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I am about ready to put the whole Moran thing to rest as it is becoming excruciatingly boring and pointless. I should have known better than to argue with a person of his caliber. One cannot win an argument with those types of people. They just change their angles of attack and keep on going.

I want everyone here to understand about some of the things which Moran has posted about me.   I have NEVER done anything wrong or unethical. EVERYTHING I did was done for Elvis’s sake…when he needed help and there was no other way to help him. For 3 1/2 years, I devoted my life and income to being there for Elvis, who IS Jesse. I would do anything in this world for him…back 16 1/2 years ago and to this very minute. Nothing Moran does to try to twist the true facts to make me look like a liar, criminal, or whatever he chooses to say will change the truth of which I am extremely proud. I feel very blessed that God gave me a way to help Elvis, who IS Jesse. Elvis had so very few people in his life who he could truly count on…after his mother passed away. I made it my life’s mission to always be there for him without ever asking for anything in return. That is why my web site is provided for FREE to defend him and to share the real truth about him with others who also love the man, NOT JUST THE IMAGE. Moran wants Elvis to be a superhero who left ALL to protect the lives of others. He cannot accept that Elvis was a human being with an extremely heavy load of problems under which he was struggling to keep on being ELVIS for the sake of those who worked for him and others whose livelihoods depended upon his career…family, employees, associates…and, of course, his fans. I do not know how he stood it all for as long as he did. I would like to see Moran have all of Elvis’s load placed on his shoulders and see how many hours he could handle it…not to mention years as Elvis did.

So, Moran can do his damnedest to destroy me and the truth which is on my web site. He may feel proud of himself for any inroad he may make into my personal life or my web site. But, in the end it will all turn on him and he will be seen as the bumbling fool that he really is. God knows the heart and soul of me, Jesse, and Moran…I KNOW I can stand before God with no shame or remorse at all where Elvis, who IS Jesse, is concerned. God knows the intention of my heart has always been to defend Elvis against all the lies which have been written about him over the past 37 years…this includes the year leading up to 8-16-1977. Moran is a fool for trying to convince people that I am tarnishing Elvis’s legacy. There is no greater defender on earth for the good man that Elvis was and Jesse is. I speak out in his defense more than his own “family” does.



New post on Blue Star Love ~ From an Amazing Heart of Grace

A Day in the Life; When the Night is 10 Days Long

by Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid

Wanda Hill encouraged Elvis to write down his feelings. In 1976 he sent her something he had written that he titled, “A Day in the Life; When the Night is Ten Days Long.” The following is an excerpt from this writing by Elvis — it can be found in it’s entirety within BLUE STAR LOVE. This excerpt is about going on stage…

God, the lights flash like a million fireflies in some giant fruit jar. The noise is a roar, solid. It lifts me out of my fears and I fill with love for them. I feel their love for me, hot, syrupy, flowing over and through me — I love the feeling. Lord, so good, so good. I sing. My life, my heart, my dreams, my hopes — everything in me, everything that I am comes pouring out, answering their love. They understand; they love me and share the night in one fantastic love affair. Inside, my soul soars, light fills me, blinding, brilliant, filling me until I can barely hear myself in the din, but I know this feeling. So good, so pure, so right for me, for them.

Sweat is pouring off me and I’m so tired I tremble as Charlie tells me, “Cut it — cut it now.” I say goodbye, the crowd groans disapproval. I don’t want to leave them, to end this feeling, but I must. It’s too much — I can’t take it so long anymore. I walk before them, trying to thank them, then off stage. A wild rush to the car and to the hotel. I can’t remember leaving the stage, I’m so full of music I hear little else. I want to sing, so they sing along… They put me to bed; I won’t remember tonight tomorrow. Just one more day gone from my life. I sleep — and dream I’m someone else.

I receive these Email updates from this web site, however, I have been so behind on reading my Emails and only just now saw it.  My dear friend, Lucilia, shared the text of this article on our blog page and everyone on there enjoyed it so much.  A glimpse into the heart and mind of the man we all love so very much.


