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Here is the link to another article about the movie which is being produced about  Jimmy Ellis who was ORION the singer.  This article also gives a link and some details about how one may go about contributing to the fund to allow the film to be completed and released for those who are interested.


The two photos below were shared with me by a good friend and they have become two of my favorites and so I want to share them here.

Photo of Elvis with sweet smile

He was signing his second engagement contract in Vegas here

He was signing his second engagement contract in Vegas here


SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014

This is to advise everyone that the Blog Page has been closed.  Due to conflicting interests and problems which continued to arise regarding the content posted on the blog; visitors who I have been forced to ban in recent months; the amount of time which it takes for me to moderate and settle problems involving the blog; I have decided to close the blog. 

This may be for just a timeout or it may be for an extended period of time.  I can’t say right now if this will be permanent or not.  I, myself, need a break from moderating the blog.  I apologize to those who may feel lost without this option on my site.  I have enjoyed the blog myself very much in the past and I do thank each of you who have participated and contributed to that section of my site.

I ask that everyone please be accepting of this decision. 

I  caution that the Messages to Jesse page shall ONLY be used for the express purpose of posting your words and thoughts to Jesse.  It will not be used for contact between visitors in any fashion.  NO comments posted on that page (other than the messages for Jesse) will be left on display and any other such messages will not be responded to by me.  Those types of messages will be deleted with no comment.


I just ran a Symantec Norton security on-line scan of my web site just to make sure that it gets a 100% safe rating concerning any threats to my visitors’ computers.  I am very glad to display the following results:


MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014

March 30, 2014

Cover of book 100 Things Elvis...

In her new book, “100 Things Elvis Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die,” music journalist and author Gillian Gaar takes on the task of distilling Elvis Presley‘s career into 100 key elements. Students of the King of Rock and Roll can view this as a type of “CliffsNotes” to the life and times of Elvis.
The book, which comes out April 1, lists 100 facts and trivia about The King ranked in order of importance relating to Elvis’ songs, albums, movies, career achievements, relationships and significant places in Elvis’ life. “100 Things” is intended as a guide to the essential facts you need to know to be an informed Elvis fan. Gaar has also included sidebars of information featuring lesser-known trivia like when Presley was actually nicknamed “The King of Rock and Roll” and the true intended spelling of his middle name.
Gaar, who is the author of two other books on Presley and one on The Beatles, recently did an email interview with The Elvis Presley Examiner discussing her motivation to write the book. She also shares her view on how Beatles fans view Elvis and how she feels “100 Things” will fit into the vast array of Elvis Presley literature.
Question: Your publisher, Triumph Books, specializes in sports books and has published similar themed books, like “100 Things Jets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” and “100 Things Celtics Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die.” How did you team up with them to do “100 Things Elvis Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” as well as your previous book “100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die“?
Gillian Gaar: A woman who worked for them had previously worked at Goldmine Magazine, and she knew that I knew a lot about the Beatles and Elvis (I used to have Beatles and Elvis columns at the magazine). So she put them in touch with me, which was nice.
Question: In the book, you explain that you were a Beatles fan first before you discovered Elvis. As a fan of both myself, I find that many Beatles fans aren’t really that interested in Elvis. Has that been your experience, and if so, why do you think that is?
Gaar: I think it works the other way too; many Elvis fans I’ve known aren’t that interested in the Beatles. Maybe some of it’s generational. I also think the interest in Elvis is more centered on his mythic persona. Whereas with the Beatles, there’s more focus on how they created their music, because they wrote most of their music, and Elvis didn’t. And I think Elvis felt threatened by the Beatles, and maybe this feeling is reflected in some of his fans.
Question: Can you give us some background on your music journalism career including your work for Goldmine Magazine?
Gaar: I started out at a music paper in Seattle called The Rocket, and kept plugging away over the years and gradually began writing for other magazines including Goldmine. An article in The Rocket led to my first book, “She’s A Rebel: The History of Women in Rock & Roll.” I’ve since written about Elvis, Green Day, The Beatles, and Nirvana (I also have an ebook out now, “Smells Like Teen Spirit: The Alterna Teen Anthem of the ‘90s”).
Question: How did you come to write your two other books on Elvis: “Return of the King: Elvis Presley’s Great Comeback” and “Elvis Remembered 1935-77“?
Gaar: With “Return,” I’d read a book on David Bowie that focused on his Berlin years. So I contacted the publisher and said I’d like to do a book covering Elvis’ 68-70 period, same concept as the Bowie book. They agreed and I think it came out really well. As for “Elvis Remembered,” I’d done a previous book on Nirvana for that publisher, and found out they were doing one on Elvis, so I asked if I could write that one.
Question: When you started to write the book, who was your intended audience? When you say “Elvis fan”, do you mean a hardcore Elvis fan or a new Elvis fan, or both?
Gaar: I’m not really sure. I think of it more as a trivia book. If you don’t know a lot about Elvis, this would give you a good grounding in the basics. And I would hope it’s something a hardcore fan might find enjoyable to read, as when I’ve read guide-to-the-music-of type books about an artist, like “The Rough Guide to the Beatles”; I didn’t learn anything, but I like reading about the Beatles and it was fun reading it.
Question: Was there anything that you learned about Elvis while doing your research that really surprised you?
Gaar: I didn’t learn too much as I already knew most of this stuff. I did track down when Elvis began being referred to as “the King.” And also learning more about the origins of the Candlelight Vigil.
Question: In item #84, you address “The Best of the Rest of Elvis’ Movies.” What made you want to bring attention to many Elvis’ movies that are usually overlooked?
Gaar: Most of the footage we have of Elvis is from his movies, so a fan would obviously want to see all of them. The bigger movies (like “Jailhouse Rock”) got their own entries, but I didn’t want to leave any of the films out. There’s at least one fun moment in most of them.
Question: From my count, I found only 6 items on the list that were things “To Do.” Were there things you had to cut out since you were limited to a list of 100?
Gaar: I was thinking that in writing about a record or film, the person reading it would then want to listen to/watch the record/film, which is something to “do,” and I guess I should’ve pointed that out more clearly!
Question: Can you give us some information on your new Elvis book coming out May 8, 2014 called “Elvis The King: Authorized Book from the Graceland Archives“? Is this a reprint of the book, “Elvis Remembered 1935-1977”?
Gaar: As far I know, it’s just a reprint of the earlier book, in different packaging.
Question: How do you see your book fitting into the vast array of published books on Elvis Presley?
Gaar: No idea! Hopefully after reading it, it will motivate people who didn’t know a lot about Elvis to seek out his music and films.


John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and Elvis featured in Dutch beer commercial

Dutch brewing company Bavaria has launched a new commercial featuring the likenesses of the late John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee and Tupac Shakur. The ad for fruit-flavored Radler beer presents the icons on a tropical beach when they are alerted to a ship on the horizon, prompting the legends to keep their secret location alive by hiding from the ship’s preying eyes. Founded in 1719, Bavaria is a Dutch brewery located in the south of the Netherlands. There’s no word on whether the estates of the late legends granted permission for the likenesses to be used.

Here is the actual commercial:

Bavaria Radler Commercial – 2Pac, Elvis, Marilyn and Kurt Cobain Are Alive

CaSjUs212 CaSjUs212

Published on Mar 26, 2014

What do Tupac Shakur, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and Elvis Presley have in common? They all love fruit-flavored beer, apparently.A new advertisement from Dutch brewer Bavaria Radler tells the tall tale that everyone’s favorite pop culture figures aren’t dead at all, but have instead absconded to a desert island where they can sit in the sun and drink fruit-flavored beer all day and rub sunblock on each other and hide away from civilization.On YouTube, Bavaria said: “We all know the stories and theories surrounding the death of certain stars. But what’s the real story? This Bavaria Radler commercial makes it clear once and for all.”ALL RIGHTS TO BAVARIA RADLER BEER!



