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As a devoted fan I have always wanted a community where I felt I could post my favorite videos and Songs related to Elvis. I was raised by four women who adored the King and they passed their love for music to me. With Linda’s Full Support I am pleased to add this new feature. We welcome all users to post their favorite videos related to the Elvis here. In addition if users have their own youtube channel and wish to load messages here that way we will welcome that as well. Only when a user is distasteful or rude will their comments be deleted. Please feel free to contact me via the website if you have any suggestions to the site.


Love to All




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  • Back again with a fun video for Jesse.
    Note: Press the photo to play the video, not the bottom arrow. Also, music begins at minute mark .55″
    Believe me, you all will get a hootin’ nanny kick out of seeing this one. It was posted on a local media page for the community.
    I am glad sharing it with you, Tom, & my sweet Jesse.

    This is just a notation about this video. It’s a hometown 1956 Centennial (Crossville, Tennessee)
    Note: Please copy this for Jesse for me. Our little town looks pretty much like this on Main Street today but more stores and a busy little street we call Main… lol.

    At minute mark 8:55″ playing is “CRYING IN THE CHAPEL” (sung by Elvis Presley)
    At mark 8:40″ The little town of Crossville Railroad Sign; (the spot where Sergeant York’s train stopped after arriving from NYC back from his heroic war.) At the end of the movie titled, “Sergeant York” it reads “Crossville, Tennessee” across the top of our little train depot. This is the spot where his mother and girlfriend spoke to him on the telephone after he climbed down from the train in the movie. (Yes, this is my little town that you and Tom may also enjoy watching together.)

    At minute mark 19:00″ the song that plays with the video is one I am dedicating to Jesse!! What a perfect fit….INDEED!

    You will see what I am talking about when you get there, lol.

    Linda, I know you are a hoot and probably love old fashioned things like I do so I hope this video of an old hometown looking back to 1956 will warm your hearts and lives somewhat, (like it does mine.). Thank you for your time and for watching…especially copying this to a DVD for Jesse.

    Love you all…Sending some smiles. Have a good Sunday!
    God bless you!

  • This is my lil boy. Enjoying Mr. Presley’s music. I call it forget breakfast, viva the KING.