For those who are interested in the progress of the movie THE IDENTICAL, here is a lengthy detailed article about the writing of the story and the story of the author who is a long time Elvis impersonator.  After reading his interview, I honestly don’t think that he intended the movie to be insulting to Jesse nor his family.  However, it does come across that way and so I don’t plan to view nor recommend the movie to anyone.  There can be no doubt that, with the author’s personal life and profession of being an Elvis impersonator, Elvis was the inspiration for his written work.  It is just the kind of movie to start untrue rumors that Jesse did not die at birth, etc.  These type of rumors are so insulting to Elvis/Jesse and his parents.  Elvis and his mother grieved for baby Jesse all of their lives.



This is wonderful…would love to visit this exhibit.  Perhaps my visitors who live near Cleveland will be able to take this in.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame features Elvis Presley memorabilia

Updated: Sunday, December 1 2013, 08:49 PM CST

Old-time Elvis Presley fans and lots of newer, younger ones flocked to a new exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Friday to see his stylish ID bracelet, custom-made motorcycle, eye-catching rings and military mementos.

The exhibit opened in conjunction with Elvis Presley Enterprises and includes more than 40 artifacts loaned by his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tenn.

The items include a walnut-size 41-carat ruby and diamond ring, a 25.5-carat opal ring and a sapphire pinkie ring.

The rock hall inducted Presley in 1986 and calls him “the undisputed King of Rock and Roll.”

The rock hall says he holds records for the most Top 40 hits with 104 and the most Top 10 hits with 38.

“Elvis was the creator, he was the beginning,” said fan Peter Webster, 72, of Portland, Maine, while visiting the rock hall during a family holiday gathering in Cleveland. “There were other people who sang rock `n roll music before he did, but he brought rock `n roll music onto the stage.”

Visitors lined up to watch a video montage and check out Presley’s 1975 custom made SuperTrike motorcycle and the white suit that he wore when he performed the song “If I Can Dream” in a television special.

There’s also the script for a 1968 NBC special and a 1971 souvenir menu for Presley’s shows in Lake Tahoe.

Presley’s Army service beginning in 1958 at Fort Chaffee, Ark., gets the headline treatment, including his fatigue shirt, his induction orders and his signed receipt for an M1 rifle.

His military service and smiling photo pointing to his sergeant’s stripes may surprise people more familiar with the anti-draft sentiment years later during the Vietnam war.

“I think people respected him because he served in the Army,” Webster said.

The Presley exhibit at the rock hall alongside Lake Erie is updated every two years with loaned items from Graceland.

“We’re using it as a chance to introduce some really iconic artifacts and also to change up the exhibition space. It’s more than just a refresh,” said rock hall president and CEO Greg Harris.

“We all know Elvis didn’t invent rock `n roll. He was the shot heard `round the world for everybody to embrace it and be moved by it,” Harris said.

Presley was born in Tupelo, Miss., on Jan. 8, 1935, and grew up surrounded by gospel music. He died of a heart attack at Graceland on Aug. 16, 1977. He was 42.

Elvis Presley Enterprises was created by the Elvis Presley Trust to manage its assets.


Elvis Presley’s Only Pair Of Blue Suede Shoes Being Auctioned In LA


on November 29 2013 4:39 PM

Elvis Presley’s sole pair of blue suede shoes going up for auction in Los Angeles on Dec. 6.

The auction of Elvis Presley’s Memphis Crypt was scheduled to take place at Julien’s Auction in 2012. But i was taken off after the music icon’s fans worldwide protested that it should be kept as a memorial and a shrine. Wikimedia Commons

The well-worn, size 10 brogues are expected to fetch $80,000 during the sale by Julien’s Auctions, reports the Daily Mail. The shoes were ordered specially for Presley after his 1956 song “Blue Suede Shoes” shot up the charts, making for one of the most memorable songs of his career. The shoes are the only known pair of blue suede shoes owned by Presley.

The brogues — which were part of his stage wardrobe — belonged to Presley for a total of four years. Presley gave them to his friend Joe Esposito after serving in the U.S. Army. They were purchased by a museum owner in 1994 and put on display at his Elvis-A-Rama institution in Las Vegas.

