contract with pilots Kenny Chapman and Grant White at the controls. Because of the immediate danger the fires presented, the DNRE immediately sent the Helitanker to Bankstown, 15 minutes from Sydney to begin fire suppression efforts in the most threatened areas.

Elvis is the nickname of Erickson S-64 Air-Crane N179AC which has gained fame in Australia as a highly visible and valuable tool in bushfire suppression.The helicopter, which can hold 9,500 litres of water or foam mix, has been brought out by the Victorian Government from the USA for each fire season since 2001-2002. The aircraft obtained its nickname due to the time that it spent working for the United States National Guard in Memphis, where singer Elvis Presley lived for most of his life.




One of our viewers is a writer and has  written a book involving her surviving life as a single parent. This book gives suggestions on raising children, saving money and  being prepared for life with a gentle Christian touch. She would like my viewers to buy the e-book version should they be interested, as it is only a few dollars and it goes towards the support of a Homeless Mission.

Below is the title of the book as shown on the book cover.

In God's Cottage



I see that something so rare and wonderful that it should have never left Graceland in the first place…much less been sold at some auction…is now being sold again.

Elvis Presley American Eagle Concert Cape 1973 Aloha from Hawaii satellite performance

By RR Autograph Auctions on

One-of-a-kind full-length American Eagle concert cape created for Presley’s 1973 Aloha from Hawaii satellite performance. The cape, designed by Bill Belew, measures almost five feet long, is heavily inlaid with semi-precious stones on the reverse in a grand and colorful American eagle surrounded by stars, and weighs in at an impressive 12 pounds. Three small hooks and Velcro are sewn into the collar to connect the cape to Presley’s jumpsuit, and two small straps are sewn into the corners to enable Elvis to stretch out the cape while wearing it. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Greg Howell, the Exhibition and Collections Manager of Elvis Presley Enterprises at Graceland. In fine condition, with some expected light soiling and a few small separations to lining.

Presley had wanted a full-length cape to hide behind at the opening of the show, intending to drop the cape and reveal himself to the anxiously awaiting crowd. He worked closely with Belew on the design of the eagle, wanting to express his patriotism for his country. However, when Presley tried on the cape during rehearsals, the weight almost pulled him over backwards, and it was decided that a smaller version was needed. Belew had less than 24 hours to create the replacement, and this cape was sent back to Graceland where it remained until a charity auction in 1999. One of the ultimate Presley collectibles, this was the original design for one of his most significant live performances ever. RR Auction COA.

Elvis Aloha cape

Bidding for the Marvels of Modern Music Auction opens Mar 13, 2014 & ends Mar 20, 2014





My friend, Barbara, Emailed me some exciting news today.  Below is the article which she sent me from a Facebook post.  I thank Barbara so very much for bringing this to my attention.

I so vividly recall all of the excitement about the issue of the Elvis stamp.  The Postal Service launched a campaign for the public to choose which of two possible images of Elvis would appear on the stamp.  I voted for the 1970’s Elvis but was just as thrilled with the 1950’s version which was issued.  I took an extended lunch hour on the day of release in our post office and stood in line to buy a whole sheet of the stamps…which I still have stored away.  The Postal Service really made a lot of money on the Elvis stamps because people, such as myself, never used those stamps to actually send any mail.  1993…seems like just yesterday.

Memories Of Elvis Presley Family And Friends

US Post to Reissue Elvis Stamp: News that the US Postal Service will reissue their all-time top-selling stamp of Elvis Presley in 2015.
Beatle John Lennon, Dora the Explorer, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and actor Charlton Heston are among a pop-culture-heavy lineup of commemorative stamp subjects the U.S. Postal Service is planning for 2014, 2015 and the next couple of years.
Who or what image will be featured on stamps is kept top-secret, in part so postal officials can create a buzz when they announce new subjects. But The Washington Post obtained the most recent list of what’s planned, in first-class and other denominations, a collaboration between the Postal Service’s marketing staff and a committee of prominent Americans appointed by the postmaster general to come up with ideas.
Still on deck 2014 are NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain, slain gay rights

activist Harvey Milk, rock singer Janis Joplin and guitarist Jimi Hendrix and a stamp featuring celebrity chefs. Some of the highlights for 2015: soul singer James Brown, late-night TV host Johnny Carson and a reissue of Elvis Presley, the Postal Service’s top-selling stamp, released with a value of 29 cents in 1993.

Below is the link to a news release about this topic:



A very good friend provided me with the following in an Email recently because this explains one of the reasons why Jesse does not use the Internet.  I want to share it on here because I have some people who insist they have heard from “Elvis” via some Internet means.  Some are indignant that Jesse does not have one-on-one contact with anyone.  As I have stated so often, HE DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER FOR ANY REASON.  We are so very blessed that he allows me to share anything about him at all with the fans.  Neither he nor I are obligated to make any information available.


After 180 days in the U.S., email messages lose their status as a protected communication under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and become just another database record. After this time has passed, a government agency needs only a subpoena—instead of a warrant—in order to access email from a provider.



Elvis Presley’s Graceland Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll with New Exhibit Titled “60 Years of Elvis”

July 5 Marks 60th Anniversary of Elvis’ First Recording That Instantly Became a Hit on the Airwaves and Changed Music Forever

Special events and activities, exhibits, projects and more being planned for 2014 to celebrate the 60th Anniversary

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–()–On July 5, 1954, a delivery truck driver named Elvis Presley walked into Sun Studio in Memphis and recorded “That’s All Right” with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black. Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips played the song on July 8 on WHBQ radio and the switchboard lit up. Rock ‘n’ Roll was born and the music world changed forever.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary, Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis is planning a variety of activities, starting with a new exhibit at Graceland entitled “60 Years of Elvis.” This exciting, new exhibit opens February 24 as part of the VIP-level tour experience. Guests will explore the birth of rock ‘n’ roll music in July of 1954 with the recording of “That’s All Right” at Sun Studio and journey through the transformation of the would-be King of Rock ‘n’ Roll from delivery truck driver to worldwide singing sensation and star of the silver screen.

Rare artifacts displayed in the new “60 Years of Elvis” exhibit include: Elvis’ personal “That’s All Right” 45 rpm record; a pay stub from his early days as a driver for Crown Electric; telegrams home to his parents during his first few days on tour; an original script from “Jailhouse Rock”; his 1955 RCA Records contract; Elvis’ last GRAMMY® Award for his Gospel hit “How Great Thou Art,” recorded live in Memphis, along with the jumpsuit he wore on stage that night; Elvis’ wardrobe from “Viva Las Vegas”; and the award presented to Graceland and the Presley family upon Elvis’ induction into the inaugural class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

The new “60 Years of Elvis” exhibit will be open from February 24, 2014, through February of 2015. Graceland is open year round with various tour options. For more information on tours, please visit:

About Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE), based in Memphis, manages the operations of Elvis Presley’s Graceland, its related exhibits and attractions, including the Heartbreak Hotel, as well as the Graceland archives, featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ home and career. EPE also produces and licenses Elvis themed live events, tours and attractions worldwide. Graceland is music’s most important and beloved landmark, with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world visiting the famous home each year. In 2013, Graceland was voted the #1 Iconic American Attraction by USA Today and readers. For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit


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