For my visitors who have taken an interest in Orion Pictures and the Elvis/Jesse correlations in their movies, I am providing below a link to a full display of all of their movies…at least according to the claims of this site.  I will provide this link for anyone interested in checking out some of the movies which I have referenced in my pages.  This is a very nice display which shows the color displays for each of the movies.  I have seen quite a few…but there are many which I have not seen.  I see Elvis flavored topics and former friends in some of those which I have not yet viewed.  See what you think.

Orion Pictures Films

This is a list of films released by the former American film production and distribution company Orion Pictures.
Some films listed were only distributed by Orion.
Many were co-productions.
1979 – 1999

Also, below are the links to my 3 pages regarding the Orion topics:


Think on This …

Do not hold resentment. Do not get so mad at times when things are a little wrong. Remember that others have as much right to their opinions as self, but that there IS a level from which all may work together for good.

The above is the Edgar Cayce Thought for the Day from the Association for Research and Enlightenment.


Yes!!!!!!  Elvis is number 2…ahead of some pretty big names in our nation’s history…so very proud of him!!!!

Here Are the 10 Most Popular Americans

By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff

Posted Mar 30, 2014 7:47 AM CDT

Elvis 2nd in 10 Most popular Americans photoElvis Top Ten most popular Americans



Single strand of Elvis Presley’s hair set to fetch 5,000 pounds at auction

ANI | Mar 24, 2014, 12.39PM IST
A single strand of Elvis Presley’s raven hair could sell for 5,000 pounds at an auction in Northumberland.
The lock is displayed in the middle of a record and a framed picture of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Daily Star reported.
Also set to go under the hammer is a note from a man called Thomas Morgan, who claims to have been a pal of the iconic singer’s hairdresser.



My friend, Barbara, shared this new Elvis offer with me.  The presentation of  these cards is very nicely done…so I am sharing it here.  I understand that these are prepaid cards so one should be able to just buy one for the amount of value which you wish and there should be no credit application involved. 

Now available..ELVIS DEBIT CARD!!!

Order your FREE Elvis Visa debit card from and show off your great taste in music!


There are other photos on the cards from which to choose.  Here is my own favorite:

Elvis VISA card



 JASPER as ELVIS (Channel 2)  Published on Jun 4, 2012



Something to meditate upon:

Take the future in and embrace it…purge the past…once you welcome all of the new possibilities and experiences there will be no room for the past. Share this with family and friends to remind them of the same.

Take the future in and embrace it...purge the past...once you welcome all of the new possibilities and experiences there will be no room for the past. Share this with family and friends to remind them of the same.


To those who may be feeling confused about the reason for my closing the Blog Page.  Please don’t spend time worrying about what happened.  Just move on and enjoy what is now.

Someday everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

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Below are two photos of a gorgeous car driving up the Graceland driveway and parked in front of Graceland.  These photos are of interest to Tom and me because the car belongs to Tom’s cousin and her husband (she says it’s HIS car though).  The reason that they were able to drive the car up the driveway and park it for a photo op right in front of Graceland is because their car won Best In Show at the Elvis Car Show.  We see them very seldom and did not know about this until Tom saw it on her Facebook page.  I was in awe of their car at our Sigmon family reunion last October.  We are very happy for them.  The car is even more special for sentimental reasons.  Her husband and her father (who passed away about 2 years ago) restored the Buick over a period of several years. 

Gary and Sheila's buick in Graceland driveway

Gary and Sheila's Buick


Just ’cause this is so.o.o.o.o cute and appropriate for my web site.

Dear God, clueless people



 A recent article which I shared included some of the facts about Howard Hughes and Elvis which further substantiated the facts which Jesse shared in his book.  Jesse wrote in his book that Mr. Hughes was one of the people who helped him to pull off his “retirement” on August 16, 1977.  

Ron wrote to me about a statement which Ed Parker made in his book.

… on page 72, he writes, “Before Elvis purchased his own jet aircraft, he periodically leased them from other airline companies. Alleghany, Ozark and Hughes’ Air West (Elvis always called their yellow jets, “screaming canaries”) were the principal aircraft leasing companies that he used.” Again it was published in 1978. One year after August 16, 1977. Ed mentioned Howard Hughes and Hughes’ Air West.

Below is a copy of this quote from Ed Parker’s book:

Ed Parker's book page 72

Also, another good friend, BlueRose shared the following collage of images which “coincidentally” shows images of Howard Hughes, Elvis, his father Vernon, Dr. Nic and the Hughes Airwest planes.

BlueRose writes:  “there are no coincidences….”  

Howard Hughes Elvis collage

I shall try to add these two newest entries regarding Elvis and Howard Hughes onto my page devoted to this topic.  Here is the link to that page:

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Ron and BlueRose for their invaluable contribution this time and in times past.



Inside the Divine Pattern‘s photo

Truth has no fear.”

~ A.D. Williams


I came across the below YouTube video which I have never seen before and for the most part it is very good.  It contains excerpts from an A&E documentary about Elvis’ 1970 visit with President Richard Nixon.  This portion of the video is very good.  The creator of the video did get off track though by playing the song “Where The Eagle Flies” which is by an unknown singer…been so nice had they played Elvis’ singing “America“.  Also, as I have proven on my site earlier, the gentleman in the black suit is a man who performed as *“Fabulous Fonzerelli”…I am sorry that his real name does not come to mind though I have shown articles about this man previously.  I am sharing this video because of the A & E content.   As you will see, the person who owns this video certainly does have the right idea.

*footnote: My good friend, Lucilia, refreshed my memory of the actual name of the man in the black suit whose stage name was “Fabulous Fonzerelli”.  This gentleman’s actual named was Alfonse Monteon Armendarez.  Mr. Armendarez passed away several years ago.

My thanks to Lucilia for helping me to furnish this information.

ELVIS LIVES !!! – Dec 21 , 1970

John Reid John Reid

Published on Mar 3, 2014

The TRUTH is Here , Elvis Presley is Alive .



This young man seems so sincere and he wants his video sent to Elvis.   So, I am posting it on here so I will remember to put it on this week’s DVD for Jesse to see.  This video belongs to the same person who created the above video about Elvis’ visit with President Nixon.

ELVIS LIVES !!! – The King Is Alive !!!! . Classified Add

John Reid John Reid·

Published on Mar 3, 2014


I see that this young man has a number of videos related to the topic of Elvis being alive…but I haven’t time right now to check the others out.  I admire his sincerity and love for Elvis.



Below is the link to a filmed gathering which was released some years ago on DVD.  I bought and enjoyed it a lot.

the tcb gang – thats the way it was

ajgherts2 ajgherts2

Published on Mar 20, 2014

the tcb gang talk elvis presley and life on the road



This video is a collection of film clips covering Elvis’ time in the Army beginning in March, 1958.  Old folks like me do remember when that happened. LOL

I am including this on my DVD to Jesse this week because I think he will enjoy going back and listening to the interviews of others who were there with him.  I apologize that it does contain some very sad material from August, 1958.

Also, I do NOT enjoy the last few minutes…beginning after the 1968 special and onward.  From there on the narrator knows not the truth behind that of which he speaks.  Elvis DID NOT drink.  It aggravates me no end every time I hear some one parroting those ignorant words.  People, in general, do not have a clue of what Elvis was going through…it was a horrible time for him with troubles more than anyone can even imagine.  I don’t know how he continued to perform under the strain that he was under.  He told me that the last two years of his life as Elvis were pure misery.  Very few individuals would have the intestinal fortitude to even get up and do all the things he had to do day in and day out.  I have the utmost respect for the man, the image too, but more so for the man.  He will always be my hero.

Elvis Presley: Exclusive Interviews

Unpublished Documentaries/Classy Clips in HD Unpublished Documentaries/Classy Clips in HD·

Published on Sep 13, 2013

The documentary follows Elvis during his Army years with Outstanding comments given by Family and Friends.



Words to live by right here y'all!Like 'N' Share if ya Agree!



Jesse called me tonight and we had a wonderful visit.  He is doing very well.  We had lots to talk about and I enjoyed his call so very much, as is always the case.  Jesse brought up several topics…things that those who were with him way back then would recognize.  He wondered if anyone said anything about the ring which he sent to Tom recently…the one that Kang Rhee gave him.  I told him that only a few people mentioned how nice it was.  He thought perhaps someone from back then would have recognized it and made some comment.