“In terms of collectors’ items it doesn’t get better than Elvis’ very own blue suede shoes,” said Darren Julien from Julien’s Auctions. “The highest bidder will also receive a 1956 letter from the manager of Presley’s wardrobe supplier. It includes a request from Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors for Presley’s clothing and shoe sizes.”

The shoes come complete with blue laces and gold grommets.



I have some good news to share.  Jesse called me earlier this evening.  We had a good long conversation and he sounds very good.  I usually ask how he is the very first thing after I hear that it is him…but, this time he went right into discussing some matters that we had to talk over and so I didn’t get to ask him how he was feeling.  But, he did sound very good and strong.  I haven’t anything to share in the way of news this time.  But, I knew that everyone would want to know that he had called.  He tried to call me twice last Wednesday a little after mid-day…however, I was on the phone with a former co-worker who had called to wish us a happy Thanksgiving.  When the call waiting went off, I was on one of the phones on which I cannot see who is calling and so, thinking it was some political party or charity soliciting funds, I didn’t interrupt my friend to take the call.  Our go between told me later that it had been Jesse trying to call and so I was just heartsick that I missed him.  We were out for Dr. appointments and then shopping today and I was so happy that he didn’t call until after we arrived back home.



My friend, Joan, shared the following from Facebook with me.  I love this…Lucy had it right, that’s for sure.  It was true in 1956 when this strip ran and it is still true to this day.  There will NEVER be anyone who can hold a candle to Elvis.



Below is an interview with the famous sports broadcaster Harry Caray.  He tells a very interesting story about the time he met Elvis when he was working a game in Memphis.  I promise you will love this story.  The Elvis segment runs around the 6:30 minute mark.


Harry Caray once ate ribs with Elvis Presley at 5 a.m.

In a 1984 interview with ESPN Up Close host Roy Firestone, legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray discussed meeting Elvis Presley in Memphis in the mid-60s. The whole clip is worth watching, but the Elvis story starts around the 6:30 mark

During the 1965 and 1966 seasons, the St. Louis Hawks occasionally played in Memphis — home of The King’s Graceland mansion. While Caray was in town to broadcast a Hawks game, Presley called him at his hotel to say he was a fan. Then Presley came by in his Rolls Royce to pick Caray up at his hotel and hang out for a while.

Caray ultimately had to leave to broadcast the game. But the rock and roll icon sent a driver to pick Caray up at the field house afterward so Elvis Presley and Harry Caray could continue one of the greatest bro-downs in American history.

(PHOTO: AP Photo)

(PHOTO: AP Photo)

Later, Elvis realized that Caray had not eaten dinner and ordered ribs from Rendezvous, a famed Memphis barbecue joint.

“They bring a barrel of barbecue ribs,” Carey said. “And I sit around ’til five, six in the morning eating barbecue ribs and chit-chatting with Elvis Presley.”



Here are the details of your location, etc. 

SCOTTSVILLE, KENTUCKY IS ONLY 1 hour and 30 minutes from the home and workplace of our resident stalker and attacker.  Not smart to post under fake names on my site.

Also, not smart to post on your web site that you have my home address and phone number.  You are bordering on stalking now as well as slander, libel, defamation,  harassment and cyber-bullying.

IP Address: Share this result
Latitude, Longitude 36.75338, -86.19054 (36°45’12″S   -86°11’26″E)
Local Time 05 Dec, 2013 02:30 PM (UTC -05:00)
Net Speed DSL
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ZIP Code 42164
Weather Station SCOTTSVILLE (USKY1320)
Mobile Country Code (MCC)
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Carrier Name
Elevation 213
Usage Type COM

Look familiar???

How about this Email address?????


Don’t bother deleting yourself from my list of registered users as I have printed off all of the messages which you posted on my site last night…including your IP number and the Email address under which you accessed my site to post your comments.


On a happy note….Elvis Presley – Elvis’ Christmas (Full Album)1957

Нина Климкова Published on Jun 13, 2013






I would like to recommend a YouTube channel which I just came across.  This channel has so many of Elvis’s concert shows recorded…some in full length…with really good sound quality.  Here is the one which I am listening to right now.  I wanted to listen to this one in particular because it was performed at the mid-way point of Elvis’s very last shows in Las Vegas.  He performed 15 shows beginning on the 2nd and ending on the 12th of December, 1976. 