  • httpv://

  • Hi Ms. Linda, everyone. Today is the first day I learned about this website, and Iam writing this msg. Iam not sure how exactly Mr. Presley aka Mr. Jesse, Mr. Burrows, etc. Will be able to know or read about this but I will write it anyways. I am a 42 yr old Bolingbrook IL ( West burb of Chicago) resident. All my life been in Chicago. Grew up on Mr. Presley’s music among all the other stars who were a huge influence in the music world. My background is a bit different in which I was able to enjoy Pakistani music,and instruments as well, since my parents are from Karachi. Whenever I faced a challenge or happy times I always had an association memory with Mr. Presley’s song. Songs like Burning love,and Kentucky Rain. Etc. Every single important things has Mr. Presley’s song to remind me of. My wedding, my grandma’s passing. The Birth of my son. Well to make a very long story short, My son and I for the first time visited Graceland in Jan 15-16 2017. Now I originally had thought to make the trip for Mr. King Jr. ( not the King of Rock) the civil Rights movement leader. Mr. Martin Luther King jr. I wanted to show my son in these controversial times that many people have up so much for the freedom we have today. So my trip began. I drive from Chicago to Memphis Tennessee. I bought the VIP tickets for Graceland. I walked in the front doorsteps amazed, excited and dazzled. This was so overwhelming to me. My son kept wanted to run up the stairs because it felt like home to him. We had to hold him down since the upper part is not allowed for the public. The estate is beautiful. Being a part in this beautiful Mansion was a very big dream of mine which I finally got to experience because of my son. Albeit strange, but when I was in the property, I felt a very big saddened feeling. Not of death but of things left unanswered. I felt especially at the mediation garden that the famous gravesite was very empty. Not of emotion but I couldn’t sense that this was anyone’s true grave and sacred resting place, since I have been to many graves sites as well as burial grounds in Mackinaw Island. I just couldn’t explain it, I just didn’t feel it. I never told anyone yet. So my family and I took the tour, saw the possible of Mr. Presley and it was very emotional and happy. We also had the opportunity to participate in the rally for Dr. Martin Luther King jr day. This is how it all started. My visit to Graceland. After coming back home, I started to listen to all the interviews in YouTube given by Mr. Presley before 08/16//1977. I felt very amazed, perhaps addiction with listing to how this Epic Gifted Man, spoke so honestly,so eloquently about his life. His manner of speaking and so every day up til now, I listen to these interviews of Mr. Presley to learn a few things from his life to make my own life better. When someone like me first gets to know about his story as a parent, I felt pretty sad about how his only child list her father. Why wasn’t this great man able to cut this cycle of Fame that was destroying him, off for her sake, you know children change your life. I truly believed that at the trip, while at Graceland and after hearing Ms. Linda Thompson interview, Ms. Sheila interview and also Ms. Gingers words. However, as I listen to me. Presley’s voice, his train of thought in his words, I began to feel the biggest remorse I have ever felt in my entire life. I felt horrible for having judged this man, after knowing how demanding and the amount of pressure on him how couldn’t he be on some kind of sleep aid. I myself cannot self well if I have an exam the next day. I told that to my husband. Who is also a very big fan. He looked at me with surprise as to why I felt the need to apologise to him. As time passed, and I started coming across more videos, about the consipracy, and the death itself. Having family member in law enforcement and the Federal government, along with my experience of reaserch for my Biochemistry degree, I began to get a closer look. Since my visit I had this feeling tugging in my heart about the grave site,and I never felt that not only Mr. Presley, but none of his family was actually there. I don’t know I may be wrong. I started watching his daughters interview,his ex wife interview and it didn’t add up to me at all. I could pin it but I was looking for a sadden feeling I never got from these two ladies. I then began research on my own since I wanted to persuaded the truth. I have known people who were in the witness protection program and had to be out of the country to save their families lives. You see my father comes from an Afghanistan tribe and some of his distance relationships were translators for the federal government for Farsi language which put their family at stake. Our country is the best country to live in and when you truly love The US things like 911 and Iraq and now ISIS began to really hurt you. This is my home and where Iam going to raise my children. My father’s side if the family is also in the military and so I knew a few things about the way government works. Having a family member in law enforcement also you get to know things. So I have known people who were killed by the CIA, and made to vanish. This was the only thing that kept me digging further into Mr. Presley’s case. I finally found this site and Iam very happy for two things. Number one that my guy told me that Mr. Presley was in the witness protection program, and my feeling that day at Graceland was spot on. The second thing I was the way my son has gotten attached to Mr. Presley music at the age of four. He now will have the same comfort of Mr. Presley’s music to take along his adventure in life. I would like to thank you Ms. Linda for sharing this website and resources with Mr. Presley’s fans such as myself who picked up all of the clues left behind from Mr. Presley himself. To get a confirmation of all the hard work to find something that really exist is a feeling I cannot describe. I have never heard or seen Mr. Presley but I know he is a changing factor in my life,always had been. Ian very saddened by the recent events of this still alive CD and how he was exploited. He is one of the very few human beings still around d who despite of having a superstar title and status, actually believed in God, ( not too many people do anymore) and has a very humble personality. Generosity of this man is still unsurpassed by anyone to this day. His gift he used for good not for anything more. He was able to live a simpler life after being a Superstar. Truly this larger than Life human, God gave him all. The voice, the looks, the face, the wealth, the heart of gold, and the ability to not destroy himself became many people after having his status and power don’t do well when they are out of the line light. I truly have the highest respect for this man and Iam honored to have such a soul to be who my son will look up to for the next generation.
    I would like to post my son having breakfast listening to Burning love. And if it’s ever a possibility I would love to have my son shake this great heros hand.

    • Sorry there are a few autocorrect mistakes on my comment from this smart phone. Such as, Mr. Presley’s Propert*y, and how Ms. Lisa lost*, I could find the edit feature.

    • Elvis singing a rare song and it is titled, “MAMA” See video link above. So beautiful dedicated to his mother Gladys.
      Wished I could have met her. Seems she is a little like me.

  • hi linda, can tell me was it elvis singing waiting for this moment or was it jon cotner ? thanks blackjack