Jesse brought up Marty Lacker’s name in our conversation.  Jesse asked me if I knew why Marty had been so mean to someone else (who he named) and I said only that Marty is not a nice person to a number of people…that he is a nasty man.   Jesse told me the inside story about how his association with Marty ended back long before August 16, 1977.  How many of you know that Marty was banned from Elvis’ sight because of something which Marty said and did regarding one of Elvis’ albums.  Elvis said that he never wanted to see Marty again…did not want him in his presence ever again.  Elvis paid many thousands of dollars to Marty to part company with him.  Elvis actually sent the money to Marty’s wife so he could know that she would have it…if I understood correctly.  This explains why Marty was in CA on August 16, 1977 when he learned of Elvis’ “death“.  This also explains why Marty did not come to Memphis when Elvis “died” and why he did not attend the funeral.

Those who have been with my web site since the early days…around Christmastime in 2010, will recall when Marty came storming onto my site and posted very harsh and vicious statements to me and against me and against Jesse.  He lied saying “I was there when he died.”  Well, thanks to several of my friends I was able to show proof from his own book that he WAS NOT THERE AT ALL.  He wrote in his own book that he was in CA when he heard about it and that he did not come to the funeral because his wife was so upset.  Also, back in December, 2010, Jesse told me something to tell Marty that would make Marty recognize that he really is Elvis.  After I did convey this information to Marty, he changed his tone with me and has never returned to my site again to participate in any manner.  Jesse told me, back then, that Marty is bitter and he understood that but he wanted Marty to leave me alone.

Jesse and I are not sharing this now to embarrass Marty…simply to set the record straight due to the fact that Marty has told lies and mistreated good people.  Perhaps this explains some of the unkind tales which he has told about Elvis at every opportunity.  Marty does himself no favors by putting himself in a position of “knowing everything” and more than willing to be looked up to and trusted to answer questions from the fans.   Something which he does in a most negative manner most of the time…at least that is what I have gathered.

Below is the final exchange between Marty and me back in Dec. 2010.  You may go back to the Current News and Events Page #5  for that time to read all about Marty’s attacks upon Jesse and me.  I apologize that this is a page which was damaged some months ago and I have not gotten back to reconstruct it…therefore some images, etc. are missing.

Below is an example of what he was saying to, and about, me and Jesse before Jesse gave me the message for him:

Marty Lacker
12-16-2010 9:48:43 PM CST

Elvis fans don’t be fooled by this nut. I’ve posted countless times on EIN telling everyone Elvis is not alive and this Jesse thing is bullshit. I was there when he died. Linda’s NEVER been there and why the hell would he write a book with these people after all these years? And Linda, you made one big mistake because if Elvis were around he wouldn’t have dark skin under his eyes. He took care of that in the mid 50′s. But that’s right you weren’t there and don’t know because you DON’T know Elvis! Elvis fans have a merry christmas and let Elvis’ soul rest in peace. TCB Marty Also look on youtube if you don’t believe me, even Joe Esposito said they’re full of shit!

Marty Lacker
12-17-2010 8:21:57 PM CST

kebekdisk. Everyone go look at that persons youtube account. The Joe Esposito interview part 2. 6 minutes into the video he is asked about Dr. Hinton and Jesse. I tried posting the link but it would not let me. Linda you’re busted! I don’t know you so I don’t know what your deal is. But the fact is you’ve been conned or you’re conning everyone. If you all say that you’re good Elvis fans watch that video and act like good Elvis fans! Don’t give this nut anymore attention. Jesse my ass! I already spoke about the DNA crap on EIN. He had his eyes and nose done in the mid 50′s. He had an eye lift in 76 even though he didn’t need it! I know for a fact Elvis would not let himself look at all like this “Jesse” person does if he were around today. And how dare you question my friendship with Elvis! You weren’t there! I was! I was the co-bestman at his wedding and foreman of the MM for a time. I was not in Memphis the day Elvis died but I KNOW for a fact he is gone. Linda you have some nerve for having anything at all to say about me when you’re lying about even knowing Elvis! But worst of all you’re giving his fans false hope. This is the last time I’ll ever speak about this nonsense or even think of this website again. I can tell you one thing, if Elvis were around he would track this “Jesse” down and kick his ass! I’m still TCB Elvis! RIP

Below is how this battle ended.

Below I asked Marty the question which Jesse gave me to tell Marty:

Jesse told me to tell Marty this:  An incident took place back in the 70′s which Marty and Elvis both knew about.  Jesse said that when I ask you this question regarding that incident, Marty, you will know that I am speaking with Elvis.  Elvis/Jesse said “Marty, how do you feel about David Stanley?

Marty Lacker’s last message to me:

I want to thank Marty for his message after reading Elvis’s message to him.  I appreciate his good wishes to me and my site.  Even though he does not share my position…I appreciate his improved attitude toward me.  I wish Marty well also.

Marty Lacker
12-27-2010 9:17:50 PM CST

I believe I know exactly what he is talking about. I’m just not sure if it has been referenced at all by any of the guys in the media. I think it may have been referenced by David somewhat. Best wishes to you and your site Linda. But you know my position.


FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2014

Always good to see this in a news article…even though we know.

5 of the best solo music artists

By Andrew Jacquet @indiacom | | comment


You don’t need to be in a band to make it big in the music industry, all you need is talent, good looks and a little bit of luck, here are some of the greatest solo music artists, who according to us revolutionized the music industry both in the West and in India to some extent:

1) Elvis Presley (1935- 1977): Elvis Presley sold more albums than any other individual music artist in history, and the second most overall (the Beatles sold more). As well as being a musician, Elvis was also an actor appearing in movies like Jailhouse Rock, Blue Hawaii and Love Me Tender. Some of Elvis’s most popular songs are Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog, A Little Less Conversation, Blue Suede Shoes and Viva Las Vegas. Elvis remains on of the most recognisable singers to this day and his voice uniquely unmistakable. He is often called the King of Rock n’ Roll or simply the King. Between 1977 and 1980, despite being dead, Elvis earned more money than any other musician.





FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2014

My friend, Barbara, shared a wonderful article with me which is found on Elvis Australia.  I have printed this article out to send to Jesse and will post the link below for you to visit.




Elvis Easter


Manny Lee

Uploaded on Sep 5, 2008

Gospel Song Christian Music


Look and you will see the ORION constellation in the sky background on this video! 🙂



One of my prime objectives on my web site is to present the truth about Elvis before 1977 and since then.  There have been so many assertions made about him…some were out and out lies;  while some were just mistaken “parroting” of that which others had published.  I am here to set the record straight whenever I possibly can.  One such instance was the two interviews which he gave preceding the Aloha From Hawaii concert which aired in 1973.  I have always loved both of these interviews.  I recently read a statement made by Wanda June Hill regarding these interviews (in some of her material) and I want to share it here to substantiate the truth.  These are Wanda’s recollections from the conversations which she had with Elvis during that time.

As always, I am most grateful to Wanda June Hill for allowing those of us, such as myself, to use her material as long as it is being used to tell the truth about Elvis, the man, and not just the “image”.

“…the one he did wearing the white suit and black shirt, etc and, of course, the colored glasses to protect his eyes…etc.  I listened, looked and watched and he did not look or sound at all ‘DRUGGED” as was said, it was just how he talked. I saw nothing different.  He was a tad nervous and of course had good reason,  that was a one of a kind event he was going to be doing; and around the world all at once scared him kind of.  He just knew he’d slip or something…of course, he was human!  He felt as if he was going to slide out of the chair into the floor so he sat braced to prevent that.  And the interviewer had “some kind of accent ‘n was hard to understand and hear” what he asked him.  So he hoped no one ever saw that interview!