Those of my visitors who have been with me for a while may recall the notes which Elvis had written when he was alone in his hotel room during this stay in Las Vegas.  He was so sad, troubled and lonely.  But he was absolutely magnificent on stage.  Performing was his joy.

Elvis Presley – Run On – December 7. 1976 Full Album

FenderGitarrist FenderGitarrist  Published on Aug 14, 2013
Recorded live at The Hilton Hotel. Las Vegas December 7. 1976 Midnight (12.00am) Released 1998)


This is a very special concert also.  It is Elvis’s very last show on June 26, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  This is the entire show…

Elvis Presley – The Final Farewell – June 26 1977 – Full Album

FenderGitarrist FenderGitarrist   Published on Nov 10, 2013

Recorded live at Market Square Garden. June 26, 1977. Indianapolis, IN Released 2008


Tracklisting Great Good Morning / Street Corner Preacher / Gone At Last / Operator / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / black Sunday / You Leave Me Now / Get Away / Introductions 2001 Theme / C.C. Rider / I Got A Woman – Amen / Love Me / Fairytale / You Gave Me A Mountain / Jailhouse Rock / O Sole Mio – It’s Now Or Never / Little Sister / Teddy Bear – Don’t Be Cruel / Please Release Me / I Can’t Stop Loving You / Bridge Over Troubled Water / Band Introductions / Early Mornin’ Rain / Johnny B. Goode / Larry Londin drum solo / Jerry Sheff Bass solo / Tony Brown Piano solo / I Really Don’t Want To Know / Bobby Odgin Electric Clavinet solo / Joe Guercio Orchestra / Hurt / Hound Dog / Introductions / Can’t Help Falling In Love / Closing Theme


Once more, here is the link to the YouTube channel on which the above two audios are found.  For those, like myself, who were fortunate enough to see Elvis perform live, you may be able to find a show which you saw on this channel.  There are so many wonderful shows.  My show is not on there because we saw a matinee show…but the evening show from the venue is on there.  Here is the link to the channel again:

My highest compliments to the owner of this channel.


Think on This… . . . happiness is love of something outside of self! It may never be obtained, may never be known by loving only things within self or self’s own domain!

Reading 281-30



Yesterday, I posted the link above to the full Elvis show in Las Vegas on December 7, 1976.  You will recall that I mentioned how lonely and sad he was feeling during that period.  I have just completed restoring another of my pages which will shed a lot of light on his feelings at the time he was doing those shows. 

It just breaks my heart to read his words which he put down on paper while alone in his hotel room…and then crumpled them up and threw them into the trash.  A maid found them and, of course, they made their way into the hands of others. 

The beautiful thing that resulted from those notes is the song by Wayne Newton “The Letter”.  On my page, for which I am going to insert the link below, you may read all of these notes and also hear Wayne Newton talk about the story behind the song as well as hear two performances of the song by Wayne.

This is so important to take into account and digest because it helps us to understand the “why” behind his leaving us in August, 1977.

Always remember…”Walk a mile in my shoes…

Wayne Newton’s song “The Letter” was inspired by a note written by Elvis.


Think on This… In the material associations, in the material connections, then, do with thy might what thy hand finds to do today. For sufficient unto the day is the good as well as the evil thereof. For as He hath given in thee that thou may be the channel, the representative, the agent–yea, the very representative in flesh of Him, then act in thine inner self, act in thine outward expression, as though thou wert (for thou art!) His child, and are heir to all the glories here, now, of His kingdom. Not in the future, not of the past! For in the eternal now is He active in thee.

Reading 683-2


A good friend, Trish, sent a link to a site which I just visited and enjoyed and want to share with others.

Below is the link along with just one of the images on display.  I chose this particular graphic art because of the quote of Elvis in the upper right corner.

This is from a USA Today display:

Elvis Presley gets the graphic treatment,A9671

Graphic Elvis with Elvis quote


Here is an excerpt from an article written by someone from South Africa regarding the death of Nelson Mandela.  This paragraph is about the “death” of Elvis and how it was experienced in South Africa way back when they had no TV’s nor Internet.