  • Jesse, Just as Jesus is with us, I consider you my Brother. I’m only 54 years old. I have always admired you as a kid, when My dad was stationed at Schofield Barracks HI, I was in first grade and the one thing I looked forward to was going to the Saturday Matinee with my dad and they always showed Elvis Movies. And I do remember how I got off the school bus that “Perfect Day” and saw all the Mothers and Ladies Crying in the Street and I heard that you have passed. From the first time I saw the Elvis Files and known in my heart that you were OK. I felt that you have to do what you needed to do to survive this crazy world. I just wanted you to know- I have never stopped believing and I didn’t care of what people thought when I would bring up things in the Elvis files. You have drastically affected my life by being who you are and you are continuing to change my views of humanity by giving me hope that there is Good in this world. I know that God has a hand on your shoulder so that you can effect the world, and you don’t even have to do anything else. As much as I want to see you come back, If you feel that the world is not ready then do not come out for your safety and what ever evil may be attached to it. If you once again find yourself in the “numbers” to come out- I would, I have always placed my trust in My God to lead me in the direction I must go. This is the first time I don’t need to say May God Bless You, because I know that he already has! Jesse, Live On! Your new Friend and Brother, Gilbert Sanchez

  • HI Jesse,

    Here are the Johnny Cash and Andy Kaufman videos I wanted to share with you:

    Johnny Cash’s last recorded live performance:

    Andy Kaufman Elvis Impersonation on Johnny Carson:

    Johnny Cash and Andy Kaufman:

    Best wishes always,


  • Hi! Linda.
    This is Danica Ahec again. I was in a rush when i wrote the first letter.Just a big thank you for taking the time to find the truth about jessie and write a blog on jessie. Thank you jessie for allowing Linda to be your mouth and to share a bit of your life. Linda ignore the media and negatitive people because they have nothing better to do. The people who now the truth are making obviously alot of money, people do not care about people any more it all comes down to the buck or two$$$$$$. IF IT WAS NOT FOR JESSIE, NONE OF THEM WOULD BE EMPLOYED AND MAKING MONEY,THEN OR NOW. ELVIS MADE HIS MARK. WE OWE HIM HIS FREEDOM.Everything should be given back to him.
    I am so glad he found a way out and did it his way, and anyone probably would have done the same thing to save their family.
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu : 🙂 take care and god bless

  • Hi! My name is Danica I live in Australia in Perth. Where do I start. I came across your site by accident. My father has passed over 26 years ago. It was roughly 10 July 2016 I STARTED THINKING ABOUT MY FATHER AND I THINK ABOUT HIM REGULAR. I was brought up in a Christian church where there was a lot of hymns song we sang. I started to remembering when I was a kid my father and I would sing to particular song because he lives and he touched me. So went on my computer type because he lives and the song come on as Elvis so I clicked it, there was Elvis singing it I started to ball my eyes out tears running down my cheecks and there was the other son he touched me by Elvis crying and crying then I started to think of Elvis thinking he passed on I was sad too and cried sum more. I born 15 feb 1977 I was only 6 months only when he left the building , which I do believe. I knew of Elvis in media, tv, movies and yes for his music.
    When I would watch him on movies in my teenage years I was sad that he is no longer with us and I left it at that.
    On this day 10 July 2016 my credits on my computer ran out I was so upset all I wanted to do is listen to Elvis song thinking of my father and thinking of Elvis at same time. The next day I went a company to get a deal month to month so i access to internet and it was cheaper. Couple of days later the technician man come to the door. I answrered and guess what……. He name was Elvis I kid you not and he was dark skinned. I told frank and he said it was a sign because Elvis is not a common name in Australia. So when he got me up and running I straight way went on the computer and literally typed lin without noticing and tyed Elvis and your name came up so I clicked it. I started reading and crying all nite I did not sleep that night at all. I felt comfort knowing ELVIS IS ALIVE AND LISTENING TO HIS MUSIC GAVE ME COMFORT THAT I WILL SEE MY FATHER AGAIN IN HEAVEN ONE DAY AND THAT GAVE ME PEACE AND COMFORT. THANK YOU FOR BEING ELVIS FOR THE 42 YEARS.THANK FOR YOUR SONGS IT GIVES ME COMFORT and my soul is at peace now.I am a fan for life and god keep you safe. I came across Wanda June Hill I wrote her a same letter.
    Elvis looks so handosome then as he does now. I am so glad he only left the building and he did it his way. Now I am listening to his music old music and this recent one and he still got it. HIS VOICE GIVE ME SHIVER DONE MY SPINE.
    LINDA thank you for telling the truth and it is nice not to be in limbo if Elvis did die or not?
    I am glad he found way out and did it his way. God bless WANDA JUNE HILL, God bless LINDA HOOD and God bless ELVIS AND NOW JESSIE and please live on another” 42 years” :wink
    kind regards Danica from Australia Perth. TAKE CARE AND THANK YOU

    p.s just wondering there is a photo online with Muhammed Ali and another guy at the back it looks like Elvis do you know if it is him or another guy. I think they went to the hospital .