Anyway, he said several times he hoped it wasn’t on the wires and everywhere as it was all he could do not to slide out onto the floor “before God ‘n the world!”   I told him he looked great, we saw it and there was nothing to worry about…then all the crap came out and still does…good grief are they so bored and jealous or what?   The guy looked great…so he had long legs and the chair was not very big…obviously those folks who say those things know absolutely nothing about him personally at all, and they could not see the fella sitting there behind the image. …there it is…so simple and nothing at all outlandish and he sure did not look or speak as if “drugged up” to me…but then I was used to hearing that voice…and it was absolutely normal for him.”

Some who did say he was “drugged” and higher than a kite…slurring his words and etc. and looked doped up. They had to be totally blind, deaf and stupid to say that because he was himself, and he was articulate, he answered questions, he responded warmly and he didn’t hide the fact he was awed to be in that position of doing a worldwide concert….etc.  He was a naturally humble guy, he was overwhelmed by the idea…and he would be the very first to do it.

He was serious because it was a serious event and he was nervous about doing it and “fallin’ on ma ass on camera…there won’t be no second chances-it’s live- around the world!”  That is what he said.”…

  “Anyway, the “behind the scenes” part of that interview was:  He had been rehearsing nearly 24 hours straight with just a short break or two in there.  Then he was going to go lie down and try to stop the head ache pounding going on…his eye was hurting him too, he had a detached retina going on and the doctor told him he should be going for treatment immediately…Well, he couldn’t take the time for that, so he said he’d do it later, he meant after the filming was finished.  But he did take the relaxer the doctor gave him to relax the eye and get some relief for a time.  

He had just taken it, just got settled on the bed with an ice pack over his face and was about to nod off when the door burst open and his guys rushed in calling his name and getting him up because he had to do an interview, RIGHT NOW! but no one had told him!  So up he got, chugged coffee trying to unfuzz his brain and got dressed and went down.” 

Below you may watch these two interviews.  I feel compelled to interject here that I DO NOT agree at all with the news reporter in Las Vegas who gave Col. Parker the credit for “creating” Elvis’s image.  Elvis had a heck of a lot more going for him than just the management by Col. Parker.  Col. Parker was blessed to have Elvis to work for and promote…the greatest entertainer this world has ever seen and most likely will ever see.

Aloha from Hawaii extra promo

Timothy Swan Uploaded on May 26, 2011

Rare footage that was to help promote the 1973 special “Aloha From Hawaii”



I just came upon a lady’s details of her trip cross country which ended in Las Vegas.  I enjoyed reading the account of their experience while watching a performance on stage.  I think others will enjoy reading this also.  They were such special friends…if only….

Elvis was in this building

Carol Zarudenec Smith
However, for me the most exciting performance was that of Ann Margret at the Hilton. She appeared on stage in the most gorgeous gowns. During her show she even came out riding a chopped motorcycle.
We noticed later that someone came in and stood near our table. He was all dressed in black and because the audience was in darkness, it was difficult to see who it was or if it was anyone important. Later, he walked down the aisle and took a seat in the audience close to the stage.
Ann Margret came off the stage into the audience and the spotlight honed in on that person. It was Elvis Presley! Well Joan and I started screaming like fools. Oh my God! Earlier Elvis was standing near enough to us to touch him and we had no idea it was him. He entertained the audience by singing a song with Ann Margret. I never dreamed that I would ever see Elvis Presley there as he was not advertised on any of the marquees I saw. This of course was the highlight of my trip.
It was a fabulous week of bright lights, amazing entertainment, wonderful weather, great food and fun and I actually saw Elvis Presley live. I will never forget it!


A dear friend on Facebook, Joan, shared this with me and I love it so much.  This could not be more accurate about Elvis/Jesse.…/birt…/result/birthdate8.jpg

Elvis' date of  birth description


Below is a message which that liar David Stanley has posted on Facebook for a new page which he is starting and for which he is seeking “friends”.  I have posted his announcement along with my personal assessment of this man and his family on Facebook.  I do hope that every fan who loves Elvis/Jesse will join me in boycotting this man’s attempt to gain attention and a following of his trash.

I abhor David Stanley and his family of liars. No amount of good they try to do now will ever begin to make up for the vile and vicious things they have written and spoken about Elvis. They can never make atonement for the harm they have caused.

I hope that all true Elvis fans will join me in boycotting this new effort on the part of David Stanley and his relatives.

Hello to all you great and loyal Elvis fans who have joined out exciting new Facebook page.  We have some cool stuff coming to this page and are so happy you are a part of it.  We just lunch today and as you can see we have already acquired  700 hundred new friends.  We want many more and I am personally asking you to help us.   Please forward our link to all your friends who love Elvis.   Help us celebrate the wonderful life and times of our extraordinary brother Elvis Presley.  Thank You in advance for your help. ~ David E. Stanley

Hello to all you great and loyal Elvis fans who have joined out exciting new Facebook page. We have some cool stuff coming to this page and are so happy you are a part of it. We just lunch today and as you can see we have already acquired 700 hundred new friends. We want many more and I am personally asking you to help us. Please forward our link to all your friends who love Elvis. Help us celebrate the wonderful life and times of our extraordinary brother Elvis Presley. Thank You in advance for your help. ~ David E. Stanley



Below is just one perfect example of the trash that David Stanley has taken part in spreading.  This is my own YouTube video.  At the beginning, you will see David Stanley who is appearing on stage promoting the lie that Elvis committed suicide.  Stanley joined forces with Albert Goldman to perpetrate this lie.  Albert Goldman was not worthy to even dare to speak the name Elvis.  No one who loves Elvis would have ever publicly worked with Albert Goldman for any amount of money and yet David Stanley did so.  This is just one of the many, many disloyal and dishonest things which David Stanley and his entire family have done.  They should all be ashamed to ever show their faces in any way regarding Elvis.




Graceland showcases Elvis memorabilia for a special anniversary

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 Elvis' pay stub

During this time of musical innovation and Elvis’ first recordings, he continued to drive a delivery truck for Crown Electric. Elvis started out driving the truck at $1 an hour, delivering supplies to building sites around Memphis. He was hoping for the chance to train and become an electrician. After recording “That’s All Right,” he earned a weekly paycheck, totaling $42.51, from Crown Electric until October of 1954. (Graceland)

1:41 p.m. CDT, April 15, 2014
They’re pretty insignificant looking. If you saw one blow across the sidewalk, you’d hardly take notice.
But the two pieces of brown paper are payroll stubs, and when you realize their history, you can only smile.
They belonged to Elvis Presley when he was making deliveries — at a dollar an hour — around Memphis, Tenn., for the Crown Electric Co. The stubs are dated July 24 and July 30, 1954, around the time Presley reshaped music and American culture.
They are among the items that are part of a new display at Presley’s home, Graceland, in Memphis. This year marks the 60th anniversary of his first official recording — “That’s All Right,” on July 5, 1954 — and Graceland and Memphis are using the occasion to celebrate the King, rock ‘n’ roll and the city itself.
“(The stubs) show Elvis Presley is like the rest of us,” said Kevin Kern, Graceland’s director of communications. “He filled out a pay stub and got paid every week.”
If you’re impressed by the pay stubs, you’ll be all shook up by the 45 rpm record — Elvis’ personal copy — of “That’s All Right,” which also is in the show. You could make the argument that this record is the genesis of rock ‘n’ roll.
“It’s a small thing, but it’s the center of the exhibit,” Kern says of the 45, which sports the iconic yellow Sun Records label.
The exhibit will include 150 to 200 artifacts, with dates ranging from 1954 to today, covering his career and impact.
There’s also his script from 1957’s “Jailhouse Rock,” before it had a name. It’s referred to as “Untitled Presley Story” on the cover. Another film represented in the exhibit is 1964’s “Viva Las Vegas,” in which Elvis wore a red shirt.
“If you see the final scene, Elvis comes through this Western-style door, and he’s wearing this (shirt) with a black jacket over it, and he sings the title song,” Kern said.
The exhibit opened Feb. 24 and is part of a series of events in the city for 2014. For more information, go to Thankyouverymuch.
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Interview with Barbara Gray who reveals a 55 year old Elvis Presley secret

Elvis Australia Elvis Australia·70 video

Uploaded on Aug 14, 2011

Interview with Barbara Gray who reveals a 55 year old secret as the mystery woman in the classic Alfred Wertheimer photo titled ‘the kiss’. You wont be familiar with the name Barbara Gray, but that is about to change. The video starts with the original phone call to the radio station to reveal her identity.