Another massive media event, of course, was the death of Elvis Presley.  Now that was a shocker. I was in my early twenties, and here in South Africa we did not have television and the Internet, only the radio. Well, that statement was phenomenal. I remember how the story of his death drove the crowds into a hysterical rage – the drama, the tears and the heartache. Elvis was our “King of Rock.”

Below is the link to the complete article.  It is gratifying to see that this person feels that the “death” of Elvis caused the wide spread effect on the masses which the death of Mr. Mandela is having now.



Do we have to look very far or think very hard to tell whose side some people are working for…

First Lady Ann Romney on FaceBook

Not sure where it’s coming from this simplifies things greatly.

Not sure where it's coming from this simplifies things greatly.



I received the following kind message from a dear friend who has followed my web site for several years.  He expressed things in terms so clearly that I wish to share his message to me with others.  I ask everyone to read Frankie’s concise explanation of the three types of people who believe that Elvis is Alive and attempt to share the fact with others.  My heartfelt thanks to Frankie.

Dear Linda:

About your detractors and assorted loonies, just ignore them because they are unable to answer my question about your motives. Logically speaking, there are three kinds of “Elvis Is Alive” supporters:

1) People who crave attention and want to take advantage of Elvis Presley’s deserved fame;

2) People who love Elvis Presley’s music and/or qualities as a human being of the finest calibre, never expecting anything in return but prepared to spend considerable amounts of time and money to support this cause;

3) People who suffer from megalomania, delusion and a form of Asperger’s Syndrome, so they need to hold on to something far stronger than wishful thinking (closer to fata morgana) to survive.

Having corresponded with you and befriended you for quite some time, I am convinced that Type 1 does not fit, because your site and personality are all about sharing and far from being self-centered; If you belonged to Type 3, then surely you would be unable to put together such an impressive archive of proof, and you would be generally incommunicado, impossible to reach. The opposite is true!

So you safely belong to Type 2, and Elvis/Jesse has found the right person to confide in and communicate through … let those hyenas howl in the woods, they’ll never get anywhere, dear! So glad you appreciate my music & lyrics, even the visual presentation.

Be strong and keep up the great spirit! Frankie, your friend and supporter from afar….

Again, thank you so very much, Frankie.


My good friend Lucilia Maria shared a new YouTube video which was created using one of Jesse’s new songs from his 15 song CD.  You may listen to all 15 of these songs in full from the music player located near the left top of your screen on each page of this site.

Lucilia Maria also shared an actual recording of Elvis singing this same song back in 1969 when he recorded it for an album.

If you take the time to listen to Jesse’s new song and compare it to the actual recording of Elvis, I am certain that any honest listener will have to admit that the voice is the very same person on both songs…thus again proving that Jesse is Elvis.


Elvis Presley “After loving you” (com legendas) sung by Jesse 2012 CD.

Edileusa Menezes Edileusa Menezes Published on Dec 8, 2013


Now, for the comparison to Elvis in 1969…same song…same singer!!

Lucilia Maria wrote:  “…listen to version recorded in 1969 — From Memphis Album.

 Elvis Presley – After Loving You

purelistener purelistener Uploaded on Jul 27, 2008

Elvis Presley – After Loving You

Recorded: 1969/02/18, first released on “From Elvis in Memphis”