  • Hi again Jesse,

    You may have seen this at some point during the past year or so as the folks at Graceland apparently asked for this footage from Mrs. Ruth Moore Cobb (formerly Ruth Marie Moore) who grew up in your Graceland home before you bought it. So great to see it has always been a home centered around music, family and social parties.


  • Hi Jesse,

    I heard about this on your most recent Graceland podcast, Episode 80 on June 23rd. Here is 16 year old Kylar Spriggs performing Heartbreak Hotel for Southwest Airlines passengers who apparently had their flights delayed. Very cool video and great performance! You were possibly showed this already but just in case not and for your fans who haven’t seen it yet:

    Best wishes always,

  • A dedication made for Linda I found on the internet at You Tube.
    Was very nice of this person to share their thoughts to the one who is keeping Elvis alive.

    PS It’s so good finding a little extra.
    Smiles, Bettyjean

  • When or if anything from this page is copied for Jesse please also include this video for him.
    No hurry but this is something that will tickle him plum pink. This is great stuff for Jesse. I love it.
    (No spoilers from me, only when the link gets opened and the title shows.)
    When viewed this will not ever be easily forgotten. It is something that will long be remembered.
    Love, Bettyjean

  • Now aren’t these streaming movie singing clips just pretty. It’s Elvis in his younger heyday movie making days. Memories from the past. My senior class is having a 47th reunion this fall in Melbourne, Florida so, memories stream from my heart as I watched these, as one was filmed close to my own neck of the woods, (east Atlantic ocean, Fort Lauderdale beach.) It is a little strange that “Girl Happy” was filmed there, also bears the same name of the Memphis apartments where Elvis and his parents moved into called, “Lauderdale Courts.”
    This is too pretty a collection of Elvis movie songs to ignore; a collection of Elvis’s movie vids like these are awesome. I enjoy these hip shaking movie streaming singing clips so much. They’re just as purty as they can be therefore, I am posting them here for Elvis fans to see. Such cool memories from the past are really not too far distant behind us as our, (my), 47th high school reunion is held this fall in Melbourne, Florida. This collection of movie music videos are especially close to me at heart that is close to my neck of the woods, (the east Atlantic ocean, Fort Lauderdale.) Isn’t it just a little strange some of this was filmed bearing the same name of apartments in Memphis where Elvis and his parents moved called ‘Lauderdale Court?’ This is a collection of Elvis’s movie video clips to share, watch, and enjoy for a very long time. Love, Bettyjean

  • hi there i am from England just wanted to say what a great site i would love to think that Elvis got away to live a normal life as possible out of all the people in the world that great man deserved it Elvis gave the world every thing and more keep your site going your the a great lady

  • Enjoy……………..

  • Hello Dear Linda, Hope you’re ok and have been wondering
    about you there getting around and doing things as you do from
    day to day.

    Linda, I’m posting a video that is from stage, live performance by a special lady
    whose music touches on the style of music in Elvis’s early days before his stardom!
    If you will, please record this as it streams. The entire ‘set’ will be a blessing I’m sure.

    Do have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and relish in it. I know this is early but I need to
    take time ‘celebrating’ my Grandpa James Taylor’s 44th sweetheart day up in Heaven.
    (Oh how we miss him so.) God loved him enough to take him on Saint’s Day, Valentines.

    Well, thank you for all you do and I mean all. This is the video I believe will be loved and
    cherished. I hope you’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, you and your beloved Tom there.
    Smiles and much love as always,

  • MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 2016
    I just completed creating a new video. The video is compiled from photo comparisons of Elvis and Jesse taken from my website. Also, I have added Jesse’s own song “Do You Know Who I Am” as the accompaniment. I am not a pro when it comes to creating videos…please forgive that some photos are not displaying due to their size. I am still trying to learn this process which is relatively new to me. I hope everyone will enjoy this video.
    The below is from my own YouTube channel. You may also view it on Vimeo, Facebook and Pinterest.


    < <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>

    • 😀 I Linda You Did One Awesome Job On This Video, your braver then I’am. LovYa! Barbara Rogers!