Elvis and Barbara Gray



Just want to share with everyone that Jesse did phone me just a few minutes ago.  We were only able to speak briefly this time as he had someone coming to see him right then.  But I did get to ask him if he is all right and he said that he is.  He was just calling to thank me and several other close friends who sent small gifts and cards for little Nick’s birthday…said we made him a very happy little boy.  I am sorry that I haven’t anything more to tell this time.




FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014


SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 2014

Here is one of my favorite ORION songs which I believe is actually sung by Elvis himself.  Enjoy!!!

Jerry Lee Lewis & The King -What’d I say

JerryLeeLewisTV JerryLeeLewisTV

Uploaded on Jan 12, 2009




Below is a brief 1958 news report when Elvis was leaving for Germany during his time in the Army.

Elvis Presley Interview, 1958 [HD]

British Pathé British Pathé

Uploaded on Aug 4, 2011
Elvis Presley Interview, 1958 [HD]. Elvis Presley Interview from 1958, New York. Dressed in his army uniform, Elvis the Pelvis is interviewed by press reporters about his forthcoming 18 months foreign service in Germany.



I enjoyed the below  Kay Wheeler interviews.   She knew Elvis back in the 50’s and opened the first Elvis Presley Fan Club.  She is a very interesting lady.  Here you will see that even way back then, Elvis was not truly happy.


Uploaded on Dec 30, 2010
Kay Wheeler, Christian writer, Bible scholar & teacher shares her roots in rock & Roll and association with teen idol Elvis Presley which affected and changed her life. Stricken by Elvis’ unhappiness early on in 1958 when she was with him in Hollywood and starring in TEEN MOVIE, ” ROCK BABY ROCK IT” and appearing with Gene Vincent in “HOT ROD GANG”–she made a 90 degree turn in a search for “Truth” which brought her into a direct SPIRITUAL encounter with Jesus at the age of 25. From that point on, she has made her best efforts with God’s guidance to share the message of CHANGE AND HOPE through Jesus.




Published on Nov 26, 2013
Kay Wheeler shares a highlight memory of her and Elvis in Hollywood, California at the press premiere of JAILHOUSE ROCK in November, 1957. Kay had just completed starring in the now rock classic, ROCK BABY ROCK IT (2ND Rock & Roll movie ever made and lst Rockabilly movie). The “Cell Block 7” band featured in Kay Wheeler’s movie dressed in stripped convict outfits and could have been some inspiration for the songwriters who wrote the song, “Jailhouse Rock” and the Elvis dance sequence in the film.. The movie, “Rock Baby Rock It” was released first– before “Jailhouse Rock”. The notion of convict suits and a cell block was a pretty unusual concept back in the 50s; plus, THERE HAD ONLY BEEN 2 rock and roll movies made at that time–“Rock Around the Clock” and “Rock Baby Rock It”. For sure, anybody making a rock film in the 1950s like “Jailhouse Rock” would have definitely checked out and viewed these two original rock films first .What an amazing coincidence that Elvis in “Jailhouse Rock” and Kay Wheeler in “Rock Baby Rock It” ended up dancing around men dressed in striped convict outfits! For more information about Kay Wheeler:



Published on Nov 26, 2013
Kay Wheeler, President of Elvis’ First & Largest Fan Club was one of the first to make a pilgrimage to Memphis, Tenn. to visit the first home that Elvis bought his parents on 1034 Audubon Drive. At age 17, Kay took a night train all the way from Dallas to Memphis on November 18, 1956. She had the rare experience of spending some quality time with Elvis’ dear Mother, Gladys and of being so graciously received by her–who also gave Kay a personal tour of her house, even down to Elvis’ closet. It was truly a time to remember; what a wonderful lady. For more:



Published on Nov 17, 2013
A from the heart tribute to Elvis from Kay Wheeler, President of his first and largest fan club that was fan originated in the mid-1950s. Kay met with Elvis several times and shares her thoughts and moments for all the fans worldwide who still love Elvis and the part he played in so many lives. Enjoy. Narrated by Kay Wheeler herself. Audio/Music Production by Rick Wheeler, Love Me Tender sung by Peter Alden, Script by Linda Williams and Kay Wheeler. For more information:




Below is a video which shows Elvis at the airport in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 26, 1977.  He looked wonderful in this film clip.  Also, I want to draw your attention to the fact that he was wearing his DEA Staff emblem on his jacket.  I know I have shown another clip of this video before here on my site…but this version is longer and includes some footage which was not in the earlier version.

Elvis in the Indianapolis Airport – June 26 1977

ElvisDayByDay ElvisDayByDay

Uploaded on Dec 1, 2010

Our Facebooksite:



  • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2014

  • I have always been extremely indignant about the ignorant remarks which have been made regarding the visit which Elvis paid to Pres. Nixon in the White House in December, 1970.  I have seen and heard self-proclaimed experts make all kinds of crazy assertions about Elvis being on drugs when he visited Pres. Nixon.  I KNOW this is not the truth. 

  • I just finished reading a very enlightening book by Mr. Darrin Lee dedicated to this one topic…Elvis’ visit with Pres. Nixon.  I won’t copy and use a lot of what Mr. Lee has written…but I will say that he has certainly done his homework and has put the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who first originated this lie about Elvis.

  • Mr. Lee then proceeds to refute the lies in a very concise and systematic manner which I thoroughly admire and enjoyed reading. I so highly recommend that every Elvis fan read Mr. Lee’s book…the title of which and details of the book shall be shown within this article.

  • You may recall that I have touched upon this subject before when I used a few excerpts from a book by Paul Lichter titled: Elvis Presley Behind Closed Doors.  In this book, Mr. Lichter also furnished proof that the drug stories about Elvis during his visit to the White House were totally untrue.  I displayed some of Mr. Lichter’s proof in my previous article.

  • Mr. Lee furnishes many instances of the outlandish lies which were told in the media.  Of course, one of the earliest and most distasteful pieces of trash about this topic was from a book by Albert Goldman who was not worthy to lick the soles of Elvis’s shoes.  As you will recall, I have expressed the disdain which all Elvis fans should feel for this little worm of a human being.  Goldman and Geraldo are largely responsible for the public’s mistaken impressions of Elvis.  Many others in the media have just parroted the lies which were made public by these two ignorant and inept author and “investigator”.  If a lie is told often enough, it becomes accepted as the truth.  Sadly, this is what has happened with the most patriotic mission set out upon by Elvis…and about many other areas of Elvis’ life.

  • One person in the media for whom I have always had a lot of respect is Mr. Bill O’Reilly and I have heard him say some very kind things about Elvis.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I learned, while reading Mr. Lee’s book, that Mr. O’Reilly had actually passed along the tired old lies about Elvis and his meeting with Pres. Nixon.  Below is an excerpt from Mr. Lee’s book regarding Mr. O’Reilly’s ignorant and mistaken comment:

  • Bill O’Reilly received his Bachelors from Marist College and Masters from Boston University. He is the author of Culture Warrior and host of cable TV’s highest rated news program – The O’Reilly Factor. Mr. O’Reilly prides himself on being fair and balanced and is a fan, having once told a guest that he thought Elvis was “the best entertainer ever,” so it was sorely disappointing to sit through the conversation that followed one of his program’s Great American Culture Quiz questions. Elvis Presley met with President Nixon to discuss what topic?

  • A. Ann-Margret

  • B. Drug Enforcement

  • C. Rock Lyrics

  • D. Supporting the Military

  • Participants Martha MacCallum & Steve Doocy correctly selected “B,” then Mr. O’Reilly remarked: “Elvis, under the influence of a powerful hallucinogenic, wanted to become a DEA Agent and Nixon had no idea who Elvis was. So he gave him a badge.” Intended as a joke or not , a worldwide TV audience of two million were told by a serious newsman that a hallucinogenic fueled the events of 21st December 1970.