Dec 9, 2013, 3:18pm CST

Elvis’ birthday includes Grizzlies and Memphis Symphony

Staff writer- Memphis Business Journal

Elvis Presley Enterprises has announced the schedule of events for the January celebration of Elvis’ birthday. This year’s celebration is also being recognized as the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the release of Presley’s first song. Celebrations will kick off Jan. 8 with a proclamation of Elvis Presley Day on the front lawn of Graceland. The event will be streamed live via Elvis Presley’s Graceland LiveStream, and specially-designed 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll birthday cake and coffee will be served at the Chrome Grille restaurant across the street from the mansion. That event will be followed by tours at Graceland, a trivia tour and the concluding event, Club Elvis, which will be held at the Elvis Presley Car Museum from 8 p.m. to midnight. The next day will kick off with an Elvis Fan Club Presidents event from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Fogelman Executive Conference Center. A special Elvis Insiders reception and tour at Graceland will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. that evening. Jan. 10 will feature an Elvis Morning Movie with a showing of “This is Elvis” at Malco Theatres in Southaven beginning at 9:30 a.m. The Memphis Grizzlies will honor Presley during the team’s home game against the Phoenix Suns that night as well. FedExForum will have Elvis themed music, movie clips and live entertainment during the game. The celebration will wrap up Jan. 11 with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra Presents Elvis Birthday Pops, which will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, 255 N. Main St. Terry Mike Jeffrey, a popular Elvis impersonator, will perform alongside the symphony for the event. More information on events can be found at Tickets for Graceland-sponsored events can be purchased by calling Graceland Reservations at (800) 238-2000 or (901) 332-3322.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it!


Elvis is dead, but his road manager is still on tour

By: Irv Leavitt | | @IrvLeavitt
Elvis Presley, left, and his then go-to guy Joe Esposito, in a photo taken more than 50 years ago. Chicago native Esposito, now 75, appeared in unincorporated Northbrook Dec. 6.

Acoustic Beatles tribute band Kaleidoscope Eyes doesn’t look like the Fab Four, and there are more of them, but they sound like them. | Irv Leavitt/Sun-Times Media

Do you want to know if Elvis Presley really liked peanut butter and banana sandwiches?

The guy who has the answers about The King was in Northbrook Thursday, Dec. 6, and hung around for an hour telling stories about him.

Joe Esposito, 75, met Presley in 1959 when both were in the Army, and wound up working for him until the end, in 1977. Esposito was Presley’s go-to guy, then road manager, and along the way, the best man at his wedding to Priscilla.

“I have the answers, because I was there,” Chicago-born Esposito said Tuesday, after flying in from Las Vegas. And yes, he was there when The King came down off his throne.

“He was upstairs sleeping; he didn’t go to bed until 5 o’clock in the morning because he was trying to stay up all night,” Esposito said.

“The following afternoon, we were going to go on tour, and we got a phone call from Elvis’ girlfriend upstairs, saying that she needed help.

“Elvis was laying on the floor upstairs in the bathroom. I tried to revive him, but he had been dead for some time.”

Nowadays, Esposito’s gig is chatting about Elvis.

“I love to go around the world giving talks. I like to answer questions about Elvis.”

People often insist his former boss is still alive.

“Alive, in everybody’s mind,” he answers equably.

“He’s in everybody’s mind all the time.”

“Everybody wants to know, ‘What was Elvis like?’

“He was just a wonderful man, the nicest man in the world.”

Esposito is in town at the behest of Gurnee’s Tom Jikomes, who is one of the producers of “One Day, Two Legends,” an Esposito-centered documentary film in production about the day in 1964 The Beatles met Presley.

Jikomes had helped put together an evening he calls “Elvis and the Beatles: Live in Concert,” at the Pavilion Restaurant & Lounge, 577 Waukegan Road, in unincorporated Northbrook.

He does not mean to infer that Elvis and all four Beatles are still alive. “Tribute artist” Travis Powell of Shelby, North Carolina, stood in for Elvis, and a local acoustic Beatles tribute band called Kaleidoscope Eyes played some of that band’s tunes.

Powell looks a lot like Presley, but the band doesn’t look at all like the Beatles, Jikomes said Tuesday.

“They do sound a lot like them, though,” he said. “Except for not having electric instruments.”

The evening was largely for backers of the film, Jikomes said, but was open to the public, too.

Powell, 31, was a country singer under his own name for about 10 years before joining the ranks of the Elvi about a year and a half ago, he said Tuesday.

“The only thing I did was I grew my hair out, and dyed my hair black,” the formerly sandy-headed Powell said.

“I’m still Travis, still the same guy who traveled in a bus doing country stuff.

“I’m just trying to do the best tribute I can to the best entertainer of all time.”

Esposito said that since Elvis’ death, “It’s been a decent life.

“I worked for the Bee Gees, Neil Diamond, John Denver, I worked for all of them. All they wanted to do was talk abut Elvis.”

“Michael was the weird one. Otherwise, I did very well.

“He wanted to talk about Elvis, too.”






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