    • Hi Linda,
      Something I noticed on the photo. If you look very closely, on one corner of his mouth is a tiny blur… I looks as though this may have been altered slightly to make the turned down corner in Elvis natural smile not show up on the photo. (It is on the opposite side from the part circled in red) Maybe it was a result of plastic surgery, but more likely just a tiny edit in the photo. Also if you flip the photo the other way and compare it to a photo taken from “That’s The Way It Is”, where Elvis is laughing while reading his good wishes from RCA, It is most definitely Elvis, especially when you fix the downturn in the corner of his mouth on the Jesse photo. This is the real deal! I wish I could figure out how to download the photo here. But I am convinced the man in the photo called “Jesse” and Elvis Presley are one and the same. Also, the Jon Burrows cd is undeniably the voice of Elvis Presley. You have convinced me. If Jesse is reading this, I pray for your peace and happiness and have loved you all my life. Like Linda I have loved the man behind the myth, who still lives on. May God bless you always.

  • “Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Man” Beautifully recorded.

    • Hi Jesse

      I went to see a elvis tribute act on Thursday 4th February in Ireland his name is Ben Portsmouth you may not know about him but he does look like you sounds like you his jumpsuits are great he had 3 female backing singers and a 7 piece band it was amazing and gave me a taste of what it might have been like to see you live I just wanted to share him with you as it must be strange seeing a act that looks and sound like you as you were years ago I don’t know how to insert the photo but please take a minute to look him up he like me got into your music via his parents then practiced your style has won awards in USA for his act

      Hope you are well long live much love chez

  • If you’ve ever heard these classic tunes then count yourself lucky ~ happy!

  • Enjoy back stage Gospel singing with Elvis and his group, also with the Stamps Quartet. I absolutely love this. BettyJ.


    Nice song by other singer but a beautiful collection of rare photos; (Elvis & Priscilla.)

  • I am so very pleased that the owner of this video used material from my own web site and did credit my site as the source.
    My thanks to this person for doing this.


  • Dear Jesse and Linda, all the messages are just beautiful and Jesse’s a lucky man. Jess, a happy New Years’ and wonderful birthday wishes. Prayers for you, for little sister Linda, and for all at your website.
    This is the title of a Gospel song, “Prayer is the key to Heaven, but faith unlocks the door.” (I wished we could have heard ‘Elvis’ sing this one.)
    Take care y’all.
    Smiles, BettyJ.

  • Elvis at 21, talking about everything including a movie contract for a movie called “THE RAINMAKER”
    ….not much on it though.

  • Hello Dearest Linda, I hope you & Tom had a splendid Christmas. Aside from that, this may lift your spirits and Jesse’s. My heart swells with pride watching this video and hope as an American you will love what the University of W.VA Band has performed on field. It’s absolutely beautiful and hope you’ll have a chance to also record this on a DVD for Jess. Thanx so much. Love you!! (Please let me know if you can view it.)
    Smiles, Bets


  • Dear Linda, Well I have to question if our pictures are also showing up at the side of our messages because I sure don’t see them either? Thank you.

  • Linda, I know this video will be visible to you, I am still having trouble seeing it but will post it anyways. To me it looks like a big white block of space, nothing.
    Enjoy this TAKE 4 in a CA Studio rehearsal with Elvis’ band and back-ups March 31, 1972.
    Smiles, B

  • On a note of funniness….it is Dick Van Dykes’ 90th birthday. What has this got to do with Elvis-Jesse? Well, I was watching his BD celebration at Disneyland in California when another video from his past shows came up. It was a show from years past and Elvis was mentioned in it. I thought the whole show was hilarious. His brother sleep walks and performs but he got straightened out in the end….(not spoiling this one. Please watch to see what happens.) skip to 20:53 – 22:59. I was amazed but it doesn’t take much for me to be. Love, Bets

  • Hello Linda, well since most of the videos are missing, how much time & trouble would it be to take off all my comments on this and other pages following? No sense having any up now since the vids are gone.
    Thanx so much

    • Hi Bets:

      Your videos are not missing. No videos are missing from the video board page. It is evidently a problem with your browser not recognizing them. But, if you want yours removed, I will take them off soon as I have time.

      Love, Light and peace,

      • Wow, I’ll check into that. Thnx Linda. Keeping what you want on your pages is your decisions and will not hurt my feelings at all but thank you for letting me know they are actually there. If anyone has insight on what I can do to correct this I’d appreciate it. Maybe some drivers are missing.
        Love…eternal peace & happiness to you & all! Bets

      • Linda, I hope you can either see my reply or find it in the spam folder.
        Sorry about that.

  • There is definitely a problem with posting vids. In fact, many have been removed or taken away.

  • There is definitely a problem with posting vids. In fact, many have been removed or taken away.