  • Lee, Darrin (2012-10-22). The Media And Academia’s All-Out Assault On Elvis Presley & President Nixon: Defeated! (Kindle Locations 263-264). EP & MJ Books. Kindle Edition. 
  • I won’t quote nor display any more of the many ignorant comments and out and out lies which have been made “common knowledge” by people who know scarcely anything about the man behind the image ELVIS.  Mr. Lee did an excellent job of presenting these in his book.  Again, I admire that Mr. Lee has done such a diligent and time consuming job of compiling the details.

  • The following excerpt from Mr. Lee’s book is a portion of the letter which Pres. Nixon wrote as an introduction to a wonderful book about the visit of Elvis in the White House by Mr. Bud Krogh.  You may recall that I have a page on my web site devoted to the topic of that letter because Pres. Nixon made a very telling playful joke which I believe stemmed from Pres. Nixon’s knowledge that Elvis was (and is) still alive.  Pres. Nixon wrote that letter one week before he passed away.

  • Link to my page:

  •  “I am pleased to be able to congratulate Bud Krogh on the publication of The Day Elvis Met Nixon. When we met in the Oval Office in December 1970 I was greatly impressed by Elvis’ sincerity.”
  • Lee, Darrin (2012-10-22). The Media And Academia’s All-Out Assault On Elvis Presley & President Nixon: Defeated! (Kindle Locations 317-319). EP & MJ Books. Kindle Edition.  
  • Mr. Lee correctly reported in his book that Mr. Krogh refused to sell Elvis out.  This is proven by the excellent book which he published and which I have highly recommended before on my site.  Mr. Lee writes:  

  • On 10th October 2000 the PBS TV series Frontline interviewed Egil “Bud” Krogh (former Deputy Assistant to President Nixon for Domestic Affairs) and one of the questions was about the King’s visit to the White House. He replied: “Elvis Presley [was] dressed in a purple jumpsuit and a white shirt open to the navel with a big gold chain and thick-rimmed sunglasses. He came in and I must say I was very impressed with him.”

  • Lee, Darrin (2012-10-22). The Media And Academia’s All-Out Assault On Elvis Presley & President Nixon: Defeated! (Kindle Locations 321-326). EP & MJ Books. Kindle Edition.
  • On 7th January 2007 the Memphis Commercial Appeal printed a UPI story by the Orange County Register’s Ms. Sushma Subramanian titled, “Nixon Library to show clothing Elvis wore in legendary Oval Office visit.” In response to the comment, “Some have speculated Elvis Presley was under the influence of drugs during his 1970 meeting with President Nixon,” Mr. Krogh immediately shot it down: “I never had any idea he had a prescription drug problem.”

  • Lee, Darrin (2012-10-22). The Media And Academia’s All-Out Assault On Elvis Presley & President Nixon: Defeated! (Kindle Locations 327-334). EP & MJ Books
  • On 9th January 2007 CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips spoke with Mr. Krogh:
    At any time did you think, wow, this is strange, he is meeting with Nixon wanting to help America fight drugs and here he was possibly on drugs at that time?” Mr. Krogh: “Well, I didn’t see anything, Kyra. I didn’t see anything that I thought would mean he was high on drugs at the time. I thought it was an authentic, sincere, honest effort to try to help the country out, help the President and I really liked him.” In the face of media bait, the truth prevails.
  • Lee, Darrin (2012-10-22). The Media And Academia’s All-Out Assault On Elvis Presley & President Nixon: Defeated! (Kindle Locations 335-341). EP & MJ Books. Kindle Edition.

One final excerpt from Mr. Lee’s book…a statement by President Nixon regarding the man, Elvis:

President Richard M. Nixon: “As I talked to [Elvis], I sensed , too, that basically he was a very shy man – the flamboyance was covering up the shyness. People say that because later on it was found that he had used drugs ; therefore, he could not be a good example. [But] they overlook the fact he never used illegal drugs. It was always drugs prescribed by his physician . I think that he was a very sincere and decent man .” Well said Mr. President.

Lee, Darrin (2012-10-22). The Media And Academia’s All-Out Assault On Elvis Presley & President Nixon: Defeated! (Kindle Locations 364-369). EP & MJ Books. Kindle Edition.

I wish to thank Mr. Darrin Lee who kindly allowed me to use the material from his book.  All of his books, which are devoted to disproving lies which have been told about Elvis, are available at as Kindle books…as I have displayed previously.  I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Lee’s dedication and hard work to tell the real truth about Elvis.  A man after my own heart.

Front Cover Darrin Lee's book The Media and Academias All Out Assault on Elvis Presley and President Nixon

Below you may watch a wonderful video discussion about Elvis’ meeting with President Nixon.  Two of the participants are Mr. Bud Krogh and Jerry Schilling.  Both men were present in the oval office during the meeting.  Also, Jerry Schilling, a long time personal friend of Elvis’, accompanied Elvis on his flight to Washington.  Here you will hear the real truth about this amazing event.

We Were There When Nixon Met Elvis

US National Archives US National Archives  Uploaded on Jan 25, 2010

In commemoration of the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley, the National Archives presented a discussion about the meeting between Elvis and President Richard Nixon at the White House on December 21, 1970. Timothy Naftali, Director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, hosts a discussion with Egil Bud Krogh, Assistant to the Counsel to the President, and Jerry Schilling, veteran music industry professional and long-time friend of Elvis Presley. Krogh and Schilling were present in the Oval Office and now offer their eyewitness accounts of the meeting, along with on-screen projections of related photographs, memos, and correspondence in the holdings of the National Archives.


I want to share the excerpts from the book by Paul Lichter which I have shared on my site previously because they further substantiate the truth that Elvis most certainly was not on drugs during his trip to Washington and his visit with President Nixon:

The following is my entire article regarding this topic which was previously displayed on my Current News and Events page for February, 2014

For those who are lucky enough to own the book by Paul Lichter titled ELVIS PRESLEY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS , you may see private photos of the meeting with President Nixon which the President had delivered to Mr. Lichter when he notified Pres. Nixon that he needed some material about the meeting to include in his book.  Mt. Lichter tells a true account of exactly the way Elvis’ trip to meet with President Nixon took place and the fact that President Nixon did give Elvis an actual Federal Narcotics badge.  As I have pointed out several times on this site, Elvis’ badge had his name engraved on it…so it could not have been a spontaneous “honorary” badge as some “experts” have insisted.  Please visit my page dedicated to Elvis’ law enforcement and federal agency work:  


Here is the badge awarded to Elvis:

Elvis' Federal DEA Badge

Also, several books have besmirched Elvis’ visit to Washington to see the President as having been some sort of drug-fueled-spur-of-the-moment-angry trip…saying he had a disagreement with Vernon and Priscilla and suddenly stormed out of Graceland.    Mr. Lichter proves, with the photos in his book, that Elvis planned this trip carefully by taking the time to collect copies of photos of Lisa to take with him so that he could share them with Pres. Nixon.  It was true that no one back at Graceland knew where he had gone and they were worried because Elvis never traveled alone.  I want to point out, myself, that Elvis also took with him a collectors pistol as a gift to give to Pres. Nixon. I wish to emphasize that this important trip to Washington was quietly planned by him…much as was the faking of his death on August 16, 1977.  

Also, you may recall that Elvis was downstairs at Graceland at apx. 9:30 AM on August 16th, 1977 and signed for a registered letter.  That letter was from Mr. Lichter who did know Elvis personally.  Mr. Lichter wrote in his book that all of the stories in the book were either told to him by Elvis personally or are Elvis’ own words and views.

One other nice thing about Mr. Lichter’s book is that the publisher is “JESSE  BOOKS A DIVISION OF MEMPHIS FLASH, INC.” .  I assume that this is probably Mr. Lichter’s own company and that he chose the name of his publishing company.  But, I love that he chose “JESSE” for the company name.

I wish that I were able to scan more of the pages from this book to display…but this is a signed and numbered collector’s edition book and I was astounded a while back when I did a search for it and learned that it is a collector’s item now and is valued at hundreds of dollars.  So, I don’t want to risk damaging the spine of the book by laying it flat to scan more than just a couple of pages.  I bought this book when I was in Memphis many, many years ago at one of the stores across the street.  I do treasure it so much.

Below is the cover of this book: 

Front cover of Lichtner's book

Below is the front page showing numbered edition and that the publisher is Jesse Books.

Paul Lichter book copyright page

Below is one of the wonderful photos of Elvis with President Nixon from Mr. Lichter’s book…I don’t believe that this one is part of the National Archives which are offered for sale…I may be wrong…would have to research to be sure. But, I love the friendliness and smiles in this one.

Elvis and Nixon photo from Lichter  book

Below is one of the most important pages of Paul Lichter’s book in which he refutes the lies written in several books about the circumstances surrounding Elvis’ trip to meet with President Nixon.

Page from Lichter book refuting lies told about the Elvis and Nixon meeting

I would like to share something which Jesse has told me personally during one of our phone conversations.  I asked him if it is OK that I have the page on my site which is devoted to the topic of Elvis’ involvement with the Federal Government and other law enforcement agencies, he answered  me with “Oh yes…I know all kinds of people.  So, for me, that is the bottom line truth about Elvis and his federal badge, etc.





Don't worry about the haters



SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2014

Have we all not been guilty of this…often without giving any serious consideration to the words which we speak…

Think on This…
. . . those that find fault with others will find fault in themselves; for they are writing their own record–they must meet, every one, that which they have said about another; for so is the image, the soul of the Creator in each body, and when ye speak evil of or unkindly to thy brother, thou hast done it unto thy God.

Reading 487-17


I just saw this new series of photos on Facebook from  ALL ABOUT ELVIS which were posted by Dale Barling Please note that this Elvis Group specifically asks that certain topics are prohibited from their group page…one of those is that of nothing related to any Elvis conspiracy i.e. Elvis being alive be mentioned on their page.  I ask that all of my visitors please abide by their rules if you should chose to visit their site.

This is a particularly good photo of the DEA STAFF emblem which he wore just about all of the time (when he was dressed casually) leading up to August 16, 1977.  I love these photos. 


Dale Barling's photo.
Dale Barling's photo.
Dale Barling's photo.


SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2014

I want to share with everyone that Jesse did call me this evening about 7 PM.  He is doing OK.  We had a good visit…after the frustration of having our call disconnected before we actually got to speak Wednesday night.  He discussed with me the two interviews preceding the Aloha show.  When I wrote my article about those two interviews recently, I wasn’t positive which interview followed his having rehearsed for almost 24 hours while having a detached retina.  It was the 2nd interview which he did in Hawaii.  He said that yes, his eye was hurting and the Dr. gave him something to relax the pain from the eye and he had gone to lay down and had placed the ice pack on his face and was about to drop off to sleep when they came rushing in to tell him that he had to do an interview about which he had not been told.   So, that clears up my hesitancy to state for certain which interview he was speaking of back all those years ago.  He said that the other interview was done in Las Vegas after his shows for that night.  He said that some things he remembers very well but some things he has forgotten.  He said that he had it in his mind that he had worn a powder blue suit for that interview, but then when he watched the video which I sent to him, he saw that it was white.    I told him that I can’t imagine how anyone could begin to remember all the things that he has lived through…and that it would all be a blur to me I’m sure.


MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014

I’ve always liked this story about Bruce Springsteen.

1976: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at The Auditorium on the “Born To Run” tour. After the show, Springsteen caught a cab to Graceland. Seeing a light on in the house, Springsteen climbed the stone wall and ran to the front door where security stopped him and escorted him out the front gate. Elvis Presley was in Lake Tahoe on tour at the time. Springsteen has told the story numerous times. “Later on, I used to wonder what I would have said if I had knocked on the door and if Elvis had come to the door. Because it wasn’t really Elvis I was going to see, but it was like he came along and whispered some dream in everybody’s ear and somehow we all dreamed it.”
Source: Elvis Presley Enterprises (


MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014

The Rebel and the King

There is a book about Elvis which came to me as a recommendation by a very trustworthy person.  I have not had a chance to read it yet myself…but because I know that the person who has recommended it to me has always had nothing but Elvis’ very best interest at heart, I do not hesitate one bit to recommend this book to all of my visitors.  As you will see below, this book is available at, the link for which I shall display below.  This book was written from a journal which Nick Adams was keeping about his friendship with Elvis.

I am purchasing a copy of this book to send to Jesse because I feel sure that he will like reading it also.

This book was written and published by the daughter of the actor, Nick Adams.  Elvis was very good friends with Nick beginning when Elvis very first went to Hollywood.  They met and he helped to show Elvis “the ropes” in that city which surely must have been mind-blowing to the very young Elvis.  Nick introduced Elvis to Natalie Wood among others.  Elvis took Nick home to visit with him and his family at Graceland in 1956.  He stayed for a week.  That visit included Elvis’ return visit to, and performance in, Tupelo.  Nick got to know all of Elvis’ family so well and they embraced him as if he were their son and grandson too.  Then Elvis was drafted and that brought an end to their visiting frequently.  When Elvis’ mother passed away in August, 1958, Nick came to be of help and support to Elvis through that terrible time.  Then Elvis was shipped overseas and so they did not have a chance to visit again until after Elvis returned to the states.  Nick was married and had children.   However, Nick had developed some bad habits…drinking and gambling evidently.  Nick was found dead.  The police labeled it suicide.  However, Elvis did not buy that for one minute.

Below are some of the things which Elvis told Wanda June Hill regarding Nick’s death and how very distraught he was about it.   This is taken from some of Mrs. Hill’s material:

“Nick had come by his house earlier in time and wanted to borrow money…he was scared Elvis said, so he dug up all the money in the house, from the guys too and gave it to Nick who needed it immediately.  Elvis had to go to a bank and get money sent from his Memphis bank to the bank in LA…for more than what he had on hand.  And he did do that but Nick never came back…and he ended up dead in a mysterious way…a way that required certain objects to kill one’s self and those objects were not present with the body.  He had it,  was “told” by police etc…he had drank formaldehyde and it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to “drink” that as it closes the throat and penetrates almost instantly human cells…he would not have been able to swallow.  Yet he had almost a pint in his stomach…which was being “embalmed” all the time it was going down, including the throat…which had no sign of him having swallowed it… he couldn’t have…it was tubed into his stomach…where he would die in agony and pretty quickly though he would live a short time and he’d be unable to do anything about his condition at all.

Elvis said that Nick would not have had that much formaldehyde as they only dispensed a very tiny bottle and an eye dropper and one was only to use a few drops at a time in water and drink that and it was to help alcoholics get straight.  So it would have been impossible for him to have drank that much since he did not have that much.  It was still in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom…that was what the police report had listed when they went there and made their report.

Since there was no container that he could have drank it from present at the site how did he drink it and then be able to “clean up the evidence”?   Even what he had been given by the doctor was still in the cabinet in the bathroom…nearly all of it still in the little bottle.