    • Hi Betty:

      I just visited the video board page and it appears that all of the videos are still there and displaying to play properly. In fact, therer are 3 of your videos of the N. C. show visible and playable on the video board. It may be something to do with your browser. Also, when something appears to be awry, it is only necessary to post one comment about it to have it checked out. More than one post only clutters the comments section which I must clean up. Thank you for making me aware of this possible problem, though. Love, light and peace, Linda

  • This is that N.C. 1972 vid so hope it posts and don’t vanish mysteriously again. lol

  • For some reason they wouldn’t allow the N.C. video to post. I tried twice so if you find a different version please post it for us. Thank you and sorry this was not working good here.
    Smiles, Bets

  • Hi dear Linda, This video is wonderful and was one Elvis did in your state of N.C. 1972 so close to me as well here in Tennessee. He was so close to us yet so far away, (I was back and forth from Tennessee to Florida, going to school, work, and college so I missed a lot while so busy in my life.
    I really love this pick of vids so take my word for it and enjoy some of the best of Presley slaying the stage with the sounds of love and wonderful dance step and moves.
    Smiles, Bets
    Hi dear Linda, This video is wonderful and was one Elvis did in your state of N.C. 1972 so close to me as well here in Tennessee. He was so close to us yet so far away, (I was back and forth from Tennessee to Florida, going to school, work, and college so I missed a lot while so busy in my life.
    I really love this pick of vids so take my word for it and enjoy some of the best of Presley slaying the stage with the sounds of love and wonderful dance step and moves.
    Smiles, Bets

  • Hi dear Linda, This video is wonderful and was one Elvis did in your state of N.C. 1972 so close to me as well 😉 here in Tennessee. He was so close to us yet so far away, (I was back and forth from Tennessee to Florida, going to school, work, and college so I missed a lot while so busy in my life.
    I really love this pick of vids so take my word for it and enjoy some of the best of Presley slaying the stage with the sounds of love and wonderful dance step and moves.
    Smiles, Bets

  • Linda, I hate being about the only one to post vids here at this part of your web page nonetheless, now and again I find something intriguing that might ‘whet’ the emotional appetite such as this raw concert video. This video is only a tease to the eyes because whoever filmed this concert of Elvis must have had some brain-freezes 😉 lots of grainy and blacked out spaces so like I said, this will only be enough to ‘whet’ your emotional appetite for the Elvis phenomenon of 1969. Loved the suit he was wearing, the laughter shared with his audience, and dance moves. “How Great Thou Art” was even blackened out. If you find an Hawaiian Concert with Elvis wearing this suit please get it up here. Thank you in advance and for all you do.
    Here is Elvis in concert……Hawaii 1969.

  • Well, it says that video does not exist. There’s a ghost if you please, stealing out these streaming vids. JK 🙂 Want to also bring out what I heard in Mr. Joseph’s comments on Larry King’s telecast with Gail. Yes, listening to both vids with his comments from his live telephone conversation, that stands out to me he was either nervous and confused or was paid to lie. Is that the situation maybe. (?), but it happened. Just thoughts for sharing.

    • Hi Betty:

      I believe the video of the Larry King show which you mentioned was probably a copy someone had made from my own YouTube video of that show. I uploaded my video almost 6 years ago to refute lies being told about Gail’s interview on this show. Below is the link to my video:
      Yes, Mike Joseph lied because he was pressured to do so. Jesse told me himself that it is him in the poolhouse door photo.

      • Well, I had a feeling about that Linda. I had seen that thru a link you had posted at your page. Feel so sorry for Elvis / Jesse having to have had explaining a lot of details about himself. To you it would be no problem, to any one else it could have been frowned upon. He owed/s nothing to any one, (as I also have read along the lines of your pages somewhere. I wanted to make further remarks about the video but will lay this to rest, thankful for you to be there to shed the truth on every little thing. I appreciate you over and over again Linda. Have a wonderful evening and Happy Thanksgiving to you & Tom- love, peace, Bettyjean

  • Awesum Elvis music~ ~ streaming now ~~ Listen for enjoyment, encouragement, healing, and for some happiness as well as gratitude for this music legend’s songs for peace to the world. That’s what he tried doing and I think it’s accomplished today in our moment of time. Cherished are the memories that walked with all of us, his fans, down thru the years.
    Enjoy the Legend, Elvis Presley!!

  • Imagine being a part of this scene when actor John Stamos of “Full House” appeared as Elvis on TV. The show and the Legend goes on and on. Enjoy the show especially the ending. Loved this <3 !!!! Smiles, Bets!

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