He was sitting on the floor leaning against a bed and beside him was a suitcase with six hundred dollars in it…all he could scrape up and they did not even take that.  A mafia move said E.  He should have known.  Anyway, he figured Nick was in debt so far that he couldn’t get out…Elvis was going to get more money for him via the bank the next day but it was too late…he was killed the night before apparently.  Elvis was so upset, when that happened, he kept saying as if to himself, the bastards killed him!  Gawd, the bastards etc ” over and over. Elvis also said that Nick and his wife were talking, they were getting back together and going to be a family again, and that Nick had some jobs lined up doing commercials and a part in a sit com type show…he knew Nick was not apt to kill himself even if that was the story.  He felt it was all part of a set up and Nick didn’t have a chance.   Nick got in debt to the wrong people…that was all it was.  So they killed him…  And the police went along with it…Elvis knew that…he knew a lot of things…odd ones usually.  And he was horrified, he just lost it talking about it and cried so openly and talked too.  He was going to give him the money…it was a lot and he didn’t have enough on hand. Nick had in that suitcase sitting on the floor near to him about 600 dollars said the police…when they found him.  They made it a drug deal gone sour…yeah sure.  They said he drank the stuff…good lord, that would have been impossible and Elvis said there was nothing found there, a glass, a bottle or tubes etc and had he tried to drink it he would have died anyway as it would have shut down his breathing etc and throat/nose very quickly, he said in seconds and he probably was right!  Elvis did not know exactly what Nick needed the money for but it was serious and apparently he had ripped off someone big.  He would not say more than that.  Elvis said they arranged to meet where Elvis would give him the rest of the money from the bank…but it had to be wired to the bank he used when in LA.  They had agreed Nick would meet him the next day and he’d have all the money.  He kept sobbing through his whole story…kept saying he was “so sorry I had not spent more time with Nick”,  he’d been so busy etc. and Nick was out and about and he hadn’t seen him for quite a few weeks…and then that happened.  He felt he had let him down…and nothing I said helped him, he just kept saying “why didn’t I just give him a check!  They wouldn’t have accepted a check, I told him.  Then they would have been after you…Nick wouldn’t have taken a check for that reason…he had offered him a check they could go cash at some place around West Hollywood…but Nick said no…he needed all the cash… and it was more than they’d cash.

But he would have helped Nick if he’d known earlier…that I know.  I listened to his story and his crying and sobbing.  As usual, he kept saying, “Why didn’t I go see him?  Why didn’t I?”  He was devastated.

Nick, Elvis said, was trying to get his life back and making up with his wife because he loved the kids and her.  He was looking forward to working on the TV sit com and that he and Nick used to get up early and jog the nearby school jogging path…then he had to go in the army and didn’t see him for a while, then they got back in touch and were going to start jogging together again.  I understood how Elvis told that it was his idea to help Nick get back in shape and thinking clearly again.  Elvis didn’t know that Nick was into things he ought not been, but he believed that it was the only thing he had going and his family needed things…he and his wife were separated at that time.  Elvis wasn’t aware of that either and so he apparently took all the cash the guys there had, plus all he could scrape up and gave it to Nick to appease those coming for him.  Elvis was at the bank when it opened the next morning to get money for Nick.  But he was too late…it seemed that Nick was killed some time very very early right after he’d got the money he did from Elvis…he was supposed to come by and get the rest and then be “clear” of what he was in debt for…however what he had wasn’t enough, that money was left in the opened suitcase sitting beside his body that was sitting on the floor leaning on the bed…in the hotel where Nick was living…And the police ruled it intentional suicide.   Was Elvis right saying the cops were dirty and they laid it out that way to the press, etc.?  The money in that suitcase was what Elvis had given Nick that night before he was found dead the next day…I don’t know who found him first…or why anyone would check unless it was a hotel cleaning lady coming in to clean the room???  I have no idea and Elvis did not say, or if he did I don’t recall it.  I was struck mostly by how broken up Elvis was, how he felt he had let him down… “my friend”  he kept saying here and there, he introduced me around…he went with me an’ helped me on the road an’ we had good times.  He ate ‘n slept at our house. ”  Nick comforted him when his mother died…he came all the way from Hollywood to be there when he heard about it.  He didn’t make the funeral but he came in that night to be with Elvis and he said,”he was my friend ‘n I-I-I”  and he choked up and stopped talking about him. I don’t remember if we spoke very long then, but I think he had to go get ready to get to the studio as he was doing a film and was supposed to sing a couple of songs.  I wondered how he’d get through the day he was so broken up…but he probably got it together by then.

He was going to repeat what he’d said and that was “I let him down!  Why didn’t I realize what was goin’ on?!   He blamed himself for notseeing how serious it was“.  So he said he’d get the money early and have it for him before noon.  Which he did…he went early to the bank…but Nick didn’t come… I guess he was already dead by then.

The facts are that Elvis and Nick were good friends and Nick was keeping notes on the early day tours he went on with Elvis…they were going to do a book about it and Elvis was also putting his ideas into it as well.  The guys all scoffed and didn’t like Nick…but Elvis did.  He just wanted him to straighten out his life and make a go of it.”

Below is the purchase information for this book on

The Rebel & The King is a celebratory, first person account written by Academy Award nominated actor, Nick Adams, about his close friendship with Elvis Presley, during their whirlwind eight days in Memphis when Presley returned to Tupelo for his Homecoming Concert in 1956. Posthumously published by Nick Adams’ daughter, Allyson Adams, after she discovered the unedited manuscript in a box of her father’s memorabilia. Book includes facsimile of original text, edited version, 15 photos (some never before seen), and foreword by Allyson Adams. Elvis Presley had just exploded on the American scene and was filming his first movie, Love Me Tender, when he introduced himself to Nick Adams on the backlot of 20th Century Fox. Nick was a struggling actor, part of the Rebel Without A Cause gang and showed Elvis the town, introducing him to Natalie Wood. Nick was infamous for writing about his famous friends, including James Dean, and he and Elvis became fast friends. “I would rather live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb. And that was the first thing that came to my mind when I sat down to write this story about Elvis.” Nick Adams, 1956


I want to interject something which Jesse said to me during one of our recent phone conversations…I hope he won’t mind my doing this…I don’t think he will. 

Jesse asked me if I knew why Marty Lacker was so mean to Wanda (Wanda June Hill).  I told him that Marty was mean to a lot of people…including Wanda and myself.  Jesse said words to this effect “Marty was there and knew she was too.”  We spoke of Mrs. Hill for a little more and then he said “I love Wanda to pieces.”  I want to present this here for two reasons.  (1) If Mrs. Hill reads my site, I want her to know what Jesse (who IS Elvis) said about her.  The concern he has felt for her and that he treasures his memories of her.  (2)  I have recommended everything that Wanda June Hill has ever done on my site a number of times and it makes me feel very good, indeed, to have Elvis himself acknowledge that yes, he really was close friends with her.  Jesse also said that he wants to read Wanda’s books.

Marty and other members of the Memphis Mafia lied about Wanda June Hill and called her all kinds of names and spat out all sorts of nasty innuendos about her…things that were nothing but out-and-out lies which, in my own personal opinion, were spawned by their selfishness, jealousy, and fear of the fact that Wanda June Hill knew so many truths about them.   They should all be so ashamed of themselves.



I know that we have all been thinking about and praying for the people of Tupelo since the horrible tornado tore through that town earlier this week.  I know this is on Jesse’s mind too.  I have not learned if any damage was done to Jesse’s home place and the surrounding structures…I certainly hope not.

My dear friend, Lucilia, shared this lovely image with me on Facebook:

Pray for Tupelo


Good news….


Photo is COPYRIGHT: Caroline Pratt
The city of Tupelo, Mississippi, the birthplace of Elvis Presley, was hit hard by a tornado on Monday, April 28th, 2014. There is massive damage to certain parts of Tupelo, people lost their homes and several businesses were destroyed. The area around the Barnes Crossing Mall was hit the hardest by the tornado. The Mall didn’t receive any damage, but did lose electricity. Outback Steakhouse, a Sleep- Inn Motel, Vanelli’s Restaurant – a Mississippi tradition since 1975, and a Shell gas station are some of the places destroyedElvis Presley’s Birthplace, is still standing, as it remained safe and did not receive any damage from the tornado. Other Elvis-related landmarks such as Tupelo Hardware and Lyric Theater were also untouched from the tornado. Gov. Phil Bryant visited Tupelo Tuesday, April 29thThis will be a prolonged effort,” Bryant said of the recovery. “This will not be just days or weeks. This will take months to get this over with.”Following in the footsteps of Elvis who embraced a variety of charitable causes and always believed in helping those in need, the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation is making a donation to the American Red Cross and Elvis fans can do the same by donating at this link.

Please keep the people of Tupelo in your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road to recovery. 


I extend my heartfelt thanks to my dear friend, Susan, who found this article and Emailed it to me. 






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